Thursday, 4 June 2009

Udderly Potty

This post is going to get silly by the time I'm done so you can't say I didn't warn you :D

It all started with the UEFA Championship Final which took place in the city of Rome last Wednesday 27th May. Like millions of other football fans I sat back with a beer and watched the game live on TV between Manchester United ('The Red Devils') and Barcelona FC:

I find the Man Utd badge above quite fascinating. We have the Devil/Pan holding his Trident/Pitchfork which points up towards a Red Sea, or Red C. The former Red Devil David BeckHAM used to play for Manchester Utd and since leaving the club he's worn the number 23 for Real Madrid and the LA Galaxy soccer teams. Although he no longer plays for the Devils we see that Beckham is a Red-Eyed 'Blue One' (like Shiva) who also resonates with the Christnegger:

The badge for Barcelona (seen above) is equally interesting when we consider the stripes of Red/Blue (Fire/Water) and the re-occuring Red Cross/X which seems to mark the spot. From a synchronistic perspective this UEFA Cup final was a coming together of two very interesting teams.

I watched as the players entered the Stadio Olympico to the sound of the Gladiators movie theme tune. It brought to mind two opponents entering a Gladiator arena and helped set the stage for the battle between two very good sides. To cut a long story short the Blue/Red Barcelona defeated Man Utd and walked away with the UEFA Cup.

The Challice of ROMA (RAMA?) inside the concentric circles:

I was a little disgruntled to see the English team lose and had I flicked the TV off there and then, none of this silly business I'm about to get into would ever have ensued.

In true couch potato fashion I turned over to Channel 4 to see what else was on the box. I jumped straight into the intro of a commercial for a comedy festival called 'Udderbelly'. Here's the vid:

In the advert we see that Udderbelly is a giant Purple Cow.

Purple = Blue + Red = Barcelona = UEFA Champions of ROMA/RAMA

The giant Purple Cow called Udderbelly is seen terrorizing the city of Edinburgh. During the course of the advert the Cow fires lazer beams from it's Red Eyes, is shocked with Bolts of electricity (think Jupiter/Zeus) and is finally defeated by a British comedian/actor called Russell Brand. At the end of the advert Brand shouts the word 'SWINE!' which should be syncnificant for any readers who have read the Swine Flu/Pig posts over at The Sync Whole.

As I watched the synchronicities unfold on the screen I recalled a previous Udderbelly advert I'd seen a few days earlier which featured the Pair of Pentagrams in the form of these Glasses:

Isis/Sirius was often depicted as a Cow so I took the appearance of the (PoP) Pair of Pentagrams as a sign that this Udderbelly festival might be worth keeping an eye on. The Udderbelly commercial came to an end with the words 'SWINE!' and next up came an advert for Pot Noodles:

The first thing I noticed was the emphasis on the colors Blue and Red in the intro. The next thing of interest came in the form of the number 23 on this guys basketball shirt:

Things became progressively weirder as the letters PN (the initials for 'Pot Noodle') where repeated many times on the banners in the background:

Having recently finished my post Nature of the Beast which revolved around PaN the Devil I couldn't help but link the letters PN to 'the Horned One'. The Manchester United (Red Devils) game had just finished so this wasn't too much of a stretch.

This PN/PAN connection seemed to be strengthened by the appearance of a Poodle (resonating White Dog/Wolf - see last post for details) who was caught by the guy wearing the number 23:

The Pot Noodle advert came to an end and I didn't really know what to make of this series of synchronicities which had happened in quick succession. Was I to eat more Pot Noodles? Was the Pot a reference to the Cup aka the Challice of Roma/Rama? What did it all have to do with Pan/Oz/77, Red Devils and Purple Cows?! Why was the Pot Noodle connected to 'the Horned One'!!! It all seemed a little ludicrous.

The next day arrives. The Football Match, Udderbelly and Pot Noodles are long forgotten about. I arrive home from work and after tea my kids ask to watch the movie Bedtime Stories starring Adam Sandler. I'm not a big Adam Sandler fan so I set up the film on the DVD player and left them to watch it in peace.

