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SoS Podcast: Siriusly Prt 1

Back in September I sat down with my friend Will to chat about synchronicity, movies and life in general. I really enjoyed doing the talk (despite it being a terrifying experience!) and want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Will for giving up his time and energy in order to make this podcast possible.

Here's the blurb:
Richard Arrowsmith from the blog Black Dog Star is interviewed by Will Morgan of A Few Shots to Shaman. They waste no time hopping into discussion's about sync patterns such as the Blue Gods, Peacocks, Cats, and the Garuda; that being an enormous mythical bird and it's relationship to movies such as Avatar and the up coming Rango. These topics lead into connections to the Pleiades forcing them to bring up everything from Billy Myers to Ganesh. Richard goes on to mention his work involving a possible star that acts as a partner to our own that his work, over at Black Dog Star, is largely based on. They also brainstorm about actually manipulating symbols into coming into ones life which inevitably leads to stories of their beginnings into Synchromysticism. They talk about how this art infects ones way of thinking down to the invasions of your dreams and the way you would make decisions in your daily life. Please look for the upcoming part 2 that shall have more crazy stories on Richards adventurous experiences to this point, and the Sirius side of things.

Click here to listen:

Siriusly pt1

Part 2 out sometime next week.

I recently listened to the podcast so thought I'd elaborate on a couple of things that I mentioned in my talk with Will.

At the very end of the podcast I recounted a sync-story about a fish I caught a couple of months ago. Before leaving the harbour my dad took the opportunity to capture this kodak moment.
Me and my Pollock:

Here's an overview of a few of the Pollock synchronicities I've come across to date.

The Fish:

The Pollock loosley entrains with the name Pollux, one of the stars found within the constellation Gemini:

The Gemini Twins are called Pollux and Castor. In Greek and Roman mythology they were the twin sons of Leda and were known collectively as the Dioskouroi or Dioscuri, meaning "sons of Zeus".

In the myth the twins shared the same mother (Leda) but had different fathers which meant that Pollux was immortal and Castor was mortal. When Castor died, Pollux asked Zeus to let him share his own immortality with his twin to keep them together and they were transformed into the Gemini constellation. The pair were regarded as the patrons of sailors and fishermen, to whom they appeared as St. Elmo's Fire.

In this image we see Castor and Pollux, the 'Sons of Jove', carrying a fish. Again we find a link between the Pollock (a type of fish) with the name Pollux (seen below holding a fish):

Pollux, being a patron of sailors and fishermen, gives us yet another connection with the ocean, and of course fish. During the fishing expedition which kickstarted my interest in the Gemini twins I can now see that I caught a Pollock (or Pollux) by reeling it in using my fishing Caster (or Castor):

Shortly after I came across the Gemini/Fish connection I was on looking into the career of actress Jennifer Connolley (who should appear in my next post...if I ever manage to finish it!) and noticed that she starred in the 1999 movie called 'Pollock'.

Jennifer Connelly, whose initials JC resonate with those of Jesus Christ, now brought the Sun/Son of God into the equation.

JC is often symbolized by the Fish (a Pollock perhaps?):

In the movie Pollock actor Ed Harris plays the lead role as the artist Jackson Pollock:

If we follow the trail of Ed Harris to The Abyss we find that, like the Pollock, he is perfectly at home beneath the ocean:

In The Abyss (directed by James Cameron, there's those JC initials again!) a serpent-like water-worm presents itself to Ed Harris/Pollock.

The head of the water-snake shape-shifts, morphing into an exact replica of Ed Harris's face. Actress Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (who played the role of Maid Marian/Mary Magdalene in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves) pushes her Jupiter finger through the location of the third eye as she makes first contact with with the E.T. intelligence:

Remember that we've already seen the centre of the head (the Pineal Gland?) being highlighted by the star Pollux:

The face of Ed Harris emerging from the body of the serpent.....

.....looks kinda like this Mayan depiction of Quetzalcoatl:

To find out what Quetzalcoatl has to do with any of this, please check out the Siriusly podcast.

