Monday, 13 April 2009

The Robin has Hatched

  ‘The symbolic herald of spring, the Robin, signaling the time of increased light and clarity, Ascension.’

- Jake Kotze :: Robin: “11:11, Time for Ascension!”


A week ago today, on Monday the 6th April, during my lunch break at work I was looking for a picture of the actor Robin Williams on Google Images, when I  stumbled across the bright pink poster for the movie Cherish, starring Robin Tunney. 

On closer inspection I noticed the Chain which is symbolic of the DNA strand:


At the time I didn’t understand why the Leg of Robin Tunney was being highlighted.  The Leg wasn’t relevant to me at that point in time so I made a mental note of the DNA/Chain/Robin connection and went back to what I was originally doing.  Robin Tunney, Patron Goddess of The Blob, soon faded from memory.

About 5 hours later I came home from work and learned on the BBC news that Italy had been hit by a major earthquake:


Initially I was stunned by the damage and devastation of the earthquake which came unannounced in the early hours of Monday morning.   Then the bright pink poster for Cherish suddenly came to mind and I thought WTF is going on here.

On the BBC news I saw a close up of where the quake had struck Italy, a country which I’ve always been able to find on the map of Europe because it’s shaped just like a Human Leg:


The magnitude 6.3 quake happened in the city of L'Aquila only 60 miles away from Rome in the mountainous Abruzzo region:


Nearly two days after the major earthquake caused severe damage in L’Aquila there was another powerful aftershock at magnitude  5.5.  At the time of writing this post more than 270 people have been killed and more than 1,000 injured. 28,000 people are now homeless and more than 10,000 buildings have been destroyed, mostly in L'Aquila.

This short BBC News video takes a look at the aftershocks which took place after the major quake.  This quick video focuses on how/why the earthquake happened in the Abruzzo mountains of Italy, and shows that the country has two major fault lines running across it - hot spots for earthquake activity:


Notice that it forms a Red Cross:


To try and put this Robin/Earthquake synchronicity into some kind of context I need to backtrack and take a look at some of the events which happened last Monday, and took place prior to me learning about the disaster in Italy.

On my lunch break I decided, on a whim, to look at some synchronicities involving the Robins relationship with the number 23 via the actor Robin Williams.

Robin Williams recently came to my attention thanks to the  superb video called Robin Sparrow which I recently watched over at The Blob.  In the video Jake shows that the Robin and Sparrow are both interchangeable with one another, and I noticed that they both resonate with ‘The Number 23’ thanks to actor Jim Carrey:


I recalled that Jake Kotze had also linked the Robin to the numbers 11:11 in Robin: “11:11, Time for Ascension!”  


11:11 = W = 23

Again I found that the Robin resonated with the number 23.

The Robin/Sparrow seemed to be resonate with the numbers 1 2 3 - or the letters A B C:


Thanks to JSteveKane over at Thee Chronicles of ov JSteveKane I recently learned that the UK football team Bristol City Football Club (who wear a Red and White strip) are known as ‘The Robins’

Bristol City = BC = 23


Notice above that we see the Robin (left) associated with a Bridge. It runs along the back of the Robin connecting it to the Ladder/Bridge of the Spinal Column.  The Red-Eyed Robin in the centre is holding a Trident (another symbol for the Spine), and  notice that the 3 prongs (3 Eyes) of the Trident form the shape of the letter W = 23.

The Trident also resonates with the number 23


On the Bristol City (BC/23) Coat of Arms we find a pair of Unicorn.  Rising up out of the Crown Chakra of he Knight we see a set of balanced scales and the Serpent (Kundalini energy?).  The Red and White colors of the Robin can be seen in the Wings/Halo around the helm.  Why is the ‘Knight of the Robin’ connected to the Unicorn?


For synchronicities involving the Unicorn I recommend checking out the post The Sneaky Little Unicorn by A Few Shots to Shaman.

