Monday, 18 January 2010

Blue Star 27

While reading Jakes post about the number 2 I started to wonder how long it would take before the number 27 started wriggling its way into my own life. Jakes work often influences my own, and I had a feeling that this would be no exception.

A week or two later the movie Inner Space aired over the Christmas period here in the UK. Inner Space was a childhood favorite of mine so I decided to watch it for old times sake. I recalled that the poster featured a Hand that radiates Blue - a Blue SpiriT Palm - so I sat back, slipped on the old Sync Goggles, and waited for the movie to begin.

As soon as the White Rabbit made an appearance during the intro I knew there were going to be one or two surprises along the way.

Dennis Quaids character is miniaturized so that he can be injected into the White Rabbit for scientific purposes.

Things don't quite go as planned as the microscopic Quaid is instead injected into the rear end of actor Martin Short who plays a character named Jack.

Once the scientist injects Martin Short (the 'Jack' Rabbit) he collapses into the arms of some costumed animals before dying from a gun shot wound.

The animals include a G8or, a Squirrel, and a Wolf:

The Penguin also pops into view as the scientist quickly loses consciousness:

For some recent Penguin syncage check out The Lovely Bones.

Martin Short/Jack, now in a state of shock having just witnessed the scientists death, visits his doctor before being advised to take the day off work. He returns home, relaxes on his couch, and then begins to hear a voice inside his head. He isn't aware that Dennis Quaid has been injected into his body, so he naturally thinks that he's going bat-shit crazy.

Quaid quickly explains to Jack that he hasn't lost his marbles, that something went wrong with the White Rabbit experiment and that he's in dire need of his help. As Jack begins digesting this info someone knocks at the front door. He goes to answer it....and then Bingo! My first encounter with the number 27:

Jack invites the delivery guy inside and the 'voice in his head' warns him that he's in perilous danger. Dennis Quaid (now playing the role of Jacks intuition - his 'inner guidance') gives Jack some quick advice which helps him escape the delivery guy assassin.

I want to revisit a few more Inner Space syncs before I'm done with this post, but for now I'm going to stop there so that we can focus on the relevance of the number 27.

In Jakes 2 post he mentions that:

'On the plane to South Africa I tweeted the observation that 2 looks like it also contains an upside down and mirrored 7.

27 can also become two sevens or 77 (traditionally Pan/Oz).'

The number 2 is naturally associated with Duality. The number 27 (found within the 2) is therefore another number which can be associated with Duality.

27 can represent Inner Space (the Microcosm):

But it can also represent Outer Space (the Macrocosm):

27 seems to unite the Outer and the Inner. I like to think of it as a Doorway which bridges the gap between the Two.

My next encounter with the number 27 arrived the very next day via The Simpsons Movie. I'll get to that in a moment, but first it's worth mentioning that the film was released in the year 2007 (27). Also note in the poster below that the number 27 is sandwiched between the 77 ( two sevens = 27).

Again we find these numbers in relation to the Bridge:

In The Simpsons Movie the citizens of Springfield have been trapped within a giant glass dome. The dome has been placed over the town in order to seperate the Inner from the Outer. The guy below informs the Springfield residents that Operation Soaring Eagle is about to take effect, meaning that everyone quarantined within the glass prison is about to be annihilated.

A government chopper flies above the dome and opens a plug hole at the very top. This hole is the bridge (or Doorway) between Inner and Outer Space. Notice the subtle wink to the number 77 (27) in the name cargiLL:

Then came my next Bingo moment. The chopper responsible for opening the Doorway between Inner/Outer-Space had the number 27 on it's under-carriage:

As the chopper lowers a bomb into the dome the countdown to annihilation begins.

Homer, in his haste to save the day, climbs up the dome and drops through the hole, but as he plummets to the ground he takes the bomb with him. The doomsday clock shows that there's only 8 minutes to detonation, but as Homer kicks it in frustration the timer suddenly changes to 4 minutes 11 seconds (a sly wink to the 42 - a number associated with Jupiter and The Meaning of Life):

In The Simpsons Movie the man who is ultimately responsible for sending the Doomsday chopper (marked with the number 27) is none other than President Schwarzenegger.

The Schwazenegger connection didn't mean anything to me at the time, so I didn't really pay it much heed.