On the cover of Bedtime Stories I saw a reference to the Wall coming down, symbolic of the opening of the Egg or the Hatching of Consciousness. Both these things resonate with the number 23 which means Breaking Apart or Breaking Open. On the cover we see a Guinea PIG sitting on the bed which brought to mind the recent outBREAK of Swine Flu:

A while passed and I walked into the bedroom to check up on the kids and to ask them if the movie was any good. I noticed that the current scene was taking place inside a Gladiator arena.

The Manchester United/Barcelona football match I'd watched the night before had taken place inside the oval Stadio Olympico in Rome and the movie theme tune for Gladiators had started the football proceedings. Seeing yet another reference to the Gladiator I paused to watch what was going to happen inside the arena.

In the movie I was slightly taken aback when this guy stood up in the crowd:

The guy dressed up as PaN (above) is the actor/comedian Russel Brand, the very same guy who appeared in the Udderbelly commercial who had shouted 'SWINE!' the previous night. That's a little weird I thought. I had no idea Russell Brand starred in Hollywood movies but here he was acting in an Adam Sandler movie dressed as 'the Horned One'. The image above reminded me of the Pot Noodle commercial (resonating 23) which had taken place right after Russel Brands Udderbelly advert. Notice the similarities:

I sat down suddenly absorbed in the movie and paid close attention to what was happening. I'm not going to spoil what happened in the Gladiator scene but I will return to another moment in the movie shortly. I want to first take a look at the Blue Hand.

In this Yellow Submarine artwork we see The Beatles standing atop a mound as John Lennon does the El Diablo hand gesture (also known as the 'Horned Hand') above the head of Paul McCartney:
In this image we see a Blue Hand pointing towards the Beatles - a band which resonates with the Egyptian Scarab Beetle and the theme of REbirth. The Blue Hand is right beside a Horn-headed 'Blue One' who has the number 23 on his chest:
From my perspective anything Horned brings to mind Pan/Cernunnos who was known as 'the Horned One'. In the Yeloow Submarine artwork we have the Horned Hand alongside the Horned 23 Blue-dude and if we look at another synchronicity involving the Blue Hand we find yet another reference to Pan who also goes by the name of Lucifer:

In Nature of the Beast I looked at how Pan was considered to be a phase of the planet Jupiter, according to Egyptian belief. The Roman Jupiter or Jove was known to the Greeks as Zeus, the only God capable of wielding the Thunderbolt which is exactly what we see in the image above.

When we reverse the J the letter L is formed.

Jove = Love

Jove/Jupiter, like Pan, resonates with 'the Blue One' who we see at the centre of this REbirth. Again we see John Lennon doing the 'Horned Hand':

Ringo Starr (second from the right) is seen wearing the Red/Blue strip of Barcelona, the UEFA Cup Champions who wore this very strip on the night of all this weirdness:

Ringo Starr (resonating Barcelona - the Champions) has appeared in a previous post because he too has worn the Pair of Pentagrams in the form of these Glasses:

This reminded me of Udderbelly:

Jim Sanders has recently been writing about the Blue REvolution over at The Sync Whole and has looked at the Winnipeg Bombers who have the Pair of Pentagrams, the letter W (=23) and the Lightning Bolt:
We also find that the key symbol for the Winnipeg Bombers is the Blue Hand:

When this blog first started the Hand Print came to my attention because it kept appearing in relation to Blood. The Hand Print led me to look closer into synchronicities involving our DNA and this Blue Hand Print seems to resonate with my current thoughts about the Blue DNA, or Blue Gene (think Aladdins Gene-ie), which seems to symbolize the Gene of the Enlightened One - Shiva/Rama/Christ/etc. The Blue REvolution might be arriving due to our alignment with the Galactic Centre, or the Blue Rays of the Blue Dog-Star, or even via the Blue Lightning Bolt from the planet Jupiter, but it could also be taking place within our Blood. As Above, So Below.

