Saturday, 22 August 2009

Keeping Track of the Cat

Heart of the Jaguar by Susan Seddon Boulet:

Recently I've been watching as the Cat continues to gradually weave itself into the sync-patterns that I've been keeping tabs on. Since the start of August there's been a slow build up of coincidences which have encouraged me to take a closer look at one of my favorite creatures.

First of all I'd like to took at a look at a few of the Cats which are prominent in my own life at this moment in time. I have three feline friends - Talu, Akira and Scooby - who I've had for over 10 years now. Here we have daughter Scooby on the left, mother Talu on the right, and Akira below.

I also live in an area of the Highlands of Scotland called Caithness.

When the Vikings invaded Scotland (round about 800 AD) they chose appropriate Viking names for the areas they conquered. Caithness, originally known to the Norse by the name 'Katanes', translates as 'Land of the Cats' or 'Land of the Cat-people'.

To sum this up I'm a Cat-lover who was born and bred in the Land of the Cats. I suppose it was only matter of time before the feline infiltrated it's way onto this blog.

Recently there've been a growing number of Big Cat sightings in and around Caithness that have really piqued my interest. The British Big Cats Society revealed that 2,123 sightings of big cats were reported in the UK between 2004 and 2005. Almost 60% of all the sightings reported were of black cats, 6% were lynx type cats, and 32% were of brown or sandy coloured ones, which the BBCS believes to be pumas.

Now Big Cats (Panthers/Pumas etc) are not native to the United Kingdom so how they arrived here remains something of a mystery. Knowing that Big Cats wandering the countryside (basically on my very doorstep!) has definitely got me curious about the Cat.

New evidence published includes a skull found by a Devon farmer in July 2005 that has now been identified as that of a puma; three reported attacks on horses; over 35 incidents regarding sheep kills; several confirmed paw prints of which plaster casts were taken; and 17 reports of a big cat with cubs – an increasing trend, which suggests that the animals are breeding.

Just last mont, July 2009, the police in Scotland issued a warning advising people not to approach Big Cats due to a recent attack on a Horse. The report says:

'There have been attacks on horses by big cats across Britain over the years. The animal in the May 2009 sighting was said to be sandy in colour and about 4ft tall and 6ft long. Di Francis, from the British Big Cats organisation, said: "We don't know enough from the description to say for sure but the most commonly known exotic cat that could be out there, that is light brown, is a Puma.'

For the full BBC article go here.

Now I never imagined in a million that I'd ever come face to face with a Big Cat, or catch one camera, but earlier this month that was about to change.

Believe it or not but over the last 2 weeks there's been a Big Yellow Cat living in the field opposite my home. This is no joke.

Over the back wall of my garden there's a large open field of grass that has an all weather football pitch built upon it. The old artificial grass has gradually been worn away over the years so this month it's been stripped back to the bare bones so that new astro turf can be laid down in strips. This is a view from the bedroom window:

Around the perimeter of the pitch there's a 15 foot high chain link fence and six floodlights giving the whole thing a prison-like vibe.

While the work is being carried out there's been a large yellow vehicle inside the enclosure helping complete the task. I often cross this field when I go to work in the morning, or walk the dog at night, and while I was being nosey and watching to see what the workmen were doing I noticed the letters 'CAT' on the side of the bright yellow vehicle.

We therefore have a Big Yellow Cat living in a Cage opposite my home:

Hope you weren't disappointed with my Big Cat sighting. :)

I did a quick google search and found that the CAT logo has a Pyramid/Mountain encorporated into the simple design. The CAT is also short for CATerpillar, a creature which connects strongly with the themes of Transformation and REbirth:

A view of the Yellow CAT (left of ear) and my Black Cat Scooby:

Earlier this month one of these Big Cats, resembling a Panther, was captured on camera for the first time in Argyll, Scotland. An off duty police officer used his mobile phone to film a labrador sized Panther slinking it's way along a Scottish railway line.

