Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Surfing the Rainbow Wave

In the last post we took a quick look at a few interesting snippets from The Lost Star of Myth and Time which suggested that our Sun has a binary companion, stars far out in space can affect Life here on Earth, and the most likely culprit for ushering us into this New Age, or Golden Era, seems to be the Dog-Star Sirius.

We also looked at a few other ‘players’ who seem to be itching to get involved in this Kosmic Game, and they’ve come in the form of the Grand Center - The Pleiades, and the Big Kahuna itself – the Galactic Center.

The previous post was quite heavy going in the reading department so I was going to return to the movie Synchronicities to find out what we could learn about the ‘Way of the Wizard’ via Harry Potter, but that wasn’t meant to be. 

About a quarter of the way through writing this post I realized that I’d completely gone off track, was now plummeting down a new unexplored tangent, and there was no going back.  I stumbled across some unusual synchronicities on the day of my 29th birthday and they’ve required my full attention.  All that means is that the ‘Way of the Wizard’ is going to have to wait for the moment.  An Elephant came charging into my life (as we’ll see) and it simply wasn’t taking no for an answer.

Before we get to the Elephant who forced his way onto this Blog I want to do a quick recap on the Crystall Ball.  In the last post we saw Sirius Black (G.Oldman) and his cousin Bellatrix LeStrange (Helena Bonham Carter) connected to the Crystal Ball. We also saw them in relation to the ‘Coming Together’ which may, or may not, be happening right now between the Black Sun Sirius, and the White Sun located at the centre of our Solar System:


Notice the emphasis on the Hands in the poster above.  In The SlumDog-Star we looked at the Hand/Eye relationship so here’s a quick recap on the Crystal Ball/Eye syncs so that we’re all up to speed:

Hand_Eyes1 Hand_Eyes2

While collating the above Hand/Eye images for The SlumDog-Star I walked into a local newsagent on the spur of the moment to have a quick browse.  I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for, until a song came on the shop radio by the UK band Keane. It happened to be the song called Crystal Ball:


I took it as a ‘sign from above’ that I was on the right track with my SlumDog post.  Thanks to this timely synchronicity I decided to check out the band Keane and stumbled across this cover.  Notice where the three spears pierce the Bull:


In the last post we looked at how the star Alcyone located in the The Pleiades (or Grand Center) was known in various different cultures by names like The Central One, The Foundation Stone, The Mother, and The Immortal Seal. I also mentioned Sri Yukteswar (author of The Holy Science) who claimed that Alcyone (Vishnunabhi) emitted a ‘sweet influence’ which was somehow beneficial to life here on Earth.


I recalled that The Pleiades was located in the shoulder of the constellation Taurus and wondered why the band Keane (out of all the thousands of bands in the world) was helping point me in some new directions.  The coincidence seemed a little odd, and suggested that I pay close attention to The Seven Sisters of the Pleiades.

So I want to make it clear from the outset that Sirius isn’t the only factor we need to take into consideration. I thought this Blog was only going to concentrate on Sirius the Dog-Star, but like many thing sin my life, they don’t always turn out as planned.  We’re going to see that the Pleiades and our own satellite The Moon will be playing a crucial role alongside the Black Dog Star as things begin to ‘Come Together’.  I’m not really sure what’s going to ‘come Together’ in our future so answers on a post card please!  Hopefully this post will give us our next piece of the puzzle.

So to find out why the Elephant, the Peacock, and the Horse is relevant to this investigation we need to go back in time to the day of my 29th birthday – Feb 26th 2009:

  • 10:15 am – I check my blog.  In  ‘Things Are Coming Together’ I reply in my Comments section and mention a post that VileVeil did over on his blog involving Ganesh the Elephant.  In this reply I mention that I have an Elephant figurine that sits on my computer desk.
  • Immediately after this (10:20 am) I go over to the blog A Few Shots to Shaman to see if he replied to a comment I made the previous day in his post entitled Penguins discuss Polotics with Skull N Bones over Eggnog.  I read through the Shamans Comments section and find numerous references to Elephants and their connection with the ‘Eye of the Cyclops’.  I think to myself: that’s a little odd.
  • Later on that afternoon (12:00ish) I get sent an apparently random email about a real life contestant who appeared on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’.  It was a joke email which was designed to make the contestant look like an idiot as she got the very first question wrong.  The question she answered wrong was ‘Which of the following is the largest?  B – An Elephant, or C – The Moon.  The contestant answered B, got knocked out in the first round, and the email went on to ridicule her.  I actually found it amusing but wondered why the Elephant had now appeared on my radar for the third time in the space of only a few hours.  Here’s one of the images attached to the email:


I actually deleted the original Elephant/Moon email so while searching the web for a link to include in this post, I stumbled across this link which is worth pausing to check out.  Although the info has been removed, and the video doesn’t work, notice that a ‘Penguin’ appears in your browser tab, and notice the Paw Prints down the right hand side.  Open the link above to check it out…it’ll only take a second.

For a much better version of this ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ joke email (which turned out in the end to be a hoax) then check out this link. On the website we find that the title for the article is entitled ‘Dumbo and Dumber’, a direct reference to the Jim Carrey movie,   This JC link will become very relevant in a moment….

  • 12:35 pm - My mum meets up with me for lunch and I tell her about the unusual Elephant synchronicities that I’d encountered that day.  I couldn’t place any of them because I never usually think about Elephants, never see Elephant synchronicities, and just couldn’t make any sense from it whatsoever.  She was as amused and confused as me.
  • 3:30 pm – A Few Shots to Shaman sends me an email entitled ‘Ganesh Aura’.  Considering the Jim Carrey ‘Dumbo and Dumber’ reference mentioned above I can now see that this email was destined for me on that fateful day.  Here are the images that the Shaman sent me in his email.  Notice the connection between the Elephant (Ganesh/Horton) and the Plume of the Peacock:


I couldn’t help but smile at the 4th appearance of the Elephant and couldn’t help wondering what on Earth was going on!

Jim Carrey (Dumbo and Dumber) played the role of the Elephant Horton in ‘Horton Hears A Who’ who we see pictured above.  At no point in time did I request these Elephant pics from Mr. Shaman.  I had mentioned the Elephant on his post Comment section (which may have ‘nudged’ him to send them to me – is that the case Mr. Murugan?) but as you can imagine I was a little surprised to see Horton staring at me, surrounded by Leaf/Peacock feathers.  The plot was beginning to thicken.

In the ‘Ganesh Aura’ email, Mr. Shaman also sent me this image – yet another Ganesh/Elephant/Peacock synchronicity:


This particular image is so relevant to me at this point in my life that I could write for the next hour and still not touch on what I’d like to say about it.  The ‘key’ word in the above image is ‘Island’.  I’m now going to pause this part of the story and move forward one day to try and explain why this ‘Island’ reference is important.  We’ll come back to this point in the story later. 

The day after Mr. Shaman sent me the email and images I went on a work night out to a charity casino event called ‘Casino Royale’.  It was held in a local hotel and there was craps and blackjack to play.

I was standing at the bar with some work colleagues and the girl who sits at the reception desk in my office (who happens to share the exact same birthday as me – 26th Feb) makes a remark about her new purse/handbag.  I look down and notice that it’s covered in purple/blue sequins.  There on the purse was the Eye which is commonly found on the feathers of a Peacock.  The (Peacock) EYE and the HAND (Bag) coming together in a Hand/Eye sync which still makes me smile.  I thought: what’s the chances of that happening?


She then went on to refer to her new purse as the (PP) ‘Peacock Purse’. I was itching to say something about the synchronicities involving the Elephant/Peacock which I’d encountered the previous day but thought better of it….I would have sounded crazy.  But I made a mental note to pay attention to the Peacock.  It was somehow very important.  Elephants….Peacocks….what on Earth was next!?

That night I got very drunk, lost all my chips on blackjack, staggered home, and collapsed in bed quite comatose.  I never ever dream when I’m that drunk.  However, I woke up in the morning and I recalled a snippet of my dream with crystal clarity.

