Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Blue FloWers

Sometime in May I was just leaving the office on my way to grab some food when I bumped into my mum in the high street. She offered to buy me lunch, which I readily accepted, and on the way to the cafe she asked me if I’d received her email about Pan, the Greek God of Nature. I hadn’t checked my email the previous night so I told her that I’d read the article when I got home from work. My mum never sends me anything about Pan so the mention of his name came completely out of the blue.

We entered the cafe, took a seat and chose something from the menu. My mum went up to the counter to order the food and while I was waiting at the table I spied a magazine in one of her shopping bags. With nothing better to do I took it out and found that it was the May/June 2009 edition of Kindred Spirit:


The first thing I noticed on the Blue front cover was the Peace sign which forms the shape of a Trident. The Hindu God Shiva is Blue-skinned (like the cover) and is often found holding the Trident. I’d recently been writing about his connection to Sirius in my Dog-Star of Shiva post so ‘the Blue One’ naturally came to mind.

At the top right of the cover my eye was drawn to the Red Spot containing a reference to the Robin:


Since writing The Robin Has Hatched I’ve been keeping a close eye on the Robin whenever it appears in my life. I like to think of the Robin as a winged messenger who helps deliver new pieces of this ever evolving sync-puzzle. In this instance I had no idea who Tom Robbins was but my gut feeling told me that this was definitely leading to something. The Spidey Sense was beginning to tingle…

I could see that my mum had nearly finished ordering the food so I quickly flicked to the Tom Robbins article. As I turned to page 33 of the magazine I was greeted with this image of Pan:


On closer inspection I found that the word ‘blood’ (in Blue) was entraining with the Greek God of Nature (also in Blue/Purple) on the cover of a book called Jitterbug Perfume:


My mum had mentioned Pan by name while on the way to the cafe so coming face to face with the Goat-man only a few minutes later seemed just a little bit weird. Bloody weird in fact!

My mum came back to the table and as we waited for the food to arrive I showed her the Pan synchronicity. She found the connection quite amusing and told me to keep the magazine to see if the Tom Robbins article was in any way syncnificant. When lunch was done we parted company and I headed back to work wondering why on earth the Devil had chosen this particular lunch-time to pay me a visit.

Over the next few days/weeks I took a closer look at Pan to try and figure out why he resonated with the Blue Blood and ‘the Blue One who we’ve seen in the past wearing the masks of Shiva, Rama, Buddha, Melek Taus and even Aladdins faithful DNA Gene-E.

As a result of this first encounter with Pan in May I went on to write The Nature of the Beast post to explore Pans relationship with the planet Jupiter and the star Sirius.

This was followed by the Udderly Potty post which happened as a result of another chance encounter with Pan via two TV commercials. While writing this post I was playing about with the name ‘Pan’ when I realized that the letters themselves (when re-arranged) resonate soundly with our ‘dna’:


I believe that synchronicities involving Pan may help point us towards what is taking place at the genetic level. Pan is the God of Nature afterall. The book Jitterbug PERFUME also suggests that our sense of Smell, and therefore the Nose, has some kind of key role to play when it comes to awakening this 'Blue DNA/Blood':


Let’s do a quick recap on some of the Nose syncs looked at in my last post. In the movie Bedtime Stories we saw actor/comedian Russell Brand in the role of Pan himself (thus resonating Blood/DNA):


We saw the pale Blue Hand interacting with Brand/Pan moments before he directs our attention to the Nose:



In the same movie we also find this Blue Hand ‘hunting for treasure’:


The Blue Hand, depending on which way you want to look at it, can simply be a Blue Hand (nothing more, nothing less) or we can look at it from a slightly distorted synchromystic perspective and say that:

HAND reversed is DNAH or DNA-H

The Blue Hand, the Blue Pan and now the Nose, all seem to point towards the Blue DNA which is symbolic of the awakening of our inner-Christ, or ‘inner-Blue One’:


I’ve been scratching my head about all this Blood/DNA/Pan/Nose sillyness for a while now and the more I read into it the stranger things seem to get.