Two weeks passed since my first two encounters with the number 27 so I figured that these new synchronicities were beginning to fade away. However, that soon changed when my daughter asked me if I could get my hands on the movie Terminator 3.

I was a little reluctant at first because I recalled that T3 was one of the weakest films in the franchise, but as per usual I caved in and finally acquired it for her. Last week I decided to revisit the movie and in hindsight I'm glad that I did. I'm going to break the movie down in a moment, but let's first take a look at the release date.

2nd July = 2/7 or 27

Like the tagline suggests: The War (on Duality) begins with the number 27.

In essence all of the Terminator movies revolve around the Duality of Man vs. Machine, Creator vs. Created, and Terminator 3 fits the bill particularly well as it also focuses on the battle of the genders - Male vs Female.

Before peeling back the layers on Terminator 3 it's probably worth reminding ourselves that Jack (resident of number 27) has had a Machine inside of him:

The Iron Man is another character who has become ONE with his inner-Machine. The only difference is that he wears his Machine, or Tinman suit, outside of his skin. Jake has pointed out that the number 27 highlights the Iron Man in this poster:

The Terminator, Jack, and the Iron Man have each managed to integrate Man & Machine, Yin & Yang. They've managed to overcome Duality which might explain why the number 27 keeps entraining with these particular characters.

Anyway, let's now take a look at Terminator 3 to see how it fits into this pattern.

The film begins with (JC) John Connor, the Christ-like saviour of mankind, perched on the edge of a Bridge, reminiscing about past and future events.

In the very next scene a Blue Star begins to materialize in the middle of NOWhere, beneath the Full MOON - a time when the MON/NOW is fully in the floW.

As the Blue Star begins to take physical form, bolts of lighting illuminate a Blue Palm on the left of this screenshot:

For more on the syncnificance of the Blue Star I recommend checking out Blue Earth Star or Jupiter 4 Blue 27 . I think the first time I ever made a direct reference to the Blue Sun was back in my Nature of the Beast post. In that old post it feels appropriate that I linked the Blue Star with Pan (who resonates 77/27).

Out of the Blue Star emerges Arnold Christnegger. The Tinman - a perfect blend of Man/Machine - is born again:

As the Christnegger wanders through the wastelands he decides to make a pit stop at the Desert Star to find some suitable clothing:

The resurrected Christnegger enters the Desert Star via the XX. Notice that in the centre of the XX we find an arrow pointing Up and another pointing Down. The Doorway symbolizes Duality and Arnie has absolutely no problems stepping through it:

As he scans the crowds of horny women for suitable clothing, Arnie finds what he's looking for on the main stage. We find this stripper aligning with a Pair of Pentagrams - a perfect match:

Arnie asks the stripper for his clothes, who in turn tells him to 'Speak to the Hand'. Arnie naturally C's-Red and breaks the guys fingers. Notice that the Yellow Star represents the Outer, while the Blue Star represents the Inner:

Arnie exits the bar and slips on his new shades which take the form of a Pair of Pentagrams. Twin Stars symbolize Duality. Arnie has now merged Inner and Outer.

Whenever I find a reference to the Pair of Pentagrams I'm always reminded of my very first blog posts - Paw Prints & Pentagrams Part 1 and Part 2. Having found Arnie wearing the Pair of Pentagrams I assumed that some reference to the Dogs Paw Prints wouldn't be far away..... and quite surprisingly I wasn't far off the mark.

In the very next scene John Connor breaks into a veterinary practice. The Dogs (think Paw Prints) bark in their kennels as JC intrudes on their turf.

John Connor smashes a cabinet window and helps himself to some pain killers (he's in distress having just been involved in a motorcycle accident). Later on in the movie we learn that these tablets are designed to chemically neuter dogs. JC therefore consumes Dog/goD pills!

While JC is knocked out for the count (due to swallowing one too many Dog tablets) Arnie is busy trying to get his bearings on the current time period. As he calibrates his internal clock we see the numbers 124 (resonating Jupiter) appear at the bottom of the screen:

124 appears once again in a slightly different configuration:

Above we see that Arnie (the Male Terminator) views the world through a Red lens, while the TX (the Female Terminator) sees everything in Blue.

The TX executes JC's future general (the Blue guy in the image above) with a press of her Jupiter Finger and then sets about hunting down her next target.

One of these targets is a character called KATe (played by actress Claire CATherine Danes) who we find sleeping beneath the spiral S - a symbol of the Blue Worm Xonecuilli.