Now I usually switch off when people recite their dreams to me.  It’s just never as interesting to someone else as it is to the dreamer who experienced it in their sleep, but please bare with me here.  This dream is somehow tied up with everything already mentioned, and it proved to be a key which helped me unlock the synchronicities involving the Elephant and the Peacock.  Here goes:

The Suns beginning to set and I’m standing alone on a coastline looking out over a beach towards the ocean which spreads out into the distance.  It’s peaceful, tranquil, and quite beautiful.  Around me are green fields/hills curving off to the horizon, but my attention is focused on an ‘Island’ which juts out of the water not far from the coastline of the beach.  It’s close enough that I could swim to it. 

I gaze at the Island which resembled the biggest mountain you could imagine.  It’s colossal, and it’s in the exact same shape as a Pyramid.  It’s a lot rougher around the edges than Giza, patchy with grass and boulders, but the Pyramid shape is very distinct.  I’m gazing at this giant Pyramid Island in awe, thinking that one day I’ll take an easel and canvas up to this very spot to paint it, when all of a sudden I hear a distant rush of water coming from the ocean horizon line.  I look behind the Pyramid Island and a giant tidal wave starts roaring towards me at a surprising speed.  I instinctively start to step backwards, but I know I can’t escape it.  I brace myself as it rises up crashing over the top of the Pyramid Island (like it’s a mere pebble on a beach) and it strikes down on me like a ton of bricks.

But instead of being crushed flat, I find myself surfing this wave.  I look down at my feet and I’m ‘riding the wave’, like a surfer without a surf board.  It carries me down the slope of the hill and dissipates around me.  I relax and feel quite happy with myself for having kept my Balance.  The end.

That’s all I recall.  I woke with a splitting head ache from the previous nights consumption of alcohol but I recalled the dream in every single detail.  I wondered what the Tidal Wave could possibly represent.

I feel quite sure that this event was taking place sometime in the future and after pondering the meaning behind the Wave a movie came to mind.  Here’s a foreboding trailer for the film 2012 which is due out later this year.  Considering the Tidal Wave in my dream, this movie not only gave me an idea as to when it might strike, but the synchronicities attached to this movie (which I’ll look at after the short trailer) will help shed some light on where the Wave is possibly going to come from:

A year or two ago I would have a paranoid panic attack, believing that I’d just glimpsed the future and this ‘Tidal Wave’ was going to drown us all in a Flood similar to the Noahs Ark story.  Now that I’ve stumbled across a few more pieces of the jigsaw I think I can see the picture with a little more clarity than I could back then.

For example, if we look at the main actor in the movie 2012 named (JC) John Cusack we learn that he has a passion for one animal in particular:


If you’ve been following this Blog then you’ll know that actor (JC) Jim Carrey resonates strongly with the Black Dog-Star Sirius, and above we see (JC) John Cusack sharing an affinity for the Black Dog. He also has a strong connection to the date 2012 which seems to be a key period of time for this ‘Wave’ to hit Earth.  If you think that we are about to transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius sometime around the year 2012 then this ‘Flooding’ takes on even more significance.  Aquarius the Water-Bearer is depicted by a man unleashing a jug of Water onto the ground…..an image I find to be very symbolic indeed.  It almost feels like this ‘Cleansing by Water’ is somewhat destined:


In the poster for ‘Must Love Dogs’ (above) we see that the Black Dog (Sirius) helps unite the Male (Yin) and the Female (Yang), encouraging the two sides to ‘Come Together’.  This therefore suggests that the ‘Tidal Wave of Kosmic Energy/Coming Together’ is going to reach it’s peak sometime around about the year 2012.  As Sirius moves closer to our Solar System at a rate of 12 miles per second, I believe that when our ‘Twin Suns’ unite, it’s going to act as a catalyst which will help us all unite.  Remember the saying: As Above, So Below. 

