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Nature of the Beast

Pan is the Lord of the Wild and the Greek God of Nature whose name keeps getting mentioned in the synchrosphere due to his relationship with the letters Oz and the numbers 77. Pan is ‘the Horned One’ whose often portrayed playing his Pan Pipes, an instrument which resembles the steps of the Ladder/Stairway/Bridge:


Spirit is often associated with the wind and air, like the breath of Brahma for example, and I think it’s the breath of Pan that orchestrates the cosmic symphony that we call Life. Pan is master of duality because he is both man and beast. As a result of this merging of polarities he has become One, meaning that he is symbolic of God/Universe/Creator/Source whose rhythmic in-breath and out-breath of Spirit regulates the cycles of nature, the seasons, the stars, planets and galaxies. Pan is the One who keeps everything moving in time to the beat of his ever-changing, ever-evolving tune.

In Following Hugh Jackman through the Atlantean Stargate Jake Kotze writes about Pan, saying that:

‘Oz is 77 in Hebrew Gematria and has the value of Pan. Aleister Crowley - who was the first mountaineer to attempt summiting the K2 pyramount - wrote Liber 77/Oz and the Hymn to Pan. Oz has been superfluously connected synchronously to the Stargate, over time, in these pages. It is indeed (along with KK/K2/2K) the current, pivotal letter code, sync wink.’

In the Tarot we find that Pan goes by the name of The Devil. You may love him, hate him, or be completely indifferent about him, but regardless of which way you choose to perceive ‘the Horned One’ he’s managed to deeply engrain himself into our culture over the centuries. Instead of looking at the vilified biblical version of Pan/Satan/Lucifer I’d rather examine him through the lens of synchronicity to see what this Fallen Angel has to teach us about our current REbirth.


In the Aleister Crowley Tarot Deck we see that the Horns of the Devil/Pan resonate with the DNA Helix: a genetic Bridge which connect us to everything else in this Universe through our own unique Blue Print. We find Pan at the centre of the interconnected spider web with the numbers 11:11 repeating beneath his hooves and a Blue Halo/StarG8 open above his head:


The Concentric Circles (CC/33), another symbol of the StarG8, helped trigger a series of synchronicities which I recently wrote about in The Robin Has Hatched. Below we find Pan with his HAND/DNA-H in the centre of the Concentric Circles, StarG8 or Bulls-eye:


Pans relationship with the planet Jupiter is worth taking a closer look at. The ancient Egyptians where initiated into the Mysteries of Pan and believed that the Fallen Angel was a phase of the planet Jupiter. If we look at the southern hemisphere of Jupiter we see that the bands of Blue/Grey and Gold create the concentric circles of the StarG8, which we we saw Pan/Jupiter holding in the image above:


Notice the similarities between Jupiter/Pan and the symbol for Hydrogen:


Hydrogen has the atomic number 1 and constitutes roughly 75% of the universe's elemental mass. Hydrogen is one of the key building blocks of Life which I looked at briefly in my last post in relation to the Hydra Serpent, which is symbolic of the rising Kundalini Serpent (or the rising of Hydrogen in the body?). This rise seems to help us achieve the state of the Buddha, or ‘the One’, and points towards the awakening of Khrist Konsciousness.

Here’s some info I found on the web about Jupiters ocean of Hydrogen:

Miles beneath Jupiter's brown clouds of ammonia, hydrogen and helium lies a mysterious realm where the weight of the atmosphere above far exceeds the pressures found in Earth's deepest oceans. It is believed that in this realm, somewhere between Jupiter's cloud tops and the jovian core, the atmosphere gives way to a planet-wide ocean of liquid hydrogen.

This hydrogen sea - a dark extremely dense world where giant bolts of lightning erupt from the ever-changing electrical potential between liquid and gas, is too deep for sunlight to penetrate. The only light here is from the glow of this ubiquitous lightning. Further down toward Jupiter's core the pressure continues to rise until the liquid hydrogen is compressed to an electrically conductive form known as liquid metallic hydrogen.

Jupiter is so large that its famous Great Red Spot (actually a giant, hurricane-like storm that's at least 400 years old) would easily swallow the Earth.