KATe (an animal doctor) receives an emergency call-out in the early hours of the morning to help diagnose a clients Cat problem.

Before taking a closer look at KATe's connection with the CAT, it's worth noting that Claire Danes played the role of a Shooting Star in the movie Stardust. She is of course a Blue Star:

Coincidentally, in Terminator 3 she is destined to become a Shooting Star...

...but I'm getting ahead of myself here. Going back to the movie, KATe, our Blue Star, opens the doors of her veterinary practice and meets her client whose been having some issues with her Cat. The Cat requiring emergency treatment is called Hercules:

I'm sure that Hercules is an inside nod to one of Arnies old movie roles, but from a sync perspective the appearance of the Twin Towers, a symbol of Duality, makes purrrrfect sense:

While we're on the subject of the Twins let's briefly revisit the movie Inner Space. Shortly after actor Martin Short (resident of house number 27) is injected with the microscopic Dennis Quaid, he returns to work and passes by this notice board displaying the name 'Gemini'.

Gemini obviously brings to mind the Gemini Twins known as Castor and Pollux.

Arnie Christnegger/Hercules has played the role of a Gemini Twin:

Actor Dany DeVito is Arnies brother in the movie Twins, so it's worth pointing out that DeVito also played the role of a horned Pan-like character in the Disney version of Hercules:

I've already mentioned that Pan is associated with the number 77, and two sevens, or twin sevens, synchronize nicely with the number 27.

Will Morgan recently wrote a superb post featuring the Terminator Tinman and Hercules. Check out I looked, and there before me was a White Horse to find out more.

Getting back to the Hercules/Cat connection it's worth noting that the mighty Hercules is often depcited wearing the impenetrable skin of the Nemean Lion. Hercules' battle with the Cat was the very first of his Twelve Labours. This picture dates back to around 500 B.C.

Hercules and the Cat are ONE:

Here we see Hercules the Cat aligning with KATe (Claire CATherine Danes), our Blue Star:

After seeing to her Cat client, KATe finds (JC) John Connor lying on the floor of her practice, gradually awakening from his comatose state which was caused by the dog pills he ingested earlier. With relative ease KATe snatches a paint-ball gun from him. In true 'Shooting Star' fashion she blasts John Connor twice, one in the Palm of each hand, before locking him inside a cage:

JC's palms glow with fluorescent yellow paint, invoking the SpiriT Palm of Christ:

To date I've looked at a lot of synchronicities involving the Blue Hand, but over the last few weeks I've kept encountering the Yellow Hand. The Yellow Hand seems to be a natural progression from the Blue, and I'm sure this new pattern will develop as time progresses.

We've already seen some references to the Yellow Hand in The Simpsons Movie:

Back when I first started this blog I looked at an example of the Yellow Hand in the movie Flushed Away. Roddy the Ratte uses it to go Up in the Air:

Coincidentally, a recent example appeared in James Rattes' Up in the Air post. James pointed out that behind George Clooneys head we find a Pair of Suns (there's that Duality theme again) which have been created out of Yellow Hand Prints.

In The Lovely Bones post Jim Sanders showed that Mr. Fox (voiced by George Clooney) entrains with this fascinating number.

The cage brings us back to where we left off, with the Yellow Handed JC trapped behind bars with KATe (the Cat-woman/Blue Star) as his captor:

Moments after his imprisonment, the deadly female TX shows up. As she searches the veterinary practice she scans one of JC's discarded bandages and we find the letters CAT superimposed over his blood. Notice in the images above that the bars of the cage look visually similar to the bars of the DNA strand below.

From my perspective, DNA seems to be symbolic of a cage which keeps our Spirit captive while we live on this earthly plane, kind of like a cat in a cage. When our Spirit one day leaves the physical body and is set free, our DNA prison no longer serves a purpose and begins to decay. All that remains is a pile of Lovely Bones.

A quick look at the name of actress 'Claire CATherine DANes' reveals that DNA is found within DANes, and so is the CAT. For more on the CAT/DNA relationship, check out Keeping Track of the Cat or Cheryl Cole the Catwoman.

Remember we looked at a Cat named Hercules just a few moment ago.