If I hadn't watched this one video at the start of August then I don't think this post would ever have made it off the starting blocks. This Big Cat sighting might not seem like much it helped play a key role when it came to constructing this post. For anyone interested the full BBC report can be found here.

Like the video above, here's another example of the Cat on the Train Track:

Things got a little stranger when the next Cat/Train encounter occured about a week later while writing the intro of this post. I was working on the computer when I happened to glance over at a stack of books perched on the corner of my desk. I don't know how long they'd been sitting there gathering dust but as I scanned the list of book titles my eye was drawn to the letters 'Cat' on the binder of this bright yellow Spring 2009 ScrewFix CATalogue:

^ Sandwiched between the ScrewFix CATalogue and Graham Hancock's 'Supernatural' I noticed a July 2009 ScotRail letter. I thought, that's a little odd. Once again the Yellow Cat was coming in contact with the Train/Railway.

This got me wondering what the Cat and the Train had in common with one another, but nothing sprung to mind. The X (a mark of buried treasure) beckoned me to look closer at the details:

Above the Yellow CATalogue and the ScotRail letter sat the book 'Supernatural' by author Graham Hancock (see image above). If you've read about Strings, Strands & the Sound of Music then the name Hancock should bring to mind this image of Will Smith, a Blue Car, and the Railway Line:

Will Smith is another Black Cat who likes walking on Train Tracks:

Kind of like the one spotted on the ScotRail line:

Will Smith might resonate with the Black Cat (BC/23) but he's also been an Alley Cat who was trapped in a Cage in this movie:

Will Smith also enTRAINs with the musician Willie Smith...and this Yellow/Gold Cat:

In the movie I Am LEGend we find Will Smith hunting deer in the deserted city. He takes aim at a Stag:

And then the Lioness makes the kill on his behalf. Will Smith coming face to face with the Big Yellow Cats:

If you fancy checking out this scene again you can find it here.

Getting back to my encounter with the Yellow CATalogue on my desk, I noticed that the book MedicineMaker was sitting beneath it:

I read MedicineMaker about two years ago so I'm still not exactly sure why it was sitting around on my desk! Anyhoo, I'm glad it was there because it lead me to this next synchronicity.

Hank Wesselman, the author of the novel, is a scientist turned shaman. In MedicineMaker Hank describes his trials and tribulations as he journeyed along the path of the Shaman, and recounts many of the visions he experienced while in expanded states of awareness. He explains that one of the most influential spiritual allies, or totem animals, on his personal quest came in the form of the Cat. This is a painting that Hank did of 'The Leopard Man'.

Notice the Railway Line/Train Tracks beneath paws of The Leopard Man:

Once again I was lead to the Cat and the Track, but I still absolutely no idea why this might be syncnificant. There seemed to be a pattern, and I was certainly curious, but I didn't have a clue where it was all leading.

The next pieces of the puzzle came in a slightly different manner. I decided to put on my thinking cap to see if I could come up with any other Cat/Train synchronicities via the movies. We've seen the Black Cat, the Yellow Cat and the Alley Cat, so the next one to cross my path turned out to be Blue.

Notice that the Pyramid is formed by the Legs in this Cat Ballou, or Blue Cat, poster:

The Yellow/Blue Cat on the Train Tracks:

We saw all of these same elements (the Yellow CAT, the Pyramid and the Train) combined earlier on in this image:

To top it off I found Lee Marvin, star of Cat Ballou, with a Tin Nose. Here's an image I grabbed off the web:

The Blue Cat is a pointer towards Gnosis, spiritual knowledge of the mystic, and resonates with the Gnostic Christ. I've been excited about the upcoming release of James Camerons (JC - Jesus Christ) latest movie so it's worth mentioning here that the Blue-skinned ET's who star in the movie are actually Blue Cat people.