The Great Red Spot of Jupiter resonates with the Red Eye:


In the past I’ve looked at how the Red Eye and the Eyeland are both symbolic of the 3rd Eye/Pineal Gland. It was interesting then to come across an album called ‘On the Sunday of Life’ which features the planet Jupiter in the name of a song:


I notice that songs number 2 & 3 both resonate the same thing:


So we have Pan/Jupiter connected to many of the key symbols that I’ve been looking at on this blog: OZ/77, the StarG8/Bullseye, DNA/Hydrogen, the Red Eye/3rd Eye, and in a moment we’ll see how Pan resonates with ‘the Blue One’ and the star Sirius.

If the syncnificance of Jupiter is new to you I thoroughly recommend checking out The Tinman & the Gnosis of 42. In this post Jim Sanders looks at the connection between the planet Jupiter, the Greek God Zeus, the Tinman (of Oz/Pan), and the number 42.

Even the number 42 resonates with Pan because we find that in Revelation 13.5 it is prophesized that the Beast will hold dominion over the Earth for 42 months. Pan seems to have quite a few things in common with Jupiter but I’ve also found that he resonates with Sirius the Dog-Star.

Let’s look at the Pan/Sirius connection by following the Jupiterian Tinman named Bender:


While looking back at the post Following Hugh Jackman through the Atlantean Stargate over at The Blob I came across a few Futurama synchronicities from ‘Benders Big Score’ which I think are worth mentioning here.


In the feature length version of Futurama we see Fry entering (PP) PANucci’s Pizza in the year 2K. He walks between the (PP) Pair of Pentagrams as he passes a small Dog:


Next we find a reference to the Eyeland as Fry time-travels back to the future and arrives in the year 2012:


Fry returns once again to Panucci’s Pizza and we now find a reference to PAN, the Pentagrams, and the red letters CC (33) which have come together to form an X above the Doorway:


The appearance of the Pair of Pentagrams and the small Dog in connection to the name Pan suggests that Sirius might have something to do with all of this. If we look at one the pivotal moments of the TV show we find that Dog-Star is involved.

Fry is a former New York pizza delivery boy cryogenically frozen in time as the clock strikes Midnight on January 1st 2000, and is thawed out on New Year’s Eve 2999. Here we see Fry frozen in his cryogenic chamber 30 minutes after the start of the new century:


About a year ago I came across an article about the star Sirius by Richard C. Hoagland, a former advisor for NASA, who wrote about an interesting alignment with the Dog-Star on the advent of the new millennium. At the exact moment Fry was frozen in Time/Space in Futurama we see that Sirius was 33 degrees on the Meridian :


Richard Hoagland takes a look at this alignment in much more detail in his fascinating article The Time is NOW.

So looking back at the image below we see that Pan, the Pair of Pentagrams, the Dog, and even the date resonate with the Black Star Sirius and the opening of the year 2K StarG8:


The title image for the TV show suggests that a Blue Sun is rising on the horizon, and our Future is somehow connected to RAMA:


Rama, also known as Vishnu, is a ‘Blue One’ who holds the Bow & Arrow:


Sirius has been known throughout the world as the Bow-Star or Arrow-Star. Like Rama, Shiva/Sirius was another ‘Blue One’ who held the Bow and Arrow. If our Future goes involve RAMA then it might also involve the Bluest and brightest star in the night sky: Sirius.

If we rotate the poster for the latest Transformers movie we find Shia LeBeouf, or Shi(v)a LeBeouf, running with actress Megan FOX above the rising Blue Star which is reminiscent of the FutuRAMA title:



In Transformers we see that Shia/Shiva/Rama interacts with the name Pan in a movie all about the Jupiter Tinman/Robot:


For more synchronictiies involving Shia LeBeouf, ‘the Blue One’ and the Dog-Star Sirius, check out Shi(v)a ‘Two Pyramids’ LeBeouf.

If we take a quick look at a Black Star who has a huge role to play in our future we find Barack Obama bathed in Blue:


If we look at the official logo from his website we find the Blue Star once again rising on the horizon:


In the last post I mentioned that the HOPE/HOPI Indians prophecy said that the return of the Blue Star Kachina (possibly Sirius) was going to usher us into a New Age.


Obama has been on the news recently due to his new Dog called Bo and I’ve already mentioned that Sirius was known as the Bow-Star. Nice choice of name! Check out Mega Dog Star for more on Obama.

