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RAW Eggs


I like to think of this approaching New Age in relation to child birth. Shortly before a baby is born the pregnant mother releases a gush of water as the womb drains of the liquid which once suspended the growing fetus. The waters break and it’s a tell tale sign that the baby is ready to emerge. I believe that the Aquarian Waters are about to break, flooding our planet in a Wave of new energy which is going to cleanse our planet in a variety of different ways.

So on one level the waters must floW from the Mother before the baby can makes it’s way to the Exit. It’s a necessary part of the process. On another level there’s usually a release of tears by the parents as they finally get the opportunity to hold their child in their arms for the first time. This is then followed by a flood of unconditional love which is directed towards their new born son or daughter. There’s a series of releases on both the physical and emotional levels, inside and outside. I think the approaching Aquarian Deluge is going to hit us in much the same way.

On one level I see this Flood arriving from far out in space. Certain influential Stars (Sirius and the Pleiades in particular) seem to be responsible for sending us these new waves of Kosmic Energy, or at the very least they seem to be altering the floW of the tide so that the currents work in our favor. One way or another our planet appears to be swept up in something special and as a result of this, so are you and I.

If we zoom in closer then we’re going to see this Kosmic Flood playing out on a physical level, and I believe that we’re going to be able to watch the events unfold before our very eyes. We’re going to see a trend of ‘Water’ incidents (flooding being one of them) as Gaias waters begin to break. The contractions have already begun and it feels like we’re simply going through the motions. The Rebirth is imminent, and the Flood is simply a part of this process. How big this release will be only time will tell, but I’d recommend checking out Jim Sanders post Manitoba Watching for Return of the Red-C for an example of one such flooding which happened recently in Manitoba, Canada.

Closer to home I watched on the news tonight (April Fools Day) as a Wave of protesters flooded the streets of London in front of the Royal Bank of Scotland building, and continued to surge through the police as they smashed through the windows of the RBS building. The Wave literally Cracked the Egg of the Bank wide open, and people could be seen in the news report climbing in and out of the office as the crowds chanted in protest of the crash of the Egonomy:

Like child birth these Waves are releases of energy. In London it was a mass release of anger and frustration which was directed at the Banks and the UK government. A ‘Bank’ is something that contains the water of a River/Stream, and today that ‘Bank’ became Flooded.. On the physical plane we’re going to see these Waves come with increasing strength and regularity, each one shaking away another fragile piece of the Collective Egg. The Humpty Free-fall is well underway and you only have to turn on the news to watch it happening in real-time. On April FOOLs Day we took one step closer to shattering the ‘O’ of the Egg:


If we zoom in closer and look within the body then we find that the flooding is also taking place at the microcosmic level. Our DNA is being bathed in something ‘new’. The so-called ‘junk DNA’ (Lead) is being transmuted into Gold as the dormant Codons within each of us begins to Awaken, and the Red Sea which flows in our veins is beginning to shift with the turning of the Kosmic tides. As Above (Macrocosm), So Below (Microcosm).

Using a term coined by J.R.R Tolkien, I would say that we experience Life on the 'Middle Earth’ which can be found somewhere between the two polarities. On the surface it might appear to be separate from what’s going on out in space, or what’s happening within our own bodies, but really it’s all intimately entwined. We’re walking the Path of the Middle Pillar and in the near future I’m sure it’s going to have it’s fair share of Ups and Downs as these Kosmic Energies bathe our planet. If we’re Surfing with the floW of the Kosmic currents (rather than against them), then this process won’t just be Enlightening, it’ll be a hell of a lot of fun as well!

The ‘Inner Flood Gates’ which where once sealed are now beginning to open, and as a result our Heart and Minds are beginning to flower (or floW). They’ve been closed for a long time but like the arrival of the Sun we simply cannot resist the warm rays. When a Flower opens for the first time, it’s a beautiful thing to behold. Consciousness is beginning to unfold within each of us and I believe it’s preparation for what’s to come. We’re being prepared to leave the Womb which has been containing us all this time.

When we’re ready to accept the approaching Flood because we understand that it’s a natural part of being ‘Born Again’, when we come back into alignment with our Universe, and when the Flower unfolds in our Mind Eye, we’ll be ready to Hatch into this New Age:


I believe that the Universe is holding it’s breath in much the same way as a first time parent as we enter into these final stages of labor. Eyes are watching from above as the contractions intensify and humanity wriggles into position. Humpty’s free-fall is coming to an end and when we hit Ground Zero, I think we’re all going to come tumbling out and wonder what the hell just happened.

I want to look at this ‘Break Down’ via synchronicity, and considering this is a Blog called the Black Dog Star, I want to bring all of this back home to Sirius which I believe is going to share some of the responsibility for our Collective Shattering. The arrival of Sirius is destined (if the Binary Theory is correct) and I think that the Goddess Sirius, whom the ancients Egyptians referred to as Isis, will be the Mid-wife whose going to help deliver humanity, via the portal of Mother Earth, into this new Era. Isis is the Dog-Star who is going to teach us all how to Shine.

