Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Diesel, Denim & the Dog-Star

In the last post I took a look at the Nose/Scent/Smell and it’s relationship with Gnosis - direct spiritual experience of the Infinite via intuitive knowledge. In this image we saw that the Robin, the Blue Blood and the Perfume all entrained with Pan the DNA Devil:


Having looked at the Perfume of Pan, the Feminine/Yin aspect of the Universe, I now want to focus on the Aftershave of Pan which points to the Masculine/Yang.

I was recently watching the TV commercials when this advert for a new Diesel aftershave (called ‘Only the Brave’) flashed up on the screen:

In the advert I watched as the man Daniel, or DNAiel, emerged from a (Gene?) pool and was surprised to find another direct correlation between the Nose/Scent/Smell and the Blue Hand which I'd recently looked at in my previous post:


I wasn’t sure what to make of this Diesel/Blue Hand connection until the Universe delivered the next piece of the puzzle. A few days later I found the word DIESEL etched into the Skin/DNA of the Black Star Shaquelle O’Neal:


On further investigation I learned that Shaq had recorded an album called DIESEL:


Things became more interesting when I looked inside the DIESEL album and found the Blue Hand stamped with the name SHAQ:



Wondering where this Shaq lead was taking me I discovered that the basketball player starred in the movie KAZAAM where he played the role of a Genie, or DNA Gene-ie:


This sync brought to mind the actor ROBIN Williams and his role as the Blue One in the movie Aladdin:


Above we see the OZ symbol (resonating PAN) over the Heart of the Blue Genie. This suggest, in my mind at least, that the Blue Gene/Blue Diesel (both pointers towards Khrist Konsciousness) will begin to activate as we continue to align with the Heart of the Galaxy, what the Mayans referred to as our Cosmic Mother. If the ancient Mayan predictions are correct then 2012 could very well be the year in which our transition into this Blue phase reaches fruition.

The Mesoamericans encoded this Cosmic alignment into their own special game which was a mix of football, basketball and lacrosse. The rules were similar to the modern game of football, in that they could use any part of the body except the hands. They held special rackets and bats with which to hit the ball and the goal was a ring only slightly larger than a Basketball hoop, positioned on a wall about 25 feet high. The ball had to be be bounced off of the wall in order to enter the goal:


This Mayan game was symbolic of the Cosmos. The rubber ball symbolized the Sun and the court represented the Galaxy. These game courts were considered portals to the Underworld and were built in key locations within the central ceremonial precincts.

The game would end when the first goal was scored. When the Ball (Sun) finally entered the Ring (Galactic Centre) the winners were overcome with jubilation as a special treat awaited the captain of the winning team.

The captain received the special honor of being decapitated by the captain of the losing team, and his head was held up for all to see. As we can see, the Mayan ballgame was very closely connected to the cycles of death and REbirth which takes place in the Heavens (Above) and the Earth (Below).

The Pyramid of Chichen Itza overlooks one of these Galactic ball courts and carved into the stone of this ancient monument we find numerous depictions of the Rain God Chaac. Notice that the Nose of Chaac (below) closely resembles the Galactic Ring (pictured above):


If you think about it the Nose is often associated with the Ring/Hoop:


On the cover of a college magazine called Charlatan I found the Nose (or God Nose) linked directly to the Ring/Hoop, helping confirm my suspicions that the Nose is a pointer towards the Galactic Centre:


Here we see SHAQ (resonating the Hoop-Nosed Rain God CHAAC) slam-dunking the Ball/Sun through the Galactic Nostril:


Chaac-uelle O’Neal plays basketball (alongside team-mate ROBIN Lopez) for the Phoenix Suns, giving Shaq/Chaac even further Solar resonance.

We’ve seen that the Mayans associated the Ball with the Sun and In this next image we find that this symbolism never really died out. Notice that below the Phoenix Sun we find the OZ/NO symbol…


…which we’ve already seen in relation to the Galactic Heart and the Blue Gene:


My interpretation is that the Blue Gene is awoken as our Sun moves into alignment with the Galactic Centre (a Cosmic Slam-dunk), but I think there’s several other factors which are also going to contribute to our REawakening. One of these influences seems to involve the Dog-Star Sirius.