The Blue Star (seen on this Blu-Ray Disc) seems to have some kind of role to play when it comes to advancing the Blue Print of our DNA:


Maybe the Blue Ray is beginning to trigger something within our DNA, bringing with it a high definition and clarity that we may not have had access to before. Maybe the arrival of Sirius ‘the Blue One’ helps bring Life sharply into focus. When the Blue Ray interacts with the Red Blood there is merging of polarities. In the centre of this coming together a new Doorway/StarG8 is opened:


We’ve seen that Pan resonates with the planet Jupiter and has a few things in common with the Blue Dog-Star, so let’s take a closer look at ‘the Horned One’ from the perspective of the ancient Celts. The Gundestrup cauldron is a silver bowl-shaped vessel thought to have been made sometime around 100 B.C. As a symbol of abundance and renewal the cauldron contains many scenes and characters from Celtic mythology:


The Celts were a group of people who began to spread throughout Europe in the 1000s B.C. At the peak of their power, they inhabited an area extending from the British Isles in the west to what is now Turkey in the east. They conquered northern Italy and Macedonia, plundering both Rome and Delphi in the process. They had a reputation as fierce and courageous warriors and were viewed with respect by the Romans.

On the silver Gundestrup Cauldron we find the Celtic God of the Underworld known as Cernunnos. Cernunnos is a pagan Celtic god whose representations were widespread in the ancient Celtic lands of western Europe. Here we see him surrounded by a Stag, Dog, Bull, and numerous other wild animals while he holds the Serpent. Cernunnos was often portrayed seated and cross-legged, in a position which some have interpreted as meditative or shamanic:


Cernunnos, or Cerno-on-os, means ‘the Great Horned One’. As a horned god Cernunnos was associated with horned male animals, especially stags and the ram-horned snake. Because of his frequent association with creatures, scholars often describe Cernunnos as the "Lord of the Animals" or the "Lord of Wild Things".

In the image above we see him holding the Serpent Ouroborous in one hand with another Serpent in the other. If you look up the definition of the word Satan on you’d find that it literally means ‘Serpent’. The Horned Cernunnos resonates nicely with Pan/Satan/Lucifer/The Devil.

To find another God who sits cross-legged, has connections to the Pitchfork/Trident, and the Serpent/Satan we need look no further than ‘the Blue One’ who seems to be involved in our Future-RAMA:


The Star of Shiva is the Dog-Star Sirius and Sirius was known in various parts of the world as the ‘Heavenly Wolf’, the ‘Moon Dog’, or the ‘Wolf-Star’. We could say that Shiva/Sirius is a ‘Blue Wolf’.

In previous posts I’ve look at the connection between Shiva and the actor Robin Williams, who played the role of Aladdins Blue Gene-ie.


Above we see the Blue Robin doing his impression of the Jack Nicholson which linked the Blue Genie to the Blue Wolf-Star Sirius:


Let’s not forget that Nicholson played the role of The Joker (Why so Serious?) in the movie Batman. The Devil is often depicted with the wings of the Bat and the Peg Leg post Jake points out that the Batman is a ‘Blue One’ who also a side-kick Robin:


Blue seems to be a key color in all of this so it was interesting to learn that Robin Williams started up BLUE WOLF Productions with his now ex-wife Marsha Garces:


Robin Williams might resonate with the Blue Wolf-Star Sirius, but he also resonates with Pan due to his role as (PP) Peter PAN.


I’ve been finding that the Wolf-Star and Pan/Jupiter often seem to merge together when viewed through the lens of synchronicity and it suggests that there’s some kind of strong bond between the two. The Dog and the Tinman/Pan/Jupiter seem to overlap in a number of ways and Jim shares some of his thoughts about this Jupiter/Sirius connection in RIN TIN JUPITER:


In the movie Robots actor Robin Williams, the Blue Wolf/Genie, played the role of a Tinman named Fender. The name Fender is very similar to the Tinman ‘Bender’ from FutuRAMA. Here we see the Red Fender (Robin Williams) once again connected to ‘the Blue One’ whose hanging onto the DNA Chain/Gene-ie:


For more on the Chain check out Jakes Chain of Events. Robin Williams has played the role of the Jupiter Tinman in two different movies, Bicentennial Man and Robots, and here we find the owner of ‘Blue Wolf Productions’ with the Dog Paw on his shoulder:


Notice that DAD is highlighted above Robins head.