In the words of Aleister Crowley: ‘Every Man and Woman is a Star’.

12_Star_is_born 0_Sirius 0_Sirius3

One of the symbols which inspired me to write this post came in the form of the Crescent & Star which Jake Kotze wrote about recently in C-ing Red. If you haven’t checked it out then I highly recommend doing so as it helps set the stage for the synchronicities I’m about to explore:


But before taking a closer look at the symbol of the Crescent & Star I need to back track a little to my 29th birthday which took place on the 26th of February. I documented a series of Elephant synchronicities in my post called Surfing the Rainbow Wave and looked at how the Elephant charged into my life that fateful day and took my life by storm. It changed the whole direction that I had planned for this Blog, and it lead me to investigate the Peacock and the Seahorse, two creatures I’d never been concerned with before.

The day after my ‘Elephant Birthday’, on the 27th February, something interesting happened. I mentioned in Surfing the Rainbow Wave that I had an unusual dream in which a giant Tidal Wave crashed over an Island shaped in the form of a giant Pyramid. This dream encouraged me to look at the Eyeland in a whole new way and suggested that I begin to focus my attention on the 3rd Eye and the Pineal Gland. So that’s what I’ve been doing.

However, there’s one thing I didn’t mention in my previous posts because at the time it didn’t seem to be relevant. On the night I had my Eyeland dream (27th Feb) I went to a Casino event with some of my work colleagues to help raise money for charity. When I stepped outside of the hotel to have a smoke I looked up at the clear night sky and I saw something quite breathtaking.

The Moon had formed a Crescent, a sliver of silver in the shape of a U, and directly above it I found Venus shining so brightly that it was quite awe-some. It looked as though Venus was about to enter into the U of the Moon and the unusual alignment (which I’ve never encountered before) reminded me of a diamond falling into a bowl or cup.

That night I had the Eyeland/Tidal Wave dream before waking up the next morning with a stinking hang over. I soon forgot all about the Venus/Moon alignment until I read Jakes C-ing Red post the other day and saw these images. At the sight of the Crescent & Star something inside went ‘click’:


I know that Venus is a Planet, and not a Star, but the fact that it’s the brightest thing in the night sky (other than the Moon) we could say that it visually resonates with the Star.

There’s another good reason why Venus has links to the Star or Pentagram. The Earth makes 8 orbits around our Sun for every 13 orbits of Venus, and the five inferior conjunctions of Venus create the shape of a Pentagram around planet Earth:


In my last post called Free Falling…Humpty Style I came to the realization that the C looks visually like an Egg which has been cracked open:

O = Egg

C = Cracked Egg

When the Egg/Womb opens waters break, and the C/Sea comes flooding out. The letter C seems to resonate with the Cracked Egg, the theme of Rebirth, and it also resonates with the C-Horse which I linked to the Tidal Wave in Surfing the Rainbow Wave and the 3rd Eye in Do you sea Horses?

I’ve also looked at how the Cracked Egg (or letter C) can represent the human skull, and symbolizes the ‘opening’ or ‘flowering’ of our 3rd Eye and Crown Chakra which is helping us absorb the Kosmic rays which are arriving on Earth. We saw the Skull/Egg at the start of this post with the Aquarian Waters floWing into it:


The symbol above of the Star (Venus) entering the letter ‘C’ (the Crescent of the Moon) suggests that these two neighbors are also going to help influence Life as we begin our Collective Hatching.


The Moon makes sense considering it regulates the ocean tides (macrocosm) and also the internal tides within our bodies (microcosm). Considering our bodies are made up of 70-80% Water, the Moon has a huge influence in our daily lives even if we aren’t consciously aware of it. I’ve always connected the Elephant to the Moon, even before my Surfing the Rainbow Wave post in which we looked at the Elephant/Moon connection in Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Mooney in Harry Potter, and Ganesh inside the Moon:


A few years back I even drew a sketch of Ganesh sitting back to back with Thoth the Egyptian Moon God beneath a Black Star/Sun (and this was well before I knew anything about Sirius!):


But what I want to focus on in this post is the Planet of Love, Venus, who has been associated with various different Goddesses throughout ancient history. She seems to be entering into us from above (just like the Crescent & Star symbol suggests) and I see her return as a very positive omen.

Looking back on the Tidal Wave/Eyeland dream which helped spawn several posts on this Blog, I can’t help but think that there’s something even more syncnificant about it. Considering I’ve already linked the dream to the Rainbow Goddess Iris and the Egyptian Goddess Isis/Sothis/Sirius, and now to the Planet of the Divine Feminine, Venus, I can’t help but feel that there’s a definite Female energy surrounding this approaching ‘Shift’. This doesn’t come as a surprise considering we’re about to be Reborn via the Feminine Portal.

