Monday, 14 December 2009

Tiger Love Triangle

I've been out of the sync-loop for a while, recharging the old batteries as 2009 begins to wind down, but I was recently bowled over by Jim Sanders latest post about Tiger Woods and The Domino Effect. If you haven't checked it out then I'd highly recommend doing so before continuing. The image of Tiger Woods beautiful new home on Jupiter Island helped fire my imagination so I figured I'd use it as a spring board to help dive into a few syncs which have been on my mind lately.

Here we have the Tiger (Woods) + Jupiter (Island) + Triangle in one neat parcel:

To begin with I'd like to focus on the relationship between the Tiger and the Triangle:

Tiger Woods' Jupiter Island home on the east coast of Florida is in very close proximity to the infamous Bermuda Triangle:

While doing a little research into the Bermuda Triangle I came across this BBC article in which I learned that:

'On 30 January 1948, a BSAA Avro Tudor IV plane flying through the Bermuda Triangle disappeared without a trace. Twenty-five passengers and a crew of six were on board The Star Tiger. No bodies or wreckage were found.
The official investigation into the disappearance concluded: "What happened in this case will never be known and the fate of Star Tiger must remain an unsolved mystery."

Here's an image of the flight path which the Star Tiger took through the Triangle:

So my interest was piqued by the fact that in 1948 the Star Tiger got lost inside the Triangle, not far from the home of Tiger Woods (whose outdoor swimming pool happens to be Triangular!).

I became even more curious by Tiger/Triangle connection when I came across these two logos:

And let's not forget one of the most iconic Cat/Triangle connections of them all:

So last week I had some spare time on my hands so I decided to start watching season 5 of the Lost TV show.

The Lost series revolves around The Island (resonating Tiger Woods home on 'Jupiter Island') which has more than a few things in common with the Bermuda Triangle. The Lost Island is a type of Twilight Zone where strange things happen and any semblance of logic goes straight out the window. People who fly over The Island, or pass by in a boat, are drawn towards it like a moth to a flame. Once they set foot on The Island they are rarely ever seen again. They become Lost.

They are quite literally Lost in Space/Time:

The Jupiter Island is a place where Jupiter Jack likes to play Golf (just like Tiger Woods):

So I was watching one of the early episodes of Lost season 5 and I paused the show to note that the Tiger had just appeared on the label of this bottle of water which got washed up on the beach:

The Ajira Airways logo ^ features a Tiger holding the blazing Sun:

As I continued watching the episode I soon realized that the Tiger is the vehicle which brings Jack, Locke, Ben, Sun, Sayid, Hurley etc. back to The (Jupiter) Island.

It's the Tiger who brings all the characters Home:

Below we see a teaser image for Lost season 6 (aka The Final Season) which is due out in 2010, Year of the Tiger:

2010: Year of the Tiger, in my mind at least, signifies a time when we will have the opportunity to REconnect once again with The Island and our chance to REunite with Jupiter/Joy.

2010 is all about REturning Home, but sometimes this isn't a subtle affair. Sometimes it happens with a crash and a bang, as illustrated recently by Tiger Woods at his home on Jupiter Island. He tried to escape the Bermuda Triangle but he didn't manage to get very far!

From my perspective the Triangle naturally points to the awakened 3rd Eye. On this French bookcover of Philip K. Dicks VALIS we see that the Triangle points directly to the 3rd Eye. We find the exact same thing on this Transformers logo, suggesting that when the 3rd Eye opens, and the Egg/Ego cracks, a powerful Transformation begins to take place:

In French VALIS translates as SIVA, and Siva is also a name for the Hindu deity Shiva. As we know, Shiva/Siva has strong resonance with the Tiger:

Last week I got hold of a copy of the movie Triangle (a surprisingly good horror/thriller IMO) which revolves around the concept of Destiny and how we're incapable of avoiding it. When something is Destined we don't have much say in the matter. We can fight it (like the heroine in the movie tries to) but we soon realize that resistance is futile. When we become Lost in the Bermuda Triangle there ain't no way of escaping it.

So I sat back to watch the movie Triangle and right off the bat I'm hit with two very syncificant sync-winks.