However, there’s a ‘twist in the tale’.  Sirius is only part of this equation.  To help understand who else is involved we need to look at another ‘Star’ whose signed on the dotted line, and has also made a commitment  to help usher us into this new era:


So Sirius (John Cusack) is involved, but who or what does the other half of the equation (represented by actor Morgan Freeman) represent?  To find out all we need to do is link Freeman with the ‘Kosmic Tidal Wave’, and we find exactly what we’re looking for in the movie ‘Deep Impact’:


I took the above snap shot many months ago, and considering my recent dream the above Tidal Wave scene feels eerily familiar.  However, now that we know that it’s not really a physical Tidal Wave that’s going to devastate mankind (at least I hope not!) then if we follow the Freeman, we find him in the role of a Black President who takes the leadership role and warns mankind about the the impending ‘Wave’:


Notice that the Peacock makes an appearance above Morgan Freemans head in the form of the NBC logo.  This logo evolved into it’s current shape from it’s previous incarnation which we see here:


In ‘Deep Impact’ Morgan Freeman is responsible for helping build the ‘Ark Cave’ (think Noah) so that the people are saved from the Flood (which is called Wolf-Biederman in the movie – Wolf/Dog – think Sirius):


We see that the ‘Ark’ which Noah/Freeman builds is associated with the Number 23.  This particular number brings to mind (JC) Jim Carrey, the Dog-Star:


We now have the Peacock resonating Morgan Freeman connected to (JC) John Cusack, the year 2012, the Tidal Wave/Flood, the Ark, the Number 23, and the Dog/Wolf.  We also see that he’s played the role of God in the movie ‘Evan Almighty’ where once again he helps build an Ark so that mankind can surf the impending ‘Kosmic Wave’:


God sends Noah/Evan the Elephants to help build the ‘Kosmic Surfboard’:


And when the time comes to test it out, they have no problems riding out the Kosmic Tidal Wave:


Morgan Freeman/God comes face to face with Jim Carrey in ‘Bruce Almighty’ where he grants him ‘God-like Powers’.  Here we see Bruce with the Waterfall/Tidal Wave behind him, the number 77/OZ, and a plume of Peacock feathers around his head:


It brings to mind this Indian deity named Murugan who I’m going to look at later:


We’ve see Bruce Almighty linked to the Peacock above, and we see God (Freeman) associated in the very same movie with the ‘Jacobs Ladder/Spinal Column’:


Let’s not forget that the Peacock and Elephant seem to be interchangeable with one another.  Here’s Jim Carrey once again as Horton the Plumed Elephant:


So we have the Tidal Wave (which came to my attention during my drunken slumber) connected to the Peacock and the Elephant, which seems to be connected to Sirius, so here’s a quick recap on what I think this Tidal Wave/Flood represents:

At this moment in time I don’t think the Tidal Wave is physical, but more likely a ‘Wave of Kosmic Energy’ which is going to arrive as Sirius moves closer to Earth.  In my dream the Tidal Wave was somehow linked to the symbol of the Pyramid, which was somehow connected to an Island.  The Pyramid makes me think of the Egyptian Giza and enlightenment, and also brings to mind the All Seeing Eye, which I believe we all possess in the form of the Ajna Chakra, or 3rd Eye.  I believe the Tidal Wave is going to bathe the Pyramid Island (our 3rd Eye) in Kosmic Energy, and it’s going to come from two different sources.  I believe one of these is the Dog-Star Sirius, but there’s another one that we’ll get to in a moment which is going to help us make more sense of the Elephant/Peacock relationship.

I also feel quite positive that we’ll all be able to ride the Wave that’s on its way.  If we’re looking out towards the Pyramid Island (focusing on activating/awakening our 3rd Eye) then we’ll see the Tidal Wave coming.  We’ll be ready to ‘Surf’ it.  The Ark (our 3rd Eye) will help us navigate these new energies, but right now we need to begin to build it (i.e. we need to start learning how to open it). These are just my thoughts, and please don’t take any of this as gospel.  Future synchronicities may help reveal more about these symbols, but for now this is my best guess.

Over the years I’ve learned to trust the messages I receive during my ‘dream time’ and see them as ‘nudges from above’….messages from the Subconscious/Universe to help steer me in the right direction.  I’m not saying that I can actually see the future, but this particular Tidal Wave dream sure had a prophetic feel about it.  It’s also come at a time in my life where I’ve been writing/thinking about Sirius and the relevance of the Crystal Ball (which we looked at earlier in the Keane album).