Pan (seen above hanging from the name Hercules) also points towards our DNA. If we rotate these letters and jumble the sequence we find that:

DNA (one of my favorite sync-subjects) always seems to lead me back to the primary target: JC

JC is of course the Blue Super-Star:

He seems to represent the Blue Ray of Light (our Spirit) which is bound within our DNA, waiting to be released from its genetic prison....or something like that. You might find the Blue Star by looking up into Outer Space, but it's also found within.

Getting back to Terminator 3 our main characters, (JC) John Connor and KATe, manage to escape from the TX assassin as Arnie Christnegger arrives on the scene. He ushers them inside this animal hospital van as he turns to confront his female nemesis:

The logo on the side of the van reminded of this image from 'The Number 23' starring (JC) Jim Carrey. They're almost identical.

While I'm having a rant about DNA I'd might as well point out that we receive 23 chromosones from our MoM and 23 from PoP. 23 is a key number when it comes to our genetics.

The female TX is now severely pissed off having lost her two main targets (John Connor and KATe), so she decides to blow off some steam by bringing out her advanced weaponry which comes in the form of a Blue Hand:

After blasting the Christnegger she reveals her Blue Jupiter Finger, a device which gives her the ability to hot-wire and manipulate any mechanical device she comes in contact with.

The TX assassin uses her Jupiter Finger to steal a Blue/Yellow crane and goes on the rampage as she pursues JC and KATe:

Meanwhile KATe isn't happy as she bounces around in the back of animal hospital van. She's effectively become a 'Kat in a Cage':

As the TX races after the animal hospital van we see that her Hand aligns with the color Blue. This Blue Ball brings to mind the Blue Star seen earlier in the movie:

It also brings to mind this Blue Balloon which we saw at the start of this post:

And then came the next Bingo moment. As the chase sequence heats up we see that an ambulance (remotely controlled by the TX) displays the number 27:

Arnie Christnegger, dangling from the crane, is smashed straight into the 27:

The collision with Hercules leaves the ambulance a little worse for wear.

Arnie & co manage to make their escape and the TX is a little miffed that her Blue & Yellow Jupiter mobile has been smashed up.

She hunts them down yet again and this time the chase continues inside the Skynet labs. As JC and KATe run through a circular chamber (which looks surprisingly similar to the Large Hadron Collidor located at CERN) they pass the number 27:

The Large Hadron Collidor is actived and the TX becomes stuck to it like a magnet. Her pursuit grinds to a halt as the skin is pulled from her face and body.

As her true essence is revealed, the number 27 flashes on-screen:

The frustrated TX produces a Blue Disc (or Blue Sun?) and uses it to slice and dice her way of her tricky predicament. This time we get a big close-up of the number 27:

The letters 'CT' appear directly above the number 27.

CT makes me think of the C(A)T

John Connor and KATe make a dash for the presidential bunker, but before they can finally enter this safe haven they must unlock the Doorway with a unique code.

The password KATe types into the keyboard is Avalon 412:

With the numbers of Jupiter (412) keyed in, they are granted access to the bunker.

Finally, the broken Christnegger holds the Doorway open for them and removes the threat of the TX by sacrificing himself in true Christ-like fashion.

Skynet triggers the nukes.....

....the world is transformed, illuminated by a thousand explosions....

....and the pair of Blue Stars live on to shine another day.

Whoooaaaaa! That was more long-winded than I first anticipated, but hopefully you got something out of it.

Thanks for taking the time to read these thoughts.

Much love.


p.s. after finishing this post I've just realized that this is my 27th blog post.
Go figure!!!


The Quark Observer said...

Nick Stahl or whatever his name is. Is the yellow guy in Sin City. And he is in Man without a face with Mel Gibson.

I was in a TV show with the guy who plays Clair Danes b/f. It was called Young Americans. And Nick Stahl is in the last movie I was in called 'My One and Only' also starring Kevin Bacon.

I got a lot of funny/strange connections with all that ,but I got my blog shooting in a different direction then analyzing movies to such a degree.

Nexus said...

This is just great, Richard. Thanks so much for the work you put in here. Love the very high level of attentiveness. Keep it UP :-)

Jaspal said...

I really liked Inner Space as a kid too, I just loved the idea of the little guy shrinking and going into a body. I recall Family Guy had an episode with a similar theme, where Stewie goes into Lois and finds his brother/twin?