On the day that I uploaded my post Free Falling…Humpty Style (Saturday 28th March) my partner and three kids went off shopping and went to a local jumble sale. My son is mad for anything mechanical (cars, tractors, diggers, you name it) so he ended up coming home with a Bob the Builder jigsaw puzzle.

We had a play with the pieces and as I was packing them away I spotted the Elephant staring up at me from the side of box, and I noticed several other things of interest as well:


Here’s the box he came home with. At the bottom left of the corner we see a small red Elephant logo for the company ‘Jumbo’.


I thought the appearance of the Jumbo Elephant was interesting (considering I’d just uploaded my Humpty post which featured the Elephant throughout) but nothing to write home about, until I noticed the emphasis placed on the letter J and the Eye:


When I tilted the box slightly, there was the Crescent & Star symbol formed by the Tusk and the Eye of the Elephant. By this point in time I’d been onto The Blob and read Jakes post about the Crescent & Star so it was still fresh in my mind. To find the Crescent & Star connected to the Elephant was a nice find, but then I noticed the appearance of Humpty Dumpty’s Wall in relation to all these symbols:


That very day I’d uploaded my Humpty Post which was all about the Breaking of the Egg Shell/Wall, and here I was finding all of these symbols ‘Coming Together’. Ganesh has made many appearances on my Blog and I find it interesting that he’s sometimes referred to as the ‘Remover of Obstacles’. Considering we find the Red Elephant connected to the Wall in the image above, we could say that Ganesh is ready to help us remove any blockages (or ‘Crack open the Egg’).


Maybe an hour passed and I was sitting in my bedroom when a plastic bag lying on the floor caught my eye. It was a bag from a local clothes shop called ‘New Look’. Here’s the logo:


Notice the Crescent & Star symbol above in the ‘W’ of ‘neW look’. Now I was scratching my head wondering WTF! I’ve mentioned above that the Crescent (Moon) & Star (Venus) seem to resonate with the Female energy and unsurprisingly the ‘New Look’ shops are focused predominantly towards the female shopper:


What really caught my attention was the link between the Crescent & Star which I could now link to the letter ‘W’. The W has appeared quite a few times on this Blog, and they’ve each been related in one way or another with the Dog-Star Sirius.

W = 23rd letter of the alphabet

W also has 2 points down and 3 points up = 23

If we follow the Crescent & Star to the W and then to The Number 23, we find my numero uno Sirius resonator in the form of Jim Carrey. He appeared many times in my last Humpty post and I pointed out that he resonates strongly with the Cracked Egg/Humpty and he’s also played the role of Horton the Elephant (and ‘Man on the Moon’):


So I’d like to take a quick look at a few screenshots from The Number 23 movie. The first one appears in the intro where we learn that the year 2012 is connected to the number 23, and therefore the letter W:


2012 seems to be a key date when it comes the arrival of Sirius, and I looked at this date in more detail in my post Surfing the Rainbow Wave.

We see Walter Sparrows (JC’s) wife enter the abandoned office of Dr. Sirius, who happens to be Jim Carrey’s psychiatrist in the movie:


We find some further solar connotations in the form of the Solar Cross which we see forming a Halo over the head of Mr and Mrs. JC:


Finally we find that JC’s friend is called Dr. Miles PHOENIX:


So let’s take a brief look at the relevance of the Phoenix. While researching the Phoenix about a year ago I learned that:

'The Phoenix, or Bennu bird, was a mythical creature symbolizing Rebirth to the ancient Egyptians. It was strongly associated with the "Benben" stone of Heliopolis, which was likely to have been a massive conical-shaped meteorite worshipped at the temple there. The original Benben was "the primeval hill which, in Egyptian cosmology, first emerged from the waters of chaos to become Atum, the God of Creation".

The prominent archeo-astronomy scientist E.C. Krupp has linked the Phoenix with both the Sun and Sirius:
"The Egyptians attached particular importance to a heron-like bird they called the "Bennu", and the Greeks identified the Bennu with the Phoenix. According to Herodotus, the red and gold Bennu was reported to return from Arabia to Heliopolis after five hundred years’ absence, or, more curiously, according to others, after 1,461 years. In some versions of the legend the Bennu dies at Heliopolis, and from either its nest or its own burned remains a new Bennu arises to start the cycle of life anew."

The figure of 1,461 years is the length of time of the Sothic Cycle, the time taken for the Solar Calendar to coincide again with that of Sirius. This leads Krupp to identify the Phoenix with Sirius.’

Sirius Black, or the Black Star, is of course one of the lead members of ‘The Order of the Phoenix’ in the Harry Potter movies:


I found all this fascinating considering Jim Carrey is linked to Dr. Sirius and Dr. Phoenix in The Number 23. Sirius and the Phoenix are interchangeable with one another and it felt appropriate that both could be linked to Jim Carrey in the same movie.

