Friday, 8 May 2009

Star of Shiva

"When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge. This will be the Day of Purification. It will come when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask." – ancient Hopi Indian prophecy


Various sources on the net report that the Blue Star Kachina is the Hopi name for Sirius (above), the bluest and brightest Star in the night sky.

In the last post I looked at The Blue One who wears the mask of the Peacock Angel Melek Taus, Shiva the ‘the Supreme One’, and even Aladdin’s Blue Djinn. Each of these Enlightened archetypes resonate with the Blue Peacock for a number of different reasons, and the Peacock seems to point towards the Pineal Gland thanks to the Pine Cone statue located in the Vatican Courtyard. Peacocks, Pineals and Pinecones. Who would have thought it…

When looked at through the lens of synchronicity we find that Enlightenment comes in various shades of Blue and it’s this ‘Gene of Enlightenment’, or ‘Blue Gene’, that I’m going to focus on in this post. Let’s take a quick look at this image:


I stumbled across the US Air Force 23rd Special Tactics Squadron logo just over a week ago. Initially the number 23 caught my eye and while scanning the image for further clues I couldn’t believe that there was a Genie Lamp right beside it.

Have a good look at the image and see what you make of it. Notice the emphasis placed on the color Blue, the Thunderbolt of Zeus/Jupiter, the Sword/Knife, the 3 Arrows (or prongs of a Trident?), the Parachute, the number 23, and the Aladdin’s Lamp. There’s a hell of a lot crammed in there so I’m going to try and gradually unravel some of it as best I can over the next few posts. I hope you like reading about Genies, that’s all I can say :)

If we start with the number 23 we know that it resonates with the theme of Breaking Free and it’s also linked to the genetic structure of our DNA. Let’s not forget that Sirius is closely connected to this particular number and it was thanks to the Black Star that I started investigating 23 in the first place. For more on the Sirius/23 connection you’ll need to sample a RAW Egg.

So what does Sirius have to do with the DNA Genie?


The Blue Genie being released from his Egg-shaped prison could be symbolic of the opening of the Pineal Gland/3rd Eye. You could say that when the Lamp/Eye is opened the Blue Gene (symbolic of Enlightenment) is released into the body. You could call this Gene the Spirit Molecule, or DMT, or Melatonin, or a number of other things. The opening of the Pineal Gland seems to be a catalyst for the awakening of the inner ‘Blue One’.

I like to think of the Blue Gene as a trojan horse that’s been installed onto our computers/DNA a long time ago. It’s been lurking inside each of us waiting to be triggered, and I believe that Sirius could be the one with the finger on the button.

When the button is pressed and the Gene of KKonsciousness emerges from Aladdins Lamp, what takes place could be likened to the Buddha sitting beneath the Bodhi Tree and becoming One with the Universal floW for the first time. Or it could be likened to Odin hanging for 9 days on the World Tree Yggdrassil in order to obtain the knowledge of the Cosmos, or even Neo and his Red Pill. Something changes and these Enlightened Beings re-connect with knowledge, abilities, gifts, that simply weren’t there before. Their connection with Spirit is raised to a whole new level and they ‘upgrade’ to the color Blue.

Maybe the Buddha became Enlightened because the Blue Gene was released inside of his Bodhi:


We become the ‘Blue Buddha’ when the Plume of the Peacock (Pineal Gland) is opened:


All of these stories about Blue Skinned Enlightened Beings are either pure fantasy, or there’s a grain of truth to it all. I’m not saying that when/if we become Enlightened we literally turn Blue. That would be silly. What I’m suggesting is that the ‘Blue Peacock Gene-ie’ aligns us with Khrist Konsciousness, Enlightenment, or whatever else you choose to call it. When it’s released from it’s imprisonment maybe all our wishes come true…


Notice above that the head of a Cobra is emerging from the Lamp in the 23rd Air Force logo. The Cobra shaped plume of smoke brings to mind the spiral DNA Helix which is serpentine in nature, and the Kundalini Serpent which helps us floW on the currents of Khrist Konsciousness.

When the Kundalini Serpent has the opportunity to climb the DNA Ladder (due to some kind of stimulating force…like entheogenic plants, or the arrival of Sirius?) the 3rd Eye begins to awaken. Once the ‘inner-Serpent’ has been awoken, the Crown Chakra opens on top of the head and we become One with our Higher Self/God/Universe/Love/Whatever.


That’s my hunch anyway. We saw the Blue Cobra emerging from the Lamp in the 23rd US Air Force logo (similar to the image above) and it’s no surprise to find the Blue Cobra connected to the Enlightened Buddha:


Notice above that the mythical Hydra, the multi-headed Snake, is symbolic of the Enlightened Buddha. While wondering about the Hydra I couldn’t help but think of the element Hydrogen.