For example, if we take a closer look at the book ‘Jitterbug Perfume’ we find that that color Blue and the Nose both play an important role in the story itself:


Wikipedia: ‘In the somewhat esoteric final lines of the book Jitterbug Perfume, note this: "And then you'll be blue. Bluer than indigo."

This is based on an old Chinese proverb by Xun Zi: blue dye is made from indigo colored grass, yet the blue dye's color is much deeper than the color of its origin. In other words, the pupil can exceed the master.

An eccentric character named Marcel equates smell as the most important factor in the forward movement of the evolutionary process. After witnessing an eclipse, he is obsessed with his own scent.’

This might not make much sense (I’ve not read the book so it doesn’t make much sense to me) but the key things to take away from the above Wiki info is that the colors Blue/Indigo and our sense of Smell are significant factors when it comes to our Spiritual evolution.

Jim Sanders pointed out to me that the Nose resonates with the word Gnosis, or Nosis, so it’s worth taking a closer look at what this actually means.

Wiki: ‘Gnosis (from one of the Greek words for knowledge, γνῶσις) is the spiritual knowledge of a saint or mystically enlightened human being. In the cultures of the term (Byzantine and Hellenic) gnosis was a special knowledge or insight into the infinite, divine and uncreated in all and above all. Gnosis indicates direct spiritual experiential knowledge and intuitive knowledge, mystic rather than that from rational or reasoned thinking.’

Having chewed this Nose/Gnosis connection over I think that one way of looking at this is that our sense of Smell allows us to have direct experience of the Divine which can only ever be accessed while we’re present in the NOW.

When we focus our attention on breathing through the Nose, or we focus on the Smells surrounding us in our immediate environment, we instantly align with the NOW. The mental chatter suddenly stops as we become Present and it’s during these moments of heightened awareness that we align with the floW of the Universe and become vessels for intuitive/creative/inspired thought. It’s in this ‘gap’ of NO-Mind that the Universe can nudge our thoughts in new directions. The Nose, like all of our other senses (Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch), is a gift which can help us achieve Gnosis, or NOWness.

Peter Parker begins to access his Spidey Sense, or Gnostic Sense, after becoming genetically enhanced by a radioactive Spider (think JitterBUG Perfume). I like to think that the Gnostic is someone who has tapped into the natural floW of the NOW by re-connecting to the Web of Life, much like Spiderman after his fateful (Blue?) DNA mutation.

The Spiderman wears a mask in order to disguise the fact that he has achieved Gnosis. I think this is why the Gnostic, a person who Gnose how to floW, is sometimes depicted without any form of Nose whatsoever:


In The Secret Teachings of All Ages author Manly P. Hall tells us that ‘Among the American Indians is the legend of a ‘Spiderman’, whose web connected the heaven worlds with the earth. The secret schools of India symbolize certain of the gods who labored with the universe during its making as connecting the realms of light with those of darkness by means of webs. Therefore the builders of the cosmic system who held the embryonic universe together with threads of invisible force were sometimes referred to as the Spider Gods and their ruler was designated The Great Spider.’


If we take a quick look at the actor Ralph Fiennes, who we see above with the Spider Web (or awakened Spidey Sense) emanating from his 3rd Eye, we find that he’s also played the role of the Noseless Gnostic in the Harry Potter movies. Note the illuminated Blue Hand:


Ralph Fiennes also starred as the Red Dragon in the Hannibal Lecter series. In this image we find the spiral Horns of Pan tattooed into his skin suggesting that the Red Dragon is found within our DNA. Maybe our built-in Gnostic Spidey Sense is triggered by the rising of the Kundalini Serpent (or Dragon) which resides at the Back, or the base, of our spine:


If we look at the love interest of the Spiderman we find MJ (Mary Jane) on the cover of this Back Issue magazine. The Spider-loving MJ entrains with the Star of Isis (top left), the Number 23, and the DNA Ladder/Spine (symbolized by the movie film down the left):


MJ often refers to the Gnostic Spiderman by the pet name of ‘Tiger’. Coincidentally the Tiger can be found inside the Blue Hand in this Carlos Castenda (CC/Christ Consciousness) book cover:


The Blue Hand, or Blue Blood, seems to be on the rise as we approach the year 2010: the Chinese Year of the Tiger. Maybe 2010 will be a time when we begin to access our inner ‘Spidey Sense’ in a whole new way as we continue to align ourselves on the path of the Gnostic, or the Shaman.

This Mary Jane/MJ/Tiger connection leads us to the late King of POP who recently came to pass:


The letters MJ resonate with the number 23 because the letter M = 13th in the alphabet, J = 10th, and 13 + 10 = 23.

MJ = 23

23 is an important number when it comes to the make-up of our DNA/Blood because we each receive 23 chromosomes from MOM and 23 from POP. It’s also a number which resonates with the theme of ‘Breaking Apart’ thanks to the I Ching Hexagram 23. We’ve already seen the Blood and the Breaking combine on page 33 of the Kindred Spirit Magazine:


When I stumbled across this next image I noticed that the Nose of MJ resonates with the Broken Nose via this ancient statue:


The late MJ often covered his Nose in public (a symbol of No Nose, or Gnosis) by wearing a Mask (like Spidey):


With Swine Flu running rampant on our planet the Mask seems to be back in fashion these days. The fact that the Nose has been highlighted constantly in Swine Flu campaigns suggests that more and more people are achieving this state of No Nose or NOWness. Maybe the fear of Death, or the continual reminder that we are all mortal beings, is helping to keep us Present. Gnosis seems to be spreading, or Breaking-free, at an alarming rate:


Here’s one more silly thought to add to the growing list. I like to think of the Big Bang as one giant Cosmic Sneeze which sprayed the Galaxies, Stars and Planets into existence. The Gnostic/Shaman is someone who recalls that we all came from one point of origin (the Gnose of God) and remembers that we are all created from Snotdust, or Stardust, or Spirit, or whatever you choose to call it. The Big Bang, or Big Sneeze, which is dominating the headlines these days is a reminder that the RE-birth is NOW well under way:


In this comic we see that the Spiderman and the Swine entrain with one another. Gnotice that the Pig Nose of Spider-Ham looks exactly like a second set of Eyes, a form of ‘Second Sight’ perhaps?


In this poster for Pan’s Labyrinth (or the DNA Labyrinth) we see that the Nostrils on the face of this creature look nearly identical to a pair of Eyes:


Notice that the Noseless One (above) has an illuminated Palm (like Shiva/Christ) and on this cover of A Scanner Darkly we find the same symbolism:


In the movie Batman Begins the Dark Knight of Got-HAM must first find this Blue Plant before he can don the Mask of the Gnostic, someone who knows how to floW Blue:


The smell of a Flower helps focus the mind on the NOW and in that sacred space we become a floWer, or Blue floWer. In this moment we connect with the Blue Hand/DNA-H and the Nose breaks as we achieve Gnosis:


In this state of NOWness we align with the most powerful force in the Universe:


In this infinite moment Peace is our natural state of Being:


Thanks for reading!



Thanks to a comment by Jake Kotze I took a quick look at the song Blue Flowers by Dr. Octagon, a song and artist that I'd never heard of before:

Scanning some of the album artwork for Dr. Oc this image leapt out of the screen revealing the letters 'Pan' (in Blue no less!):

Having looked at Spidey earlier on in this post I figured the resonance between Dr. Octagon and Dr. Octopus synched up nicely:

The Octagon/Octopus are both pointers towards, you guessed it....

