Saturday, 21 March 2009

The Pineal Stargate

In this post I’d like to look at a video which was sent to me in an email shortly after writing about the Eyeland in Surfing the Rainbow Wave. It’s a short video about the Pineal  Gland/3rd Eye which covers many of the main points I wanted to discuss in future posts.


The guy in this video (whose name is ‘Tamid_Ascended’) seems to know what he’s talking about in regards to the Pineal Gland, and I personally had a good overall feeling about the way he interprets it.  So here it is for anyone interested:

Hope you enjoyed it! One of the reasons I wanted to include this clip is because the Eyeland makes an appearance in the background.  Considering that this is a video about the 3rd Eye/Pineal Gland I thought the reference to the Eyeland seemed very appropriate:


The guy in the video (Tamid_Ascended) suggests that we don’t need any external source to activate the Pineal Gland and that we’re all perfectly capable of opening the 3rd Eye right NOW.

I agree with everything he has to say, and yet at the same it seems to go against everything that I’ve been discussing here on this Blog.  I’m not saying that either interpretation is correct, but I am left wondering about this Paradox.

I’ve suggested that the arrival of our Twin Sun (Sirius), or the ‘sweet influence’ of the Pleiades, is going to help influence this Awakening, or Pineal Activation (or whatever else you want to call it).  Tamid_Ascended suggests that we don’t need any outside influence in order to open this Pineal Stargate.  I think both interpretations feel right and yet this catalyst can’t come from the Outside and from the Inside at the same time…or can it?

While chewing this over I’ve wondered if this Coming Together is going to happen within and without, both at the same time.  As we reach towards the Stars for answers, do the Stars mirror our actions and reach deep inside of us, flicking a switch within the very codons of our DNA, and igniting the ‘Inner Sun’ found within the centre of the brain?  By reaching up are we actually reaching deep inside ourselves?  Is there any difference between the two, and why is all this stuff so confusing!?!

So many questions and yet few answers seem forthcoming.  One thing I do feel confidant in stating is that the Pineal Gland is an important piece of his jigsaw puzzle, and I’d like to recall a personal experience which helped solidify my belief in the 3rd Eye.

I first learned about the 3rd Eye/Pineal Gland when I became a Reiki Practitioner about 6 years ago.  Until that point in time I’d never read anything which could be considered New Age or Spiritual, and I knew nothing about the Chakras, Meridians, Aura etc.  All of these things where completely new concepts for me.  These things have been talked about for hundreds/thousands of years and yet they’d completely passed me by until my early twenties.

I didn’t believe in any of these New Age concepts at first because they just didn’t fit in with the way I perceived myself and the world around me.  It was a little too ‘woo woo’ for my liking, but after a series of unusual events I found myself booking a course to become a Reiki Practitioner, something I never saw myself doing in a million years!

After becoming a Reiki Practitioner and giving family members healing treatments I knew that something was definitely happening (on some level) because my hands would become very hot while placed on the persons body.  People referred to my hands as ‘hot irons’ so I started questioning my previous beliefs.  I entered into Reiki with an open mind and found that there was much more to it than I’d first imagined.

Although I couldn’t explain what was happening while I gave a healing treatment, I now had my first taste of something Spiritual.  My New Age skepticism was beginning to wane but this only came about because I’d had first hand experience.  I’d dipped my big toe into the pool of the Unknown, and although I wasn’t ready to go swimming in it, I’d discovered that it was comfortable, inviting even, and I was curious to see what would happen if I explored it a little further.

So I read up on various New Age subjects and the more I consumed, the more this esoteric knowledge fascinated me.  I’d been reading about the 3rd Eye for about 4/5 years when and I finally felt comfortable enough to bring it up in conversation with my older brother while standing around a barbecue one Summers night.

I’ve always looked up to my older brother and always respected his judgment, but when I brought up the topic of the 3rd Eye he simply laughed.  His eyes started to roll as I told him what I’d read on the subject, and he made it clear that he wasn’t buying any of it.  I felt an invisible wall go up between us as he looked at me like I’d completely lost the plot.  I realized that if my own brother was going to ridicule these new Spiritual beliefs, then how on Earth would a complete stranger react.

For obvious reasons I decided to keep my mouth shut about anything which could be considered ‘woo woo’. Reiki gradually faded out of my life as I started to lose confidence in discussing it with people.  Being labeled for my beliefs wasn’t high up on my agenda and the Spiritual climate where I lived in Scotland was ‘frosty’ to say the least.

Because I respected my brothers opinion I actually took his skepticism on board and wondered if I was deluding myself.  Where the chakras, subtle energy bodies, 3rd Eyes and all the rest of it just fantastical concepts to try and make our world seem more magical?  Or was it all a  load of BS?  I didn’t dismiss everything I’d read because I’d experience things while practicing Reiki which defied logic, but the seeds of doubt had been sown. 