Hydrogen is the chemical element with atomic number 1. It is represented by the symbol H, the symbol of Pisces (Duality) and Infinity (H = 8). Hydrogen helps us become ‘One’ with the Universe (hence its atomic number) because Hydrogen constitutes roughly 75% of the universe's elemental mass. Stars are mainly composed of hydrogen in their plasma state. The symbol of Hydra resonating Hydrogen:


Is it a coincidence then to find the symbol of the Hydra/Hydrogen on the forehead of ‘the Blue One’?


I believe that when we become Blue we connect with the floW of Spirit and we’re able to Surf the Kosmic Energies that come from inside of ourselves, or possibly distant stars (Sirius perhaps?):


For more on the Sirius syncnificance of the letter ‘V’ (seen above) check out An Act of Dog.

The word Genesis (or Genisis – the DNA Genie of Isis/Sirius) means Being, and at this moment in time all my synchronicities seem to involve Being Blue. Looking back at one of my old posts I noticed that the Blue Gene made an appearance in The Pineal Stargate without me realizing:


In order to become the ‘Silver Surfer’ we need to awaken ‘the Blue One’ within:


So we’ve seen that the Cobra/Hydra is somehow important in all of this Blue business. The fan of the Cobra is nearly identical to the fan of the Blue Peacock in this image. Both represent the Halo of an Enlightened Being, and the Cobra/Peacock are two creatures which signify someone who has awakened the Blue Gene:


Let’s take a look at ‘the Blue One’ in the form of Shiva who can also be found with the awakened Kundalini Serpent/Hydra/Cobra:



'Shiva (Sanskrit: शिव, Śiva, "Auspicious one") is a major Hindu god and one aspect of Trimurti. In the Shaiva tradition of Hinduism, Shiva is seen as the supreme God. Shiva literally means "the Supreme One". Adi Sankara interprets Shiva to mean either "The Pure One" or "the One who is eternally pure".

The name Shiva, in one interpretation, is also said to have derived from the Dravidian word Siva, meaning "to be Red". It is the equivalent of Rudra, "the Red".

So why would we have a Blue God whose name means Red. Blue (Water/Cold) and Red (Fire/Hot) are opposites and represent the Yin/Yang of Duality. Shiva ‘the Blue/Red One’ is therefore perfectly balanced between the two which is why he is ‘the Pure One’. Balance is required for the Kundalini Serpent (or Blue Gene) will not be released from the Lamp/Palm/Hand/DNA(H).

Red & Blue = Purple, and Purple is another color that resonates with Khrist Konsciousness. Check out the Purple Jesus for more.

The name Shiva/Siva, meaning "to be red", is the equivalent of Rudra, "the red". So let’s take a look at Rudra (or Red-RA):

Braddha Rudra_OldShiva

Wiki: Rudra is believed to be an earlier form of Shiva. The Sanskrit name Rudra is usually derived from the root rud- which means "to cry, howl." According to this etymology, the name Rudra has been translated as "the Roarer". An alternate etymology suggested by Prof. Pischel derives Rudra ("the Red, the Brilliant") from a lost root rud-, "to be red" or "to be ruddy", or according to Grassman, "to shine". Stella Kramrisch notes that the adjectival form raudra, which means wild, and translates the name Rudra as "the Wild One" or "the Fierce God".

Here we see Shiva/Rudra balancing on the Bull of Taurus with the SOLE/SOUL of his foot placed on the shoulder, the location of the Pleiades:


The Peacock and The Pleiades are closely connected due to Murugan the supreme general of the Hindu demi-gods. For more on the Shiva/Pleiades connection check out Surfing the Rainbow Wave. Could the ‘sweet influence’ from the Peacock resonating Pleiades unlock the Blue Gene?

Wiki: The adjective shiva in the sense of "propitious" or "kind" is applied to the name Rudra in Rig Veda. Rudra is called "The Archer" and the arrow is an essential attribute of Rudra. The word is derived from the Sanskrit root śarv- which means "to injure" or "to kill" and the name Śarva translates as "One who can kill the forces of darkness". The names Dhanvin ("Bowman") and Bāṇahasta ("Archer", literally "Armed with arrows in his hands") also refer to archery.

So the Blue Skinned Shiva/Redra resonates with the Bow and Arrow and we find that the Dog-Star Sirius is also closely connected to these symbols, and like the Red/Blue Shiva, Sirius has also been described as Red and Blue. Are you noticing the pattern here? Check out Wiki and you’ll find that there’s controversy surrounding Sirius and the colors Red and Blue.

The Black Sun has been symbolized by an Arrow for thousands of years and here we see the mythical Emperor of Ancient China aiming his Bow at the Dog-Star:


The Ancient Chinese visualized a large bow and arrow across the southern sky, formed by the constellations of Puppis and Canis Major. In this, the arrow tip is pointed at the wolf Sirius.