When I learned that Shaq was a player for the Phoenix Suns my line of thought was lead back to the star Sirius which always seems to enter my synchrosphere in one form or another. Jake Kotze has shown that the Egyptian Isis/Sothis is symbolic of the Black Heart of our Milky Way, the GC, but the Mother Goddess also represented the Black-Star Sirius, our possible binary companion.

Here we find Shaq emerging from the Phoenix Sun (Sirius?) with emphasis placed on ‘Solar Energy’ and ‘DIESEL Power’:


While trying to make sense of the appearance of the Shaq/Diesel/Dog-Star connection I came across a movie called ‘The Wash’ where Shaquelle O’Neal stars alongside Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.

In this poster we see the Dogg, the Blue Palm Trees (resonating the Palm of the Blue Hand & the Two Towers) and the Rising Phoenix Sun which we’ve just seen in the image above:


Behind the head of the Dogg we find the symbol of the Vesica Pisces. When two companion Stars/Suns share a binary orbit the shape of the Vesica is formed. Notice that the word ‘Dogg’ is superimposed over the Vesica suggesting that Sirius the Dogg-Star is somehow involved:


Could Sirius (which is now approaching Earth on its 26,000 year cycle) be responsible for washing or bathing our planet with Solar (or Diesel-powered) energy like the movie title ‘The Wash’ suggests? Could the Rain God Chaac (resonating Shaq) be responsible for regulating this floW of DNA-altering energy?

If Sirius is indeed our binary partner, then it would be responsible for moving our entire Solar System through the Cosmos. Without the influence of our canine companion we would not be aligning with our Cosmic Mother in 2012. If you think of Sirius as the basketball player, and our Sun as the basketball itself, then the Ball does not find the Hoop without receiving direction. Sirius could be considered the guiding (Blue?) Hand which makes the 2012 Slam-dunk possible. I hope this theory makes some kind of sense!

If we now turn to the actor Vin DIESEL we find him in the movie Babylon A.D. standing beside 7 glowing Solar Orbs. Notice that one of them contains the binary Vesica:


When Vin DIESEL takes a WASH we see that he has a Scarab Beetle tattooed on his back. Like the Phoenix, the Scarab Beetle is an Egyptian symbol of REbirth. When we are WASHED with DIESEL (energy from the GC or Sirius, or possibly both) we undergo some kind of deep-cleansing (genetic?) transformation.


Since starting this website earlier on this year I’ve associated Sirius in a number of ways with the Black Star (hence the name of this blog). If we look at the Vin DIESEL movie Pitch Black we find a reference to the Blue/Black Star on this poster:


In Pitch Black actor Vin DIESEL plays the role of Riddick. Here we see Riddick’s Blue Hands forming a Cross. Notice that they are bound to the (DNA) Chains:


**Update. Toure stumbled across this interesting tidbit:

Wiki: "Aside from helping Riddick (Vin Diesel) unlock his eyeshine, the character Shirah also allows Riddick to unleash a sort of energy wave. It is shown in the director's cut of The Chronicles of Riddick after she lays her hand on Riddick's chest, leaving a glowing blue hand print that never disappears, and says, "this mark carries the anger of an entire race... but it's going to hurt".

So Vin DIESEL/Riddick has a glowing Blue Hand print on his chest that 'never disappears'. Thanks Toure for this facinating sync!