DAD = PoP = Pair of Pentagrams

We’ve already seen the Pair of Pentagrams in ‘Benders Big Score’ connected to the Dog and all the rest of it:


If we look at the other ‘Old Dog’ in the form of actor John TraVOLTa we find another connection to the Blue Wolf. The color of electricity is Blue and TraBOLTa has played the role of Bolt, making him resonate with a ‘Blue Dog’, just like the ‘Blue Wolf’ Robin Williams. Sirius might be a bright Blue Star but it also resonates with the Black Star:


Bolt/TraBolta also resonates with the Greek God Zeus who was depicted carrying the Thunderbolt. Zeus was also known as Jupiter and we’ve seen that the Greek God Pan represented a phase of Jupiter/Zeus in the eyes of the ancient Egyptians.


John TraBolta plays the role of the White Dog (or White Wolf) Bolt who is owned by actress Miley Cyrus/Cyrius/Sirius:


Rin Tin Tin, the Dog of Jupiter, also resonates with the White Wolf:


In the Tarot deck The Devil is numbered 15 and on the cover of this White Wolf magazine, issue 15, we find Jupiter/Pan regulating the floW of Water/Spirit. Pan is also the White Dog/Wolf:


To finish off this introduction to Pan let’s link the White Wolf to the Blue One, the number 23, the planet Jupiter and the Celtic God Cernunnos.

On the cover of this animated movie ‘Princess Mononoke’, by director Hayao Miyazaki, we find the Princess Mononoke alongside her closest ally, the White Wolf (Pan):


We’ve seen that the horned Celtic God Cernunnos resonates with the horned Pan and on Wikipedia I learned that:

‘In "Princess Mononoke", a 1997 Japanese animated historical fantasy feature film, the Cernunnos figure is displayed as the ancient guardian of the forest, known as the Forest Spirit (Shishigami). During the day, the Forest Spirit takes the form of a deer-like kirin. At sunset, the Forest Spirit becomes the Nightwalker (Daidarabotchi), a huge god in a humanoid form that appears to be made out of stars and blends into the night sky itself.’

Here we see the Forest Spirit/Cernunnos/Pan who is a Stag by day and ‘the Blue One’ by night:


Wiki: As he is described as a "god of life and death", it is claimed that the Forest Spirit cannot die, as it is the embodiment of Life as well as Death, and as such is capable of both giving life and taking it away.

We’ve looked at how the star Sirius is known as the ‘Bow-Star’ or ‘Arrow-Star’ and I looked at how Shiva and Rama where both depicted with the Bow and Arrow.

In the movie Princess Mononoke we find the hero Ashitaka (whose best friend is a Pan resonating Mountain Goat) using the Bow and Arrow of Shiva/Rama/Sirius:


Above we see the Cracked Egg/OZ/NO symbol on Ashitaka’s forehead all symbols which resonate with the opening of the Ego/Stargate/Kosmic Konsciousness.

Billy Crudup has appeared on this blog before in the form of Dr. Manhattan. In the Watchmen and Princess Mononoke we find Billy Crudup with the symbol of the opened StarG8 in both movies:


The symbol of Hydrogen (on the 3rd Eye of Dr. Manhattan) looks nearly identical to the bands around Jupiters southern hemisphere, a Blue planet which holds within it an ocean of liquid Hydrogen:



Billy Crudup = BC = 23

23 resonates with our DNA.

Billy Crudup/Dr. Manhattan is a Blue One who seems to have very close bond with the planet Jupiter (Pan). Here we see him embracing Sally JUPITER:


It could be the Blue Ray from the Blue-Wolf Sirius, or a release of Hydrogen (the Hydra/Serpent/Pan) from the Blue/Gold Jupiter that helps release the Genie from the Bottle:


The Rising of Rama, or the awakening of Pan, seems to herald the dawning of a Blue Future:



Thanks for reading!



Jon Little said...

Awesome post man! I love that blue and gold close up picture of Jupiter. It would probably blend in nicely with the taking if peckham-notorious banner up at TSH.

Reread indeed

Peace g8or

William Morgan said...

Bravo old chap....

WV= intend

in blue

Anadæ Effro said...

I'm just a tad hesitant to post, Richard, seeing that the last time that I did so your on your magnificent 'The Blue One' article, lo & behold, it evaporated only minutes later!

I just got back from Éire this weekend, where one of its most ancient sacred sites, Newgrange, struck me as being one of the oldest surviving Stargates on Earth. I wonder what the music was like that they generated way back when, playing for the new arrivals and/or the disembarking galactic travelers?