The Mesopotamians (like the ancient Egyptians) referred to Sirius as the ‘Arrow-Star’:


Several cultures also associated the star Sirius with a bow and arrows. A similar association is depicted at the Temple of Hathor in Dendera, where the goddess Satet has drawn her arrow at Hathor (Sirius). Known as 'Tir,' the star was portrayed as the arrow itself in later Persian culture.

The Arrow/Bow connection came to my attention recently due to the earthquake in Italy. For more on the Sirius/Arrow relationship check out The Robin Has Hatched.


I’ve been writing/thinking about ‘the Blue One’ for a while now and it started to feel like the Dog-Star was being sidelined. Thanks to all this Blue Genie stuff I’ve not really known where this investigation was heading. My original plan to focus on Sirius was beginning to fall apart. At the start of this week I was at work and had some spare time on my hands so for old times sake I looked up Sirius on Wikipedia. When I read this line I couldn’t quite believe it:

Wiki: As Mrgavyadha, the star Sirius represents Rudra (Shiva).

All I could think was WOW. It felt like all this Blue Gene/Genie stuff had just clicked into place. It suddenly dawned on me that Sirius could possibly be responsible for awakening The Blue One, or Blue Gene. It is a Blue Star after all, and like the Hopi prophecy suggests, it’s the Blue Kachina (Sirius) whose going to usher us into this new ‘Age of Enlightenment’.

So let’s take a quick look at how Shiva is associated with the Black Dog (Star).

Wiki: The Hindu deity Bhairava, the wrathful form of Shiva as a forest-dwelling yogin, is depicted accompanied by dogs, animals as outcaste as he once was.

In fact, when Shiva is depicted with four dogs, they are said to represent the 4 Vedas - the most ancient of scriptures. Shiva in his wrathful form as Bhairava is especially portrayed with dogs:


The dog is as much considered the vahana or animal vehicle of the Indian god Shiva as is the bull, Nandi. Here we see Shiva/Rudra/Bhairava riding on Sirius, the Black Dog-Star:


In the early days of this Sirius investigation I kept on seeing the repeating pattern of the Eye/Hand, or SpiriT Palm as it’s come to be known, and more recently the Trident started coming to my attention. In light of this Shiva/Sirius connection I can now appreciate why my intuition nudged me to include these symbols on this blog.

Shiva/Sirius with the awakened Cobra/Hydra/Kundalini, the SpiriT Palm, and the Trident:


In the Rig Veda we find Rudra (aka Shiva) described as "fierce like a formidable wild beast".

Therion is another name for ‘wild beast’ so I looked it up on

Therion, Greek for "wild animal" or "beast", may refer to:

  • Therion, the name the Greeks gave to the constellation Lupus ("wolf")
  • Therion (band), the Swedish symphonic metal band
  • Master Therion or To Mega Therion, a title assumed by Aleister Crowley

I followed the trail of the word Therion/Beast and found it connected to the Dog-Star in an album entitled ‘Sirius B’:


Notice the Red Eye in the album cover above. Here’s what I learned about Shiva/Rudra:

Wiki: The word "rudraksha" (Sanskrit: rudrākşa = rudra “red” + akşa "eye"), means the "eye of Rudra".

The Eye of Rudra, or the Eye of Shiva, is quite literally Red. Red Eye!!!

On the Therion album cover above we find the Red Eye (Rudra) connected to the name Sirius - the star associated with Shiva/Rudra. The Red Eye (like the symbol of Hydrogen looked at earlier) points directly to the Pineal Gland which awakens the Cobra/Hydra and turns us Blue:


Everything felt like it was coming together all at once on the Therion album cover. However, when I looked inside I found something else I wasn’t expecting.

Song number 8 on the ‘Sirius B’ album happens to be called ‘Melek Taus’. If you read my last post then this name should be familiar as he’s the Blue Peacock Angel. To the Yesidiz people he is ‘Gods Angel’ and he seems to be the equivalent of the Blue-skinned Shiva (Sirius) in the Hindu traditions. You’ll also find the Peacock Angel with the Red Eye of Rudra/Shiva:



So what’s all this got to do with the ‘Therion’ or the ‘Wild One’ or ‘the Beast’? Believe it or not but we might find the answer to this question in the movie Toy Story 2.