About a year after the conversation with my brother and going through something of a ‘Spiritual Slump’ I had my first 3rd Eye experience.  It came completely unannounced while lying in bed one night, and effectively turned everything upside down. I can only liken it to an adult waking up on Christmas Eve and finding Santa tip-toeing out of the bedroom.  It changed everything in an instant.

That night I went from ‘believing’ there was such a thing as a 3rd Eye to suddenly ‘knowing’, and I think there’s a vast difference between the two.  When you ‘know’ something is real due to first hand experience all doubts about it’s existence fall away. All the skepticism which I’d been holding onto for the past year was released in the space of 10-20 minutes.  It was quite an ‘eye opener’, in more ways than one.

The experience started with a tingling sensation around the eyes and cheekbones, like mini pins and needles, and then a pressure started to develop around my scalp and forehead.  I wondered:  what the hell is going on here?

I relaxed my body, lying there completely absorbed in the moment, and then something ‘popped’.  There on my forehead I could feel a ball of ‘something’.  I’d refer to it as a ‘ball of energy’ but that’s a little vague and doesn’t really describe the sensation.  Come to think of it there’s not many words that would do it justice.  All I know is that something tangible had just made itself known to me which I’d never ever felt before.

As the sensations seemed to become more heightened the ‘ball’ started to swivel/rotate.  I’d never read about this in any kind of Spiritual/New Age book, so I was surprised to say the least.  I lay still and focused my attention on the unusual feelings which where predominantly around my head. At the same time I could also feel similar sensations in other areas of my body as if they where all somehow connected.

There were muscle spasms in places I had no control over - in my shoulder, around my temples, on my cheeks.  These where places I couldn’t make ‘twitch’ even if I tried.  There was heat accompanied by a feeling of vibration, or waves, down the centre of my body.  There was a whole series of things which took place (many of which I can’t even recall) but it all seemed to be triggered by the feelings in and around my forehead.  It seemed to have instigated the whole thing.

About 10/15 minutes passed and the feelings eased off.  The experience slipped away and I was left with a buzz of adrenaline and the feelings of WTF.  I was about to wake my partner up to tell her about it, but decided to leave her sleeping.  I told her the next morning but that night I let a thousand thoughts buzz around my head.  It was like I’d just caught Santa in the act, and there was no turning back.  I now had the direct experience of the 3rd Eye opening, and I now knew without a shadow of a doubt that it was real.

This wasn’t the last time I’ve experienced these feelings, and to this day they still ebb and flow in and out of my life, often when I least expect them.  It feels like that first time opened some kind of Doorway and every so often it decides to swing open.

That first experience gave me a renewed confidence in my own intuition, and I knew from then on that I would listen to what other people had to say about Spiritual matters, but I would never let their opinions override my own.  I learned to trust my own gut instinct and to find my own truth in the most powerful way I can think of – first hand experience.

Many people I’ve encountered in life have point blank denied the existence of the 3rd Eye and the Chakras.  They’ve point blank denied that there’s anything Spiritual in this world, and I know for a fact that they would deny everything I’ve written on this Blog had I given them the chance to read it.  Many people are quite happy not kNOWing about these things (and I completely respect everyone's free will), but over the last few years I’ve noticed that this is gradually beginning to change.  The ‘tides are turning’ so to speak, and people do seem to be embracing Spirituality as this ‘New Age Wave’ begins to gather momentum as we approach 2012.

Whether an outside/inside force is helping activate the Pineal Gland within each of us, or not, there does seem to be an Awakening of some sort taking place and we all seem to be an integral part of it.  Like Tamid_Ascended suggests in the Pineal Stargate video: the more we focus our attention on the 3rd Eye/Pineal Gland, the more we begin to resonate with this ‘Inner Sun’, and the closer we come to activating it. 

It might have taken me 26 years before I had my first 3rd Eye experience but I believe that things are speeding up as we approach the year 2012, and I believe that this Global Awakening is going to become progressively quicker as time goes on.  Maybe it’s due to an influx of Kosmic Energy from the stars around us, or maybe it’s due an influx of energy within ourselves.  Maybe they’re both one and same. 

Regardless of where these Kosmic Energies originate from, it seems to be happening in synchronization with some kind of Divine Time-Table.  I believe that we’re all scheduled into it somewhere, so if you haven’t directly  experienced the opening of your 3rd Eye, then it may be on the horizon.  Like my own  experience you might find that it comes like a stranger in the night…or a visit from Santa.  Who knows what kind of gift he’ll leave you with. :)

I’d like to finish off with a quick sync story.  Shortly after watching the Pineal Gland video above, and noticing the reference to the Eyeland, I came home from work and found that my daughter had plundered my old comic book collection and had left one of them sitting out on the couch.  The cover had been ripped off (thanks to my destructive 2 year old son!) but I took it as a sign to check it out.