Family story: my Great-grandfather, charged with being the steward of one of the densely forested mountains in Thüringia, upon the moment of his egress from this world, was met with a resounding mournful bleating by the local Grandfather Elk, whose echoing blast was heard for miles around, to mark his transition … speaking of antlered beings.

And the Cymri people (the Welsh) have their own name for Him, Karnayna. Again, Richard, gorgeously thoughtful connexions in this (as always) enlightening thread. Excellent work.

Much Love & Light,
Anadæ Effro (•:-)}

Jim said...

awesome. thanks so much. i glad you are on the trail.


wv: under

R. T. said...

With all due respect, confusing pan with Brahmin, or the highest of the highest with Brahmas (God's) breath of soma is like saying Satan is God - which in any case we could go along with, claiming alongside the likes of Lars von Trier that if there is Satan, and since God is all, God must be Satan. But thats blindness man. We arent getting anywhere, on the contrary. Satan, or pan, or the horned satyr is the manifestation of sexuality or virility, of which Crowley was consumed. Pan is the idea that evolution in man produces choice, symbolised by a duality which is man/beast or the red demon and the white angel sitting on your comic shoulders. The horned man in you wants you to follow his draft, and be placid, adorn and fall in to your more "natural" side, which is to take pleasure in nature and her beauty. But ofcourse its just an image, the symbols betray what lies beneath. Careful with images caused they mislead as much as they enlight. But how is it I have the fealing Im preaching to deaf ears here.

Be blessed

far more said...

awesome Richard! not through yet, but stubbled upon this, me sure for u this is not new, the 42 is blue, me suffer synaestesia, my four is dark red and my 2 is blue...'s_Guide_to_the_Galaxy


far more said...

Leboef is Buffalo again, Oxen in French. Björn

far more said...


Robin Williams also voices blue Ram-On the PENGUIN in OZtralian produced 'Happy Feet'(Legs)

far more said...

see also: Obama in Europe and the Italian leg/egl earthquake

far more said...

and cerunnos and Turkey/ obelisk:

far more said...

have to cheque out Jupiter and Diana link

aferrismoon said...

Maybe worth noting-
OZ = 70+7=77
PAN = 80+1+50/700 = 131/781

Pan isn't a word in Hebrew but those word-sounds do not = 77.

I understand that Pan is goat-like as is OZ a goat in hebrew.

Confusing 77 with 131........


Jake Kotze said...

Lovely floW.

Me and Jim were talking yesterday about Rama (as I was showing him my copy of Ramana Maharshi's awesome "Talks" book).
I was telling him about the upcoming David Fincher film based on A.C Clark's "Rendezvous with Rama" (awesome 911 sync in the book explored by Steve Willner).

Clarke invented the fictional space study program which detects Rama, Project Spaceguard, as a method of identifying near-Earth objects on Earth-impact trajectories; it was initiated after an equally fictional asteroid "struck" Italy on September 11, 2077, destroying Padua and Verona and sinking Venice.

9 11 2077 (Pan/OZ) He, He...

Wiki/Kiwi says the film is canceled...
We will see.

We also spent time talking about the blue sun.

Then your post!

Awesomeness and such.

Be well

earthstar said...
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earthstar said...

I've been trying to post for days....hee hee...hope it works this time..that bleu andrgene pic still has me.... thank you...just a little sync surf some info on thes sites seemed interesting...

Indras Net said...

Awsome post man, really resonated with some things on my mind lately. BTW Jack Nicholson resonates 42 in The Shining, his sons wearing a 42 t shirt with a rabbit on it, as well as the strange room 237, 2x3x7=42

Looking forward to more, keep up the great work, blessings

earthstar said...

Just a silly thought .....many years ago Barbara Eden from I Dream
of Jeanie ...played a Genie (color Pink Red) ...who was in real life married to the actor who played "The Blue Jin" Ms Eden also was in a film clled the seven faces of Dr. Lao... there's all kinds of pan/sepent /hydra/lantern syncs....web info

Arrowsmith said...

Thanks everyone for all the great feedback!

Jon - Loved the banner over at The Sync Whole. Nice work amigo.

Will - Cheers!

Anadae - If this post vanishes without a trace I know who to blame :)
Hope you had a magical time in Ireland. I visited a few years ago and really liked the vibe. Never got a chance to visit Newgrange but I can imagine what it must have been like to explore such a sacred place. Hope you took plenty of photos. Also many thanks for sharing the story about your Grandfathers departure. What a way to go!