The first one came in the form of a Blue Hand (one of my reoccuring sync patterns that I looked at in posts like Udderly Potty and Blue FloWers) which comes about as a result of this paint spill:

The next thing of interest came in the form of the number 237 which appears just moments after the Blue Hand:

Later on in the movie the number 237 appears again on this Doorway:

If you're not familiar with 237 then here's a quick recap.

Jon Kidd highlighted it a few months back in this awesome 'The Shining' banner:


2 x 3 x 7 = 42

42 is a number associated with the planet Jupiter

All work and no play makes Jupiter Jack a dull boy

In the movie Triangle I found the number 237 only moments after encountering the Blue Hand. Jack Nicholson, who entrains with the number 237 via The Shining, can also be found with Blue Hands in the movie Aladdin:

I've also noticed the number 237 making an appearance in the Adam Sandler movie 'Bedtime Stories':

And it shouldn't come as a surprise that the Blue Hand also makes an appearance in the same movie:

Notice above that it's the Jupiter Finger which points to the Nose/Gnosis.

The Blue Hand of Jupiter also points to the Tiger, or 2010: Year of the Tiger, thanks to this Carlos Casteneda bookcover:

In this National Lottery logo I found that the Blue Hand (with fingers X'd) seems to signify Good Fortune, or Good Luck. Maybe 2010 is going to be a Lucky time for us all.

Please see Mr. Morgans latest post Just My Luck for more on this Lucky theme. Also note that the Triangle is prominent in Wills latest AFSTS banner. Talk about coincidence!!!

In the past Jim has pointed out that the Blue Hand is also symbolic of a Blue/Gold REvolution:

And in the Yellow Submarine movie I learned that this REvolution is all about Love:
You could say the source of Love is the Heart, and in this 'Electric Lucifer' album (notice that LUCK is an intrinisic part of LUCifer) we see that the Blue Hand is symbolic of the Heart:

Also notice ^ that the Blue Hand/Heart is being zapped by lightning bolts sent from Zeus/Jupiter.

If we link all of these themes back to the Tiger we find that the Jupiter Lightning Bolt also represents the Red Eye/I of the Tiger:

Two days prior to his car crash, Tiger Woods contract with G8orade was suddenly withdrawn.

It's probably worth noting this connection I stumbled across between the G8or and 142, another number associated with the planet Jupiter:

If we take this Tiger Woods/G8or connection one step further then we find yet another reference to the Blue Hand.

A couple of months ago I was in the process of redecorating and was browsing through a Dulux Paint brochure. While looking for a new color to paint my daughters bedroom I noticed that there were Blue/Gold Hand Prints on the left of this page. I also noted that a G8or was perched on top of the bed:

Blue & Gold SpiriT Palms:

Another of my favorite TV shows is Dexter. While watching the first season I learned that the lovable serial killer/blood specialist likened himself to a Crocodile, a creature which naturally resonates with the G8or:

A week or two ago I caught one of the latest episodes of Dexter and came across the Blue Hands/Heart in this image:

The Blue Hands ^ are supporting the Heart, and like the old saying goes:
Home is where the Heart is

I find it interesting that this one photo of Tiger Woods' Home instigated this whole post. Notice the Palms surrounding it:

In this Dexter image, notice that the Blue Hands and Heart are connected to the 'FOUR WALLS':

A quick google search of 'four walls' revealed this image:

The Blue Hand superimposed over the Bricks ties in nicely with Jon Kidds latest research. Check out Do not pay till 2012 at the Brick or I Heart Bricks for more on this theme.

I was surprised to find yet another Four Walls/Blue Hand connection in this Shawn Colvin album cover. Heck, even the Dog/goD seems to be involved!

A couple of days ago I watched a film called 'The Escapist'. At the time I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA that the movie tag line featured a reference to the '4 WALLS':

This movie is all about these 5 guys trying to REturn Home:

I'm not going to get into the details of the movie other than to say it's revolves around your typical prison break. What I do want to look at briefly is a scene which features three inmates (sitting in the formation of a Triangle) who are formulating an escape plan with the help of some Dominoes.

To find out why the Dominoes are syncnificant in all of this, please check out Jims post about Tiger Woods, 2010 and The Domino Effect.