And there is the bridge again, I've been thinking about the use of that word in different contexts. How about the bridge of a ship? In Star Trek, those who actually run the ship are on the 'bridge', with the Captain in charge? The bridge and/or bench is also a law term for where the Judge sits in a court and an area where only the lawyers can go?

And to carry on your theme of blue/blew and noses, how about the bridge of a nose? As a bridge between the senses and the 3rd eye? Even though I have come to realise that the 3rd eye isn’t actually anywhere, it is a metaphor that represents the ability to see things from a different perspective, well in my view anyway.

HK is a good place to see in the year of the tiger!

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Ha Ha just read Under The Dome by Stephen King about a town under a Dome like in Simpsons.... They always talk about inside outside.

I think I get that the Blue Persons are The Tin Men are the Deamon or Inside Voice and the Blue Star or Sirius connection to Voice in your head is unmistakable. All the same, a way for unknowable Nosis inside.

Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.

Hands are five sided pentagrams... Even used as such in magic rituals. Blue Star = Blue Hand = Blue Flower.... Every color it would be same same... Always feel your work.

Lance said...

I came across this blue hand on Facebook about 30 minutes after reading this post. There was a small Chase ad with a blue hand, I clicked it and it took me to their donation page.


I view Chase as an evil company and a part of the overall establishment. So, simply another mystical synch wink at play... or the powers that be co-opting the blue hand symbolism for their own nefarious purposes?

Arrowsmith said...

Quark Observer, thanks for pointing out that Nick Stahl has Yellow Hands in Sin City. I think that Stahl (playing the role of the 'Yellow Bastard') was the guy responsible for having Bruce Willis locked away in a cage for most of the movie. Willis also played a CAT Burglar in Hudson Hawk, and Mr. GoodKAT in Lucky Number Slevin. Just a thought.
You still doing your acting gig?

Nexus, thanks man. Always appreciated.

Jaspal, I've never seen that Family Guy episode but it certainly sounds like it fits the bill. Loved all your Bridge references. I'll certainly keep them in mind.

As for the 3rd Eye, I'd have to agree with you. My interpretation of it changes all the time, but recenty I've been thinking of it in terms of an All-Seeing I - the part of our Being that is always aware of the bigger picture, or the part of our Being that is always plugged into the Whole.

Mr. Shaman, I didn't even know that book existed! Your timing couldn't have been better.
While writing this post I kept coming back to the idea that the Dome and the Skull are one and the same. Maybe when we keep an open mind it's much easier for us to hear that Inner Voice, our Intuition/Daemon/Phooka/etc.

As for the Yellow/Blue Hand, or the Yellow/Blue Flowers, I completely agree that they all point to the exact same thing. Under the arc of the Rainbow all colors are One.

Lance, you're the second person today whose told me about the Blue Hand that's been circulating Facebook. I see it as just another one of those timely sync-winks delivered by the universe. I particularly like the tagline 'You decide what matters' and the Blue Octagon (Blue Sun?) that accompanies it.

The Quark Observer said...

Gonna get back into the acting hopefully this summer. I am opening my own new age shop next month (%10 discount for all my internet friends), I will blog when it's set up.

I have a lot of movie syncs that are pretty profound, but they come of as pretentiousness, so I doubt I will post about it on my site. I might put some of it together when I have a few more readers.

The last movie I did 'My One and Only' had me walking always doors that looked like the twin towers. I am basically a silhouette. Now this movie is about George Hamilton and he is an movie extra same as I am most of the time. Here is an extra in a movie about Egypt, I fast forward the movie to just peep syncs. The first movie I starred in is called Hamilton (you can find an watch it on nextflix and or Amazon if you search for it.

Funny thing is there is an actor that was on the show 'Lost' and 'Smallville' in a tv show called 'Young Americans' [spin off of Dawson s Creek] I was also in, his name on that was 'Hamilton'. Now that show had your boy in your blog post that plays Claire Danes b/f, he gets killed in T3 and is walking towards her in the graveyard and turns into the female terminator. I have some wild and crazy sync pics but I deleted them, I can always go back and find them if anyone is interested.

Here are a few pics Ignore the dates, I have my own private sync log so I don't go coo coo...


Funny thing is I walk up these same stars in the show 'Young Americans' when someone yells "Hamilton". I can get a screen cap from that if no one believes me.

In this same spot in the TV show 'Young Americans' The T3 guy and the newest Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth) are chasing some dude while I walk.