Check out this awesome trailer for more on the Ballou Cat:

The Blue Cat, enTraining with Water, brought to mind this poster for Cat in the Hat starring (MM/2K/KK) Mike Myers. Notice that the Hat visually connects with the striped rungs of the Train Track. The Cats Eye is observing as we journey into the Age of the Aquarian Water-Bearer:

Actor Alec Baldwin also who stars in The Cat in the Hat.

Alec Baldwin has also played the role of the Train Conductor in Thomas and the Magic Railroad. The Train and the Cat-man:

The Cat syncs with the CATerpillar which syncs with the Train. Above we see that the Blue Thomas (Blue TOM Cat?) is a Blue CATerpillar, or Blue Worm.

Alec Baldwin, the Cat Conductor, is the one who steers the Train to it's desired destination. The Cat is our guide as we journey towards our God-Self/Higher Self/I AM.

A Shephard is someone who steers CATtle to a safe haven. He is the overseer, or watchman, who looks out for the flock. In the movie 'The Good Shephard' we see actors Matt Damon and Alex Baldwin having a chat in a diner. Notice his Hat:

**Note: At the exact moment of writing the word 'Hat' in the sentence above my daughter walked into the bedroom holding a brand new Hat she received only moments ago as a gift from her mum. Conveniently it's a stripey Hat!!! Couldn't resist taking this s-purr of the moment photo:

Getting back to The Good Shephard movie the 'Cat in the Hat' Alec Baldwin leaves the diner as his conversation with Matt Daemon concludes. Baldwin (accidentally on purpose) forgets to take his Hat with him. Damon leans over to take Baldwins Hat. As he turns it over he finds a message, or clue, inside.

It's the number 77 of course!

77 is the number of OZ/PAN, or the Black PANther:

Actor Wesley Snipes was signed to play the role of a new super hero, the Black PANther, until the movie ground to a halt earlier on this year. Despite the fact that the Black Panther movie is no longer in production we still have another instance of the Black Cat walking/running on the Train Track scenario due to Wesley's involvement with the Money Train ^.

Moving swiftly on we find another example via the actor Steve Martin. On one hand we have the (PP) Pink PANther and on the other we have Planes, Trains and Automobiles:

The Cat, the Hat and the Train Track ^

This theme continues via the actress Thora Birch. Here we see the Train flashing past her in 'Homeless in Harvard':

Below we see that Thora Birch has a Train emerging from her shoulder in 'Winter of Frozen Dreams'. To top it off she also stars in a movie simply entitled 'Train':

If you find the Train the Cat won't be far away. In the movie Ghost Town I found Birch donning the mask of the Black Cat:

On the body of the Black Pantheress we see that the white stiching criss-crosses her body like the rungs on a Train Track, or the branches of a Railway Line. It's as if the path is a part of her, woven into the very fabric of her Being:

To wrap this up we see that the DNA Ladder resembles a spiral Train Track:

We have the Track, so what about the Cat?

Well the information in DNA is stored as a code made up of four chemical bases: guanine (G), cytosine (C), adenine (A) and thymine (T). Notice that the letters G, C, A & T contain the word CAT.

If you look carefully at the Train Track of these DNA pairings you might spot the CAT:

When viewed through the lens of synchronicity we can see that the Cat is built into our very Blueprint:

Our inner-CAT helps lift us Up to higher levels of Consciousness:

Finally we find actress Thora Birch, seen earlier wearing the mask of the Black Catwoman, as a passenger of the DNA resonating Blue Car in the movie 'Purple People Eater':

Notice above that musical notes are emanating from the Horn of the Purple People Eater. Check out Strings, Strands & the Sound of Music for more synchronicities involving Musical Notes and the Blue Car.

Purple People Eater happens to be numbered 42 over at IMDB:

I want to take a closer look at the Cat/Jupiter connection in a future post but for the time being check out Jakes brilliant new video entitled Heart City for more on the relationship between the number 42 and the planet Jupiter.