By following the actor Ed Harris I found that the Pollock was somehow connected to Quetzalcoatl. The Pollock, or Pollux, points to the immortal Gemini twin, a Son/Sun of Jupiter, and also seems to entrain with Jesus Christ, or Christ Consciousness. So if we follow the Quetzalcoatl lead then we find that the Plumed Serpent also has a few things in common with JC.

Here's some info I found in 'The Secret Teachings of All Ages' written by Manly P. Hall:

"The list of deathless mortals who suffered for man that he might receive the boon of eternal life is an imposing one. Among those connected historically or allegorically with a crucifixion are Prometheus, Adonis, Apollo, Atys, Bacchus, Buddha, Christna, Horus, Indra, Ixion, Mithras, Osiris, Pythagoras, Quetzalcoatl, Semiramis, and Jupiter. According to the fragmentary accounts extant, all these heroes gave their lives to the service of humanity and, with one or two exceptions, died as martyrs for the cause of human pogress. In many mysterious ways the manner of their death has been designedly concealed, but it is possible that most of them were crucified upon a cross or tree.

One of the most remarkable of the crucified World Saviors is the Central American god of the winds, or the Sun, Quetzalcoatl, concerning whose activities great secrecy was maintained by the Indian priests of Mexico and Central America. This strange immortal, whose name means feathered snake (quetzal; the bird of Paradise; coatl, serpent - 'the Serpent veiled in plumes of the paradise-bird'), appears to have come out of the sea, bringing with him a mysterious cross. On his garments were embellished clouds and red crosses. In his honor, great serpents carved from stone were placed in different parts of Mexico.

The cross of Quetzalcoatl became a sacred symbol among the Mayas, and according to available records the Maya Indian angels had crosses of various pigments painted on their foreheads. Similar crosses were placed over the eyes of those initiated into their Mysteries."

Manly P. Hall goes on to say that: "Quetzalcoatl is represented in the paintings of the Codex Borgianus nailed to the cross. Sometimes even two thieves are there crucified with him. In the Codex Borgianus the Mexican God is represented crucified and nailed to the cross, and in another place hanging to it, with a cross in his hands. And in one instance, where the figure is not merely outlined, the cross is red, the clothes coloured, and the face and hands quite black. If this was the Christianity of the German Nestorius, how came he to teach that the crucified Savior is black? The name of the God who was crucified was Quetzalcoatl."

In the book 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, which I read a year or two after I had the vision of being swallowed by the serpent while lying in bed, I learned that author Daniel Pinchbeck had also had some strange encounters with the Mexican deity. Pinchbeck states in his book that he found himself in direct contact with Quetzalcoatl, receiving guidance from him via visions and transmissions. After reading the book I concluded that A) Daniel Pinchbeck had indeed been 'visited' by Quetzalcoatl, similar in some ways to my own experience, or B) we're both as batshit crazy as each other. I'm still not sure which is which!

Here's an illustration of Daniel Pinchbeck coming face to face with his serpentine-self:

Pinchbeck says in 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl that: "Hovering over this process, it would seem, gently if somewhat uncannily guiding my steps along this journey, perhaps, has been an ancient spirit and deity of Mesoamerican provenance, representing an entire complex of mythological thoughts: Quetzalcoatl. When I began this investigation, the name meant little to me – primarily associated with D. H. Lawrence’s novel The Plumed Serpent, which I had read long ago and forgotten. Quetzalcoatl – the name unites the quetzal, a bird of Mexico renowned for its colorful plumage, flute-throated flitterer atop rain forest trees, and the serpent, coatl, that slinks on its belly along the earth. Integrating what slithers, cunningly, in the dust and what soars, brightly, in the air, Quetzalcoatl as a symbol unifies perceived opposites – heaven and earth, spirit and matter, light and dark, science and myth. He is the god of wind and the morning star, dispenser of culture, with a special affinity for astronomy and writing and the planet Venus.

‘He was the Attis, Adonis, Thammuz, Bacchus, Dionysius, Osiris, and quite possibly the Pan of the Western World,” writes Peter Tompkins, in his Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids. The Plumed Serpent’s antithesis in Toltec myth was the dark lord of limitation, death, and human sacrifice, Tezcatlipohica, “Smoking Mirror,” associated with black magic, obsidian, and the jaguar.