I’d bought this particular comic in my early teens and it had sat in a storage box for well over 13 years.  It happened to be a Silver Surfer comic which I found very appropriate considering I’d only uploaded my Surfing the Rainbow Wave post a day or two beforehand.

In the Pineal Stargate video Tamid_Ascended had stated that he had helped stimulate the 3rd Eye of his skeptical friend simply by placing a finger to his forehead and remaining in the NOW.

So as I curiously turned a couple of pages of the comic I came across the Red Hand, and noticed that the finger was pointing straight at the 3rd Eye of the Silver Surfer:


I noticed in the images above that the Crown Chakra of the Tin Man was glowing brightly as  result of this 3rd Eye ‘stimulation’.

Then in the next panel I noticed that the Light on his Crown moves to the region of his 3rd Eye as he accepts the challenge.  The Surfer realizes that it’s TIME to awaken:


It then came as no surprise to find that the person who placed his finger on the Surfers 3rd Eye and issued the challenge was a character named Warlock.  Here we see him carrying the Caduceus Staff – the Spine which the Kundalini Serpent rises up in order activate the Pineal Gland:


I’ve connected the 3rd Eye to the Hand Print many times now in previous posts, so it was interesting to find that the Eye/Hand could be found in the movie ‘DragonBall Evolution’ (thanks James Ratte for pointing this out):


Dragonball Evolution encouraged me to look at another movie which features the word EvolutiON in the title.  I found a reference to…you guessed it:


The Smiley Face suggests that our current Evolution is a positive thing.  It’s going to make us happy.  I’ve recently written about the Smiley Face over on the Synchromysticism Forum so if you’re interested in more Smiley syncs please check out my post called Smiley Faced Clones.

The Evolutionary process we’re currently going through seems to be focused in the region of the 3rd Eye (as suggested by the poster above), so if we look at the title of the Silver Surfer comic then it might help shed some more light on the matter:


On I found that Genesis means:

1. the act of producing, or giving birth or origin to anything

2. a coming into being

3. the first book of the Old Testament: tells of Creation; Adam and Eve; the Fall of Man; Cain and Abel; Noah and the flood

This suggests that as we move forwards into the future we’re simultaneously going to begin reaching back through time, tapping into the ‘origins’ of who we truly are/where.  In order to Evolve we seem to be Devolving. It all seems to be connected to something which has been lying dormant within our


In the (OZ) Osho Zen Tarot cards we see that the final card in the Major Arcana is entitled ‘Completion’.  When we find the last piece of the Jigsaw within ourselves, we’ll finally ‘Come into Being’ and begin to see the bigger picture.  Notice that the last piece of the puzzle is shaped like an Eyeland:


In the next post I’m going to crack open the Egg and take a look inside the brain to find out what the Seahorse can teach us about (Silver) Surfing the Waves via the Pineal Gland.

Thanks for reading!


**Updates: In the Pineal Stargate video Tamid_Ascended referred to the Pineal Gland as a Remote Control.  We press the buttons on it to change frequency/channel.  I just checked out Jakes latest post over at The Blob entitled All Buttoned Up, and found references to the Smiley Face (seen above linked to the Evolution), countless Eye references…and of course the Remote Control.  Well worth checking out!

One last thing.  While watching the TV tonight  I paused to take note of this advert for Honda.  In this video notice the Dogs in the intro, the Horse which transitions into the Sea (think Sea Horse), and pay attention to the lyrics.  Also notice the theme of Evolution:  a Bike evolves into a Car which evolves into a Boat which evolves into a Hot Air Balloon. Is it just me or is there a message in here somewhere:

The Impossible Dream lyrics (Honda advert):

This is my quest, to follow that Star,
No matter how hopeless, no matter how far
To fight for the right, without question or pause
To be willing to march into Hell for a Heavenly cause

And I know if I'll be true to this glorious Quest
To reach the unreachable Star.


A Few Shots to Shaman said...

It took me two whole months to read Jakes Brave New World Order Blogg. Every time I read it I felt "the scratching" on my fore head. It's been a long road for me to get that little bugger moving. I have developed a whole process that I go through before bed every night that ends with attention on the 3rd eyeland.... Once again thankyou.

Love and Thanks

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

PS I had a dream the other day... It was a bunch of polka dots like on a mushroom. When I woke up I was staring at the cealing, the polka dots were burned into my vision like when you look at something and then look at a white wall you still see the image, just in a different color. To me this is quite interesting because my eyes should not have been ingrained with the image.... The light that burned my eyes came from inside... I've never heard of anyone else experiencing this, but would love too. Truly the pineal is the source of inner light.... It's even made of optic tissue.

Jim said...

have you ever pressed on your eyelids and eyes and seen the fractal purple world that appears?

wv: nococ - nocock?

Jon Kidd said...

We are connected through our willingness to talk about our collective experiences. I go through allot of what you go through. I cannot word it quite as well or connect it subjectively to such a degree. Well sometimes.... All I can say is we're all on the same wavelength just some people are happy being ignorant.