In this piece of fan art we see Vin DIESEL in the role of Mega Man. Again we see that he entrains with the Blue One and the Blue Hand. Notice the similarities between these two images:



In this image we find a pair of Blue Bottles with the word NOS (or NOSE) written on them. Inside the Blue Car we find actors Paul Walker and Vin DIESEL (notice the Pair of Pentagrams in the wheels – a symbol I’ve associated in the past with Binary Stars):




If we consider that the DIESEL resonating Shaq has starred in The Wash (featuring a Blue Car) and then consider that Vin DIESEL is found inside the Blue Car (above) then we see a new theme beginning to develop. The Blue Car could be interpreted as a Chariot of the Blue Sun, or the Chariot of goD/Dog:


We’ve seen actor Paul Walker sat inside the Blue NOS Car (next to Vin DIESEL) and his role in this movie suggests that the Blue Car/Blue Sun is helping us transition into the Blue. Again we see that Water is a key element:


In the intro of the movie Babylon A.D. we find Vin DIESEL inside a Blue Car which is lifted into the air by a helicopter. The giant magnet which carries the Star into the Heavens is shaped like the Solar Cross:


It was interesting to find that Harry Potter, the God-Sun of Sirius Black, also drives around in a flying Blue Car:


While wondering why the Blue Car kept appearing in relation to many of the symbols/actors/movies which I’ve explored on this blog I recalled an old advert which featured the Chariot of doG:

In this advert we find a race between the Red Car and the Blue Car. While the Red Car drives around consuming anything and everything in its path, the Blue Car is more concerned with finding the Milky Way. It pays attention to the signs and as a result…


…it becomes One with the Milky Way. If you watched the video above then you’ll know that the Blue Chariot, having embraced the Cosmic Mother, wins the race.


While we’re on the subject of old TV commercials it’s worth mentioning one more. We’ve seen that Chaac, the Hook-Nosed Rain-Man, resonates with the Centre of the Milky Way:


We’ve seen that DIESEL resonates with the Mayan Rain God Chaac and DIESEL is of course the fuel (or Life-Blood?) which powers the Car. In this advert we find that the song Singing in the Rain (resonating Chaac/Shaq) and the Car (in this case a Volkswagen Golf GTI) combine:

Is it a coincidence then to find a reference to the Blue Gene (via Gene Kelly) in this poster?


The Rain (washing down on us from the GC or Sirius) seems to help open the Umbrella, a symbol of the awakened Crown Chakra or the Illuminated Mind. As the tagline in the poster above suggests, the Rain which falls from Shaq/Chaac gives us a Glorious Feeling:


So I started off looking at Diesel and this lead me to the element of Water which lead me to the Car Wash and the Blue Chariot:


Curious to learn more about the Blue Car I did a quick Google search and realized the the message couldn’t get much clearer than this. The Blue Car points towards the Blue Blood which is being triggered as we accelerate towards 2012:


If the Blue Blood reference wasn’t clear enough I noticed in this piece of artwork that the letters PAN (resonating DNA) is superimposed over the CAR, or ARC:


Notice above that on the rear of the Blue Car we find the Solar Cross in the form of the BMW logo. On the Nose of this BMW we find the Blue DNA:


Let’s follow this sync-thread to an actor called David Strathairn and a movie called Evidence of BLOOD. Beneath the word BLOOD in the title we see the lights of a Car illuminating the scene:


If we follow the Blood trail of actor David Strathairn, seen above (top left), we find that he also stars in a movie called BLUE CAR:


It shouldn’t come as a surprise then to find Strathairn in the movie Brother From Another Planet which depicts a Blood Brother, or Blues Brother, gradually turning Blue. The Blue HAND is of course a subtle reference to the Blue DNA-H:



The plot thickens when we take a look at the Blue Car, the (HH) Hudson HORNet, in the movie Cars. On the Nose of the HORNet we find a Pyramid (aren’t all Noses shaped like a Pyramid?) with a Red Eye at the apex:


Diesel and Oil are one and the same and this Blue Car knows a thing or two about the OIL PAN, or OIL DNA. PAN naturally resonates with the HORN (or HORNet). Notice that a drip of Red Blood is about to drip onto the Blue Chariot:


We find further verification for this Blood/Diesel/Oil connection in the movie ‘There will be Blood’. In this poster notice the XX in the chair that D.Day-Lewis sits upon (XX marks the spot) and also notice that the pair of Golden Globes/Suns (binary companions?) hang in the air above the Oil prospector. The burst of flame resonates with the rising of the Red Dragon, or Kundalini Fire Serpent:


We’ve seen the Oil PAN resonate with our DNA and here we see that Oil is thicker than Blood. Notice that the Tower (or Pyramid capped by a Red Flame) connects with the Ladder, a symbol of our evolutionary journey, and our DNA looks visually like a twisted Ladder:


Actor DNAiel Day-Lewis, the Oil Prospector mentioned above, starred in the movie The Last of the Mohicans (notice the Pair of Crossses on the strap across his chest):


On this logo for the DIESEL aftershave called Only the Brave (which became the catalyst for this post) we find the Mohawk:



If we look closer at this Blue Blood, or Blue Oil/Diesel, we see that it contains all the colors in the spectrum of the Rainbow:


A Rainbow is created when the Sun’s light is refracted at an angle of 42 degrees. This is a number which resonates strongly with Jupiter/Zeus and The Meaning of Life:


If we do a quick recap on the Rain/Water we’ve looked at:

  • The Rain God Chaac/Shaq
  • A movie called The Wash (featuring the Blue Car)
  • Paul Walker – star of Into the Blue (featuring someone diving into the ocean). Walker is the driver of the Blue NOS Car who sits alongside Vin DIESEL
  • Blood is Thicker than Water
  • Singing in the Rain (Gene Kelly)

The Rain/Water and the Oil/Diesel/Blue Blood seem to be very much connected to one another.

If we follow actor DNAiel Day-Lewis we find him in a movie called My Beautiful Launderette. What do you do in a Launderette? You WASH your clothes. On the poster for this movie we find the Rainbow emerging from a Box of Washing Powder, and we also see that it’s connected to the Ocean, the element of Water and the symbol of Aquarius:


In this poster we see Daniel Day-Lewis standing beneath the word POWDER in bright neon BLUE:


If we look at the 2009 movie called BLUE POWDER we find a reference to the BLUE HAND/BLUE DNA-H (on the left), the RED HAND and the CROSS (on the right), the NO/OZ Smoking sign, and at the very bottom we see actor Ray Liotta bathed in Blue, a reference to the Blue Ray:


If we look at the movie POWDER we find a reference to the Blue Sunglasses and the Lightning Bolt. What props up the Sunglasses? The Nose of course:


If we look for another pair of Blue Sunglasses we find them on the Nose of actor Vin DIESEL in the movie Babylon A.D.:


Now these Powder references got me scratching my head. If the Blue Car synchronicities weren’t weird enough I now had the Blue Powder to bring into the equation.

While doing a Google search for the word POWDER I came across this image of the POP diva Amy Winehouse who had her Powdered Nose highlighted:


We’ve seen that the Nose resonates with the Galactic Centre. If we place concentric circles on an object we focus the attention of the observes on the centre. Our eye is naturally drawn to the Bullseye. Here’s a few that I’ve looked at in previous posts:

IMAGE ID # 1685182 Target and Christina Aguilera host 'A Night of Music' to celebrate the Grand Opening of the Target Terrace at LA LIVE on Sunday November 23, 2008 in Los Angeles, California.     CR: SAC/Fame Pictures   11/23/2008 --- Christina Aguilera --- (C) 2009 Fame Pictures, Inc. - Santa Monica, CA, U.S.A - 310-395-0500 / Sales: 310-395-0500

Christina Aguilera resonates with the ‘Gene-ie in a Bottle’ thanks to her song of the same name. We see Robin Tunney attached to the DNA Chain in the movie Cherish. We’ve also seen the Basketball player Michael Jordan who knows all about the Hoop/Ring/GC. We also find Amy Winehouse targeted by the concentric circles which made me question her involvement in this series of syncs:


During a moment of inspiration I realized that the clue was in her name: Amy WINEhouse.