In Hinduism, the snake represents the spiraling life force of kundalini, the universal energy vibrating in the frequencies that make up all physical stuff, according to Erwin Schrodinger’s wave equation of matter.

Tompkins writes: Moving and undulant, the serpent in Mesoamerica symbolized life, power, planets, suns, solar systems, galaxies, ultragalaxies, and infinite cosmic space. The plumes were an added symbol of the levity with which birds can overcome gravity better than other creatures. When the plumes were depicted folded within the circle formed by the snake’s body, they signified matter in its latent form, potential, as it was before the creation of the stars and solar systems. If the plumes were fanned out from the serpent, they represented the universe in manifestation, with all its created worlds, each plume symbolizing a basic element in the strength of nature – fire, earth, water, air."

On this statue of Quetzalcoatl at the Pyramid of Chichen Itza, a famous monument dedicated to the Plumed Serpent, we see his feathers fanned out around him like the open petals of a floWer:

Jake Kotze has revealed some fascinating insights about the FloWer, particularly the Yellow variety, in his post The StargG8 VIA Kirsten Dunst: Star Light FloWer. It ties in nicely with many of the themes explored on this blog which point towards a stage in our evolution when we're beginning to re-connect, or re-establish our relationship, with the hidden Dog-Star, or God-Star, located within each and every one of us.

As this process continues to unfold I believe that more and more people are beginning to floW with the currents of Life rather than against them. In hindsight I can now see that the Return of Sirius (which I talked a lot about in the early stages of this blog) is really an event which signals the Return of the Dog aka the Return of the Wolf, which in turn points towards the Return of the floW.

If we look again at actor Ed Harris, whose face we've seen emerging from the head of the water-serpent (symbolic of the mouth of Quetzalcoatl) we see him coming face to face with his true self, his 'inner-Christ', or 'inner-Quetzalcoatl', or 'inner-God/Dog/Wolf/floW':

It's worth noting that Ed Harris, as the Jesus Christ/Quetzalcoatl/Pollock resonator, played a character called Christof in the movie The Truman Show alongside actor Jim Carrey (there's the initials JC surrounding Ed Harris for the third time!!!).

Christof (someone who is 'of Christ'), played by Ed Harris, is the creator of The Truman Show. He is the One who orchestrates the illusion, containing Truman in a bubble of deceit, throwing obstacles in his path until he proves that he is worthy of learning the truth about himself.

Like the Gemini Twin Pollux, Christof represents the Yin of the Moon (the MON/NOW), the Dark, the Subconscious Mind, the Abyss, the Inner:

At the end of the movie, when he reveals himself to Jim Carrey, we see that Christof also represents Castor, the Yang, the Sun, the Light, the Conscious Mind, the Outer:

As a result of this balance in the polarities, a union of opposing forces, we see in this next image that his skin is grey, a color of balance - the blend of Black and White. In this state of Being he is able to see Jim Carrey (representing JC/Christ Consciousness) in everyone and everything around him:

As mentioned earlier, Ed Harris played the role of the artist Paul Jackson Pollock in the movie Pollock. This is a photo of the real life Jackson Pollock working on an abstract painting using his 'drip' technique:

When I look at one of Jackson Pollock's paintings the first thing that hits me is the complete randomness of it all. My daughters used to bring home paintings like this when they were still in nursery school and Pollock's creations remind me of the artwork a young child would naturally produce. Chaotic, random, free of limitation.

When I look at a painting by Jackson Pollock my eye scans the tangled mess of lines and spatter and automatically tries to make some kind of sense out of it. In the painting above, called 'Galaxy', I stared at it long enough to make out a man holding a woman who in turn held a basket carrying a young child. I then started to see wind-surfers and a hand throwing a ball. It's amazing what the mind can come up with when faced with random gibberish. Our natural instinct is to make order out of chaos.