Before getting back to the events of Monday I just want to point out one final thing about the Bristol City Football Club logo.  Notice that the Leg of the Red-Eyed Robin is highlighted by the Circle/Pentagram of the Football:


It reminded me of the Leg of the Robin which is highlighted by the Circle in this poster:



L’Aquila is the Italian city which was at the centre of the earthquake and suffered the worst of the damage.  L’Aquila means ‘The Eagle’ and in the image above we see the symbol for L’Aquila which features a White Eagle.  Notice that above the Eagles head there’s a Crown with two branches entering it.  On the poster of Cherish we find two branches in the Sundance logo.  Coincidence?

Check out Jim Sanders great post The Eagle has Landed to find out why the Eagle plays a syncnificant role in the earthquake which hit Italy last Monday.

Going back to the events that took place on the day of the earthquake, I decided to make a new banner to illustrate some of synchronicities involving the Robin and the Cracked Egg.  At this point in time I was simply curious about how the Red Robin fit into my own personal jigsaw.

The first image I planned to include in the banner was from the (MM) Mork & Mindy TV show.  Below we see the Robin emphasizing the Head/Skull/Crown/Egg of Mindy, as his own Head interacts with  Rainbow Waves:


To me the over exaggerated hand gesture suggested that the Rainbow Waves are finding their  way inside the Head/Egg, thanks to the Crack which has appeared.

Rainbow Waves, Kosmic Energy, Consciousness, Spirit = same thing.

Next I looked at the movie ‘Happy Feet’ where Robin Williams stars in the role of a Penguin. I recently learned about the Soul/Sole of the Foot in The Soul of the Saint by Jake Kotze, so this Robin/Foot/Sole/Soul synchronicity seemed like it was somehow important.

For the banner I was going to use this image of the Sole/Soul breaking free of the Egg:


The Trident supports the Sole/Soul as it begins to Hatch:


The Robin seemed to be connected to the Penguin (thanks to ‘Happy Feet’) and I recalled that in The Number 23 movie we see the character Walter Sparrow, whose son is called Robin Sparrow, holding the Penguin:


Robin = Sparrow = Penguin = 23

At this point I want to point out that in the movie ‘The Number 23’, Jim Carrey states that:

Red = 23

In my last post RAW Eggs I mentioned that our Red Blood resonates with the number 23.  In the words of Robert Anton Wilson:

‘In conception, Mom and Dad each contribute 23 chromosomes to the fœtus. DNA, the carrier of the genetic information, has bonding irregularities every 23rd Angstrom. Aleister Crowley defines 23 as the number of “life” or “a thread”, hauntingly suggestive of the DNA life-script.’

Red = Blood = DNA = 23

I had a quick look for Red synchronicities surrounding actor Robin Williams and found more than I bargained for in the movie ‘One Hour Photo’.

Here we see the (RR) Red Robin taking a snapshot as the Wall/Egg Shell comes tumbling down around him.  ‘Red Eye’ is a term we associate with photographs:


In Jim Sanders post KranK Heart he points out that a film strip resembles the DNA Helix:


In this poster I found the Robin examining the DNA life script:


In the movie Final Cut I found the Robin staring once again at the DNA Helix.  Notice that the movie film resembles the steps of a Ladder:


Red = 23 = DNA = Ladder

In ‘One Hour Photo’ there’s a dream sequence where Robin Williams eyes begin to fill up with Red Blood.  In the same movie we also find him bathed in Red:


Red certainly seems to be the Robins color.  In the movie ‘Robots’ I found that the Robin Williams once again involved with Cameras/Photography and the color Red:


I found the Red Robin holding a star MAP in the PAM of his Red Hand:




I like to think that the Palm/Pam of the Hand is a ‘Map’ which depicts our unique journey through life.  A genuine Palm Reader could tell you a great deal about your life simply by interpreting the lines/paths in your Hand.  I believe that this same Map is found within every living cell of our bodies:


H creates a Ladder or Film Strip when repeated vertically

The PAM of the HAND is a MAP of the DNA(H):


I think that our unique life journey is imprinted into the very fabric of who we are.  The Red Robin confirms that the Map is found within:


23 is a key number when it comes to the DNA and our Blood.  Have you heard about 23andMe which has been launched by the co-founder of Google?  It’s all about getting up close and personal with our own DNA:


On Monday afternoon I discovered that Robin Williams was proving to be an interesting actor in a number of ways.  I’d found RW connected to the Cracked Egg synchronicities, the Sparrow/Penguin, the Rainbow, the collapse of the Wall/Shell, and the Red Eye/Hand. Let’s not forget the number 23 and the DNA Chain:


In the movie ‘The Number 23’ Jim Carrey (W SPARROW) tells his son (ROBIN SPARROW) that Pink also resonates with 23, making the Pink on the Cherish poster even more syncnificant.

Red & Pink = 23

In the movie Jumanji I found the Robin surrounded by the stripes of the Zebra.  Jake Kotze looked at the interesting relationship between Robin and the Zebra in his post The JFK Stargate Mega-ritual.   Robin Tunney and Robin Williams’ both resonate with the Zebra:


Above we see that the Robin is watching as the Doorway into the next dimension begins to rip open.  Does it remind you of the Cracked Egg? The poster suggests that the ‘Hatching’ (or ‘Breaking of the Wall’) has a tremendous force behind it.  Pandoras Box is beginning to open.  It suggests that as the next dimension comes rushing to meet us, it isn’t going to come tapping on our door gently - it’s going to come crashing through the entire Wall.

The number 23 resonates with ‘Breaking Apart’ and we find the numbers 2 and 3 highlighted in the centre of the Hatching, on this pair of dice.  23 is the number of our Genes/DNA, so what does this image suggest is going to happen on this genetic level?


To me it represents a release of Energy - a Tidal Wave of Kosmic Energy/Spirit/KKonsciousness spilling forth.  In between the number 23 we see the Elephant located at the very centre of the Game.  I see Ganesh ripping his way through the Wall/Shell, allowing the Higher Dimensions to come flooding through into our world.

Why is the Elephant always involved in this!?


Is the Elephant helping us as we go through this Hatching process?


I see the Red Star/Crescent as a symbol of Spirit entering into the open Mind/Body.  The Jumanji poster suggests that the Elephant is helping to keep the Doorway open, and this Jumbo logo suggests that the Star/Spirit is entering in order to activate the Eye:


It all seems to come back to what’s happening within our own bodies, and what’s taking place within each of us at the genetic and energetic levels:


In the Jumanji poster we see that the Water/Spirit/Energy is bursting at the seams.  The Wall/Shell/Box simply couldn’t contain the Energy anymore.  Is this going to take place in 2009, year of the Elephant?


In this image I found the Red Genie reaching bursting point.  Notice the emphasis on the color Red as the Egg breaks apart with tremendous force. 

He’s the RED DNA GENE-ie:


The breaking free, or transformation, is taking place within the Genes.

Robin Williams represents the Blue Gene-ie in Aladdin, and in the poster for Cherish we find the Jeans (Genes) of Robin Tunney caught up in the concentric circles, in connection with the Chain/DNA and the color Pink/23:


The Blue Gene-ie comes from the LAMP.  Shuffle the letters a little and the LAMP becomes the PALM:


The Palm/Lamp symbolizes the Blood/DNA:





Lamp of Illumination, Map to Enlightenment, Palm of SpiriT (same, same, same).  When you read between the lines everything begins to take on a new meaning.


Here we see the young Narnian girl placing her PALM on the LAMP:


Lamp reminds me of the word ‘Head Lamp’:


When the Lamp (Crown Chakra?) is rubbed/activated is the Blue Gene released?


Or maybe the opening of the 3rd Eye is somehow involved.