While wondering what role Pan had to play in this Blue REvolution I noticed that if you reverse the p to form a d and rearrange the letetrs na, we find that Pan is simply another pointer to what is taking place deep inside:
23 is a key number when it comes to our DNA which brings us back to the Blue Hand, or Blue DNA-H, or Blue Blood. All seem to point towards the same thing: REbirth.
Now that the Blue Hand/DNA has been introduced let's take another look at the Bedtime Stories movie which helped trigger some of these thoughts. Here we see Russell Brand once again - star of the Udderbelly commercial - blowing his Pan Pipes and cheering on his buddy Adam Sandler who has just entered the Gladiator arena:

Let's take a quick look at a few Russel Brand syncs. First up is his TV series called RE:Brand, which resonates with the Blue REvolution and the REbirth:

2002 = 22 = 11:11

Next up we see Pan/Brand standing in the centre of the Vesica Pisces in nearly identical fashion to Jesus Christ. To his lower right we see the manager of 'The Red Devils' (Man Utd.) in the form of Alex Ferguson and beneath the Foot of Christ we find the Football:

While doing a quick Google search of Brand (brDNA?) I found the initials BC which resonates with Before Christ. BC is also 23. Notice the emphasis on Red and Blue:

A quick look at Brands career revealed that he has played the roles of Mr. Wolf and the Wizard Merlin:

At the very end of the Bedtime Stories movie we see a POP-UP book which reveals Merlin for a few moments. Merlins hand resonates with the SpiriT Palm and notice that the Wizard has a Blue Hand:

Pan and Merlin resonate with the Blue Hand/DNA-H. Russell Brand has played both characters. This is where things are now going to get very silly.

In Bedtime Stories we find Russell Brand wearing a Green Halo (made from Plant leaves) as a Blue Glove (Blue Hand) interacts with him:

After the Blue Hand sync-kisses Brand we see him reach up and pick his Nose. Nice.

If we rewind the movie to an earlier scene we find Adam Sandler inside a Gladiator arena, this time set in the future:

Sandler selects a weapon and fires a Blue Bolt of electricity at his opponent:

The Blue beam transforms in the shape of a human hand which reaches up the nostril of his enemy. Once again we see the Blue Hand connected to the Nose. I did warn you this was going to get silly!

This Gladiator battle takes place above a spherical mandala which opens in the centre as the two combatants continue battling. The StarG8 opens...

And out pops a green creature which Sandler refers to as a 'Booger-Monster':

The Green Booger is released from the Nostril of the Black Hole/StarG8 and slams into Sandlers opponent:
So this raises the question. What the hell does picking your nose have to do with the StarG8, Pan and the Blue Hand!?!

If we backtrack to the Purple Cow called Udderbelly we notice that beneath the Pair of Pentagrams the pink tongue is worming it's way up the left Nostril, just like we see Brand doing above. Russell Brand is of course the star of the Udderbelly commercial.

On the night that instigated all this weirdness the Udderbelly advert was followed by the Pot Noodle (PN/PaN) and when you think of Blowing it brings to mind 'Blowing your Nose':

Blow in the past tense is Blew, or Blue. We therefore have the Blue Hand connected to the Blue Horn of the Blue Devil Pan who might have something to do with Blue Blood.

There was even a Pot Noodle Muscial, I kid you not, where we see a girl in a Blue Dress with Noodles entering the singers Nostrils:

Curious about what the Nose synchronicities might mean, and seeing a pattern beginning to emerge, I did a Google search and came across this poster:

I've never seen the movie Penelope but I find the pster alone quite fascinating. Remember that Russell Brand, the Nose-Picker, shouted 'SWINE!' at the end of the Udderbelly commercial and starred in Bedtime Stories which features a Guinea-PIG, well the movie Penelope stars a character who has the Nose of a Pig.