Wikipedia: The Blood of Christ in Christian theology refers to (a) the physical blood actually shed by Jesus Christ on the Cross, and the salvation which Christianity teaches was accomplished thereby; and (b) the Eucharistic blood used at Holy Communion. The ancient Christian churches (Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, and Roman Catholic) believe that in the Eucharist, the faithful receive Jesus' blood under the species of WINE.


WINEhouse could be interpreted as a reference to the Blood of the Christos. Wine = Blood

If we look at the actor VIN Diesel we find that the word VIN means WINE in French. Vin = Wine


All are pointers to the awakening of Khrist Konsciousness.

Maybe the sWINE Flu PANdemic is somehow involved. Who nose what weird and wonderful ways the Universe will use to trigger our inner Super-Star?


If you’re still with me then you’ll be glad to know that I’m nearly done here. Let’s wrap this up by looking at the Clothes many of us WASH in the launderette:


Some of us WASH our Genes in the Laundrette:


The Genes of Jesus resonate with the Blue Blood:


If we look at this poster for the Blue Jesus Genes we find a reference to the Black Star. As we’ve seen, the Black Star is a pointer towards the Dog-Star Sirius which is possibly helping us align with the Black Star (or Galactic Centre) of our Milky Way. Notice that the rear end is highlighted:


Let’s recall that the rear end of this Blue Chariot displays a Solar Cross (a reference to the Black Star) and also refers to the Blue Jesus Gene:


While we’re looking at the rear it’s worth mentioning that the brand DIESEL might make aftershave, but they also make Genes:


These Blue Diesel Genes are somewhat special because they receive a First Class DNA WASH:


And this special WASH seems to be connected to our Future:


After writing all this I think I’m in dire need of a glass of Wine. :D

If you made it this far then thanks for reading!

Peace all.



The Hermit said...

Once again like magic... We bleed together. Big one this, might take me awhile.

Stefan J said...

I drive on the same side of the road as you, Ra!

Chaak's nose is much like Gonzo's nose if it were inverted! He's got red, blue and purple in his colour-scheme too. Gonzo can be rearragned as Gnozo. Check this pic of HST's Gonzo logo to see the gonz and the spirit palm 'cross' paths.

Blue car the binary of the golden taxi?

Great post.


Jaspal said...

Shaq also played for the LA Lakers (water), then the Miami HEAT and finally the rising SUN! He's also wearing the 32 on his Phoenix Sun's shirt (opposite of Jordan’s 23). He has also been the Tin man in a film called Steel

When looking at that hooked nose, I recalled this from my childhood:

Also, who is Peter Pan's nemesis?

Arrowsmith said...

Mr. Hermit, while writing this post I recalled that you used to mention the Race Car but you've never really gone into too much detail about it. Maybe you'll elaborate on this some day (*nudge nudge). I'm glad we're both syncing along the same lines.

Stefan, comment posted at 12:24. Nice timing my friend!
I couldn't get that Gonzo link to work but thanks for bringing him to my attention. Gnozo, the Gnose of ZO/OZ. :)

As for the Blue Car/Gold taxi combo, I like it! It reminded me of the PAN/Pair of Pentagram syncs I looked at a while back in this pic.

Jaspal, where you have been stranger? The evolution of Shaq's career does seem syncnificant now that you've pointed out those dots for me.

I really wanted to get into the Tinman connection but I'd never have got it finished!
Vin Diesel played the Iron Giant, Shaq was the Tinman of Steel, Michael Jackson has been a Robot and a Car in Moonwalker, Robin Williams sings 'Singing in the Oil' in the movies Robots (his Nose drops off in the opening credits!), the list goes on and on and on. If I get a chance I'll put some of these syncs up over at The Sync Whole.

Peter Pans nemesis was Hook, played by Dustin Hoffman, and he was also the RAIN MAN!!!

Cheers for the feedback guys...much appreciated.

The Hermit said...

Ok so we have multiple connects on this one.

But, I want to mention the Diesel Blood connect. Diesel can be the anointing oil. Christ is the anointed one Messiah actually meaning the Gator oil that they would have put on him. Oil in Alchemy is the essential, and most powerful aspect of something. Think extract.