I think we could say the same thing about the art of Synchromysticism. You look out at the world to try and make some kind of sense of the mess, but you can never quite fathom it out. It's like trying to define a Jackson Pollock painting. It's not easy. When I write a post for this blog, stringing along a series of synchronicities to try and tell a story, all I'm really doing is staring at the chaos surrounding me and waiting for an image or shape to emerge. Synchronicities (like the Pollock, the Cat, the Dog, the Pair of Pentagrams, or whatever) give me a 'dot' to work with which I can then link to the next 'dot'. I begin to see a vague outline and the rest of the process is all about filling in the blank spaces. Making it look pretty. Gradually the chaotic nature of it all begins to make some kind of sense.

Many of Jackson Pollock's paintings remind of those 3-D Magic Eye posters which used to be all the rage many moons ago. Remember these?

Like the ability to make out the hidden 3-D Magic Eye images, Synchromysticism is, at it's essence, the art of 'reading between the lines'. The real treasure is found in the gaps, between the spaces. If you've ever looked at one of the Magic Eye posters then you'll know that the 3-D image encoded into the chaotic design can only be seen by blurring or squinting the eyes. In much the same way, in order to perceive the 'invisible picture' present throughout modern pop culture all you need to do is 'squint the Mind' a little.

If you view Synchronicity through the logical rational side of the Mind then the true picture becomes obscured. Our solid, rigid belief systems keep us blind to the 3-D image, the truth which is cleverly hidden in amongst the Maya, which has been staring us in the face right from the beginning. From the rational logical stand point all we see in Life is the chaotic picture, an ugly mess, while the hidden image, the beauty encoded within it, remains ellusive. For Synchromysticism to work in your life you may need to embrace the irrational and illogical. If we can't view life 'outside of the box' then we'll forever be trapped within it.

Open the 'Magic Eye'
Look at the world in a Whole new way:

Open the 'Gem-in-Eye'

Warning: Life may begin to look very silly!!!
If you try to explain your observations to someone else,
be prepared to look and sound Dopey:

Like a Jackson Pollock painting, Life may sometimes look like random meaningless squiggles, pointless chaos which seems to serve no purpose, but his work reminds us that there is always someone/something responsible for creating the art. Even chaos needs some kind of direction.

I believe there is a hand guiding each and every brush stroke, a child-like, playful force which keeps the paint floWing onto the canvas. I believe that this 'artistic overseer', or 'guiding force', brings Synchronicity and other phenomenon into our lives in order to give us an opportunity to expand our awareness. For me this guiding force presented itself in the form of the ancient Mayan deity Quetzalcoatl because the Universe knew that it would instantly grab my attention. I've loved Dragons since I was a young kid so it was natural that my curiosity would be piqued by the appearance of a Plumed Serpent. What I'm trying to say is that the Universe knew exactly what buttons to press in order to kick my ass onto the spiritual path. It used Quetzalcoatl as a hook, and once I'd taken the bait (swallowing the worm) it started to reel me in. Once hooked on spirituality there was no escaping it. Once the Door was opened there was no way to close it (believe me I've tried!!!).

For others this Christ-like guiding force might appear as a visitation from Jesus, an Angel, the spirit of a deceased loved one, or in Will Morgans case, a UFO in the night sky, but regardless of which method the Universe uses to wake us up, they all lead us to the same place: the here and NOW - a moment of infinite potential where anything and everything is possible. I'm just glad to have had the chance to share it with you.

Hope you enjoyed the podcast.

Happy squinting!



Dennis Igou said...

What fun this is. Great essay. Always keep a saphire in your mind, Tom Waits. The minds eye has a method to explore syncromystic realities. The sacrifice of a man nailed to a tree is dificult to discern. Is it a spiritual lesson or a reality/lesson about samsara? I tend to scoff the pie in the sky idea, much rather see a plumed serpent navigating me thru the universe. It is what we do, live, learn, die.I have a strong reverence for trees, Isis,and the fire we call the sun. Syncronicity is an important element of individuation(gnosis). It is truly a mystical journey, everyone can step off the platform and put one foot on the train,then two. Wisdom is much more valueable than silver or Gold. Dennis wv-blepree. Shine forth!