From the looks of the posters she spends a great deal of time trying to hide her Nose. In both posters we see the Butterfly which is a symbol of transformation or REbirth:

The actor James McAvoy stars in Penelope and we can therefore connect him to all this Nose nonsense (notice the Bubbles):

James McAvoy starred in The Chronicles of Narnia as Mr. Tumnus: the half-man, half-goat Pan resonator. In this movie McAvoy wears a Scarf which we saw above covering Penelopes Pig-Nose.

The Lamp Post has appeared a few times on this Blog as a symbol of illumination or enlightenment. Here we see Pan/McAvoy with the Lamp above his head and the open Umbrella which is symbolic of the opening of the Cobra Hood, or the awakening of the Kundalini:

It comes as no surpise then to find Adam Sandler (the Blue Handed Nose-Picker) with the Open Hood/Umbrella on the cover of Bedtime Stories (notice the appearance of the Guinea-PIG):

For more synchronicities involving the Umbrella please check out I gotta Pee 23 and Raining Rainbows. Both posts revolve around the Candy/Sugar/Pop drinks so it makes sense that when we find a reference to Candy (via Ashlee Simpson below):

We also find a reference to the Nose-Picker:

Ashlee Simpson is the Candy loving Nose-Picker who stars in the movie Bratz. The Bratz are barbie dolls which don't feature a Nose. We see this No-Nose theme in the poster:

Considering the connection to the POT Noodle it makes sense that Harry POTTer should be somehow involved in all of this. Lord Voldemort is the villian without a Nose who we see in this poster with his Hand highlighted in Blue:

This reminds me of the Egyptian Sphinx which fits nicely into this No-Nose theme. Remember that the Egyptians believed that Pan was a phase of Jupiter and in the last post I looked at how Jupiter resonates with the Tin Man Bender. The Tin Man doesn't have a Nose:

Although that's not strictly true. In Bedtime Stories, in the scene where the Blue Hand reaches up Sandlers opponents Nose and the 'Booger-Monster' finishes him off, we see that Sandlers buddy is of course the Tin Man:

If we look at Sandlers other buddy Pan/Russell Brand we see that he has his Nose highlighted by the Red Ball. Check out Jakes awesome video The Red I of The Blue ONE for some awesome Red Ball syncs.

If we look at the other Pan (James McAvoy, star of Pig-Nosed Penelope) we find the same thing:

If we look at Aladdins Blue Gene-ie, actor Robin Williams, we see that he resonates with the name Adam (think 'Sandler') and of course the Red Nose:

Snot Bubbles on the face of the Robin?!?
Robin Williams naturally resonates with Robin Hood (think the opening of the Hood/Umbrella) and in this Garbage Pail Kids sticker we see that the one who wears the feathered green cap of Robin has snot gushing out of his Nose:
The late actor Heath Ledger has played a Red-Nosed Clown/Joker in several movies. He's been the Why So Sirius? Joker in 'Batman', he's starred as a Dog in the movie 'Paws', and in 'The Lords of Dogtown' he played the role of SKIP (the name of the Nose-Dripper above). Skip happens to be the name of this Dog:

I'm going to finish this silly business here. I don't really know what to make of all this Nose nonsense but I'm sure it's a theme that'll develop with time.

I'll leave you with a cryptic clue from the Snot resonating Blob in which Jake Kotze discusses Moses in The Red I of The Blue ONE:

'Charlton Heston as Moses becomes the Red Spot/Eye/I amidst the Blue of Red Sea and Sky in "The Ten Commandments".

The hand is highlighted as Moses says : "Behold His mighty hand!"

Once SpiriT parts the RED C, a play in KKonsciousness on Seeing Red, we hear this dialogue.

Israelite Boy: "The Wind Opens The C!"
Isrealite Man: "God opens the C with a blast of his nostrils!"

This reveals the relationship between SpiriT (God), wind and air.'

Thanks Jake for your Nostril revelations. Maybe this Nose stuff is simply a metaphor for the gust of Spirit which is being released down upon us from the Almighties flared Nostrils. Who Nose?