While discussing their Domino strategy, we see that one of the inmates wears the number 24/42:

Another inmate wears the Hood, symbolic of the awakened Cobra/Kundalini. The actor who wears the 'Hood of Enlightenment' is Joseph Fiennes:

As the plan of escape takes shape we see that the Dominoes are used to form the Cross. Moments after we see the Domino Cross the Hooded Joseph Fiennes reaches out and grabs a Cross from the prison chapel:

Now Will Morgan recently gave me a nudge to check out Flash Forward, a TV show which stars actor Joseph Fiennes (seen above), and in the first episode Fiennes has a prophetic vision of the future:

During this brief loss of consciousness Joseph Fiennes has his own unique glimpse of the year 2010, in which he sees this image of the Blue Hand:

I've no idea why the Blue Hand is important in the TV show (I only ever got round to watching the first two episodes) but it wasn't long before I found Fiennes wearing these Blue Gloves while trying to make sense of his 2010 vision:

We see him holding a chess piece - the Black Queen - symbolic of Isis/MoM, the Black Madonna:

In Flash Forward we see that the Black Out puts the entire planET in crISIS:

And this crISIS revolves around 2010: Year of the Tiger.

As we've already seen, 2010 could be the Year that the Tiger guides us Home:

To finish off this post I want to skim briefly over a few movies which also seem to be involved in all of this. If you've watched 'Apocalypto' then you'll know that the Triangle (in the form of a Mayan Pyramid) plays a key role in the movie:

Apocalypse (Greek: Apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil" or "REvelation")

The title of the movie, Apocalypto, suggests a time when we will begin to see things more clearly. The blind fold will come off, the veil will be lifted, and it should be a cause for celebration and REvelation. Our Ego naturally looks to The Apocalypse, or End of Days, as something to fear. Many of us do not wish to sacrifice the Ego, but like the characters in the Apocalypto movie, we may not have much choice in the matter. When Destiny Calls there ain't much we can do about it.

Here we see the group of slaves marching towards the Triangle/Pyramid, unaware that their Heart is about to be sacrificed to Quetzalcoatl (the Mayan version of Jesus Christ - check out the Siriusly podcast for more on the Plumed Serpent). These guys are quite literally bound to their Destiny.

As the unwilling troop are guided to the Triangle/Pyramid they come face to face with the Blue Hands:

It's interesting that the Mayan warrior who leads the slaves to their sacrifice has a Black Whole over his 3rd Eye:

And here's an image of the Blue Hand emerging from the centre of this Black Whole:

We've seen that the Blue Hand entrains with the Heart of the Cosmos, and when the Ego is sacrificed on the summit of the Pyramid, the Human Heart is opened wide for all to see:

Hopefully this sacrifice wont be as painfull as the movie version!!!

The ancient Mayan Pyramid which is featured in the movie Apocalypto entrains with Chichen Itza, a monument dedicated to the Sun God Quetzalcoatl. This illustration, taken from a book by author John Major Jenkins, shows us that the apex of the Triangle/Pyramid points to the cluster of stars known as The Pleiades aka 'The Seven Sisters':

Will and Jim have both recently looked at the movie 'Knowing' (starring Nicholas Cage), a disaster movie which features the End of the World, End of Days, Apocalypto story line. Coincidentally it is a solar flare from the Sun of the Pleiades (note the 142 in the image below) which helps bring about The Apocalypse, the 'Lifting of the Veil':

In the movie there are numerous references to the Tiger:

My favorite reference is this next one. Notice that 'Tigers Under Threat' is highlighted in Blue. This is a pretty accurate summary of Mr. Woods' current career situation. Also notice that 'Tigers Under Threat' is sandwiched between the numbers (4) and (2), giving us a nod once again to 42, the number of Jupiter:

Due to solar flares from The Pleiades there is a Plane Crash (resonating strongly with the Lost TV show) and during the chaos the Hooded Nicholas Cage is grabbed numerous times by the Blue Hands:

My favorite sync of the whole movie comes via this Red Eye (on the 3D glasses) and a reference to the year 2010 via the pair of dice:

Remember that we saw this Red Eye/I of the Tiger earlier on:

If we look down on the Pyramid of Chichen Itza from a birds eye view we see that the Triangle becomes a Square:

If we look briefly at The Chronicles of Narnia movie, we see that the shape of the Stone Table resonantes strongly with the Pyramid. Compare the images above and below.