"This suggests that as we move forwards into the future we’re simultaneously going to begin reaching back through time, tapping into the ‘origins’ of who we truly are/where."

Ouroboros comes mind.

My assumed pineal experiences are strange. I find they catch me at random and usually cause me to pause what I'm doing and just pay attention. I get this feeling in my brain I can only describe as a pulsating knot that has no ends. Like Ouroboros. Its fucking weird. I can't explain it to the Mrs let alone anyone. Now I can attach a symbol to it I feel I can understand it.

Cool post sunny RA

Michael said...

This was a cool post, and it resonated with my own Contact experience, which I call: The Day the Earth Stood Still

Arrowsmith said...

Shaman - I'd have to agree with you. I've not yet found a sure fire way of getting the 'little bugger' moving but I believe the more we focus on it, the better the chances of making Contact. A nightly routine sounds like a great way of discovering the Eyeland which once was Lost.

Have never had your polka dot experience upon wakening, but it sounds like your dream carried over into the waking world via the Pineal. Fascinating stuff!

About a year ago I woke from a dream, opened my eyes, and wondered why the hell there was a grid (like a fish net) of lines on my ceiling.
Remember in the first Robocop movie when the scientists are building Robo and they put the visor on his face? As they screwed it in the grid/net came closer and closer towards him. Well that's the only way I can describe it - the grid seemed to zoom in and then enter me through the eyeballs! Hasn't happened since but I'll never forget it. Anyone else had polka dots, or grids, or any other shapes for that matter?

Jim - Funnily enough I have that before. I also find that lightly pushing on the eyelids/eyes produces the fractal effect.

A while back I listened to a CD about activating the Pineal and this was one of the techniques the guy suggested using. He said to press the eyes gently until you see the fractal colors/lights, then keeping your eyes closed roll them up as far as they can go until you see a foggy grey light at the top of your vision. He said to focus on that grey light for as long as you can because it's an 'inner light' created by the Pineal. The more you do it the more the Pineal reacts to your focused attention...apparently.

Tried it for a while and like all these CDs, I eventually lost interest. I've found that forcing things never seems to work for me, so I've accepted that these moments of Awakening will floW in and out of my life as they please.

As for your Word Veri - reverse the nococ and you've got cocon, or cocoon. When I think of the Pineal I usually imagine it as a tiny Egg, or Cocoon.

You've now helped trigger some thoughts about the Cocoon movie, so I'd might as well share them. I read that the melatonin which is released by the Pineal Gland is the chemical which regulates how fast our body deteriorates, and is therefore responsible for the Aging process.
Considering the link to the movie Cocoon (all about Immortality), I believe that when the Pineal is fully activated, and producing these chemicals abundantly in the brain, the Aging process will almost cease to exist. People will live a hell of a lot longer in the future. It's just a theory I've had for a while now (and Walter Cruttendens book looked at this as well in relation to the movements of our Twin Sun) but I believe all this Immortality stuff lingering on in todays culture may very well have some origins in history when the Pineal was fully Awake and eternal youth wasn't just a myth. I love how the Word Veri can lead us down some interesting avenues! I'll maybe explore some of this in future posts to help elaborate more.

Jon - I totally agree Jon. I was inspired to write about my own experience thanks to Jims post An Ayahuasca Testimony where I realized that many of us are going through similar things.
It's not easy to share these unusual episodes with just anybody, but like you said we all seem to be on the same wavelength, and just like the overlap in synchronicities, there seems to be the same overlap with these Contact experiences.

'I get this feeling in my brain I can only describe as a pulsating knot that has no ends. Like Ouroboros.'

I love your connection with the Ouroborous. What goes around comes around.
The 26,000 year 'Precession of the Equinox' is about to come to a close, and I think this Ouroborous cycle is going to Complete itself in many different ways come 2012.

If everythings aligning in the Heavens, and if the 'As Above, So Below' saying is true (like I think it is), then everything should be aligning inside each one of us. We're being prepared for this approaching moment of Oneness as the Serpent swallows it's own tail and becomes Whole again.

I also think the Ouroborous is a great symbol to link to the Pineal/3rd Eye. I've seen the Dragon used often in the Ouroborous and it's funny that 'DragonBall Evolution' made it's way into the post thanks to our friend James.
The Dragon (Pineal) is about to Awaken inside his Mountain (Cranium), and I can't wait for The Hobbit movie to see what Smaug can teach us about it.

Michael - Many thanks for sharing your Contact experience over on your Blog. I know words don't really do them justice but you did a damn fine job nonetheless.

Much Love and Thanks to everyone!

Jim said...