Thanks for reading this lunacy!



Atareye said...


The nose and garbage pail kids made their VERY recent appearance in my realm. Honestly I don't think anyone's brought up GPKs in the circle EVER.


Manchester united logo looks like an eye. 3 red 'C' one above one below.

"On the cover of Bedtime Stories I saw a reference to the Wall coming down,"Made me think of the Berlin wa77.

Russel Brand the Pan resonator couldn't be more perfect.

To add even more(not really needed) context to your Beetle Pan mania, the cover of Sgt PePPer's LHCB featuring AC(13) in the back left would tie in nicely(beat you to that one Jake;)


Not really relevant to your particular post but I must note that Penelope's scarf is a HUGE Heath Ledger talisman. Its Joker's colors inside of hexagons resonating his hexagon sequence shirt in the dark knight. Plus her facial 'deformity' helps amplify this. Heath Ledger's character Tony in the upcoming 'Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus' plays a man that wanted to hang himself. The scarf around Penelope also ties into this hand man theme.

Watched Futurama yesterday, the one where bender becomes Pharaoh courtesy of some shoty slave workmanship. The nose falls off a pharaoh statue killing the ph(air)aoh...

Whew sorry for all(77pan) that.

We77 done RA

WV in red 'hympha' ???

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

The nose comes off in that eygptian DuckTales.... Remember the Sphinx.

Interesting beyond imagination.

toure said...

i agree with Kidd; pan=dna was brilliant.

Rudolph the Reindeer lit the way for Santa Pan, much like Tinkerbell lit the way to Neverland for Peter (Julia Roberts pokes Hook in the nose with her cute little sword).

I'm finding some strange connections in my stuff between Pan and the Tin Man (besides Robin Williams); how is the re-born (robbie [red]) robot connected to the forest spirit?

You called theblob a booger!

Great stuff, man.

Arrowsmith said...

Hey Jon. Glad you liked. It's funny you mention the Ledger Hexagram Scarf link because that sync did come to me while looking at that Penelope poster. I figured if I got sidetracked into Hexagrams this post might never end!

I loved the Garbage Pail Kids in my youth and love how Snotty Skip has helped connect this back to the Robin. I'm sure there's many a sync-gem hidden in amongst those cherished cards. Really appreciated your feedback!

Hey Will. While writing about the Nose I was reminded of Daffy Duck whose biLL was often knocked off of his face. I do recall that Duck Tales episode which Jake highlighted in one of his old vids. How does the eGYPtian Sphinx fit into all this??? Maybe time will tell...

Hey Toure. I never thought of Rudolph!

There's some weird logic to that one as I was recently playing about with the idea that Adam Sandler is Adam (s)Antler (Antler = Horn) or Adam Santler (Adam Santa!?).

Sandler - Antler - Santa

Santa, like Rudolph, is known for having a Red Nose.

Jake also wrote about the Sandman (Sand-ler) in his latest Red Ball post.

Come to think of it the RAINdeer even resonates with the RAINbow Rain seen falling on Adam Santler in the poster of Bedtime Stories.

As for the Tin Man/Pan connection I like to think it goes back to one of your comments over at The Sync Whole. You mentioned that Metal is the 5th Element which I had connected to the element of Spirit.

Maybe the Tin-Man is a Spirit-Man. Someone who has looked into their own reflection and realized that they are made of Spirit. Maybe that's when the Tin-Man finds the Heart he's been looking for.

Also a Pan is made from Metal and is used to make PANcakes. Maybe the armour of the Tin-Man is a metaphor for the human body/DNA which we wear in this life-time while journeying towards OZ. We each walk the Yellow Brick Road on our way to see the Wizard of the Underworld: OZiris - the Green-Skinned Bogeyman. :)

Thanks for inspiring many of these thoughts!

WV - Cappe (in Red)

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

Just un petite morsel, Richard of the Moon Ray (hey, man, you yourself said "lunacy") … what with all this nose imagery, snots, snottiness, blockages to enlightenment/illumination, is Pranyama, the yoga of breatheing & visualisation … quite the potent combination.