Jim - I'd never have found this trail if it wasn't for your inspiring work on Jupiter. I'm as excited as you are about where this path is going to lead us in the future.

R.T. - Satan is God. God is Satan. I can't express my thoughts on the subject any clearer than that! I know you don't agree with me but I'm not asking anyone to. I'm also not saying that any of this stuff is fact. It's just my opinion at the end of the day, and it's an opinion that fluctuates as often as the unpredictable Scottish weather. Maybe I'll agree with you in a week/month/year from now, but at this moment in time Pan the Devil-Man has managed to worm his way onto this blog and I don't think he plans on leaving anytime soon. You're thoughts R.T. are always appreciated here.

Björn - Holy shit! I tried to think of a more eloquent way to express my reaction to your CERN/CERNunnos connection but couldn't think of one.
I've been thinking a lot about CERN recently (mainly due to the involvement of Tom Hanks) and here you go delivering me a really fascinating piece of the puzzle. Loved your Cernunnos post and will definitely be exploring this CERN connection in the future.

aferrismoon - My knowledge on Hebrew leaves a lot to be desired so thanks for pointing out the OZ/Goat connection and putting me on the right track.

Jake - That Steve Willner sync is superb. I'd completely forgotten about that Fincher movie until you mentioned it. The fact that Morgan Freeman was cast for Rendezvous with Rama (think of his role in the other asteroid movie: Deep Impact) kinda makes sense.
I know the films hit a lot of hurdles in the past but I hope it all Pans out :D

earthstar - thanks for all the links! I'll follow the bread crumbs you've left me and see where they lead. Much appreciated.

indrasnet - Jack Nicholson, the WOLF, wearing the number 42. Michael J Fox wearing 42 on his basketball shirt in Teen WOLF. WTF!!!

earthstar said...

another blue note.....I'm sure you all remember this.....children of the blue ray...indigo children
and then there's this...more detailed evolution..

and then some insanity....

earthstar said...

bjorg....that red and blue may have alot to do with ox-i blood red blood ....levels of oxigen igniting the pineal gland.......ida/pingala

Newspaceman said...

"It's just my opinion at the end of the day, and it's an opinion that fluctuates as often as the unpredictable Scottish weather."

You are based in Scotland, Richard ?


Arrowsmith said...

Thanks for the Indigo links Earthstar. I have wondered if this Blue Ray stuff on the web is somehow involved, but then isn't everything connected?

Hi Newspaceman. Yes, born and bred in the Highlands. I just checked your profile out of curiosity and noticed that I was the 2,300th person to have viewed it.

I find this 23 sync fascinating because I checked out the profile of Jake Kotze only a few days ago and I was the 23,000th person to have viewed his one. Strange but true...

Thanks for stopping by.

Newspaceman said...

Not that strange Mr. Smith, it seems that the blogger profile count does not include certain looks, as my total is still 2300, you would think it would be 2301, at a minimum.

What is stranger in my eyes is that your "search" never appeared on my google analytics.

If you live in Scotland, then there must be something wrong somewhere ?

As regards Kotze, the genius, take a look at his musical fruit post, the one where he gains enlightenment from an avacado regarding Jimmy Page/Olympics/ Of Oz/Led Zep. Check a couple of posts before, I cant be arsed looking, where a commenter brings the matter to his attention and, if my memory serves me well he disregards the notion.

It tells me all I need to know.

take care.


NexusOfMario said...

i found some interesting color connection...

blue = us = earth

red = a wake-up call from outside

yellow = the male = XY

green = one = love

purple = ego death

would love to see your visit over at

thank you for bringing Sync in my life.

Arrowsmith said...

Hey Newspaceman. Looks like your profile (and Jakes for that matter) are stuck on 23.

I've had the same prob with Google analytics. Doesn't seem to acknowledge anyone further north than Edinburgh and Glasgow. Maybe it's just a glitch with Google.

Hi NexusofMario. Thanks for your thoughts on the color connections and I'll check out your latest work as soon as I get a chance.

Newspaceman said...

Some come up on mine from Aberdeen and Dundee, maybe a "west coast thing".

Gies a shout if you are ever down this way.


ViølatoR said...

In the Crowley Thoth tarot card for The Devil, the orbs with the apparent "11:11" below the hooves of the goat are actually scenes of cellular mitosis; the stage where the 23 pairs of chromosomes from the parents mix together. So it would seem to confirm your conclusions :D

saree said...

great knowledge you have given to me
thank you