I have tons of movie syncs with myself as the "resonator". I just don't know what it all means and I am not one to chase my own tail in circles.

Peace C

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

No doubt Dome just like the hip hop reference of flow coming off the top of the Dome.Dome is your noggin... And the atmosphere of the Earth as well.

Don't pollute your dome with swine flu.

The Quark Observer said...

Dome is also a euphemism for getting your dick sucked. Least it was here on the East Coast back in the 90's.

Ishmael said...

Man you are good. I haven't finished, but my mind is already totally blown. I skimmed this the other day and now I'm back. Amazing!

I want to point you toward an interesting book that bridges inner and outer space: *The Inner Reaches of Outer Space* by Joseph Campbell. It is some of his finest work. It was one of the big aids moving me from conspiranoia into mysticism.

Also, a post of mine has been resonating with me lately, and the meme of Hearts is really picking up around the "whole" as well (a shaft sunk into the ground to obtain water, oil, or gas.[or truth?])

go back in time and see my "heart" if you like. . . Note the publication date of the post too: 10/27/2008--there's your ubiquitous #27
I'll read on, and bother you some more in sec.

JSteveKane said...

it ammused me that you started your post with some stuff thats still very current in my synchro sphere blue stars white rabbits leading the way and then introduced some new elements that i'm yet to intergrate, thanks for your work lots for me to contemplate ,please check my latest posts id be grateful of your comments though some of it ive made deliberately obscure for fear of reavealing darker sides of my subconcious- jsk

Ishmael said...


Jake Kotze said...

Wow, your grooving with the flow like a pro!

I have seen very few pop 27's, these here are gold.

Was talking about you with Jim today. At the same time on the TV in the background I noted two football players being framed so that their numbers cause a dance of 2 & 7.

Be well and thanks

Wermes said...

thanks richard. wow.

"He seems to represent the Blue Ray of Light (our Spirit) which is bound within our DNA, waiting to be released from its genetic prison....or something like that."

So good.

DarkStar888 said...


The number 2 represents the Duality nature of the messiah concept. It is this dualism, this constant confrontation, that keeps humanity in the grip of hypnosis.

Duality is how the luciferian egregore group of entities perpetuates their illusion, and how they establish a controlling mechanism to direct the 3 dimensional realm as they desire it to go. All the while remaining undetected and free from being exposed.

JediTheOne said...

No mystery here.


2+7= 9

9 = fall
11 = death

as in 9/11

Therefore 9/11 is the symbol for "the fall in to death"!

Hmmm, sound like WTC anyone.


27 = 72

72 = 9 x 8

9 = again means fall & 8 means control. Controlling the trance & the fall of mankind.

Why 9 = September, the Fall Season (season 3 of 4, the trinity), Yom Kippor...etc. September is the month of CREATION or Creation day by GOD...that's why.

Nuff Said!

JediTheOne said...

Here's another one.


2 = Duality, as you aready said (twin towers, god/satan, good/bad, right/wrong, etc)

7 = is Completion

As in the completion of the universe in by god in 6 days & rested on the 7th, hence a 7 day week or lucky # 7 as in perfection & on dice. :)

Nuff Said!

Dennis Igou said...

Jedi the one and DS888, you guys seem to tag team the synchrosphere with sheeple.nuff said, kind of condesending free for all numerology and Germatria. You both tend to talk downe to your fellow syncromystics. Why does your non-duelistic dogma like ranting seem to me to have an agenda? Are you both the same entity? Damn tired of hearing sheeple. Why the elitist bs? Dennis

ViølatoR said...

Many parts of this resonated highly with me and things which have been on my mind in recent months. You start off with Homer Simpson trapped under a dome (with a view) of the heavens. This reminded me of The Truman Show obviously, which connected to Jim Carrey who you bring up later in reference to The Number 23's (dog/)God-catching car (Jon Conner/JC is Man's savior/messiah/TheOne and is trapped in a dog-God-cage with his stigmata hands). JC lives in house number 36(666) in The Truman Show (across the street from house number 23). And, on a hunch I checked it out and yes, Homer Simpson is/was 36 years old (when the series started). In The Number 23, JC's wife's friend tells JC that humans have 46 chromosomes, 23 from each parent, and that 2/3 = 0.666, connecting DNA to 23 to 666 (and to 36 because adding each number from 1 to 36 equals 666. Also, JC's character is 36 years old in the movie).