Wermes said...

wow. awesome richard. in my opinion you are dead on once again as everything resonates so profoundly. recently i met two anthropologists from mali who work with the dogon and have invited me to visit them there. this tells me sirius is the dealio forsure. i hope to listen to your podcast this weekend. take care and thanks. jim

Michael said...

That's a cool post, thanks for sharing. I have this image of Jesus/Christ as a tractor beam, always pulling us toward the realization of Oneness. Now every time I see a tractor, or fishermen, I'm like, woah.

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

One of my favorite post by you... So much fun to talk to you sir... Thankyou.

Arrowsmith said...

Dennis, glad you enjoyed the post. Couldn't agree with you more about synchronicity being an important part of the gnostic journey we're all on. Thank you kind sir.

Jim, you are one lucky son of a gun. I've dreamed of going to Mali to experience the Dogon culture first hand and there you are receiving an invite by two anthropologists! You're path seems to get more fascinating the more I learn about it. It's got more twists and turns than an M. Night Shyamalan movie!!!

Two books which really got my Dogon/Sirius juices flowing were 'The Sirius Mystery' by Robert Temple and 'The Science of the Dogon' by Laird Scranton. These books helped remind me that the indigenous tribal people of Africa have a hell of a lot to teach the western world, if only we'd listen to them with an open mind. I hope you grab this opportunity with two hands. I'd love to hear about your African adventures!!!

Michael, I find the visual of a tractor beam pulling us towards 'the Light' quite perfect. I think the natural reaction is to dig our heels in and fight against it but eventually you realize that resistance is futile. Like fish trapped in a net we can't help but be carried along to wherever we're meant to be. Thanks for the insight!

Will, it was a pleasure discussing sync-stories with you. Once again thanks for giving me the chance to get some of these experiences off my chest. I've been feeling much lighter as a result.

Peace all.

JSteveKane said...

Arrowsmith loved the podcast but i feel i need to reread alot of your stuff and Jakes cause i'm getting lost again, and a bit paranoid and there just aren't enough hours in the day i've been resonating lots of blue stuff lately and ended up a an aztek exhibiion at the british museum on all souls day
ive also been getting white wolf stuff

Saint Santiago said...

You sent chills down my spine. I've been away from the synch world to start my own blog and went to the library last week and found Pinchbeck's book. I decide to catch up on your blog and BAM! Quetzalcoatl is there waiting for me. It's all coming together. Thanks!

Indras Net said...

WOW/MOM thanks for Sharing! Awsome to see your podcast synchs bubbliing in the now again, right on stuff man, keep up the great work, a pleasure to synch with you! Peace in

Arrowsmith said...

JSteveKane, I can understand why you might find this stuff confusing. I'm frequently confused by it all!! It's just part of the game.
I'd take the appearance of the White Wolf as a positive omen. I'd ditch the paranoia and try going with the floW to see where it leads. Trust your own intuition and you'll find the answers you're looking for.

Santiago, loved that story! Reminds me that everything happens right on schedule.

Kev, thanks mate. The pleasures all mine.

ViølatoR said...

Wow, that podcast really touched on things I've written about, but also things I haven't, stuff I've been pondering myself. We sure are all connected somehow, thank Universe for synchromysticism!

Nexus said...
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Nexus said...
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Nexus said...
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Arrowsmith said...

ViolatoR, couldn't agree with you more!

Nexus, thanks for the feedback.

If Winnipeg is symbolic of the Heart the I'd have to say that my home in the Highlands of Scotland would symbolize the Head. I live in the northernmost part of the UK (the northernmost part of the body is the Head) and the area I live in used to be known as 'The Land of the Cats'. If you have a 'CAT Scan' then what area of the body is being examined? The head/brain/mind.

It's silly logic but maybe there's something to it. Jake Kotze once referred to me as a 'Third Eye' so I like the idea of living in the Head.

But then again, isn't home always where the Heart is?

Nexus said...
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Donkervrij said...

I've listened to you podcasts and I think this might be interesting to to you.

saree said...

great knowledge you have given to me
thank you