To sum this post up we've seen the Black Cat, the Yellow Cat, the Blue Cat, the Pink Cat/Panther, and finally the Purple People Eater, or Purple Cat:

All of these Cats seem to point towards a journey we're collectively travelling (like passengers in a Train) and they each point to something which is taking place deep within each of us, inside the very Strings, or Loops, which make up the fabric of our reality:

More feline frolicks coming soon.

CATch you later.


Monday, 17 August 2009

Strings, Strands & the Sound of Music

'We now think that The Mind of God is Music resonating through 10th dimensional hyperspace' - Michio Kaku, Theoretical Physicist.

Last month I felt the urge to explore our sense of Smell and as we've moved into August I've encountered a growing number of synchronicities involving Music and our sense of Sound. The Nose seems to have evolved into Noise.

Before elaborating on some of these new themes I'm going to refer to the work of Jake Kotze and look at some of the parallels between both our research. First off the bat is this poster which Jake highlighted while following the scent of the Yellow FloWer:

Back in June, the month of Juno/Jupiter/Joy, Jake wrote about his fascinating encounter with the Blue Worm XONEcuilli which helped inspire much of this post. I learned that Xonecuilli is a Mayan symbol which resembles the spiral letter 'S'.

We find two examples of the Blue 'S' Worm in this title:

In Jake's post he explains how the Sound of Music helped influence his Blue Worm musings:

'At night I had ended up watching a Jazz band at a local Italian Pizzeria/Bar/Lounge called "Bella Vista". The twin F-Holes on a guitar, double bass and violin in the band I was watching awoke the memory of the Blue Worm I had seen earlier during the day.'

Jake pointed out the 'S' Worms on the front of this double bass outside Bella Vista:

He also took this photo of the Blue Worm interacting with the 'S' design around edge of a table, and I noticed that the Blue Snake X'ed the cable of Jakes iPod, a device used for storing and listening to Music:

In Blue Worm I learned that: 'The Aztec's Blue worm, the Xonecuilli, is believed to represent the thunder falling to the ground in order to bring life with the rain.'

While writing Diesel, Denim & the Dogstar I noticed a couple of references to the Sound of Music but at the time none of these made much sense. For example, I noted that the Blue Gene resonated with the life-bringing Rain thanks to this technicolor MUSICAL treasure:

The black star Shaquelle O'Neil (resonating the Mayan Rain God Chaac) played the role of the Gene-ie in the movie Kazaam. In this poster I wondered why Shaq's worm-like DNA spirals were emerging from a Ghetto Blaster:

This got me wondering what Genes/DNA could possibly have in common with Music/Sound.

A couple of months ago I grabbed this next image from the Google homepage figuring I might find it useful one day. We see that the head of the Phoenix, an Egyptian bird of REbirth and REsurrection, passes through the letter 'O' (resonating the Basketball Hoop or Galactic Centre) as Music fills the air:

Shaquelle O'Neil happens to be a Rappin Genie With An Attitude who plays basketball for the Phoenix Suns. For more on this check out my last post.

The Music connection continued when I realized that Shaq had also starred in The Wash alongside fellow musicians Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. The Blue 'S' Worm makes itself known in the word 'WASH':

Notice ^ that the spiral of the Blue Worm interacts with the Wheel of the Blue Car, in effect making them ONE.

So what does the Blue Car have in common with XONEcuilli, the Musical Blue Worm?

Well shortly after completing the Diesel, Denim & the Dogstar post I was watching TV and noticed the Blue Car made an appearance in this Ford advert. I couldn't believe my ears when I realized that the Blue Car resonated soundly with the Sound of Music:

We therefore have the Blue Worm entraining with the Blue Car (in The Wash poster), the Blue Car entraining with Music (in the Ford advert), and Music entraining with the Blue Worm (check out Jakes Blue Worm for numerous examples).