Aslan is willingly sacrificed upon this Stone Table/Pyramid in order to become the REsurrected Savior. Notice in the image below that the Lion is emerging from a basket beneath this Tree of Blue/Gold Palms (the Tree being symbolic of the Cross, the holes in the palms being symbolic of Christ's wounds):

Check out Toure's fascinating new post Black Star Ressurection: Lion is Lamb for more on the JC/Lion relationship.

Remember that earlier on we saw actor Joseph Fiennes (the Hooded convict in the Escapist and prophetic visionary in Flash Forward) associated with the Domino Cross?

Well it just so happens that Joseph Fiennes also starred in a movie called Leo, resonating Aslan the Lion and JC:

Like the movie Apocalypto suggested, Sacrifice seems to be an important part of our transition into 2010, a time when we must willingly (or unwillingly) come to terms our fate/destiny.

Sometimes things need to break down...

...before they can truly be set free.

When the Veil is finally lifted and The Apocalype has begun, we may finally get the chance to see the Doorway before us with a little more clarity:

2010, Year of the Cat/Tiger/Lion, seems to point to this Doorway of Jupiter/Joy.

Remember that we saw the number 237 (2 x 3 x 7 = 42) on these two Doorways in the movie Triangle:

We find another example of this Doorway via Harry Potter, the young magician is a member of the House of Gryffindor (or Gryffin Door) who bears the mark of the Lightning Bolt of Jupiter/Zeus over his 3rd Eye:

In the climatic scene of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry and crew fly past this illuminated Pyramid:

They enter the Ministry of Magic (or MoM) and pass through the Doorway at the end of this black corridor (or Pyramid) to try and save Harry's God/doG-father Sirius Black:

They ultimately fail to save Sirius and watch as he passes through this ancient Doorway:

As Gary Oldman makes his transition to the Other Side he becomes 'Lost in Space'. Coincidentally, in the movie 'Lost in Space' G.Oldman is the one who stows away on Jupiter 2 in order to hijack the Robinsons misson.

After Sirius Black dies, Harry (the Gryffin-Door Lion) confronts Lord Voldemort, played by actor Ralph Fiennes. Coincidentally Ralphs brother happens to be Joseph Fiennes, the guy who had this 2010 premonition of the Blue Hand in the TV show Flash Forward!!!

The Doorway that Sirius Black (the G.Oldman) passes through entrains with the stone Portal which the Golden Aslan passes through during his transition between Life and Death:

This Doorway/Portal reminded me of this Stonehenge logo:

It also reminded me of the I-Ching oracle where this same Doorway is symbolized in the shape of Hexagram 23:

23 is a number associated with 'Breaking/Splitting Apart' and in this new context we can see that 23 is also symbolic of a Doorway which has been opened.

Finally I want to thank Jake Kotze for emailing me this Invisibles comic book cover. I knew I'd get round to using it one of these days. Notice that the number 23 is superimposed over the illuminated Blue Hand:

Maybe 2010 will be a time when we get our first chance to peek through this Doorway of Jupiter/Joy. Maybe we've got to be willing to make some sacrifices (like Aslan/Christ/Sirius) before we can take the necessary steps through it. Maybe Home really does await us on the otherside. Maybe, maybe, maybe....

I'm quite open to the possibility that all of this means absolutely NOthing, in fact I'm quite sure of it, but one way or another I think 2010, Year of the Tiger, is going to be an interesting one for each and every one of us.

Many thanks for reading!


p.s. for an update on this post (with some additional insights from maestro Jim Sanders) then please check out Tiger Love Triangle (Survivor Mashed & Rocked) over at The Sync Whole.


A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Ralph Fiennes plays in the movie Strange Days.... A title of course taken from a Doors song.... Val Kilmer plays Jim Morrison(JM=23) of the Doors in the Movie and also plays Moses opposite Fiennes Ramesses II in the Triangle infused Prince of Egypt. As a side note Ozymandias is the name also given to Ramesses II and it was used as such in Watchmen.

DarkStar888 said...