We find Woody the Cowboy with the ‘Red Eye of Shiva/Sirius’:


We also find Buzz Lightyear with the ‘Eye of Rudra’:


I believe that the Blue Gene awakens the Red Eye, and in the movie we find ‘Stinky Pete the Prospector’ trapped inside a Box (symbolic of Aladdins Lamp) on floor number 23:


So let’s say that Stinky Pete (as ridiculous as it sounds) symbolizes the Blue Gene-ie from Aladdins Lamp. Stinky Pete was voiced by actor Kelsey Grammar and I don’t think it’s coincidence that he starred in X-Men 3 in the form of the Blue-skinned ‘Beast’:


The Beast is the Therion, or Wild One, and it’s the Blue Gene that’s waiting to be set free of the Box/Lamp/DNA. The phrase ‘Unleash the Beast’ springs to mind.

Melek Taus is also known by the name Lucifer (aka Satan/the Beast) and even Shiva (Sirius) resonates with the Blue Devil thanks to his 3-pronged Pitch Fork/Trident. Could Sirius be the Blue Lucifer who awakens the Peacock Angel within?



Sirius seems to resonate with the Blue Devil/Beast in a number of ways, and maybe it is responsible for awakening the ‘Wild One’, or ‘Beast’ within. The word Therion (Wild Animal/Beast) refers to the Wolf, and it’s also the name that ‘The Beast’ Aleister Crowley assumed. Maybe the Blue Wolf-Star Sirius opens us up to Magick and helps us become the Blue Wizard:


Like Melek Taus the Peacock Angel, every Blue Wizard needs his Magick Carpet:


I’ve covered quite a lot of ground and I appreciate that this is all a little confusing. I’m going to look at one more ‘Blue One’ before finishing up this post but before I do here’s a quick recap.

Shiva aka Rudra = the Blue Star Sirius

The Peacock/Cobra/Hydra all point towards Enlightenment, which is attained by becoming Blue.

The Peacock/Cobra/Hydra awakens when the Blue Gene (possibly located in the Pineal Gland/3rd Eye) is released into the Body/Mind/Spirit.

Sirius, our possible Binary Companion, may trigger this Blue Gene as it approaches Earth at it’s estimated speed of 12 miles per second. Shiva is known as ‘the Pure One’ and the arrival of Sirius is possibly responsible for purifying our DNA. Many ancient cultures in the past have endowed the Blue Sirius with very prominent roles in their religion/mythology, and perhaps they knew about the Dog-Stars role as a Cosmic Trigger that awakens ‘the Blue Beast’ within.

We’ve seen that the fan of the Peacock and the Fan of the Cobra/Hydra both seem to resonate with the same thing. They symbolize the ‘fanning out’ of KKonsciousness. It’s the opening of the Egg/Box (Pineal) which activates ‘the Blue One’.

Nobody does the whole Peacock/Cobra/Awakening thing better than the ancient Egyptians. Here we see the Serpent emerging from the 3rd Eye of the Pharaoh and notice that the head dress is fanned out like the hood of an alert Cobra:


Notice that Gold and Blue Lapis Lazuli dominate the mask of the Pharaoh, and on his chin we see the same pattern which is found on the underbelly of the Cobra. To the Egyptians the Serpent represented Enlightenment. In the Western religions the Serpent has been demonized as the Devil/Satan/Lucifer, but in the distant past it was one of the most sacred creatures, and worthy of the adorning the head of the Pharaoh.

I’ve looked at actor Gary Oldman (Sirius Black) a number times in the past and I’ve always associated him with the G.Oldman without really understanding why. Gold and Blue seem to be colors that resonate strongly with the the Blue Djinn in Aladdins Gold Lamp, and also with the Blue Dog-Star.

Blue is the color of Nobility and the Royal Blood-lines - Blue Bloods. Maybe this term originated from the Egyptian Pharaoh and his connection to the color Blue. Gold is the most precious metal of them all and in alchemy it represents the metal of Enlightenment. Maybe it’s the ‘Royal Blue Gene’ which transmutes the Lead (denser energy) into Gold (SpiriT). Remember that Shiva (Sirius) is ‘the Pure One’ and it’s no surprise that Sirius Black in the Harry Potter movies is descended from a Royal Blood-Line – Sirius is a Blue Blood.

Being a Blue Blood isn’t about how wealthy you are in terms of money. It’s about how wealthy you are Spiritually and the more Blue in your Blood, the better off we seem to be. We can’t find these riches outside of ourselves because the Blue Blood is located within the Lamp/Palm/Hand/DNA(H):


For more about the Gold/Blue/Jupiter/Sirius connection I recommend checking out KING HAM 23 where you’ll find some some really fascinating syncs.

The Egyptians knew a thing or two about the opening of the Kobra Konsciousness and they also knew a hell of a lot about the Black Dog-Star. Their entire culture/calendar/religion revolved around Sirius!