Samuel L. Jackson (resonating MJ) plays the role of The Octopus in 'The Spirit' so it seemed fitting to find him (genetically) chained to actress Christina Ricci in 'Black Snake Moan':

In the last post I connected Christina Ricci to Pan/DNA via actor James McAvoy/Mr. Tumnus, who starred alongside the Noseless Gnostic in the Pig resonating Penelope:


Michael said...

I found another cool hand synch, the poster art for Invasion of the Body Snatchers - see here.

Goro seems to be taking the big foot synch and running with it, and I have a personal one, because when at the tiny Independence Day parade in Tahuya, WA, there was a guy walking around who was the spitting image of Lincoln - amazing likeness, complete with stove top hat and black suit, and someone yelled out: "Hey Abe, you're looking great for your age!" and he replies back, "You should talk to me feet - they're killing me!"

Cheers, Michael

Caleb said...

Robert Anton Wilson associates Pan with what he calls the neuro genetic circuit, basically genetic memory.

Another MJ that resonates 23 is Michael Jordan.

Danny Diaz said...

Brilliant! So much to chew on…

3rd eye … labyrinth of the psychonaut’s 3rd ear … and NOW a 2nd nose? Or 3rd nostril?

This reminds me of verse 22 in the gospel of Thomas -- a likeness in place of a likeness

(22) Jesus saw infants being suckled. He said to his disciples, "These infants being suckled are like those who enter the kingdom."
They said to him, "Shall we then, as children, enter the kingdom?"
Jesus said to them, "When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female; and when you fashion eyes in the place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, and a likeness in place of a likeness; then will you enter the kingdom."

Know something = Nose Aum thing … or Nose Ohm thing
Aum = Hindu sacred absolute
Ohm = Ohm’s law state’s the current through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the potential difference or voltage across the two points, and inversely proportional to the resistance between them.

Google search: “know something”
The first approach is the Rationalism of Rene Descartes.  In this view, we "know" something only if we can know it to be infallibly true.  To a rationalist, "knowing" Separation of Concerns is a good practice means that you understand exactly why and how Separation of Concerns leads to better results. 
The other view promoted by David Hume and others is Empiricism.  As the name implies, empiricists "know" something to be true if it has been observed to be true.  To an empiricist, the only way to know that Separation of Concerns is valuable is to have made and recorded observations that show improved quality and sustained productivity.   

The Hermit said...

I thought it was funny but itsnot...

If you can find that movie quote then you've found another blue pan.

Talk soon peace.

NexusOfMario said...

Awesome post!

Egyptian Michael Jackson caught attention: Noted the row of hearts around the statue's head and only one I to C. This nose theme is really strange and absolutely worth paying attention to.

Michael Jackson's strong Egypt Connection

Thanks for your great work.

NexusOfMario said...

Nefertiti, wife of Obama-look-a-like Akhenaten resonating also here: only one I to C.

Arrowsmith said...

Hey Michael. Thanks for putting me on to your excellent post. I completely agree with your take on the whole Alien Invasion scenario and the Egos fear of being annihilated.

Thanks for mentioning Goros latest MJ/Bigfoot post. I checked it out and really enjoyed his refreshing take on recent events.

Caleb - The Pan/Genetic Memory link really jives with me. Although we seem to be moving forward in time we're simultaneosly moving backwards. Think of Michael Jacksons Moonwalk for the perfect visual.

I think we're beginning to tap into stuff that's been lying dormant inside of us for a long long time. I sometimes wonder what's going to happen when it all resurfaces.

Also thanks for the Michael Jordan reminder. I'll be looking at Shaq O'Neal in the next post so this basketball connection syncs nicely.

Danny Diaz - That Gospel of Thomas stuff is awesome. Many thanks for including it here as it fits in perfectly with this merging/coming together that synchronicity helps us glimpse.

Hermes - I was actually going to end this post with the word 'snot' but for some reason changed my mind. Glad to see you were thinking along the same kind of lines.