Great post. Lots of work. Appreciate the time & effort. Thank you.

Let me share a little information:

Pyramids, mountains and skyscrapers are all monuments to the luciferian thought form. This entity creates, controls and causes humanity to worship these symbolic forms. Humanity is itself, a conjured up illusory form, used to manipulate our reality to the point where we believe that our body, mind and spirit energy is real, and is who we really are. This worship comes as a result of humanity being conjured up with a complete set of responders, that in the hypnotic state, it intuitively reacts to the the doctrinal message associated with this simple shape. The simpler the shape, the more powerful is the hypnotic trance. The pyramid triangle is the simplest shape that can enclose an area. Therefore, the triangle is the strongest shape and the one most closely associated with the deity. Remember, this deity is a group of light bringing, thought form producing, lying entities. It’s also for this reason, that the triangle is the most popular symbol used by the largest corporations in the world for their corporate logos.

Jim Meeks said...

Excellent stuff.

Chris said...

Beautiful. Please read my recent Lion's Gate series.

Michael said...

Really great. VALIS = Shiva is quite the amazing synch.

Cheers, Michael

ToothyGrinMatt said...


It's great to see your perspective.

It's just gonna get nuttier and nuttier. :)

Peace brudda.

Kheireddine said...

baab ettawba (arabic)

Nexus said...

You are really in the flow, Richard. Love to see that.

For some Jupiter-finger Syncs the movie "Dreamcatcher" should really be worth watching, Duttits teaching how to use the magical finding finger vortex-style...


Christopher Knowles said...


Wordver sync- Wingisro- Winged Osiris?

Anonymous said...

Weaving of many interesting parts.

Thank you.

Dualistic Mystic said...

Nice post! Glad I found your blog... I thought you may be interested to know that the band called '30 Seconds to Mars' released an album on December 8th called this is war. Interestingly enough, the cover is a Tiger...

Arrowsmith said...

Mr. Shaman, thanks for the reminder that Val Kilmer is closely associated with The Doors. I recently found Kilmer inside the Eye of the Lion (another 'I of the Tiger') so thanks for the lead.

DarkStar888, I completely agree that 'The simpler the shape, the more powerful the hypnotic trance.' I find that the simpler the synchronicity, the more profound (or hypnotic) the effect on me. Many thanks for your Luciferian insights.

Jim, cheers!

Chris, will do. The Lions Gate (or Lions Doorway?) certainly sounds like it syncs well with this post.

Michael, I too was blown away by the VALIS/SIVA/SHIVA sync.
As you know, VALIS revolves around Philip K. Dicks strange experiences with the star Sirius, and Sirius is of the course the Star of Shiva. I must revisit that book one of these days.

ToothyGrinMatt, glad you're still enjoying my crazy rants!!!
It won't be long before it's raining nuts around these parts. You may need an umbrella next time!

Kheireddine, need more info..please!

Nexus, cheers for the heads-up on Dreamcatcher. Will keep in mind.

Mr. Knowles, many thanks for stopping by.

Corbeau, you're very welcome.

Dualistic Mystic, I dig your Tiger/War connection as I recently uploaded this image over at The Sync Whole which shows two examples of the Tiger/War theme (via actor Colin Farrell).

Thanks again for all the feedback.
Much appreciated!

Michael said...

Hi Richard, Huffington Post has Archeologists Claim They've Found Lost City of Atlantis in Caribbean on 12/16 - great synch!

ToothyGrinMatt said...

I'm a fan 4 life brother.

I was watching Inglourious Basterds the other night and there is a scene where a woman is wearing what appears to be a cheetah outfit. Hilariously tacky.
On her right, at a restaurant table is guessed it, a black dog. Nice.

Also, you may have already seen and used this image, but if not it may be useful.

Dogz, catz, catz, dogz.


Jake Kotze said...

Super duper!

The director of Apocalypto, Mel Gibson, is the Blue painted Scottish Freedom Fighter in Braveheart. He is crucified..

The Brave Red Heart of the Blue One!


Flossy said...

Wow.....Impressed with the Eye of the Tiger synch.
I'll be following your blog in future.

Anadæ Effro said...