We’ve already seen that the letter W and the number 23 have some serious Sirius resonance. In ‘The Order of the Phoenix/Sirius’ we see Sirius Black (G.Oldman) sitting at the head of the table with the other members with the ‘W’ sat right in front of him. Note that Professor ‘Mooney’ the Elephant resonator sits close by:


Let’s also recall that we saw the Elephant connected to the Crescent/Star, and we’ve also seen the letter W connected to this particular symbol via the ‘New Look’ logo:


The ‘C’ of the Crescent above resonates with the Cracked Egg, so it was interesting to find this image of the Phoenix ‘Rising from the Ashes’ in a Nest which looks very similar to a Cracked Egg:


Above the rising Phoenix there’s a Star/Sun blazing. In this photo we see the same thing but the Star in this instance is the planet Venus. It’s funny how Venus is the brightest planet visible from Earth, and Sirius is the brightest star. From these synchronicities I’d suggest that Sirius (the Star) and Venus (the Planet) are interchangeable with one another, and both point towards this new infusion of the Feminine Energies with are entering into our Skulls/Cracked Egg/C.

Sirius and Venus both seem to be strongly connected to our moment of Rebirth, or ‘Rising from the Ashes’, and they both resonate with the Elephant, the number 23 and the letter W.

So let’s now look at a Tennis Star in the form of VENUS Williams whose renowned for the BREAK serve. Notice anything familiar?


Here we see Venus with the W of the Wimbledon logo in the background, the W (for Wilson) on her racket, and there’s even a W on her chest:


If we take a closer look at her chest (without lowering the tone!) we see that the W is formed by the numbers 11:11


Venus Williams has a brand called ‘Eleven’ (symbolized by 11:11), and because 11 represents the Two Towers/Duality (which came crashing down on 9/11) we could say that Venus resonates with the theme of ‘Breaking’ of ‘Cracking’:


Geroge W Bush also resonates with the Two Towers (of 9/11) and he certainly helped Crack the Collective Egg by making us realize that Governments aren’t all they’re ‘cracked up’ to be. The movie about his life happens to be called:


Notice that the W above is created by 4 lines: IIII. When merged they form the letter ‘W’:


In the Number 23 (which represents the W) we see JC staring at the numbers 11:11 (or W) on his Clock:


I’ve mentioned before that 11:11 seems to begin appearing in our lives when we’re ready to Awaken, or ‘Hatch’. It seems to be a world wide phenomena and I’m sure many of you have experienced these reoccurring numbers in your life as well:


I documented one of my 11:11 experiences in my ‘Things Are Coming Together’ post, and funnily enough I only mentioned it because I found a Cracked Stone/Egg sitting on top of my refuse bin:

I found it sat on top of the number 11, symbolizing the Cracking of the Two Towers, and the Cracking of the Collective Egg:


If we look at the Venus Williams logo again we see that just above the ‘W’ of ‘Venus Williams’ there is a ‘V’. Venus Williams initials are ‘VW’ which we seen connected to EVE. We also see the same ‘VW’ connection on the logo for George W’s new movie:


If it wasn’t for Wikipedia I don’t think I would have uncovered a lot of the stuff on this Blog, so it makes sense that we see the W (or ‘VW’) in the Cracked Egg of the Earth:


I want to look at the Beetle (symbol of Rebirth) in more detail in a future post, but for now I just want to include this advert for the VW Beetle which resonates with you know what:


Ok, I couldn’t resist one more. In my last post I included a video where Jim Carrey (the No. 23/W resonator) sings the words ‘I am the Eggman’ in the Beatles song ‘I am the Walrus’. So here’s an Egg resonating Beetle holding up his Hand/Eye Spirit Palm:


In Africa the Dung Beetle can’t get enough of Elephant poo, so let’s get the Elephant involved once again via the 911/Two Tower resonating Lord of the Rings:


On the Elephant Mans Skull (above) we see the name of Venus Williams new brand: Eleven. It looks visually like a crack down his Head, and in this image if you imagine Saurons Red Eye as an Egg the Black Slit in the centre represents the Opening of the Egg/Womb, and it’s all connected to the W/23 resonating Elephant:


Here we see Venus swinging her ‘W’ tennis racket in fron of the US Open logo:


Venus is ushering us into a ‘United State of Consciousness’. Consciousness is Uniting. The US Open = the Opening of Consciousness, or Opening of the Cracked Egg, both being interchangeable with one another.

Within the logo we find the ‘C’ of the Crescent with the Star/O inside of it:

us_open Aum2

It always seems to come back to the W. To find the connections we just need to LOOK at things in a NEW way:


I want to wind this down now with a look at a few more 23 connections and then wrap this up by connecting it all once with the Dog-Star Sirius.

Here we see Venus placing with a Red Hand as she places it on the W, the letter she resonates with in a number of different ways:


Above we see the Red Hand and the W (of Wilson) ‘coming together’ and in the movie Cast Away (that resonates with the Eyeland/3rd Eye) we see the W (of Wilson) and the Red Hand once again:


Above we see the letter ‘AVP’ connected to all of this. It reminds of ‘Alien Vs Predator’ and if you want to recap on some Elephant/ChickenMan/Egg/Atlantis synchronicities involving the Alien franchise then please check out my last post.