The Blue Eye Gene?  Why Blue?


The Ajna Chakra, located on the forehead, represents the 3rd Eye and it’s often depicted as a deep Blue or Indigo color:


In this Osho Zen tarot card we see the color  Blue connected to the 3rd Eye and the word ‘Completion’:


What is it that the ‘Blue Gene’ helps complete?


Here we find Robin Williams (the Blue Geneye from Aladdin) holding the DNA Strand.  At the bottom right we see that it interacts with the Robins Blue uniform, resulting in a single Blue Gene:


Do we have a Blue Gene within us awaiting activation?  Does the Blue Gene grant 3 wishes when we ‘Open Sesame’ like the story of Aladdin?  Why so many questions and so few answers!?!

I’d like to finish up by looking once again at the Robin Tunney poster which kick-started this whole thing in the first place.


I’ve looked at several examples of the concentric circles in my post Free Falling...Humpty Style. The circles can be found inside the Chicken Egg, it resonates with the Bullseye/3rd Eye, and it’s also the symbol for Atlantis:


I’ve also looked at how all these symbols connect to the Pyramid:


The Robin also resonates with the Pyramid:


I found the same Pyramid symbol on the poster for Troy, a movie about the semi-immortal hero Achilles:


Here we see Paris firing the fatal arrow at Achilles while the god Apollo helps guide it towards his weak spot:


Wikipedia: ‘Legends state that Achilles was invulnerable in all of his body except for his heel. Since he died due to a poisoned arrow shot into his heel, the "Achilles' heel" has come to mean a person's principal weakness.’


The region of Italy that was hit by the earthquake was called Abruzzo.  Notice that the Abruzzo (highlighted in Red) is located at the back of the Leg of Italy.  Abruzzo resonates with the Achilles Heel:


In Wikipedia I learned that: ‘Achilles' name can be analyzed as a combination of ἄχος (akhos) "grief" and λαός (Laos) "a people, tribe, nation, etc." In other words, Achilles is an embodiment of the grief of the people, grief being a theme raised numerous times in the Iliad (frequently by Achilles).’

The name Achilles seems to sum up the situation in Italy last week.  The grief of the people.

It was Paris who fired the Arrow which killed Achilles:



Fairy Dust by Paris Hilton:



The actor Orlando Bloom played the role of Paris in the movie ‘Troy’.  Not only does Bloom/Paris resonate with the Green Man, but he also resonates with the Robin:


The constellation Orion represents the Egyptian Osiris, the Green-Skinned God of the Underworld, who happens to be shaped like an Archer:


If you draw a line across the 3 stars in the Belt of Orion we find that the Hunter points towards the Dog-Star Sirius, and on the opposite side towards the Pleiades:


Is it coincidence that Orion/Osiris holds the Bow, and Sirius resonates with the Arrow?

Wikipedia: Several cultures associated the star Sirius with a bow and arrow. The Ancient Chinese visualized a large bow and arrow across the southern sky, formed by the constellations of Puppis and Canis Major. In this, the arrow tip is pointed at the wolf Sirius.

A similar association is depicted at the Temple of Hathor in Dendera, where the goddess Satet has drawn her arrow at Hathor (Sirius). Known as 'Tir,' the star was portrayed as the arrow itself in later Persian culture.’

Bloomsbury is the book publishing company which clinched the Harry Potter deal with author J. K. Rowling.  The Harry Potter books/movies feature Sirius Black, the Order of the Phoenix (aka the Order of Sothis/Sirius), and the Bloomsbury logo features the Black Dog-Star Sirius carrying the Arrow:


If we look at the suspects we have the Robin firing the Arrow which struck the Achilles Heel of Italy.  We have Orion holding a Bow, and we have Sirius as an Arrow.  The Rain BOW is involved and so is the spARROW.  But what does this actually mean?