We can connect all of these themes to the Christ/Buddha/Shiva resonating Spirit Palm thanks to this new Mazda car advert:

In the advert we find the Worm-like 'S' emerging from this guys palms:

The Worms then reach out and interact with the Blue Car:

In Diesel, Denim & the Dogstar I looked at a number of synchronicites which linked the Blue Car to our Blood/DNA. Once again this got me wondering what role Music might play in regards to our genetics.

While writing the last post I noticed that the vertical lines of this Blue DNA Strand looked very similar to the vertical Strings which are plucked on a musical instrument:

Sound travels in Waves and I couldn't help noticing the visual similarities between the wave/worm-like form of the DNA strand and the Sound of Music:

All Sound seems to travel on a Wave that resembles the Blue Worm squiggle:

For some reason this reminded me of the Star Trek movie 'The Wrath of Khan' (resonating Kubla Khan/KK/11:11). One of the scenes which engrained itself onto my memory banks as a kid involved the character Chekov and this Worm-like creature which enters his ear:

Here's another example of the Worm, or Wave, entering the Ear:

While chewing over the syncnificance of the Ear and it's relationship with DNA and the physical body I realized that we all begin life as a fetus which forms the shape of an Ear:

In this reflexology diagram I found that each part of the Ear corresponds with a specific area of the body:

For some fascinating insights into the Ear check out Pan's Labyrinthine Inner Ear over at HOWMusic(K). In the post we find that Pan (resonating our DNA) syncs up quite nicely with the Ear.

If we take this Ear/Body connection one step further we could say that our DNA functions in a similar way to the Ear. Maybe our bodies act as a large receiver (like the Telephone mentioned in Jakes Pots & Pans post), or even a satellite dish (which is Ear-shaped), so that we're always in direct communication with the rest of the Universe. Our Serpent-like DNA, resonating the Blue Worm, represents one level in which this communication/interaction takes place, but if we zoom in even closer we can see that things begin to get much loopier.

Michio Kaku is a theoretical physicist who specializes in the uber-complicated subject of String Theory. According to the latest quantum theories Michio suggests that our Universe is basically one vast ocean of vibrating loops/strings of Sound.

Like different musical instruments, different types of stars produce different types of sound waves. Small stars produce a sound with a higher pitch than bigger stars, in much the same way that the 'piccolo' produces a higher sound than the cello:

Michio states that 'We now think that The Mind of God is Music resonating through 10th dimensional hyperspace'. If you're new to this 10th dimensional hyperspace String Theory stuff (like me) then I'd recommend checking out this short video to have it explained in laymans terms. According to Mr. Kaku, we are quite literally Musical Beings:

For a little more on this mind-boggling subject check out another video or click this image to enlarge:

So according to cutting edge science absolutely everything, at the quantum level, has it's own unique Sound signature which is what seperates it from everything else. Like the pattern of our finger prints, or the iris of the eye, or the unique sequence of our DNA Blue-print, the 'Sound of Music' which we emit is also completely unique to us, and us alone. This personal Soundwave then merges seamlessly into the grand cosmic symphony we call the Universe.

From a synchromystic perspective the Blue Car & Blue Worm (both resonating strongly with the Sound of Music) can now become metaphors for each and every one of us:

On the surface it might appear that we are all completely separate from one another but beneath this ocean of Sound and Vibration we're really all ONE:

We can see that Water is an element that resonates nicely with the fluid movement of the Sound Wave. If we continue down this watery tangent we find the Ear-shaped fetus suspended in the ocean/womb, while holding the musical 'S' Worm in the form of this umbilical Steering Wheel:

Returning to this image from The Wash we've already seen how the Blue 'S' Worm interacts with the Wheel of the Blue MOTOR Car:

In Jakes Blue Worm post he looked at a scene in an episode of The Mentalist, a TV show starring actress Robin Tunney. In this next image I noticed that the MOTOR was once again found between two Blue Palm Trees:

At 'The Palms Motor Hotel' Robin Tunney passes a rail which features the reflected 'S' Worm design:

The parallels betweens Jakes research and my own continued as I noticed that the Blue Car on The Wash poster was floating on top of soap bubbles:

We WASH ourselves with soap bubbles in the bathroom, and the bathroom happened to be one of the locations in which Jake encountered the Blue 'S' Worm on several occasions. Here's a photo of one of them:

For more Shower/Wash/Worm/Toilet/Robin strangeness check out the Blue Worm.