Follow Tom Hanks to Toy Story 2 and we find that the Chicken Man (Al) kidnaps him and takes him to floor number 23 (W):


We’ve seen that Sirius resonates with the number 23 so it’s no surprise that we find the Dog and 23 in the same shot:


Isis/Sirius/Sothis was depicted by the Egyptians as a Cow, and here we see the Cowgirl, the Dog, and the Bullseye (3rd Eye) all wrapped up together on floor 23:


(JC) Joan Cuscack played the role of the Sirius resonating Cowgirl an it’s interesting that her brother (JC) John Cusack loves Dogs, and he also stars in the movie ‘2012’:


I believe the flood is due to peak in the year 2012 and it’s no coincidence that the Ark which is to save mankind from the Deluge (think Noah) in the movie ‘Deep Impact’ is numbered 23:


I believe the Flooding/Cracking will grow in strength as the Dog-Star Sirius moves closer to our planet, and it’s no surprise that you find the number 23/W in the movie SlumDog Millionaire:


If we take a look at the movie Equilibrium starring Christian Bale we find that it’s the Dog who helps open his closed heart, and reminds him how to Love:


We also find Bale standing inside the Octagon of the Solar Cross suggesting that the Dog lover has resonance with the Sun (or ‘Dog Sun’):


Surprise surprise, Bale also encounters the number 23:


At the end of Equilibrium we find that Balance has been restored, and we see that Bales hand has turned Red:


Even JC has a Red Hand in The Number 23:


In The Prestige we see that Christian Bale has further resonance with the number 23 (thanks to A Few Shots to Shaman for sending me this image):


I just read Jakes latest post The Soul of a Saint over at The Blob and couldn’t help but notice the poster of Empire of the Sun. This was the first movie which brought young Bale to public attention and notice in the poster that we have a Egg/Sun with Black Smoke exiting the Crack, giving resonance to the Black Sun:


Christian Bale also resonates with the W:


We can also connect him with the Red Hand and the word Serious/Seirios/Sirius:


So far we’ve looked at (JC) Jim Carrey, (JC) Joan Cusack, (JC) John Cusack, so let’s turn to the savior of Mankind (JC) John Connor in a movie directed by (JC) James Cameron:


We’ve already seen that CHRISTian Bale is connected to the W, the number 23, the Red Hand, and the Dog-Star Sirius, so if he represents Jesus Christ/Horus, let’s take a look at his Mother in the form of Isis/Sothis/Sirius, aka Sarah Connor, whose played by actress Lena Headey:


Many thanks to Quintessence over at Quinta Essentia for bringing this next sync to my attention. We find the Mother of (JC) John Connor with her head cracked open like an Egg in the movie ‘The Broken’ emphasizing this theme that the Divine Feminine (Venus/Sirius) is entering us via the Skull (and let’s not forget this actresses name is Lena HEADey):


In the image below we see the Cracked Egg symbol in the ‘O’ of the title ‘Broken’. Also notice that she’s looking at herself in the mirror. To find out what’s syncnificant about this check out The Patternists post entitled the (Bee)yoncé (Know)les:


In another version of the title we see that the Cracked Egg is indeed the ‘C’:


If we look once again at this image from ‘The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ TV show we find the Red Eyed Female Terminator hatching from the Egg, unleashing ‘Hope’ on our planet:


Finally, if we turn to (JC) James Camerons T4 movie we see that our planet is cracking (symbolized by the lightning) and we’re all beginning to Rise (think ‘Rising Phoenix’) as the Aquarian Waters begin to flood into our lives:


But that’s not all folks. To sum up these 23/W/Sirius syncs in one go we need to turn to the late Robert Anton Wilson (or ‘RAW’ to his fans) because without his work I never would have taken the time to look at the number 23 in the first place. RAW helped me figure some of this stuff out in a number of ways so I want to pay tribute to him by finishing off this ‘RAW Egg’ post with some words from RAW himself:


In an article RAW wrote for The Fortean TImes (issue 23) he had this to say about the number 23:

‘23 has many links with termination: in telegraphers’ code, 23 means “bust” or “break the line”, and Hexagram 23 in I Ching means “breaking apart”.’

I found the 23/Breaking Apart connection quite perfect considering all of the synchronicities in this post, but I also learned that the first ever morse code transmission was: "What hath God wrought?". These words where taken from the Bible passage Numbers 23:23. Go figure!

What are the chances of the number 23 resonating so strongly with the Cracked Egg, and also having numerous very specific references to ‘Breaking Apart’? Also what are the chances of the number 23 resonating with our DNA, which I’ve come to associate with the symbol of the Blood Red Hand Print.