I see all the symbols mentioned here (the Robin/Sparrow/Penguin/Cracked Egg/Lamp/Genie/Orion/Sirius etc.) as sign posts which point towards the Christ Consciousness, or KKonsciousness, which is unfolding in the present. 

When I see these symbols appearing in my life (like I did in abundance last Monday) I’m reminded that a Higher Force is at play.  I’m reminded through synchronicity and symbolism that things are happening exactly as planned.  I’m also reminded that I’ll never have all the answers, but it’s going to be an interesting journey trying to find some of them.

What I do know is that on Monday something was set in motion:

Orange Arrow Flying at a Dartboard Clipart Illustration


And the Robin was set free:


Thanks for reading.



Michael said...

Wow, thanks for the all the Easter eggs! Talk about bringing the old myths to life and down to earth! Poseidon, who I have been researching lately thanks to his trident, was also known as "Earth-shaker". I remain keenly interested in discovering the roll that modern citadel called the Vatican is to play in all of this.

Cheers, Michael

skywalkarn said...

wow awesome post, can't wait to see the big revealing that the universe is trying to show us! keep up the great syncs man!

Jim said...

great stuff. i will have to read it again.

when i see PAM or MAP I think PAW, or (sorry for its derogatory connotations) WAP which then points us back to Italy.


skywalkarn said...

just wondering if u looked into what kind of dog Obama just got his family? The Obama family's new dog, Bo,is a 6-month-old Portuguese water dog, ? Water dog....go figure

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

I truly love you man.... We're entraining real close on some of this stuff right now... Robin Williams is every where for me... But, you just taught me so much... Thanks again for everything.

Jon Kidd said...

Impressive connections. No squinting required ;)

Reread indeed

Peace brother RAAAAA!

wv heeneste in green

toure said...

Heavy. Wow.

what a complete pattern. full circle. It seems training your focus on the dog star is focusing your energy; your connections are getting sharper.

Well done.

Arrowsmith said...

Michael - Funny you mention the Vatican because I also wondered why the earthquake happened only 60 miles away. The aftershocks literally shook the foundations of Vatican City. Is it a sign that the once immortal Vatican (Achilles) is going to fall?
When we re-connect with Universe/God/Spirit/Whatever will we need a middle-man anymore? I don't think so.
Glad you liked it Michael.

Skywalkarn - Obama the Black Star with a Water Dog called Bo/Bow! Love it. Check out this image, and then check out this one. It all comes back to the MM/Eminem/Mork&Mindy.

Jim - I never made the MAP/PAW connection. The Hand = Paw = Map = Palm. It fits like a Glove.

AFSTS - Until last Monday I've never really looked into the career of Robin Williams. I like his movies, and I knew his role as(PP) Peter Pan was relevant, but I just never figured he would ever play an integral part in one of my posts. Just shows that you never truly know what's around the corner.
Look forward to seeing how Robin Williams slots into your own jigsaw.
Thanks bro.

Jon - Hen nest...sweet!

Toure - I think the Black Star helps me decipher some of the messages found within the synchronicities I stumble across. It's kind of like the Map that helps me join all the dots together. Even if I go off on a tangent (like I did with the Robin) the Dog-Star always manages to sneak it's way back into the story.

I think the 'media familiar' or 'totem animal/insect' is an entry point into the syncro-sphere; a personal guide who teaches via symbolism. I know you probably experience similar things with the Bee.
Many thanks for the feedback!

Jake Kotze said...

Hi Sir

I will respond to these awesome words in my new post out a.s.a.p

Later G8or

R. T. said...

toally awsome..! the cherrish connection is a real epos. Blew my mind inside-out. Home-run made in on the Blob's Robin Tunney magic. Now I just think I almost hear you say that Italy is the achilles heel of Europe, but youre not saying that.

Soul/sole, heal/heel, or heir/hair, phase/face that all rime quite apparently. Remember to give the soles+palms plenty of light these days...

Be great

DoubleJeopardy said...