Great post indeed. Though I would myself somewhat disagree with the dude in the video. I believe plants are essential as a trigger. I feel that many people talk about third eye activity, and perhaps are only describing a low level experience of it. From my understanding, the main trigger has always been the plants like ayahuasca and always will be. The plants are like our god self staring at us and waiting for us to access that part of us. It doesn't matter if you come from Hindu tradition or Amazon tradition. its always the plants in the end.

it is the return to the Garden and in the garden we have plants.

Look at it this way. None of us can breathe or even survive for a moment without plants, so even those that claim enlightenment through meditation are dependent on plants regardless, as their very ability to breathe come from the grace of the plants. its not that i doubt one can reach enlightenment without a plant like ayahuasca, its just that the secret, the one revealed every 2000 years, revolves around plants as triggers to awakening. of course not everyone has to take it for this to happen as the 100th monkey effect does have an impact of mass awakening.

i also believe the true gateway is humility, and we must be humble as humans to realize that our enlightenment can not be achieved without other beings around us, such as plants and animals.

juan describes a time in the americas, which he calls the inca civilization, which included maya and dakota up here in canada, that was a society functioning in an awakened state. the children of the sun. harnessing the power and energy of plants, these people built many wonders and did amazing things. the great structures of peru like machu picchu where built with using plants and one's mind (third eye). a whole society of people worked with these plants. and ayahuasca is just a gateway plant, there are so many more that can do so many more amazing things, but the knowledge has been guarded, and now it is being revealed once again.

following this path i fully expect to be traveling around the world through portals within less than two years. i expect many of you will be joining me in such endeavours.

we are the children of the sun are we not?

any time one wants to join me for ayahuasca they are welcome or save up and make the sacred journey to mayantuyacu. it is a place beyond time. these are the same places we accessed 2000 years ago.

as juan sings, but in spanish "like in the time palestine. the same but different. the same but different."

Arrowsmith said...

Hi Jim. I'm extremely grateful for all your insights.

I agree that everything in this world: the plants, animals, stars, each other, are all gifts to help us transition into this new era. Everything can teach us something if we allow it to.

While watching the Pineal video I did wonder what your reaction would be to the guys comment about 'not needing any external source'.

I completely agree with you in regards to the plants. I believe that numerous things are 'coming together' to help usher us into this new age (like the arrival of our twin sun, the alignments of stars & planets, etc) but I also believe that plants are currently playing a crucial role in this process.

Although I've experienced the opening of the 3rd Eye in spontaneous bursts without ingesting anything, some of the most profound experiences have come about while working with plants.

I followed a dream I once had about one plant in particular, and it lead me to some incredible experiences that I'll never forget. I had to confront many personal fears surrounding this particular entheogen, but since stepping through that boundary and trusting my dream/intuition, I've never looked back since.

I think that when we're ready to take the next step the plants call to us, and we naturally gravitate to the ones which can teach us the most at that particular time in our lives. I feel that the plants are helping us rediscover that deep down we're all children of the sun.

As for joining you on a sacred journey to mayantuyacu...I'm going to let life floW and trust that our paths are going to cross when the time is right. I look forward to that day (whenever it may be) with great anticipation!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome RA,

The Celtic Rebel has a post up where he says Cats have a constant drip from their pineal gland.

I just watched the movie Knowing on bootleg, synchs-galore.


Anonymous said...

oh, I didn't want to be a movie spoiler but I have to share a couple.

"He's got the whole World in his hands" and the sun too, rather similar to the Dragonball poster, note another green sun

at 11 minutes 40 seconds here

there's also a big wave of fire

Anadæ Effro said...

First time reading this third Eye article, Richard. After I'd sent you all those elven links, too! LOL! YES, to the grid thingamajig. I've witnessed firsthand an undulating web that looked EXACTLY like the geometric latticework seen in the margins of many a country's paper currency, spreading and undulating through all "empty" space, and flowing & ebbing in accordance to my thoughts & emotions.

Describing this experience to a then acquaintance who was, I'm afraid, the official poisoner-in-residence for a certain LHP group the name of which I shan't invoke, he told me that it is call'd the Web of Infinity, the "skin", if you will, of an ephemeral substance that connects everything in the known universe with everything else. In Light of this Revelation, there is no empty space.

A practitioner of magic who is truly an Adept can thus travel along this "net" of expanding & contracting lines of force to anywhere, any time, any place, no matter how near or far in space/time that the chosen destination might be.

Interesting, too, about your feeling of your Third Eye & subsequent physical sensations, as you began to awaken. Czech born quantum physicist & mystic Itzhak Bentov wrote about these very same experiences that others have endured as their Kundalini rose, too, in his 1977 release, "Stalking the Wild Pendulum: On the Mechanics of Consciousness", which I heartily endorse.

Great to read about your adventures & acceleration, Richard, and to see just how many others of us that there are who can relate our own experiences to yours.

Keep growing in the Light!
Anadæ Effro ( :-)}

PS The first wv for this (B4 it changed to subibeab & then oreff) wuzz propin, as in pro pineal! Sweet!

mercury well said...