NexusofMario - Completely forget about that Egyptian flavored MJ video. Nice one!

toure said...


Anadæ Effro said...

Almost everything that I read or think is accompanied by music, Richard. This article, so welcome to my (præternatural) senses, made me think of two songs. There's the old David Bowie ditty, "Sound & Vision", the refrain of which is "Blue, Blue, Electric Blue Is The Colour Of My Room Where I Will Live …" and then there's the medievalist revivalist group, Ordo Equitum Solis, whose song, "Our Lady of the Wild Flowers", has the refrain, "Our Lady of the Blue-eyed Flowers, Take Me By the Hand … Our Lady of the Blue-eyed Flowers, Take Me From This Land"… you get the idea. Thank you for your sharing so generously of your explorations & connexions.

The grandson of Dian Y Glas Hymnsylph ~ Anadæ Effro (•:-)}

Jake Kotze said...

Do you know the song Blue Flowers by Dr Octagon (Kool Keith)?
It becomes so hard to tell what is obvious and implied by sync heads and what is the amazing increased depth of becoming N'SYNC.

Arrowsmith said...

Thanks for the tune recommendations! I've been finding a lot of Ear syncs mixed in with all this Nose stuff (especially Rabbit Ears for some reason) and I hope to explore this Nose/Noise connection sometime soon. Peace all.

Danny Diaz said...

I revisited Rik Clay's 2012 olympic red ice interview... He mentioned Princess Diana's perfume was called 'isis'and it reminded me of this post

Arrowsmith said...

Thanks for pointing that out Danny. The Goddess Diana and Isis both have strong connections with the Moon so it makes sense that MJ, the Moonwalker, wrote the song Dirty Diana and was deeply influence by Diana Ross (who happened to release an album simply entitled 'Blue').

I also like how the name DiaNA has the letters DNA encoded within it. So does your name come to think of it.

I just checked out your blog and really dig everything your saying over there. I'm looking forward to more. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

from my limited scientific knowledge I can recall that there is a suggested link between smell and memory however both are amoung the least understood systems in the human body.

Remember when Gandalf (ph?) said to follow your nose when you are unsure of where to go?

Anonymous said...

ha, now I'm watching the new Harry Potter and noticing the head wizard has a collection of memories stored in viles.

what's with wizardry and memories?

Newspaceman said...

What did your mum buy you for lunch. A sandwich ? Was it made from pan loaf ?


Arrowsmith said...

Hey James. I also saw the latest Potter movie and found it full of interesting syncs. Harry hasn't even stepped off the Hogwarts train and he's encountered the Spirit Palms (via Luna Lovegoods glasses) while sporting a bloodied Broken Nose.

Come to think of it in the intro of the movie Harry and Dumbledore stand in front of a giant poster which has the tagline 'DIVINE MAGIC'. It's an advert for Perfume!

The Wizard does seem to entrain with these themes but I'm not sure why. I suppose I'll have to follow my nose and see where it takes me.

Newspaceman, I've no recollection of what I ate that day but come to think of it I should have ordered the Pan cakes :)

Anadæ Effro said...

Ye gads, Magus Arrowsmith, i just 'splained that to our fellow Synchromystic Toure on FB abt. Luna's glasses over on Jas. Ratté's page! Yeesh! Synchro alert! LOL! We're in synch, those of us on the pulse o/t Cosmos … and, when I was in the Emerald Isle in May, Guiness had a new ad campaign with a bridge length banner proclaiming, "WHERE THE MAGIC LIVES!", along an entire … wait for it … train trestle! The express to Hogwarts? ~ (•:-0}

Anonymous said...

hmmm, trains means centrifigual force (the crank around the wheel) which could relate to celestial bodies beings it relates to bodies in rotating motion

I like the word Cabooze (booze/ooze)

I'm also thinking of a train like a Jacob's ladder