This post also made me remember Jake mention of Super Mario Bros Movie and The Twin Towers 2K 911 connection. Super Mario has an italian accent. It´s all connected really... a chain (DNA?) of events.

Word verification "bleesse" or: bless "we" (we as "we spinner").

Jaspal said...

Interesting that you link Orlando to the Green Man, when Eric Bana (Hector) played the Hulk! Jennifer Connelly was also in that film.

I was watching Lost in Space and noticed that our Serious Gary Oldman has something interesting around his neck:

(Two Caduceus's if you can't make it out from the picture).

Anadæ Effro said...

And, it goes w/o saying, Richard, the more accelerated that you become, the more these God winks will occur in your life, anyone's for that matter. There're many people who have physical sensations that can gauge certain Earth changes, different than your moment of clarity here, even so far as to equating certain parts of the human anatomy w/ certain places on the globe! I apologise for not providing a web source.

As for blue & red nudging you. My ancientmost Tradition looks at the colour blue as resonating w/t Lord, the God, the First Soul, with red being a colour sacred to His Lady, the Creatrix of the corporeal, flesh-&-blood world. The merging of the two creates purple, the crown chakra, or Sahasrara, that is a portal to the next level in Higher ConscioUsness, which some say lies above the head.

Interestingly enough, green is red's opposite, and green is also another colour with its own value, symbolical, physical, and ephemeral. Happy journeying!

Tending to the Garden,
Anadæ Effro (•:-)}

JSteveKane said...

have digested it alll yet but while at home for easter eating my eggs i remembered that when i was a child my mum and her five sisters used to do a chain letter which circulated between them they called it the "round robin" i later tried the same thing with my cousins and brothers and we called it "the phoenix" i had chosen the name cause the phoenix seemed to resonate with my kung fu school and is a firey magical bird i had never made the connection with sirus - thanks enlightening

JSteveKane said...

just got to the end of your post and read , about robin (the green man ) hood and immediately remebered batman (the dark knight )and robin

i love the idea the idea of the arrow point to and the spring robin heralding the hatching of the egg of cosmic conciousnes

Anonymous said...

WB (Warner Brothers)
WD (Walt Disney)

they seem to jive, especially since the banner on WB overlaps the line that differentiates the B from the D

Nice to see you included Tinkerbell, I was just describing a vision I had to the imagery of Tink

In Dumbo was the song "Pink (23) Elephants" and you can see a stork and an elephant together, like your Thoth / Ganesh drawing too, here.

This image popped up...elephants represent the Democratic Party, so there's your red and blue motiff

toure said...

Just watched some of Neil Gaiman's Stardust ; a blue dress/blue bird faerie woman is held captive by an enchanted ankle chain...

Jon Kidd said...

wv in blue 'pticoall'
pic to all!

Arrowsmith said...

Thanks everyone for the great comments/insights.

In the local newspaper I just learned that this weeks lucky number is 23.

If it's your birthday this week then apparently you're going to be doubly lucky.

If you add all the numbers in your birth date and arrive at the number 23 (and it's your birthday this week) then something really special should happen within the next 2 days.

If I'm completely wrong then you can blame the newspaper. :)

Chris said...

Well, you rascal, you beat me to the 23-red/white connectionn not to mention the 11:11-23. You know, 11 pm is the 23rd hour in the day- 11:11=23:11,
another reason why I like the time 11:23. Good post.


Chris said...

Also, over at the patternist, I was explaining to Toure how blue can take the place of white in the red/white ida/pingala nadis. Your red gen(i)e/blue gen(i)e then ties right in to the dual kundalini/subtle body energies at work here.

Chris said...

May we not think of pink as the union of red and white?

Anonymous said...

Halo 3

Anonymous said...

I saw this in a picture mash video somebody threw together for Fun Loving Criminals song Scoobie Snacks.

Arrowsmith said...

Chris - I never linked the 23/11 together before but it does make sense.