Why would the Egyptians place so much emphasis on this one Star in particular? Why is Shiva/Sirius ‘the Pure One’ at the very heart of Hindu religion? Why is the Peacock Angel Melek Taus of the Yesidiz a fallen angel who redeemed himself in order to become the Overseer of our planet? Why does it feel like the Genie wants to be released from his imprisonment and Sirius is the one whose holding the Key?

More on this later.

Thanks for reading.


p.s. thanks to a blogging blunder on my behalf my last post 'The Blue One' has vanished into the ethers of cyber space. It's gone for good but it's managed to teach me a valuable lesson on how NOT to do things in the future. I'm sure everyone who was meant to read it has already done so. Onwards and upwards... :D


WJM said...

Your last post vanishing is crap... But I understand I once had a post that I had worked on for almost a month get erased... Also I made a Purple/Blue/Dark peacock connection way back when I found that Barbie Island Picture... It's not until now that it makes more sense... Jake just told me back then "Purple is cool"... Now Purple is everywhere. Also The peacock and the Pheniox both have the little plumage on their heads that represent the Pineal.. Look at a peacocks head... Better yet gimme a day or two and I'll send you some pictures(got plenty of peacocks over here). My computer did crash but our Blue God video is still intact.... Talk soon, now if only I can get a post out and quite hanging out at the sync whole...

WV dazin... Days Inn?

JSteveKane said...

another stunning post and your really helping me understand the symblism that has been occuring with my own life over many years

this post is clearer to me without
without the smurf tickster sidetracking my mind away from the real meaning) of enlightment

,funnily i forgot all about the case of mistake identy ( smurf tickster again) that happened to me when a i went to germany to see a grilfriend (whose parent are Yezidis in exile) i got mistaken for the JUNgle DJ Smurf ,who was also visiting that area of Germany that weekend

R. T. said...

I would really be interested in seeing you write about the underworld link to Sirius.

Red I: like in the red eye of Mordor, the red I is the "I"/ego of evil. Jake hasn't quite gotten that, yet. C-ing red is just the symbolic phrase for going beserk, going mad in a rush of killing.

Shiva is the destroyer. The trident is a symbol of destruction. But ofcourse they are just symbols for something "real". If that star or whatever that might surface is given "power" Im not sure how pretty it will all be. Part of the power of the current stronghold of illusionism is confusing ignorance with knowledge.

Be blessed

Arrowsmith said...

W - I think that post being erased was a lesson for me about non-attachment. At the end of the day it was just words and images and from a personal point of view it lead me in some new directions. It did it's job.

I really dig the Phoenix/Peacock connection, especially when you consider that the X-men franchise has the Phoenix/Jean Grey (or the 'Grey Gene') as the lover of the Red-Eyed Cyclops and the Serious Wolf-erine. Having the Peacock resonating Beast in the mix ties it all together nicely. Also the X-Men logo (Solar Cross) emphasises the connection to a Sun/Star. The Peacock and Phoenix are like two P's in a pod.

Glad you've still got your Blue God vid intact because I'm really looking forward to seeing it!
Cheers Will.

JSteveKane - The Jungle DJ Smurf. I'll never be able to shake that image from my mind when I read your comments! I'm glad this stuff is resonating with you mate.

R.T. - If you're eager to learn about the Underworld connection then I recommend checking out The Sirius Mystery by Robert Temple. This is where I found the majority of the info about the Sirius links to Anubis, Cerberus and other guardians of the Underowrld. Robert has done a hell of a lot more research than me (and writes a hell of a lot better than me) so if you want the info I'd advise that you go straight to the source itself. I plan on getting to it sometime (could be next month, or even next year) but right now I'm more interested in the Underworld which resides within our body.

As for the Red Eye, I don't see that there is any right or wrong answer when it comes to interpreting it. Ask 20 different people what it means and you'll get 20 different answers. They're all just opinions. You might think the Red Eye means evil, death, murder, going berserk. To me it represents the awakening of the 3rd Eye, aligning with the Universe in a whole new way, becoming complete. You might see the Trident as a symbol of destruction whereas I see the Trident as a symbol of balance/harmony/inner-strength. Look at the Peace sign and you'll find the Trident.
Neither of us is necessarily right or wrong. We just look at life from our own unique vantage point.

Thanks guys for the feedback.

Jake Kotze said...

911 resonates Emergency and Help.
The Octagon resonates the Stop Sign/Go no further.
The Red Eye resonates anger and being tired.

Yet all these also point towards their reverse and higher consciousness.

Its so interesting and telling.


björn (farmer) said...

I met with the Blue One in a fight in a dream almost 20 years ago. this dream changed my life completly and I knew it was more than a dream. After waking up I painted it and met with exact this picture three days later from another source. I would like to send you more info if you are interested and I have time... All this conection to Sirius and colours red/blue, arrow, etc. is right on track. Superman also connects to here. I had the dream in Germany.

toure said...