I haven't had any waking third eye opening events "yet"... It's all very new to me. I do have a dream that your post reminded me of though. In the dream I was in a wooded area, i remember the pine trees here and there. Then I saw a little ball of light floating around them and weaving through the trees, of course I started to follow the little ball of light but it realized i was following it so it sped up and went behind a house nearby. I went into the house and immediately saw this little glowing creature, arms, legs but it was made of orange electricity, it was bounding around the house superfast... I walked into the kitchen and it was on the refrigerator, I was able to walk closer... when I got real close it took some type of wire and put it right into my forehead. I woke up wondering what did that little dude download into me, or take from me... never forgot it, this was many years ago.

Just a little side-note about the character in your comic book sync story, he is Adam Warlock... one of his abilities is to create a cocoon around himself for protection and healing.

really appreciating your insights.

Arrowsmith said...

Hi James - I look forward to watching 'Knowing' as I knew there would be some juicy morsels to be found within...thanks for confirming it.

Haven't managed to watch the video link but look forward to it. I'll also try and located The Celtic Rebel cat post as I've got three furry felines of my own and I'm curious to learn more. Cheers!

Hey Anadae - you've helped confirm some of my suspicions regarding the Lattice/Grid I witnessed that night. The following day I imagined it as an invisible Spider Web which unites everything together, kind of like the ley lines around Earth which connect out towards our Sun and other stars. The Web of Infinity, or the Grid of Divinity. Brilliant!

Also checked out the Wiki on Bentov (who reminded me a little of Stanislav Grof). Bentovs model of reality seems to resonate nicely with my own beliefs. Taken from Wiki:

'Our bodies are mirrors of the whole universe, at every level.
Vibration permeates all things.

The universe and all matter is made of consciousness in the process of developing to higher levels.

Our brains are thought receivers and amplifiers, not the source of thought.

All knowledge that has ever been generated is potentially available to us from other consciousnesses somewhere in the universe.

The universe is a hologram. The brain is a hologram interpreting a holographic universe.'

Many thanks for your insights and I loved your Word Veri syncs. Pro Pineals indeed!

Hi Mercury Well - Fantastic dream story! I love trying to decipher my own dreams and I couldn't help but interpret your onw as well. It seemed quite self-explanatory but there's a few things I'd like to mention.

I do believe that dreams which stay with us for weeks/months/years (like your one) are very important. I also think that re-occuring dreams are well worth exploring as the subconscious is trying to tell us something signifcant.

First thing that caught my interest in your dream was the mention of Pine Trees. Did you know that the PINEal Gland is shaped just like a Pine Cone?

Seeing the small ball of light up in the Pine Tree tops says it all for me. If you think of the Tree as the Spine, with the branches representing the nerve ganglia which 'branch' out from it, the appearance of the Pineal up high makes even more sense.

Can't believe your Pineal communicated in the form of an orange ball of electricity, and lured you inside the House! To further emphasise the Pineal connection it poked a wire into your forehead, into the location where it resides. Fascinating stuff.

Maybe it was simply trying to tell you where it could be found, or like you said, maybe it was some kind of download.

You could possibly use this Orange Electrical Imp from your dream as a symbol to access/activate your Pineal (if you wanted to). It's given you a form that you can play with in your imagination, and when you bring it to mind you'll be interacting (on some level) with your own Pineal Gland.

Possibly the more attention you place on your Orange Pineal Imp, the more likely it'll be for the little bugger to awaken. The appearance of Orange suggests it might be worth using in visualizations.

I also want to say that I'm by no means an expert on any of this, but I feel you've shared this dream for a reason. If you get any more dreams like this or start feeling anything in or around your head at night due to experimenting with visualization, then be sure to let me/us know.

Also loving the cocoon/Warlock sync. He wasn't a character I was familiar with as a teen so thanks for pointing it out, and thanks again for sharing your dream.

Anonymous said...

I just learned how to take screenshots

Arrowsmith said...

Hi James. Loved the Hand/Ball sync, and the fact that the Time Capsule image (shaped like a Ball) is found in the centre of the Black Star. Cheers!

Jon Kidd said...

Say this one a couple times..

'Kat Katch your tongue?'

I have been thinking about your coming together of hand, eye, and mouth. You might say its practicing hand eye coordination ;)

One obvious link between the mouth and eyes is our ability to project visual understanding through our communication of gestures and speech. When one masters the skill of being charismatic; one can create a "mental picture" for the receiver of your word.

Our eyes take light and turn it into delightful/disgusting imagery.

Our tongue takes food and turns it into delightful/disgusting taste.

And hearing syncs as well...

You have the choice of closing your mouth and closing your eyes. Also the hands are the "eyelids" or "lips" for our ears. So all the senses sync each other. Your two nostrils are 'ears' for you mouth. Your ears and eyes are therefore a team. From the bottom of your body there is a teaming up of organs and parts all the way to your brain; The capstone.. the symmetrical arch of human being.


mercury well said...