11 = 23 = Breaking Apart. I believe that on 9/11/2001 (9+11+2+1 = 23) the Two Towers (11) of Duality literally broke apart, helping usher us into this new cycle of Oneness. It still boggles my mind how all of these different elements weave in and out of each other seamlessly.

Red + White = Pink
Funny how you don't make the connection until someone points it out to you. Thanks!

James - That Halo logo came to my attention just last week. I incorportated it into a post which hasn't seen the light of day...yet. Thanks for pointing it my way.

I also appreciate the Scooby Snack/Eagle/Hand connection. I saw the FLC play live many years ago and that song was one of my favorites. It reminded me of this image where the Hand/Spirit Palm is symbolic of the Wings which can be found at the top of the Caduceus. They help us achieve flight so that we can begin looking at Life from a higher perspective.

From this new ANGLE we start to realize that we are the ANGEL.

In this image we see Jessica Alba in the TV show 'Dark Angel' connecting this Ascension of the Human Spirit to the Spiral Staircase/DNA Helix.

Anadæ Effro said...

The sacred spiral. The DNA helix. The Caduceus. The Kundalini. The pedestal of the Peace Fountain in the Children's Sculpture Garden of NYC's St John the Divine. Also, somewhere on its front-facing limestone friezes, one of the biblical scenes depicted thereon renders Jacob dressed as a modern day businessman wrestling with the Angel as a DNA helix. I haven't yet found a photo of it online, but I'm sure that it's out there.

I'm attaching a link to The Vigilant Citizen, its issue ON the cathedral. Whomever its writer/publisher Shane is, I'm sorry to note that he IS a tad alarmist in his posturing.

As yet another God wink for me & all who visit your eye-opening blog here, my wv is halluap, haul you all up. Ascend. Thanks for keeping it very, very real, Richard.

From the Other side o/t mountain,
Anadæ Effro (•:-)}

wise woman said...

Great article.

I left a comment at StrangEye's site & he directed me here. He had also shown the pink Robin pic as well as the Italian boot - I remarked that New Zealand is very similar in shape to Italy when turned upside down.
StrangEye also remarked that NZ looks like it has a watery shackle in the 'ankle' region.
I was reminded of a concert that took place over the vernal equinox in our 'Aquila equivalent' region last year - at the time I was highly suspicious of an event that brought such famous names to the ends of the world esp over Easter. Wellington itself is sitauted on a fault line & known for earthquakes. All the artists disappeared post haste after the event so it wasn't even a sight-seeing tour

From wiki:
'The Rock2Wgtn Festival was held Easter 2008. The headliners were Kiss[1] and Ozzy Osbourne. The other bands to play were Whitesnake[2], Lordi, Alice Cooper[3], and Poison[4].
New Zealand bands The Valves, Sonic Altar, and The Symphony of Screams played support over the 2 nights.
The special effects were supplied by Weta Workshop who have previously supplied effects for movies such as The Lord of The Rings."

It was a no expense spared extravaganza performed in one of the most out of the way countries in the world.

Ellis Taylor, a very knowledgeable & intuitive man wrote this article at the time if you want to take a look.

With your article I can't help tying the two together - esp with Easter timing. Some time ago I read a book which suggested that a nuclear test on Muroroa atoll in the Pacific sparked off the eruption of Mt Ruapehu in the North Island of NZ in 1996. I have wondered if fault lines carry messages or pulses.


Gate Keeper said...

I love the illustration of Mork's(Robin)head interacting with the rainbow waves!

Arrowsmith said...

Wisewoman, you might find this New Zealand/Quake post interesting:

Another Trembling LEG

DEEBZ said...

Hi. I think u found somthing big.

DEEBZ said...

is anybody there?

Matt said...

Wow!! You are spot on. Are you still here or have you gotten through?

Arturas Karbocius said...

Cherish movie character name is ZOE Adler Adler in germany means EAGLE.

FREEthought said...