Hah! My captcha is dhbarm, too coincidental, as a best bud of mine in the '80s had a farm, since turned into a Scientology processing centre on Islesboro (through no fault of his own), in Maine, The Dharma Farm.

As to (k)NOT(work) overlook something on an earlier post on a certain Blue-coloured Divine Personage, there, there 'tis again! A wellspring of inspiration from fellow Magical realist, Paul B Rucker.

Also, please note, this New Year's Eve will See(r) our(s)elves happily guided by a BLUE MOON Full Moon in Cancer lunar eclipse, quite an auspicious way of wrapping up aught nine & ushering in 2010, ay?

All the (Elfin) Faerie best,
Anadæ Effro (•8-D

LongGrayBeard said...

Very interesting correlations. Enjoyed reading them. 237 is a particularly fascinating number because of the mirrored relationship both 2 and 3 share with 7. The reciprocals of 27 and 37 point to one another:


Jon Kidd said...

Great craic RA!

I stopped being lazy and read both yours and Will's latest this first day of the Tiger year. I've been watching old TV programs lately. Mostly Star Trek TNG and Xfiles.

-Did you catch the spiraling spirit palm in the Xfiles intro yet?

-Also watched an old movie called Uncle Buck staRRing John Candy. His partner slams her hand down in frustration on an inkpad covering her palm in blue ink. FUCK what an awesome movie IMO.

-Tiger Woods is being called Cheetah Woods by some. You know as in ..cheater..cheetah...I had to laugh extra heard when I heard that one Catman.

-I never considered the juxtaposition of the CAT logo and the real thing. Quite stunning actually.

-I'm doing some work on PKD. I want to spill some shit but I'll get it all sorted first. I just gotta say your flow helped highlight some context needed. Thanks! Thanks for what? You'77 see.

-doesn't look like 237 is gonna go away. Aferrismoon touched on it again in his post URGRUND


Jaspal said...

Hi Richard, nice post. First I just wanted to take the chance to wish you a happy new year, I haven’t spoken to you in a while so I do hope everything has been going well with the new job and everything.

Forces far greater than myself bring me here today (or it really is me in disguise guiding myself), I have had far too many syncs to ignore and I just had to speak with you.

The culmination was yesterday, when I was checking new laptops to buy and I was interested in this Samsung (remember 3 star, lame A). I asked the shop assistant to write down his name, and I still have the business card where he wrote 'CYRUS', what are the chances? I've had minor syncs such as seeing Penguins after hearing your talk with the Shaman, and finding out a close relative in Canada has a big black dog which seems to be the same as yours, but this was a direct hit.

I then had one of those nights, I was under heavy medication and I just couldn't get to sleep. Then suddenly I felt this force take control of me, it kept telling me about the Man or Men of the Moon and Star. Now the day before while visiting my gran before flying back to Hong Kong (I'll explain later) she told me how the circle of light behind the photo's of our holy people was not the light of the Sun, but the light of the Moon, that which gives light in darkness. I think one of the first comments I left on your site was to say that Dionysus (I think of The Doors, and Dionysus as Janus) was a Lunar deity, not a Sun deity. There was a beautiful Moon on New Years Eve and New Years Day (The makers of Twilight, New Moon, knew something we did not), the founder of the Sikh faith was born on such a day. My previous connections with Ganesh, with his dad being the crescent moon Shiva. I have also emigrated to Hong Kong (I actually work on an Island! Sitting opposite a Scottish bloke of all people!), whose name in Mandarin sounds like ’Shankar’, which is the first and oldest name of Shiva. This, combined with me being born on Moonday, and my recent decent into lunacy (I seem to have found a way to liberate myself from the demons of my past and everyone now thinks I have gone nuts), made me think about my connections with the Moon.

Back to my sleepless night. The voice was telling me to go see you, it said that if I was the Man of the Moon, then you are the Man of the Star (Seriously?) and that 2010 was going to be the year We Made Contact! The man of the moon and star is a prediction by Nostradamus on the 3rd anti-christ, but I had no idea why this would come up, or why I was being told to go see you.

Let me know if any of this resonates with you, I won’t be back to the UK until April but if you think it is worth me coming up there, and the idea of meeting a complete stranger who leaves odd posts on your blog doesn’t put you off, then I’ll do it.