Synchronicity is about pulling synch patterns out of the blue... you had a pattern disappear into the blue. ka-Blue-ee. glad i Red it before it went poof.

At the risk of sounding like the simpleton among us; what about the ubiquitous Blue Jean? How many of us are wearing denim right now? I know I AM; I only wear jeans. Blue Jean Grey? sounds almost too simple a connection to be significant...

I was listening to a lecture by Phil Valentine a few days back in which he states that all elements are simply variations on the Hydrogen theme, meaning we are all just Hydrogen... everything is all just Hydrogen.

To make matters worse, I watched What The Bleep Do We Know pt2 last night and that film postulates that, at the quantum level, all are one and the ONE is Consciousness. Hydrogen's atomic number is ONE, as it ALL should be... as I AM, as We are...

R. T. said...

everybody can see symbols however they want. Well partly true ofcourse. It remind me of some of the nonsense talk out of my old dad, when he talks about that there are "so many possabilities". Well, yes. There is. There are an endless number of possabilities. But it matters how you choose out of this sea.

In the past for example Shiva is the personification of a shivering force, like posidon who rules over earth quakes and floods. The trident, well the peace sign to my mind is a trident upside down which would make it an "M"? Mary Magdalene the holy virgin, George W Bush? Pictogram speak M is female womb, legs upside down. The "W" is an ass sitting. Or if you will just the opposite of the female principle, growth, nurturing, love.

If youre unsure about red eyes think about the red eyes of mad bulls, HAL, terminators, robots etc. With all respect due - how much more literal do you want it? Its a pretty common phrase, and lets suppose theres actually something beneath, that one does radiate a certain "redness" when agitated..

God bless you brother

toure said...

RT, Are you saying it should be obvious to us all that Red Eyes represent evil?

Arrowsmith said...

Hi björn. I'd love to know more about your encounter with the Blue One because it sounds like he made quite an impression on you! If you manage to find the time I'd really appreciate anything you have to say on the subject.

Hey Toure. I like the Blue Jean Grey connection and think the simpler the explanation, the closer it is to the mark. It's like the priniciple of Occam's Razor:

“The simplest explanation for a phenomenon is most likely the correct explanation."

The Jean/Gene connection came to me while writing the BeckHAM post over at the Sync Hole and now it seems to popping up in close connection to some of my Sirius leads. I've also wondered why the JEAN/GENE is connected to the LEG/EGL. I'm sure the plot will thicken soon enough...

R.T. - If you look at a dart board you find that the Red Bulls-Eye represents the hub of the wheel which everything else revolves around. It connects/unites everything together, which is why I think it's a perfect analogy for the opening of the 3rd Eye/KKonsciousness.

Jake Kotze said...

In Star Trek young KirK listens to the Beastie Boys "Sabotage" when he steals a car.
"I Can't Stand It I Know You Planned It
But I'm Gonna Set It Straight, This Watergate"
Lovely post

Be well


Arrowsmith said...

Beastie Boys...I like it!

The song Sabotage was mentioned on BBC Radio 1 yesterday and the DJ must have been mentioned it at least a dozen times in the space of 10 minutes. I've not heard anything about that particular song in a long time and here you are bringing it up.

That brings the Eggman to mind come to think of it.

Cheers Jake.

ViølatoR said...

Wow, great post man!

The symbol for Hydrogen and the third-eye of Doctor Manhatten (NY/OZ) is also a shortcut to draw a 90degree angle, used by 3rd degree Master Masons, highest degree of the Blue Lodge, to check the stone work of the lower level masons.

Colloidal Gold can be anywhere from red to purple and even bluish depending on the size of the particles.

Blue dye in ancient times came from a sea slug, and when the article with the dye was dried in the sun it turned blue, and if it dried in the shade it turned purple, a royal color. To dye/die and turn blue or purple.

I forgot to mention that in the Cherish poster, Robin Tunney wears Blue Jeans. I notice toure mentions jeans. I actually hate denim jeans, the only pair I liked was black. But it reminds me of Bearnie Mack in Oceans Eleven (which came out in 2001) who shakes hands with a Billy Denham and says "Denim like a jean!" and then talks about gloves.

I've added a link to RAW Eggs at the synchrowiki page on the number 23.

Arrowsmith said...

Great stuff Violator. To die/dye and turn Blue reminds of Jakes latest post Chain of EventsMaybe the Denim sync also has something to with the mineD, or Mind. I also noticed the Denim Genes/DNA chain on Robin Tunneys leg and recently connected the Gene/Jean to the Robin in BeckHAM.

I just checked out the Syncrowiki (or Synchro-Kiwi if you've read Jakes latest post) and you've just opened a whole new can of worms!