And then you said: "From my perspective, DNA seems to be symbolic of a cage which keeps our Spirit captive while we live on this earthly plane," hitting the proverbial nail on the head!
Reminds me that an electron cloud with take the form of DNA when in close contact with it, as if DNA it's self is creating the material body for the soul.

Considering the material plane is Hell (Isn't Santa/Satan all about material possessions? Satan & the theosophist Sanat Kumara are the God of this world/plane), Eden (just West of where we are now, aka: the "Land of Nod" or NOd/OZd "Land of Oz"), and Oz (the emerald stone/city from Lucifer's crown which fell to earth), would it not be too much of a stretch to say that we currently live in Hell/Eden/Oz/DNA-Cage/Matrix, the Material realm of time & death? Kinda like what Da WWWIZ/Artislav Mel apparently surmises?

"Mel, if you truly believe that:

'The literal implication is that a) we live in Hell and b) there is nothing we can do about it.'

then I don't ever want to understand your POV."

The symbolism continues when...

John Connor enters bunker(/dome) with password "Avalon" which connects to trees/apples of immortality (Eden) and to glass(domes?), and is the place between the micro and macrocosm, material and immaterial, etc. (Kinda like the town of Wall in Stardust):

"An old name for it is Ynys-witrin, the Island of Glass; "island" because, from most angles of approach, it would have looked like one, but it is from Celtic legend that the name Avalon has its true origin - named after the demi-god Avalloc or Avallach, who ruled the underworld. In Celtic lore Avalon was an isle of enchantment. Ancient myth has it that Avalon, where the sea met the land, was the meeting place of the dead; the point where they passed to another level of existence, and the Tor was the home of Gwyn ap Nudd, the Lord of the Underworld, and a place where the fairy folk lived."

Moving on...

DNA has a decagon shape when viewed from one end: the shape made with two overlapping pentagons.

"Star" in Stardust is called "the Eastern Star" (Sirius).

NOBODY aka R.T. said...

very nice Richard, love this. Though must admit after the initial craze has crystalised, the intuitive reaction is somehow that its missing the bigger picture: How this is actually happening for real - but ofcourse reading the symbolic version of it can be entertaining?

wish you peace within

Old 333 said...

Dude, about to finish the post, read the comments, so apologies if i missed other mention of this but

the Simpsons chopper - H-27-0=H20
pulling the plug on the sky

blub blub, looks like the decision made by the world rulers in Gilgamesh's day is going to be coming our way again

if you read that ancient sci-fi poem, you find that the gods argued for using plagues instead next time, as the flood cut down the workforce too far...

have a donut, circle inside a circle, nothing at the center of something eh?


Old 333 said...

Hoom, back to the Simpsons again (what a place to mine meaning!) - the chopper - H-270 - the plug pulled - 4/11, a bomb. 2+7=9, 09, 4/11 is coming up this spring, and we ARE kind of needing a war frenzy, as we seem to be, um, losing WWIII so far, at least as far as anyone can lose in such a winner's game as war.

Loved your post. Really fun, and well presented.


Old 333 said...

Oh, hell, and check the chemtrail streaks in the sky behind the big-screen dome-annihilation apology guy...wheesh, it's lookin like rain just before this here Ice Time cometh. Guess otherwise we'd all panic and try to storm the bunkers when the spring doesn't come and we panic...lie down and sleep, little sheep, there'll be a fine time in the sky for you honeypie...

Brrr. Glad I realize I'm a mayfly with little to lose.


Old 333 said...

re: blue balloons: shit, Vonnegut's story in Galapagos. shit, man, wow.

Old 333 said...

So much to enjoy here. Thanks again.

ToothyGrinMatt said...

NICE! Thanks 4 another entertaining, thought provoking installment!

My head is spinning right now!

I just saw this movie for the first time today and it is such a beautiful jewel of a movie it must have a bunch to say to you.

It's called "The World's Fastest Indian" and it has your name written all over it.

I swear the Light Beings/Angels had a large part in making this happen. Completely Convinced in fact.

Take it easy Richard!

Arrowsmith said...

Thanks everyone for the feedback.

Doug, your heart post was great. I loved your wifes painting at the very end, the one of the Tinman holding a Bluebird. Been seeing the Bluebird a lot these days. Nice finishing touch!