Nope I didn't make the connection with the pine trees and the pineal gland, that was a wow moment for me... honestly I didn't put much thought into interpreting it, really amazed to discover how meaningful it is. I remembered the pines because they were so distinct, and the forest floor had that carpet look because of the fallen needles. One thing that differs from your interpretation is that the ball of light never went higher than say 10 feet... so the ball of light may represent my kundalini, i'm a total noob to this stuff so pardon if i misuse these terms, but if the tree is the spine with the pineal up top... my chakrah is still hovering low. My seeking and curios nature leads me to plot, raising my awareness... the ball of light takes shape as i learn/experience, but it's still all over the place and erratic... then i'm finally able to approach it and receive a connection. The refrigerator puzzles me though lol, maybe it's just to exemplify the height and location of the third, no longer bewildered, thanks man... will keep ya updated :)

thanks a lot for the feedback.

R. T. said...

I like the fact that he's escaping water in that last part of the Honda ad. Siriously I think it's going to be water all over Sir. Do consider the possability.

Pronunciation: (hon'du), [key]
an eye at one end of a lariat through which the other end is passed to form a lasso, noose, etc.

toure said...

WoW! Amazing stuff.

I think our varied pineal experiences and pineal dreams reflect our synchromystic perspectives... the same way we can all have different ways of seeing the synch pattern. Jon hit it on the head with the taste-sight-hearing analysis; we all can see the color red, and describe it as red, but our unique experiences of the sensation of sight are unkowable to one another. I'm reminded of Steve Wilner's 3rd ear work....

The only thing i've had that came close to a pineal experience is a rapid, acute vibration behind my eyes -like that of an electric shaver but a bit slower- that i feel moving up my optic nerve and around the top of my nose... i feel like i can hear it, but there's no sound (if that makes sense).

I have also experienced the Robocop, net grid-vision dream awakening... it had that wierd dark-lightness like what you see when you stare at a light bulb (or monitor) and squeeze your eyes shut. I even remember trying to close my eyes and bring the grid back.

Arrowsmith said...

Jon - Thanks for the insights into the Hand/Eye/Mouth syncs. I love your interpretation about how we can use each of these things are dual in nature. We can see life as a terrible/depressing place to live, or we can see it's majestic beauty. We can use speech to whisper beautiful poetry or we can use it to shout vulgarities. We can use our hands to craft the most amazing sculpture or we can use them to harm and destroy. I really dig all this.

I just read JK's twitter about Fight Club, in which Tyler Durden marks his hand with an accidic kiss. The Mouth/Hand 'coming together' via the Star that you've been interested in recently.

I'm going to explore the Hand/Eye relationship in more detail but I keep getting sidelined with Eggs! I'm glad you've been thinking about it because there's definitely something worth exploring there. Cheers Jon!

Mercury Well - Glad you appreciated the dream interpretation. Everyone would probably give you a different analysis if you asked them about what it meant, but for me the Orange Ball/Pineal link seemed relevant.

If you think back to that time in your life when you had this dream, where you having any creative issues, or possibly (dare I say it) issues with your sex life. The reason I say this is because the Sacral Chakra (located in the area around the navel) is universally considered to be Orange. It also governs things of a Creative/Sexual nature.

You also mentioned that the Orange Ball wasn't far up the Tree/Spine, and this would fit in nicely with the location of this particular Chakra. Here's a pic which shows it's location on the Spine/Tree.

You said that this dream happened a few years ago so chances are any of these issues in that region of your body are cleared. As for the reference to the Refrigerator, I'm puzzled about that one. The Kundalini is often referred to as the Fire Serpent, so maybe you're Fire was a little 'cool' at that point in your life.

I don't want to sound rude (and please don't take this the wrong way!) but where you a little 'frigid' (hence the Fridge) at that point in your life? I don't expect you to answer that one, but it might be something worth considering. Sometimes the simplest answer is the best one, as the Subconscious does try it's best to give us messages in the clearest and conscise ways. Thanks again for mentioning it in the first place as I never tire of trying to figure out these dream riddles. I make it a regular practice in my own life, and I'm sure you'd get a lot out of it as well.

R.T. - many thanks for your comments. My interpretation of the Honda video is that the guy has to embrace Water (i.e. become the boat) before he gets to rise above it. He has to go Down deep before he get's to rise Up.

We're transitioning from Pisces (Water) to Aquarius (Water) so I believe we need to be at home in the Deep Abyss of our own Mind. To swim like a Fish (Pisces) in this dark abode we need to be Balanced (like the Yin-Yang/Pisces symbol). To be uneasy with the element of Water at this moment in time isn't going to help with the transition. I think we need to be fluid and floW with the currents instead of fighting against them.