RAW tells us that:

‘In conception, Mom and Dad each contribute 23 chromosomes to the fœtus. DNA, the carrier of the genetic information, has bonding irregularities every 23rd Angstrom. Aleister Crowley, in his Cabalistic Dictionary, defines 23 as the number of “life” or “a thread”, hauntingly suggestive of the DNA life-script.’

Thanks to Quintessence once again for putting me onto this image of the Red Spirit Palm in her latest post True Blood Season 2 (you’re an absolute Star!):


And finally what are the chances of RAW pointing directly towards the Dog-Star Sirius in relation to this number? Combine all three Elements: Breaking, DNA and Sirius, and if any mathematicians out there happen to be reading this then I’d love to know what odds I’d get on all of these things ‘coming together’. It really does make my mind boggle sometimes!

RAW goes on to recount his personal experience with the Dog-Star:

‘On 23 July 1973, I had the impression that I was being contacted by some sort of advanced intellect from the system of the double star Sirius. I have had odd psychic experiences of that sort for many years, and I always record them carefully, but refuse to take any of them literally, until or unless supporting evidence of an objective nature turns up. This particular experience, however, was especially staggering, both intellectually and emotionally, so I spent the rest of the day at the nearest large library researching Sirius. I found, among other things, that 23 July is very closely associated with that star.

On 23 July, ancient Egyptian priests began a series of rituals to Sirius, continuing until 8 September. Since Sirius is known as the “Dog Star”, being in the constellation Canis Major, the period 23 July – 8 September became known as “the dog days”.

My psychic “Contact” experience continued, off and on, for nearly two years, until October 1974, after which I forcibly terminated it by sheer stubborn willpower (I was getting tired of wondering whether I was specially selected for a Great Mission of interstellar import, or was just going crazy).

After two years of philosophic mulling on the subject (late 1974 – early 1976), I finally decided to tune in one more time to the Sirius–Earth transmissions, and try to produce something objective. On 23 July 1976, using a battery of yogic and shamanic techniques, I opened myself to another blast of Cosmic Wisdom and told the Transmitters that I wanted something objective this time around.
The next week, Time magazine published a full-page review of Robert KG Temple’s The Sirius Mystery, which claims that contact between Earth and Sirius occurred around 4500 BC in the Near East. The 23 July festivals in Egypt were part of Temple’s evidence.

Coincidence? Synchronicity? Higher Intelligence? Higher Idiocy?

Of course, the eye on the pyramid was a favorite symbol of Aleister Crowley, who called himself Epopt of the Illuminati. And 2/3 equals .66666666 etc. – Crowley’s magick number repeated endlessly. Readers of this piece might find it amusing to skim through The Magical Revival and Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God, which links Crowley in some unspecified ways with Sirius.

If you look up Crowley’s Confessions, you’ll find that he began the study of magick in 1898, at the age of 23.’

If you’d like to read the article with RAW in full then you can check it out here. If that still hasn’t satiated your thirst for the Number 23 then you can read ‘23 fascinating facts about the number 23’ right here.

In regards to the month of April which we’ve just entered, Wikipedia tells us that: ‘The derivation of the name April (Latin Aprilis) is uncertain. The traditional etymology is from the Latin aperire, "to open". Since most of the Roman months were named in honor of divinities, April was sacred to Venus.’

‘Open’ your Mind and let Venus enter into your thoughts this month.

Hope you enjoyed the RAW Egg.

And thanks for reading!


p.s. for more syncnificance regarding the Red Hand and the number 23 go check out A Few Shots to Shamans Caught Red Handed.


Atareye said...

That footage was incredible. Not a sniff of a word about it all day.

The change is here. Time for the fake ufo attacks.

Cosmic Ti69er said...

wicked stuff. i just thought about Easter Eggs today and they finally make more sense. Its like Christ is resurrected out of the Egg. I ended up posting about Venus today not realizing I was going to when I started. Of course you go the Venus way as well.

The Great Mind Thinks Alike....

Arrowsmith said...

Hey Jon. Bring on the UFOs! The 'Banks' are literally bursting and change has arrived. Reminds me of Loose Change (which I've got plenty of in my pocket) which was a brilliant Google vid all about the Collapse of Duality. Cheers bro!

Alright Jim. From what I can recall the Easter Egg comes from the Rock/Boulder which rolled away from the Cave where Christ's body was taken after his crucifixion.

As a kid I remember rolling the painted Egg/Boulder down a hill and watching it smash with glee. I think we're about to snap out of our hibernation, leave the Cave, and realize there's a lot more to life than living in the dark. Also reminds me of the hibernating Bear, which resonates with you very nicely.

Christ the Morning-Star, Venus the Morning-Star, Lucifer the Morning-Star, Quetzalcoatl the Serpent of Venus (reminds me of 'Merchant of Venice'). For me they're all these archetypes are blurring together and I believe they all suggest that we Wake Up!

I'm off to check out your post right NOW.

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Outside...Out Sea...Out C?

Michael said...