Very cool about the lamp post, lantern, scarf, and open umbrella as opening Kundalini sync winks, too.

Funnily enough, my wv for this is unfeelve… I have to un-feel the V … I knew you were gonna like that one.

Here, then, is a (blue) handy Pranayama link. I guarantee that practicing Pranayama made me so (*cringes at the word*) psychic, I had to ease up on it. But, hey, maybe I di'n need to do it … family. You Gno.

Have even greater connexions again,
Anadæ Effro (•:-)}

Cosmic Ti69er said...

i think your onto something holmes...

i have just the video i must post now that is about a nose. perfect timing again.



Atareye said...

Here's something else to bake....NO FRY! Your noodle...

It is of Old German origin, and its meaning is "famous wolf".

Cool timing on the 7up = pug, penelope stuff eh?

Atareye said...


WV in red 'bille'

I like how the biLL on a water bird ties into thoth on the american dollar bill and 11 sided canadian Looney(dollar)...

Bille - BiLLy - Goat - Pan again...

Hello lo lo does anyone hear the ECHO echo...

Rudolph-in Flows through the water a fully evolved water Wolf...

Bring on the Thoth....

Bille the Kidd out

Arrowsmith said...

Anadae, thank you kindly for the Pranayama link! I like how a sneeky 'elve' creeped into your word veri 'unfeelve'. :)

Why didn't I think of that Jim?! Your new video is NOSIS for cryin' out loud! Look forward to seeing what you have stored up that sleeve of yours.

Jon, great insights once again. Rudolph linked to the Wolf..hmmm.

Shiva was known as Rudra ('the Brilliant, the Red') reminding me of Rudolph and his shiny Red Nose.

Rudolph also has the letters 'phlo' (or 'flow') within it, which gives us a Rud/Red phlo/floW.

The Red Flow, or Red Wolf, resonates with the Red Sea.

The Red C where the Dolphin wolFs.

Roxanne resonates with the (Ru)Dolphin and Zeus (Dog/Wolf)and when you check out the Steve Martin movie Roxanne we find another reference to the Nose!!!

Bring on the Thoth!

Jake Kotze said...

The nose knows gnosis.

Just ask Pinocchio

Tom Robbins (! (remember that mix up with Tim and Tom Robbins at The Sync Whole..?)) wrote a book about the power of smell, how awesome it is and how connected to memory etc, its called "Jitterbug Perfume".

The book made a huge impression on me many moons ago.

It stars, hang on, wait for it, just one more nervous moment of anticipation.. PAN!.

Nose shit Mr Smith.

A book, by a Robin, about perfume and smells, starring Pan!

His playing his flute, on a checkerboard, on the cover...

dna=pan spectacular!

"home, smell ya later" - Will 2K

Arrowsmith said...

Jake that mention of Jitterbug Perfume is so syncnificant I don't know where to start. My previous two Pan posts only came to fruition due to an encounter with that very Tim Robins book!

I'd planned on writing about it in my next post and the unusual circumstances in which it came into my life (only a few weeks ago!) and here you are telling me about it. Now I know for sure the next post was destined to be!

WV - Coner (John?)

Paul said...

Excellent post Richard, was a fun read. You've touched on a few of the senses now, paws/hands (feel), eyes/glasses (sight), now the nose/cone-your word veri :) (smell). Our pyramid shaped sniffer... of course blood hounds have a very keen sense of smell.

I'm beginning to sense mans best friend is a sort of arcane road map, their servitude is perhaps meant to conceal something very deep and enlightening written in their nature.

Reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode called The Hunt, out hunting raccoon a hunter and his dog "Rip" (sync nod to skip) end up drowning in a pond... symbolic of a baptism/crossing over to me... the hunter and his dog are ghosts/higher vibrations now and no one can see or hear them. They leave town and come to a road he's not seen before, along the new way he meets who he thinks is the gatekeeper to heaven and he's reached his destination... only one thing, he can't bring his dog... not to part with his dog he heads down the road a bit more and finds another gatekeeper, this place allows dogs so they go in. Finally to realize he's found heaven, and the first place he passed was hell. Quote from the episode: "You see Mr. Simpson, a Man, well, he'll walk right into Hell with both eyes open. But not even the Devil can fool a dog!"

keep up the good work on the multi-dimensional map you've unfolded... seeing my dog with a more discerning and appreciative eye nowadays :)

WV SITinve "Sit" vein

Paul said...

one more thing for coner... in the terminator stories dogs alerted the humans when a terminator was near.

canine - arcane

Unknown said...

RE: The Blue Hand,
I just watched Abyss, and in it the male lead tossed his wedding ring into the toilet which had blue dye in it, then he changed his mind and fished it out leaving him with a blue hand. Later, he is taken aboard the alien underwater city/ship where he passes through a watery veil. His wife pokes her finger into the third eye region of the face of an alien-controlled "water-tentacle" which was replicating her own face. This actress was the love interest of Robin Hood in the Kevin Costner movie (an actor who also "dances with wolves").

Another blue hand is in National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation where Clark Griswald gets his foot stuck in a toilet with blue dye, then sticks his hand in trying to get it out. Later he refers to his blue hand as a birthmark.

The purple cow has a 4 in his necklace and the garbage pail kid sticker is number 444.

Nose Drip Skip reminds me of a Mayan stone carving of a shaman or initiate who ate a hallucinagenic cactus which causes the persons nose to run a lot; the picture shows a ton of snot pouring out of the man's nose, just wish I could find that picture again! It also gives them really good night vision, and was used during the under the pyramid initiation rituals where the neophyte had to make his way through a dark maze until he reached the end where a beam of light entered a room with a carving of their god.

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

@Viølator! In Gematria,, the ancient Hellenic & Hebraic system of divination of letters into their numerological values, 444 is … wait for it … the Crucifixion! (•:-)}

David Gardener said...

Notice also the vesica pisces resonating shape on the guy's chest when Adama(earth) SAND-ler picks his nose with his blue hand.

When these kind of synchs happen, it seem to me more like a kind of art, as if we have become more aware of our preconscious and subconscious processing and start directing it (at the same level) at the rich, chaotic web of symbol stuff that surrounds us.

It would be an interesting experiment if a bunch of us picked some fairly innocuous combinations of colors, numbers and symbols etc: for example the colors beige and khaki, the numbers 76 and 5, and the symbols of squares, a pink hand-gun, and zippers, then see if we can make ourselves aware of them and detect them in the cultural detritus around us.

"in this scene the time on the clock is 8:05, or 7hrs:65mins, or 76 and 5, and just after this we see a woman zipping up her beige and light brown ski-jacket whilst standing in front of sign that reads SKI WEAR, or 'square'" :)

Eko Susanto said...

I never thougth that pan is dna. That was ozome Mr.Smith.
By the way, I have been thinking for a while about SoCCer ball sync. Notice it has eleven player versus eleven players. Hence 11:11
Eleven vs Eleven players playing ‘universe like’ ball.

Arrowsmith said...

Mercury Well - Hands/Paws, Feet, Eyes, Nose...I'm wondering what's coming next! Ears seem to be the next logical choice but I've found over time that this Game isn't quite as straightforward as that. We'll see...

Thanks for recounting that Twilight Zone episode. In Egypt it was Anubis who escourted the deceased to the Otherside. In Scandinavia it was the Dog Garm who guarded the Gateway and in the Greek mythology it was the multi-headed Dog Cerberus. I've often wondered why the Dog is our guide when we R.I.P.

I've also wondered why the ancient Egyptians (and the Dogon tribe in Mali, Africa) believed that our soul travels back to Sirius when we die. My research into these these two cultures certainly gave me a new appreciation for our canine friends.