Before I go, I had one last sync as before I read your post, I was listening to Graham Hancock and he was speaking about the Sphinx and how it represents the constellation of Leo, with the Pyramids aligning with Orion’s belt, with the Nile representing the Milky Way. He said the whole area is a kind of initiation to prepare the soul for its journey and growth, in order to face its destiny.

Be well.

Arrowsmith said...

Hope you all had a good one.

Michael, thanks for the Atlantis link. Who knows what they might discover down there.

Matt, I noticed the Catwoman in Inglorious Basterds but never caught the black dog. Loved that movie!
Kitty Pryde should make an appearance in a future post (if I ever get round to finishing it!) so thanks for the reminder.

Jake, all I can say is

Flossy, glad to have you onboard.

Anadæ, thanks for link to the Melek Ta'us article. I really enjoyed it. The painting by Paul is one of my favorite depictions of the Peacock King so it was great to learn about where he got his inspiration from.

Also, the Blue Moon article stated that "there were 41 Blue Moons in the twentieth century". I suppose that would make the latest one, on New Years Eve, the 42nd. An auspicious sign indeed!!!

LongGrayBeard, I had no idea that the numbers 2,3 and 7 had such a fascinating symmetry. Must keep this in mind. Thanks.

Jon, glad you enjoyed it mate.
Nice find with the blue X-Files spiriT palm.

I haven't seen Uncle Buck in a long time but I used to love watching that movie. A quick look at the poster revealed that Uncle Bucks Jupiter Finger is pointing at the Red-C of the CUBs logo.
Funny how the reversal of

Makes me think of the FOX CUB (for some reason I've been getting a lot of Fox syncs recently).

FOX Mulder lives in apartment 42 and connects with the Blue Hand. Uncle BUC (the Fox CUB) also stars in a movie which features the Blue Hand. Sweet!

Shortly after reading your Chester Cheetah post I caught the movie 'Herbie Fully Loaded' and noticed that this guy was the main rival of the Love Bug.

Looking forward to your future musings on 237 and PKD.

ANTI said...

collapse bridges in nyc

i think that might be the next fake terror attack i keep seeing it being prejected into reality.........

i am robot
i am legend
ice age

theres a lot more......

Arrowsmith said...

Hey Jaspal, many thanks for your story and all the additional insights. It's amazing how revealing a sleepless night can be!
If you're still serious about hooking up when you get back to the UK then give me a shout closer to the time. If it'll help you make some kind of sense out of these recent experiences then so be it. I'm game.

ANTI, I'm not sure what to make of the broken bridge syncs but I've been noticing them in movies as well. Off the top of my head:

HP & the Half-blood Prince
Lord of the Rings
Monsters vs Aliens
X-Men 3

I'm sure the 2012 movie had more than a few.

Peace all.

Jaspal said...

Just saw Sherlock Holmes and I've got another broken bridge to add, Tower Bridge at the end of the film is broken/still being constructed. All sorts of syncs in that film, the first scene has two pillars, one in light and the other dark, and Sherlock also walks up on a Tiger rug later in the movie! I recommend you give it a look.

Thanks for the understanding and not branding me a lunatic! Even I had to wonder where all that stuff came from and I'm glad you’re up for a meeting. I'll see where the syncs lead me and let you know closer to the time if I plan to make that long trip up North, I’ll try not to take up too much of your time. What Scottish town are you in? I've only ever been to Edinburgh and Glasgow, so my knowledge of Scotland is a bit sketchy!

Arrowsmith said...

Jaspal, I'm really looking forward to watching Sherlock Holmes. Will check it out asap.
You can't be a Man of the Moon without sounding a little loony! Comes with the job I suppose. :)

As for your trip north, I live in a remote town called Thurso in Caithness (a name that literally translates as 'Land of the Cats') at the very top of Scotland (only a couple of miles away from John O'Groats). You can't get any further north without getting your feet wet!
If this is a little daunting then we could always hook up over skype instead - a chin wag without all the hassle of travelling. Choice is yours mate. If you fancy a skype then drop me a mail at and we'll set something up.

patrick said...

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John O'Brien said...

'Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;' a line from Yeates poem the second coming