Richard, smashing post! :-) Loved all the Venus synchs, she won her fifth Wimbledon last summer, which gave her 5 stars! You might enjoy a gosporn post from July 11, that includes her, Bow ties, Beetlejuice, Orion and the Beetles in a symbol mash up: The Ties That Bind.

Cheers, Michael.

Word very: cents

Paul said...

We are definitely experiencing a flood of symbolism... As I was running around inside my video game I play- Warhammer Online, I came across this statue:

I tried to find the lore or backstory on it but the game is fairly new so no luck... once again I had to smile as I approached it... she's holding the crescent as if the contents were an offering, or possibly a container to catch something.

Really good post.

Arrowsmith said...

Hi Michael. Thanks for the positive feedback. Wasn't sure how people would react to this uber read but I'm glad some of you managed to slog your way through it!

Really enjoyed your post over at Gosporn. I didn't know the Bow Tie had been highlighted in the past so it's something I'll keep an eye out for in the future.

I checked out the Beetlejuice 'O Day Banana Boat song' just out of curiosity (that tune always stuck in my head!) and found a zebra and Red Hand sync. Also Bananas/Crescents seem to fit nicely with all this Venus stuff.
Much appreciated Michael!

Hey Mercury Well. I was a huge fan of the Warhammer games in my teens and have dabbled in it once or twice recently, so I dig your Venus sync. In the image I noticed the Crescent wielding Goddess was standing between two pillars/towers which reminded me of the High Priestess Tarot Card.

Considering the name you've chosen, you might find Jims Mercury Rising post interesting. If we go back to that dream you mentioned the other week, maybe the synchronicity suggests there's a Kundalini Rising on the horizon as the Phoenix/Sirius moves ever closer and Venus makes her presence known.

Also loved the time you posted your comment - 23:32 :D

Thanks guys!

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

Hah! Hey Rich'd, hey. I wuzz JUST uploading Johfra paintings on my Tom's Wreck page, Halamongtera. Drop by some thyme, won't you? Oh, Tom's Wreck? That's my non-too-affectionate appellate for MySpace™, from which I've been locked-out of my orig'l page under my 1st name since 4th March, thanx, largely, to the now antiquated, shoddy script that Tom Anderson runs there. Whatever. I hear he's selling it come October.

RAW eggs is it? LOL! Actually Mr Wilson's co-authored with Robt Shea now cult classic trilogy ILLUMINATUS! was a stoney read back in my college dayze in the late '70s. My coterie of fellow psychonauts all concurred that to "get" it ya jus' had to have tripped, ya jus' HAD to've.

About the capital W. Might I opine that 'tis a character that symbolises the subtle energy emitting from our orbits? Intent, my young brother. Charging an object. Glamouring. Getting one's attention. These all involve the W configuration.

I'm not much given to augury my(s)elf, but, once taking a stroll 'round a pond in my old stomping grounds, a husband & wife pair of mallards approached me from across its smooth, mirroring surface. I couldn't've NOT Gno-ticed that in their wake wuzz finely etched a capital W, ever-expanding behind 'em. Nifty.

Ver nesidas mellun vari te (Silver Speech for "In shimmering starlight ever be),
Anadæ Effro (+:-)}

Unknown said...

I know Easter is named after Ishtar, one of the old names of Isis/Mary, and her son Tamuz/Horus liked Eggs (or was born from an Egg, like Mork in Mork and Mindy) and Rabbits.

I can also give you a direct link between Venus and Star:

In Latin, the word "Lucifer", meaning "Light-Bringer" (from lux, lucis, "light", and ferre, "to bear, bring"), is a name for the "Morning Star" (the planet Venus in its dawn appearances).

I've been going on about the link between Lucifer and Gabriel being one in the same person for a while now, and you've helped me with some more evidence for my theory. You mention the C being an open head, it straight away made me think of Gabriel/Syler in Heroes, and how he cuts off the top of the heads of people to gain their power!

The crescent moon and star is the symbol of Islam, so it is not surprising to find more syncs there. The Black Stone of the Kaaba is the Ben Ben stone, a black stone from outer space, in my research I've seen it referred to as the "Shiva linga" as well. The Kaaba cube of course represents Earth, it is rumoured that Demeter herself built it. You also depict the Hindu OM next to the Moon and Star, which if reversed makes 786, the number of verses in the Koran.

So you have Lucifer/Lucy the diamond or Shiva/Dr Manhattans blue thing entering into the female lunar grail, lots of coming together!

StrangEye said...


So you have Lucifer/Lucy the diamond or Shiva/Dr Manhattans blue thing entering into the female lunar grail, lots of coming together!

Put the 2 together and you get the Blue Diamond. (remember TITANIC, the movie, the Heart of the OCEAN? blue diamond worn by Rose)

The Blue Diamond also made its appearance in the LOONEY TUNES- Back in Action. (BA)

Which I'm sure that Jake and Jim could certainly appreciate, as one of the original creators of Bugs Bunny is from Winnipeg, Manito"BA".