ViolatoR - those Blue Hands syncs are great! In the poster for 'My Dog Skip' we see the Dog looking at the toilet bowl. Funny how both your Blue Hands feature the toilet. Maybe reaching down the Rabbit Hole/Sync Whole/Toilet Bowl is the equivalent of delving into the Abyss. You're never quite sure what you're going to pull out but one things for sure; you're going to be tainted out Blue.

I did notice the reappearing 4 in this post but didn't know how it figured into the puzzle. Thanks Anadae for pointing out where it slots in.

David - If I tried your experiment and started looking for pink hand-guns, zippers and the color beige the chances are I will come across them eventually just like your example.

If I found several different examples of these combined symbols in different movies or posters then if I joined the dots I'd probably start noticing a common theme linking all the different threads together. This might come in the form of a reoccuring actor who appears in relation to these symbols, or the genre of the different movies, or whatever. As I started scratching my head wondering what the hell it all meant I'd start encountering them outside of the TV screen in my daily life. The more you get caught up in the snowball the more momentum it gains and the bigger it grows. Before you know it you're writing a blog about the syncnificance of pink hand-guns!

One stepping stone leads to another leads to another ad infinitum.

This is exactly how this process started for me with Paw Prints and Pentagrams and it's gradually evolved into Dog-stars and boogers! I don't think it matters what symbols/numbers/colors you choose, the key is that you join the dots and invest a part of yourself in the process. By doing that you start interacting with the symbols in a whole new way and that's when you start realizing that you're a magnet. Like attracts like. I find it quite liberating knowing that my thoughts are somehow having a direct influence on my own reality. It reminds me that below the chaotic surface of life there is some kind of underlying order.

Proton - Many thanks for the links. I checked out your blog and see that you've also been noticing the Cracked Egg/Io symbol. What do you find at the centre of the football pitch? The exact same thing!

I liked your post about dreams within dreams. Maybe when we exit this life it's just like awakening from a dream (albeit a very elaborate one). Maybe we just keep transitioning from one dream to the next. I think the movie eXitenZ sums this up perfectly. Row row row your boat gently down the stream.....

Peace All.

WV - REredl (in Red)

Anonymous said...

Richard you rock!

tiger, red rock, blue hand, green weed: castaneda

Arrowsmith said...

Thanks Bjorn. Excellent find!

Benni said...

just found an interesting video game:

"Nexus: The Jupiter Incident", running on a black sun engine. posted an interesting in-game screenshot showing a black sun also.

Atareye said...

Wicked Disney banner old fellow.

björn said...

polus = lupos

björn said...

'shining' meaning of diana - moon goddess, film "moon" tomorrow (with kubrick ('shining') 'od 2001' elements, japan moon crash today, supertorchritual (goro adachi) links it to north korea as in one line around the globe with rio-paris(diana death), me with "Iron Maiden - flight 666"(6/6) as crash was 666 km from rio with machine serial number 66, first bodies found on 6/6.

Eko Susanto said...

Thanks mr. Arrowsmith,you liked my dream within dream post. It's an honor to me.
My blog isn't intentional blog anyway. Because my sync-radar only works rarely. I'll try to post again when I got the beep.

twixxer said...

Awesome post, one of the best i've ever seen.

While reading the post one thing occured to me:
The garbage pail kids snotty thingy was climbing it's own snoth in a peter pan outfit. It reminded me of Jack and the Beanstalk. Just look the story up at wikipedia and read the whole article, you'll be stunned!

The variant section is mindgoggling!

Keep it up!

Devin said...

I agree with Jon Kidd! This article was AWESOME and Thought-Provoking-some of the images made me laugh-and yet at the same time I realized how serious this is-that booger thing coming out of the stargate/CERN thing got to me-as dotty ole me has been wondering if that is what they are trying to do with the damn thing-open a gate to CTHULU:) never noticed it before (course i are a yank:) but agree with Jon about Machester logo-best to you as always!!
WV=dychyn -die shine? dike in? dishin:)

Arrowsmith said...

Thanks for the feedback guys!