Check out The Sync Whole if you get a chance because a lot of the stuff I'm writing about is being built on/developed over there. I'd love your feedback as it always seems to be top notch.

Thanks again mate.

earthstar said...

Blue star kachina....many possibilities.....Paul LaViolette has some thoughts on this onto light/freq thru these times..... is also a thought....though Dan winter also has some intresting syncs... work on your blog keep up the with da sync

far more said... the story of my meeting with the BLUE ONE. Thanks for stopping by:)and thanks for your invitation arrowsmith!

earthstar said...

Arrgh.sometimes I make de typos.....I meant keep up with da good work!!!!!!!! da way did ya ever hear of the blue androgene........keiarix

Mark Trueblood said...

Excellent post.

You might be already aware of them, but the asari race from the Mass Effect video game are my current favorites among blue entities.

Arrowsmith said...

Hi Earthstar. Your comment about the Blue Androgene prompted a synchronicity which ties in quite nicely with Bjorns new blog Blue God Star. Check out this Sync Whole post to see how the Blue Androgene and Dr. Manhattan seem to be linked.

Hey Mark. Haven't actually played Mass Effect but thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Thanks for the feedback!

Marg Verite said...

one of shiva's names is "the blue and the red" "Neela Lohita". So "it" goes to both extremes of the visible spectrum - similar with Alpha-Omega, A to Z. The blue "pearl" or blue bindu [dot] is allegedly "his" most subtle body. "His" throat is blue from drinking the poison which arises out of creation, in order to protect it [compassion / savior / medicine g-d ]


earthstar said...

Ah ha!....still reading all the blogs....I'm getting old so I don't sync as fast as youz gize....:)

OZgnosistic's said...

another interesting thing about hydrogen is that it can seem to go into a calls it the lamb effect suggest to google it if you haven't heard of it...thanks for the inspirational blog


Arrowsmith said...

Will check it out Tara...thanks!

Laramie said...

Some links that might be of interest:

The Blue God Hapy of the Egyptian Pantheon:
Interesting considering the flooding of the Nile coinciding with the heliacal rising of Sirius. The hymn, I feel, is very significant.
This goddess was also associated with the flooding of the Nile and her title meant "She who runs like an arrow."
"Its hieroglyphs differ from those of the Green Crown (Red Crown) of Lower Egypt only by the determinative, which in the case of the crown was a picture of the Green Crown and, in the case of the goddess, a rearing cobra."

I also think leaving Shakti out of this picture may render it incomplete as Shiva and Shakti are inextricably linked. She is also the gateway to unlocking the "serpant" in Kundalini Yoga. To gain an accurate assessment of the big picture we must not overlook the importance and integration these goddesses play.

JSteveKane said...

soory i lost your email address ,wante to let you know about my latest post "The Big Blue Fence"

You Think You've Got Problems said...

People who do this sort of thing don't seem to realize there's some very basic reasons for symbolism and that not everything is a secret revelation. For example, the sky is blue. A rainbow has the same natural color scheme as a peacock's feather, especially when it appears in a circle around the sun and appears circular like the eye of a peacock. The Yezidis believe Melek Taus usually appears as a rainbow around the sun.

A rainbow is a natural physical manifestation of illusion and a peacock's feather is also a natural manifestation. This is why it is used in Tibetan Buddhism and perhaps why other cultures use it; as a natural way to relate ideas. Tibetans also use the symbolism of the vase, the mirror, the crystal ball, the bell the vajra, the mandala and on and on. They've often used the symbols from other cultures and completely reinvented them or altered their meaning.

In a lot of ancient cultures, people attributed the elements to colors and they didn't always agree even within the same culture. Tibetan Buddhism is a perfect example of this.

In Tibetan Buddhism, each color belongs to a specific "Buddha family." The blue Medicine Buddha you have repeatedly shown in this example really has nothing to do with the ideas you're associating with it. Not all Buddhas are blue, so blueness has nothing to do with enlightenment and certainly nothing to do with "Christ consciousness." Depending on who is in the center of the mandala, either blue or white can represent space or water. Whichever color is not represented as space becomes water, so we have either Blue space and White water or White space and Blue water. Green is air (think trees), red is fire and yellow is earth. And that is within one tradition; a tradition which, by the way, does not mix well with other traditions, really, as its wisdom is self-contained and very, very specific.

It's easier to stick with and master one tradition than it is to play these association games. If you want to do that, I'd stay stick with a Qaballah-based Western Mystery Traditition and realize that the associations you're making are not accurate, but only accurate and useful to you within the system you are using. Also, whatever you discover is going to be different than what you would discover in other traditions. There are different degrees of "enlightenment" and I would call some of them closer to confusion, actually.

lisa said...

wow. you said very well. I see the symbols to i was on the path when i found you. thats how i found you. intution takes you for ride doesnt it. I talk to my best friend about this stuff all the time. wow. You know i'm a pisces and i was born on the 8th. alls i know now is thats music to my ears. I know what you are talking about. I'm going to look up which plants stimulates it. And i got the feeling it is the lotus flower. thanks.