Tired of playing second fiddle to Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck tries to take stardom of the new Bugs Bunny movie, but he is fired by the Warner Brothers and Kate Houghton (Jenna Elfman), VP of Comedy. Things are also difficult for stuntman and security guard DJ Drake (Brendan Fraser), son of action hero Damian Drake (Timothy Dalton) (a parody of James Bond, in which Dalton previously played). While trying to escort Daffy from the Warner Bros. Studios.

Charles Gustav Thorson (29 August 1890 – 7 August 1966), born Karl Gustaf Stefanson, was a political cartoonist, character designer, children's book author and illustrator of icelandic decent.

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Thorson is best known as the man who designed and named Bugs Bunny[1], but in a 10-year career (1935-45) in America's great animation studios he created hundreds of cartoon characters, including Elmer Fudd, Little Hiawatha, Sniffles the Mouse, 'Inki and the Mynah', The Lady Known as Lou, and Twinkletoes.

Parody of James Bond ?!

The character James Bond was modelled after Sir William Stephenson (aka "INTREPID") of Winnipeg, Manitoba, so sayeth IAN FLEMING himself.

The Second World War’s most famous spymaster, Sir William Stephenson, whose incredible story was immortalized in the best selling book, A Man Called Intrepid, was born and raised in Winnipeg. This legend and his escapades became the inspiration for Ian Fleming’s suave spy, 007 James Bond. A statue of the super-spy, sculpted by Winnipegger Leo Mol, is on display at the headquarters of the world’s most famous spy agency, the CIA, in Langley, VA.
Credit: Intrepid Society of Manitoba

And FYI, Manitoba has an aboriginal community called "Opaskwayak Cree Nation" (OCN)


JSteveKane said...

BDS Really enjoyed reading the post am a huge fan of Raw some see below for the connections you made and the notes you resonated

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Just finished

WV(VW)= ermakabl


StrangEye said...

if you or any of your readers were left wondering about my response to JASPAL and what relevance it had to your article...

See this picture:

Winnipeg City Logo


baab said...

hello,re the g20 protests, i just read a great article which made me consider the terence mckenna (hope thats right) timewavezero theory.
When looking at the police with shields and batons framed by the historically designed bank buildings made me think of rome and resonance.

the link is here..
even if you dont read the article scroll down and admire the photography.

Jake Kotze said...

Love the U as C and W as 11:11 insight.

Very usefull


Saint Santiago said...

Just as I was finishing this post, I run into this...


Keep up the great work!

Unknown said...

In addition to the longer Sothic Cylce, the period of 500 years of the phoenix is also related to Sirius, I think, in that Sirius B has an orbital period of 50 years (as seen in the Dogon's unique calendar). In The Fifth Element (which I've covered before), the arrival of the black planet/moon/star happens every 5,000 years. Korban Dallas lives in the 500 block of Apartments and gets together with the phoenix resonating 5th Element. (Notice all the 5's? 2+3=5) "5,125 is the length of Mayan Calender, and 1/5 of a Great or Platonic Year, the full circuit of the precession of the sun's ecliptic through the houses of the zodiac." I had read somewhere that the Illuminati had been working for 5,000 (or 50,000?) years to prevent something they expected to happen at the end of the time period. In Tomb Raider the Illuminati has been waiting 5,000 years for a specific planetary alignment to occur. I believe the Fifth Element is set in year 2363 (which = 5). I'm wondering now if "Project Lucifer," or the Illuminati's goal of creating a second sun, is somehow connected to all of this...

Arrowsmith said...

Thanks for all the great comments! Haven't had much free time recently to respond to each one individually, but every one of them is very much appreciated.
More on the W soon....

Unknown said...

Symbolism is a human construct. If you want to see it, it will be there. What a bunch of nonsense.

Arrowsmith said...

Each to their own Daniel. Peace.

James Kingsley - QPatriot said...

LOOK AT "EASTER ISLAND" on 7/11/2010 .. i believe this is the true EYE OF RA.. SWORD OF DESTINY... EXCALIBUR ... ARROW ... get it???? go check it out yourself.. ~a~ witness

ABeverage said...

Less than 1 year later Author Philip K. Dick had is epiphany which leads to his magnum opus stories of the VALIS trilogy. Which of course was directed by the star Sirius and its attempts to wake him from the “Black” Iron prison

But seeing how this was written in the past you most likely know this by now…

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I know that you wrote this post in 2009,but the subject of the new age and raw eggs would seem to make this story a synchronicity -

December 27, 2012 7:21AM
"Man dies after eating 28 raw eggs for bet."
"A YOUNG Tunisian has died after winning a bet to eat 28 raw eggs in one sitting, a local radio station reports.
Dhaou Fatnassi, 20, from the town of Kairouan, swallowed the eggs after his friends challenged him to do so for an undisclosed sum of money.
The young man then experienced stomach pains and was taken to hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival, Shems FM reported. "

Life is weird.