"R.T. Hansen" said...

Haha very funny stuff, take it away blue dawg...

Amazing catch this diesel thing. Just the realisation blue jeans as the eternally fashionable (because they are really the genes) is still resonating through my mind like a race horse. Work pants!

Thanks for clearing this up for me mate...

More from the same drawer please. Work magic when not forced

Dennis Igou said...

Noseing my way thru the syncrosphere, here I stop. You have a wonderful nose for syncromystic connections. Great work. Intuition and soul make for good syncros. Ones, that we as a species must connect,and soon. I sometimes close my eyes and see through my third eye(mind's eye) a blue dot. I think it is a tunnel of being that lays out before me. Royal blue soul light. Keep digging the collective minds eye! Shine forth brave souls! Dennis. wv monis

Stefan J said...

Wow. It was bang-on 1224 on the 22nd, no less.

Interesting to see Shaq at the Shaolin Temple recently too.

He quoted the following on Twitter:

"Ive been alotta place but being at the shaolin temple n china has brouhht a tear to my eye buddha blessed"

Ra, just do a Google image search of "gonzo logo" and you'll see a heap of spirit palms appear!

Peace all!

blue wv=rednasm (arm ends/ Mars end)

Indras Net said...

awsome stuff, be well

Terry said...

Jake Kotze said...


Cocaine is Powder and also SNOW.

S(NOW) can become NOSE via WE3 Spinner.

Peace In Dog

Jake Kotze said...

SNOW/NOSE is crystallized water..

Arrowsmith said...

Hermes - thanks for pointing out the oil/Christ connection. Considering Christ resonates with the Sun, and the Lion is symbolic of the Sun (due to it's golden mane), it kind of makes sense that:


Just a thought...

R.T. - Glad you enjoyed the post. This one seemed to flow quite naturally and I'm glad it came across that way in my writing. Sometimes I force the syncs out (even when there's a dry spell) because it keeps the ball rolling. There's always an ebb and a flow with this work and I'm glad the current has swallowed me up once again. I'm going to enjoy it while it's here.

Dennis - many thanks for stopping by. I used to see a kind of royal blue dot/smudge with my eyes closed (it usually morphed into green for some reason) but this seems to have stopped in recent months. Keep that light shining!

Stefan - Now I see what you mean with the Gonzo logo. You've just started an avalanche of thought with this Gonzo/Gnozo stuff and I hope to explore it sometime soon over at The Sync Whole, flux willing!

Indras Net - thanks dude!

Terry - the Blue Gene syncing up with a Super Computer. I love the correlations between the two because I like to think of DNA as a super advanced form of technology. I'll keep this Blue Gene sync in mind and see how it develops. Thanks for pointing me to the link.

Jake - awesome insight! The Nose resonates Water. Will definitely explore this soon.

Anonymous said...

wow. Blue Jeans/Genes/Genies!

The Shaq/Chaac connection = genius

So, the Genie as Shaq has Chaac's Godlike abilities and as such the game he/we play controls the weather in our collective skies...

And I'm assuming the snow powder/lightning/electricity/storm/rain theme is the "Washing" in all this.

I'm certainly plugged in to this.

New lead= Washing-ton? Has anyone ever heard of Washington's Vision?

And with the "Double Cross" reference in DD Lewis. I just saw something on an ancient Etruscan reference to the Crosses of St Andrew and St George, which are Red and Blue, and surround a christ-like figure.


For some reason, this all reminds me of Schwarzenegger. Can't put my finger on it yet.

Arrowsmith said...

Hi Cosmicalphabet. Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad to hear that you're also plugged in to these themes.

I have thought about the Washington connection (Denzel WASHington being one actor who sprung to mind) so I'm going to follow your link and see where it takes me.

I checked out your blog and really enjoyed your writing, particularly your Obama/UFO/thong dream from 2008! I'm glad you've had the urge to start writing again.