M. C. Eschaton said...

Wish I'd come across this sooner! I had just recently put together a whole ton of material about Melek myself, and I can point out a parallel thread that may not have occurred to you: The BLUE FAIRY from Artifical Intelligence (which was borrowed from Pinnochio). The logo for the company that made the kid is a man who appears to be rising up from something, holding his arms in the same pose as the silver surfer on a video I believe you may have posted about this...I later went back to the beginning of the movie and almost crapped my pants when the real kid told him it looked like a peacock! It's also ironic that they are told the Blue Fairy can be found at the end of the world, where the lions weep: Manhattan. Could that be point us back to the blue DR. MANHATTAN? Also, the commonly seen but not so commonly understood symbol of the crescent with the circle above it now seems to me to represent an ascended man emerging from an egg...You'll find that symbol on Lucia's hat and pendant in one of my favorite classic rpg's, LUNAR 2: ETERNAL BLUE, which also refers to a blue star. I'd also recommend checking out DAFT PUNK's cartoon video, Interstellar 555. Lots of blue guys in that one, including the same arms-down pose as Silver Surfer and the AI logo, which ALSO is made by Tom Cruise in VANILLA SKY (he also has a snowboard in that movie, a la surfer). The movie CLICK deals with a lot of blue mystical-ness, and Morty is an ANGEL of death...I've got a huge video I'm making of all of this, since this is actually a very personal theme for me, especially what you tipped me off to about the wolf...

Manish said...

Great job I like your ability to notice the picture behind the picture and your diversity in things, you have an amazing mind.Thank you for your article I loved reading it, I am a Shiva worshipper and may he bless you.

Mr.Lebowski said...

Bluez cluez

ABeverage said...

Wow written almost 3 years ago and about Blue Genes and not one mention of David Bowie...Sometimes I feel like...
(Oh, the whole human race)
Jazzin' for Blue Jean...
(Oh, and when my Blue Jean's blue)She got Latin roots
She got everything

Ah well I was late getting here and wonder when I will turn my blue (J)Gene Blue, hope this helped someone else down the sync...

ABeverage said...

P.S. if you are still reading this and I hope you are as my head is about to explode. Read the blob a few years back but it had no meaning as it does now that I have fallen into the sync hole or so it seems.

oh right my P.S.
IBM Blue Gene Specifically Blue Gene Q soon to be finished in you guessed it...2012. hehe Oh and a bonus the first "Blue Gene" simulated approximately one percent of a human cerebral cortex! *grin*

Dennis said...

This is what synchromystic is all about. Inspired and spot on. Dennis

Jack Smith said...

Sorry guys Johny come lately

"third eye" tool lyrics

""Third Eye"

Dreaming of that face again.
It's bright and blue and shimmering.
Grinning wide
And comforting me with it's three warm and wild eyes.

On my back and tumbling
Down that hole and back again
Rising up
And wiping the webs and the dew from my withered eye.

In... Out... In... Out... In... Out...

A child's rhyme stuck in my head.
It said that life is but a dream.
I've spent so many years in question
to find I've known this all along.

"So good to see you.
I've missed you so much.
So glad it's over.
I've missed you so much
Came out to watch you play.
Why are you running?"

Shroud-ing all the ground around me
Is this holy crow above me.
Black as holes within a memory
And blue as our new second sun.
I stick my hand into his shadow
To pull the pieces from the sand.
Which I attempt to reassemble
To see just who I might have been.
I do not recognize the vessel,
But the eyes seem so familiar.
Like phosphorescent desert buttons
Singing one familiar song...

"So good to see you.
I've missed you so much.
So glad it's over.
I've missed you so much.
Came out to watch you play.
Why are you running away?"

Prying open my third eye.
So good to see you once again.
I thought that you were hiding.
And you thought that I had run away.
Chasing the tail of dogma.
I opened my eye and there we were.

So good to see you once again
I thought that you were hiding from me.
And you thought that I had run away.
Chasing a trail of smoke and reason.

Prying open my third eye"

i have been seeing blue light when i close my eyes more and more for the past 4/5 years....8 years ago i was folloed by the numbers 123 and 321 it peaked in 2007, and since then i have been on an esoteric jouney :D

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Blogger said...

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Leah VanZandt-Ruth said...

This is exceptionally enlightening.
Nobody mentioned Gene (Jean--as in Blue--Djinn) Genie yet...
The first thing I thought of was the Hopi prophecy of Blue Star Kachina...