ViolatoR, cheers for all the info, especially the stuff about Avalon. Much appreciated.

Old333, you're one crazy cat! Glad you enjoyed. :)

Arrowsmith said...

Matt, I'll definitely check it out. I've never heard of the movie before but you've got me curious. Thanks for the heads-up!

ToothyGrinMatt said...

You're most definitely welcome!

When you do see it and get a chance, let me know or put something out here where I can see what you think. I love your viewpoint!

Also, I freakin' loooooove the new banner.


Old 333 said...

For crying out loud, a Bukowski poem with a blue bird as the hidden image of hope inside a ruined, entropic hulk of madness has been crossing in my head with both his usage of birds as women and a beak/pussy image that cropped up in my own poetry. I don't even want to get started with the gold/silver/rusty man of my dreams of the future. You freaks. I've been seeing twenty-seven over my damn shoulder.

Looking forward to more,

The Quark Observer said...

My ex is 27 but will turn into 28 this year. My wife is 26 and will be 27 this year. So I been paying attention to 27 also. I am gonna be 32 this year, thats a real interesting number cause it was Magic Johnson's number and he was my all time fav when I was a youngster.

Waiting for a new movie post. I like it better when it's an older obscure movie instead of a hollywood blockbuster, but that's just me.

Old 333 said...

"Magic Johnson". Just realized the innuendo buried in that name (so obvious, but it takes me a long time - steel you can't rust).

Old 333 said...

Magic Johnson. Aaaaahahaha. That's almost as funny as what all the little prepubertal girl monkeys did with their Harry Potter Vibrating Beeping Witch's Broom, especially as that's how REAL medieval Euro-witches 'rode' the broom (sans drugs but you could slip a field generator in the bitch). Wonder what the Wand of Wonder from the same kit does for little boys....Maybe this?

The Quark Observer said...

@ Old 333, I was gonna say something but then though twice about it.

I sometimes sync dirty stuff, but it's just how synchronicity and nature roll IMO. I have a feeling you would fit in well over at my blog.

Sun said...
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Sun said...
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Sun said...
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Sun said...
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Sun said...

Hey, I check your site every once in a while...have been having a lot of synchronicities in my life...and enjoy reading ur, I just felt a calling to check out the January post...I felt there might be something for me...

So u talk abt 27, the twins Castor and Pollux, and abt Pan, DNA, etc..

I read this post and am posting this note when the Nakshatra (Moon's constellation, as per Hindu astrology) is Punarvasu ( associated with the twins Castor and Pollux)...also according to Hindu astrology, the Zodiac, while divided into 12 signs, is ALSO divided into 27 Nakshatras (constellations).

Also, my birthdate is 2/7/75... I've been thinking since some time that I've been exhibiting 'Peter Pan' syndrome...

Howzzat sound 2 u?


PS: I checked out your tiger posts a few days ago, have been having a lot of tiger images come into my fact, one of those images is currently my desktop background..

Sun said...

oh...and the tv news channel that was on in the background (though muted), while reading your post/ writing the note, had the logo 24X7...i noticed the 2 and 7 but didnt think much of it...

I later realised 27X4= 108, considered a very, very mystical number in most spiritual traditions... in fact, in Hindu astrology, each of the 27 Nakshtras (constellations) has 4 sub-divisions, making for a total of 27X4=108 padas (feet) of the entire zodiac. On an esoteric level, it could be seen as 108 steps (feet) to complete the cycle of evolution, also the 27th Nakshtra therefore, is the final Nakshatra, of completion of the cycle.


1.Given my birthdate of 2/7/75, I happen to use 2 and 7 in my passwords, and my suitcases have either 277 or 777 as the lock/unlock code.

2. Also, The image of the Terminator, release date July 2, was also a connect as I was born July 2 (day of release? or day I started the journey that would lead to my release?) ;)

3. Checked out Jake's post - he makes the connect with 27 and South Africa (SA). The initials of my name are SA.

I feel the vibrations of 27 are all about the journey that takes one from duality to unity consciousness.

Sun said...
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Sun said...

and how could I miss out on this detail - my birth star (as per Hindu astrology) is the constellation of Revati, the 27th of the 27 constellations. It is said to be ruled by the solar deity Pushan, which, I read on Wikipedia, some people associate with Pan.


DROID XII said...

Wonderful post. And I read the post and left the comment on 27th! What a synch.

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