Here's a banner that I recently extracted from The Blob. On Robin Tunney's Blue T-Shirt we find the word WASH in the name 'WASHington'. Notice that Robin is singing into the hair dryer as she dances to the sound of the Hi-Fi (on the shelf to her right), as she points Up with her Jupiter Finger:

Notice ^ that the Capitol Building appears beneath the word WASH on the front of Robins T-Shirt. This reminded me of a scene in the movie Evan Almighty where the Deluge washes across Washington:

Noah's ARC (resonating the CAR) comes to a halt only metres from the Washington Capitol Building which we've just seen on Robin Tunney's T-Shirt:

As the waves subside, out POPs the ARC of the Rainbow:

In Chain of Events Jake looked at an episode of The Mentalist where Robin Tunney is found standing at the Nose of this Blue Boat. The Boat resonates with the ARC, and the CAR, so here we have the Blue Worm-resonating Tunney as a passenger of the Blue ARC/CAR:

Beneath Robins foot ^ we see a Chain decending into the water. In this poster of Cherish we see the Chain (resonating DNA) once again connected to the LEG of Robin Tunney:

We can tie all this back to the Sound of Music, as all Sound emanates out from it's source in Waves of concentric circles:

With a little rearranging the LEG can become the EGL (or Eagle), just as the CAR can be rearranged to become the ARC.

If we take another look at the movie Evan Almighty we find the ARC surfing across the (Sound) Waves in the image below. As it heads towards the Capitol Building it aligns with the Golden Eagle, a bird which closely resembles the Phoenix:

If you squint the eyes a little you can find the Eagle/Phoenix in the leaves of these Blue Palms:

Jake has highlighted Robin Tunney's connection with the Golden Eagle:

While watching the movie Hancock I noticed numerous references to the Golden Eagle. Here's one example found on his hat:

Will Smith is an actor known for his musical exploits and I wondered why the Blue Car, the Palm Trees, and the Black Star were all enTRAINing with the Train Tracks in this key scene:

We've seen the Car and the Arc resonating with the Sound of Music so we'd might as well add the Train to the growing list. Each of these different vehicles seem to point to the vessel of the physical body which carries us all from A (Birth) to B (Death).

Back in May I looked at some synchronicities involving the song 'Drops of Jupiter' by the band Train:

The Greek Zeus, known to the Romans as Jupiter (resonating the Drops of Jupiter^ and the Train) who was often depicted holding the Lightning Bolt while accompanied by a Golden Eagle:

We've seen Will SMITH linked to the Golden Eagle, the Train, and the Blue Car so let's take a quick look at the Zeus/Jupiter resonating Agent SMITH:

In Jakes Blue Worm post he looked at the 'S' Worm squiggle found on the wall of a Train station in a scene from The Matrix. Here we have Agent Smith throwing Neo across the Train track as the Xonecuilli 'S' Worm in the letters SOL sync-winks to their left:

Shortly after the sequence above Agent Smith is hit by an oncoming Train, giving him strong resonance with this particular mode of transport.

Actor Hugh Weaving, who played the role of Agent Smith, also resonates with the ARC due to his role in this movie:

Weaving also played the role of 'Noah the Elder' in the musical movie Happy Feet. The title alone resonates with the SOL/SOLE of the foot and the LEG/EGL.