As for the Flood, yes I have considered the possibility of a real life event. To say that the ice caps aren't melting would be denying the obvious. I've recently experienced one of the worst floods in my hometown since I was born. It washed away a bridge that's been there for over 50/60 years, so I've seen first hand that things are changing. Water does seem to be on the rise, and the Weather is continuing to do crazy things (at least in my part of the world).

I believe that as the Waves of energy hit Earth, we're going to see them reflected in our oceans. As Above, So Below. At the same time the Waves are possibly going to affect us on a genetic level. It's like a chain reaction going from the macrcosmic to the microcosmic levels. I think it's all going to happen simultaneously.

As a father of three I've harboured quite a lot of fear about a widescale Flooding on our planet, and it's only recently that I've stepped through some of those fears (thanks to my dream) and looked at it all from a higher perspective. I'm not saying that I'm correct in any of these assumptions, but I do think that the Water Bearer is going to cleanse Earth in more ways than one. Possibly on a Spiritual and Physical level. Only time will tell I suppose.

As for the Hon'du/Noose connection, I like it. Reminds me of The Hanged Man Tarot card. We're soon to have our world 'turned upside down', and like the Tarot card suggests, it's going to be Enlightening regardless of how it happens.
Thanks for the insights R.T.

Toure - I completely agree with you. We each seem to be looking at the same sync patterns through our own unique lense. We can try and show others what it's like to peer through our personal 'sync-goggles' but it's not quite the same as having them permanently fixed to your face.

I often have similar feelings around the Eye/Nose, where the sensation begins and is often accompanied by a noise. I'd call it a buzz, or a hiss, or simply 'white noise', but it's hard to describe the sound in words. It seems to come from within. I sometimes thinks the noise represents a download of some sort, but I've no idea what it all truly means, or what it's truly doing.

I also know what you mean about the 'Robocop grid'. It's not like it's there physically. It looks more like it's 'stepped forward' from the darker background. It's hard to explain but I can relate to what you said. Because Robocop is getting his Cyclopean Visor mounted on his face in that scene, I'm sure the appearance of the Grid has something to with our own Cyclopean Eye/Pineal Gland. Whose doing it to us, and for what purpose? Answers on a post card please. :)

David Stewart said...

hey Richard - thanks for sharing this us.
The grid you saw could be related to Indras' Net.
From Wikipedia . . . . . ". . . Francis Harold Cook describes the metaphor of Indra's net from the perspective of the Huayan school in the book Hua-Yen Buddhism: The Jewel Net of Indra:
“ Far away in the heavenly abode of the great god Indra, there is a wonderful net which has been hung by some cunning artificer in such a manner that it stretches out infinitely in all directions. In accordance with the extravagant tastes of deities, the artificer has hung a single glittering jewel in each "eye" of the net, and since the net itself is infinite in dimension, the jewels are infinite in number. There hang the jewels, glittering like stars in the first magnitude, a wonderful sight to behold. If we now arbitrarily select one of these jewels for inspection and look closely at it, we will discover that in its polished surface there are reflected all the other jewels in the net, infinite in number. Not only that, but each of the jewels reflected in this one jewel is also reflecting all the other jewels, so that there is an infinite reflecting process occurring. . . "

Certainly could be a sign meant to confirm, our synchro-net everyone is weaving here. You will find more about this grid symbol if you read Graham Hancock's SUPERNATURAL.
It surely is funny to be reading of eyes here - wound up blind in my right eye a couple of weeks ago and had surgery on the 17th - still not seeing with it but finally got back on the computer to check up on everyone -
I can also relate to the experiences you describe - for I had something similar happen over a course of a few years - - - -there was a vibration and such a roaring in my ears that at first it would confuse me into thinking that there was an earthquake or some such happening. . . there's more to the description but I won't belabour . . .suffice it to say that I had a doctor (a true medical doctor) diagnose me as having slipped into a Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening . ..Instances became less frequent and it doesn't happen anymore.
I will sign off just quickly mentioning that Mr Crowley often used the term Third Eye to refer to the anus - that little ritual you mentioned of touching gets put in a whole new light when viewed from the perspective of Sex Magick - Oh you poor wee lad - having us old homos coming into your blog and telling you such things lol just plug your ears!
Word ver - laterg + Later Gate -R?

StrangEye said...


Saw that GENES image and started thinking. (Always dangerous!;)

I think maybe a little of David Stewart's words here and over at Secret Sun too - I discredit and discount nothing - as none is more superior than the next in this journey and synchs and triggers can come from anyone, anywhere, anytime. Especially when we ask ourselves "WHY?", and then let the answer be given.



Two halves of the DNA to make a whole DNA helix and two faces of JANUS come together to make one "god".

Caduceus even?

Just food for thoth.



Anonymous said...

Amazing videos and post, I read that LSD and DMT can be used to activate this gland, or maybe not activated but stimulated, but to get is hard, is not like going to buy viagra on every corner.