As for the Arnie Schwarzenneger connection, maybe it has something to do with his oiled body during his body building/Mr. Universe days. Or how about his role as the Terminator? All Tinmen need to be oiled regularly. :)

Newspaceman said...

"If the ancient Mayan predictions are correct then 2012 could very well be the year in which our transition into this Blue phase reaches fruition."

The Mayans predicted a blue phase transition ?

Would you be so kind as to provide a source for the predictions, translated, please.


Arrowsmith said...

Newagespaceman, the Mayans, as far as I'm aware, never once stated that we are currently moving into a 'blue phase'. This is simply my interpretation based on the range of blue synchronicities which have recently entered my life.

However, on the very final page of the Dresden Codex, one of the only books to survive the Spanish invasion, the Mayans depicted an image outlining the events which they believed would take place in and around the year 2012, an important date which marks the completion of a 26,000 year cycle (known in modern terms as the 'Great Year' or 'The Precession of the Equinox').
On the final page of the Dresden Codex they showed an image of a giant serpent releasing a great gush of blue water down onto the earth. They also showed a male figure pouring water from a jug, symbolic of the Aquarian Water Bearer. The Mayans made it crystal clear that Water would be a very important element when it came to the years surrounding 2012. We naturally think of water being associated with the colour Blue, so you could say that the Mayans did place some emphasis on 2012 being a time when life on Earth would be submerged in Blue.

Try googling 'Dresden Codex last page' if you want to read more about it.

The Mayans weren't the only ones to hint of a 'Blue Future'. An ancient Hopi Indian prophecy states that:

"When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge. This will be the Day of Purification. It will come when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask."

Sirius has been mentioned in relation to the identity of this Hopi Blue Star, but like everything in life, nothing can be known with 100% certainty. Absolutely nothing.

On a more serious note I decided to remove your last comment. If you have issues with somebody who leaves feedback here, please take it up with them personally. I'd rather you express your opinion directly by dropping them a private email. Feedback or questions are always appreciated. Insults aren't.


ViølatoR said...

Lots of cool blue-genes and blue-hand synchs! Fun read indeed. The Blue Ray (Liotta) reminds me of Christopher Knowels' idea that the Sun God Ra was the god of a blue sun, not the normal sun we're familiar with; perhaps Sirius? I think I said it in a previous comment, but the Mayans ate a entheogenic cactus which made their nose run a lot, and improved their night-vision.

The "Ancient Chinese Secret" of getting clothes to look really clean was the addition by Chinese launderers of Blue Balls to the load of laundry which gave whites a slight blue tint that made them look cleaner.

Arrowsmith said...

ViolatoR, could it be the Peyote Cactus?

I dig the Blue Sun/Ra connection for obvious reasons. I do dabble in Chris's work from time to time, but my god can that guy write!!! I might have a look back at his previous posts to see what he says on the subject.

So the Chinese blue balls make whites looks whiter than white? I know the Red Ball/Spot has appeared in the past so I'll keep an eye out for the Blue. Thanks for the pearls of wisdom!

Michael said...

Red Spot, Blue Point? (Blaupunkt). Appliance brands, I believe.

Really excellent post that sends me off on thousands of tangents. Apparently others agree with your MJ = No Nose = enlightenment deduction:

Field Museum Egyptian bust looks just like King of Pop

Via the Secret Sun. A Maize ing.

Cheers, Michael

Arrowsmith said...

Michael, thanks for the MJ link.

I've also wondered why some of these syncs entrain with kitchen appliances. The Red Spot is found in the centre of the frying PAN. Blue Point make a variety of different PANs. Considering MJ built the Neverland Ranch and was a 'boy who never grew up' you could say that he also has a lot in common with the PAN. The plot thickens...

John O'Brien said...

daniel day lewis in the last of the mohicans character was called 'Hawk eye' Blue genes resonated with the comic Rogue trooper and the character venus blue genes and the G.I. infantry men. Also Avatar had a blue aliens and the main character rode on a creature that had phoenix colouring and resonace.