As a Noah resonator we can see that Weaving has strong connections with Water (think of the very final battle with Neo in Matrix Revolutions - very Watery indeed). In a movie called 'Last Ride' we find Agent Smith 'walking on Water' in Christ-like fashion:

And the Blue Car makes a sneaky appearance in this reflection:

The ARC resonates with Water. The Blue CAR above resonates with Water. Even the word TRAIN contains the letters RAIN = Water. As I mentioned earlier, the element of Water seems to have a lot in common with the Sound of Music. Both point towards the Universal floW which regulates all forms of Life.

Considering Weavings resonance with Jupiter, Christ and Noah, it makes sense that he also stars in the movie The Wolfman which is due to be released later this year:

Maybe the title should be more accurately read as The floW Man:

The floW Man is someone who understands that a higher force (the SOL/SOUL) is our personal guide on this journey through Life. It helps TRAIN us so that we can find our Path. Sometimes we just need a little push in the right direction:

Next we find the Golden Eagle (via the Great Seal) highlighting the music maestro Eminem on his album 'Hood Elected'. On the right we see Eminem with the SOL/SOUL/SOLE of his foot on the Train Track:

It should come as no surprise then that the SOL/SOUL/SOLE of the foot is also found hanging out the Boot of the Blue Car in this LP. Again we find the reference to the floW of Water:

We also find the Blue 'S' Worm and the Red-i in the title:

The LP is a nice way of illustrating the way that the ancient Mayans perceived Time. Instead of looking at Time as linear, they understood that the natural order of the Universe was Cyclical.

We appear to moving forward through space/time in a line, but if we zoomed out to look at the larger picture we would see that we are all moving on a Spiral which takes us closer and closer to the Source of the Music:

For me the poster for Polar Express seems to sum up our journey quite perfectly:

The Pyramid of Chichen Itza in Mexico is dedicated to Quetzalcoatl (check out the Blue Worm for more on his syncnificance) and shows the different stages of these grand Cosmic Cycles. According to modern scholars we are currently nearing the top of this Pyramid of Time and as a result things are beginning to accelerate - Time itself appears to be speeding up. The year 2012 seems to represent the Summit, the point in which this 26,000 year cycle (or Great Year) reaches it's dramatic conclusion. This Arrow points to our current position in the ascent up the Pyramount of Time:

For a closer look at the break down of these different cycles click this image to enlarge:

So the question which has been lingering on my mind for several years now is: What happens when we reach the top of the Pyramid? Why did the Mayans place so much emphasis on the year 2012?

To wrap up this post I want to look at 2 music videos which both feature the Blue Car. I believe that they can give a clue as to what might take place in our near future. I'm not saying that we should take any of this literally, but the Universe seems to like dropping bread crumbs for us to follow, so why not follow them. I was going to break these videos down and analyse them in a little more detaul but I think I've rambled on long enough. Bare in mind that the Blue Car is symbolic of ME/WE and our collective journey together.

Let's start with the artist known as Ladyhawke:

All I want to say about this video is that I believe the cliff edge is symbolic of the Summit, or the year 2012. Notice that as the Blue Car takes the 'Leap of Faith', or the 'Jupiter Jump'...

...the camera cuts to the neck of this Guitar which resonates with the Train Tracks and the Evolutionary Ladder. Notice that the black circles on the frets look visually similar to the way the Mayans represented numbers:

Check out the vid if you want to see how it all Pans out.

Finally, here's one last music video which may add another twist to this story. In this case we find the Blue Car on the cover of this single by the artist La Roux:

Here's the video for the song. Remember to turn it up loud:

Points of interest are the Red Glasses which La Roux dons in order to C-Red:

Instead of coming across a cliff edge, this time we see the 2012 Summit represented by a Wall of Light. Standing like a sentinel, or guardian, La Roux encounters her own Higher Self, her SOL/SOUL:

Again, check out the video if you want to see what happens next.

Thanks for tuning in!