What does the Crystal Ball do?  It shows you the future, letting you glimpse the unknown.  I think the Crystal Ball is a symbol of the 3rd Eye, and I think I’ve been able to access these glimpses of the future because my 3rd Eye has started to open.  I’ll discuss this in more detail in my future post entitled ‘Way of the Wizard’.

Getting back to the Peacock I’d like to touch briefly on another dream which happened on the 2nd March, a few days after the Pyramid/Island/Tidal Wave dream which I’ve just discussed.  It’s connected to the Tidal Wave dream so it’s worth mentioning as it’s the next chapter of the dream story:

That night I dreamed that I was on a rowing boat out at sea.  To my right I could see a Beach/Island close by, but I wasn’t really interested in it.  The boat seemed to be steering me away from the ‘Island’.

The rowing boat slowly approaches a clump of rocks jutting out of the ocean.  I’m amazed to see two Peacocks appear over the ridge of the boulder/rock.  Their tails are down (not in a fan) and they scamper quickly towards me, both of them vying to get my attention.  They urge me to come near, and the boat is close enough to the rock that I could reach out to them, so instinctively I lean over the side. 

But as my hand is about to touch one of the Peacocks they both move away as if luring/tempting me out of the boat, and the two birds glide into the ocean water.  I really really want to touch one of the Peacocks, so I strain over the lip of the boat, but it’s no use.  I stat to panic.  Do I stay on the boat and leave the Peacocks to swim away, or do I go after them!?

Times ticking so I plunge into the water and start swimming towards the Peacocks who are now moving away from me towards the Island.  The current pulls me closer and closer towards the beach, but because I’m so focused on staying afloat I look up and the Peacocks have disappeared.  The current slowly pulls me along and I now find myself standing on the Island.

The next part of the dream is all blurry, a mish mash of people I encountered on the Island, but I can’t recall any more of the dream with clarity.  I don’t think I need to, as the next part of the clue was in the details.

I knew the Tidal Wave dream and this one was connected because of the reoccurring Island, and the fact that Water was a very strong theme in both of them.  In the previous dream I had looked out at the Island from the coastline, and in this one I actually made it ashore.  It felt like a natural continuation of the story, but I wondered what role the Peacocks had to play in it.

If the Pyramid Island represents the 3rd Eye, which I believe it does, and the Peacock is the one who encouraged me to ‘explore the Island’ (or ‘explore my 3rd Eye’) then I wondered why the Peacock should be my guide.

The reason that I’m quite positive the Island represents the 3rd Eye is due to the fact that I associate the Eye with the Peacock.  Think of the numerous beautiful ‘Eyes’ on the plume of the Peacock, and you’ll get my point.  The Peacock and Eye go hand in hand together.  The Peacock (Eye) lured me towards the Island (Eye).  As we’ve seen at the start of this post Hands and Eyes seem to be closely related to one another – Hand in Hand, Eye for an Eye.  I now understood what the Eyeland represented.

The Eyeland/Island is important for more reasons than one.  If we look at the company ‘Island Records’ we find the ‘Tree of Life’ with the 'Black Sun’ (Sirius) superimposed behind it:


The ‘Tree of life’ reminds me of this image:


The Tree/Adam/Eve and the Serpent/DNA in the image above also reminds me of the poster for ‘Paradise Lost’.  I think it refers to a time when our Parad-Eyes became quite literally Lost.   It brings to mind the ‘Island’ (3rd Eye) which was somehow ‘Lost/Closed’ when when we ‘fell from Grace’.  Adam & Eve where booted out of Eden, the human race lost it’s Balance, and the Doorway/Stairway to Heaven (3rd Eye/DNA) was Lost and Forgotten.  It was probably very  shocking and genuinely terrifying for those who experienced this 'shut down’:


If we look again at Island Records (the Tree and Black Sun)  we find that they happen to be the label which signed the band Keane:


If we combine the ‘Crystal Ball’ (3rd Eye) with the ‘Island’ (Records) we arrive at the ‘Pyramid Island’ from my dreams.  I believe that we can all decode our dreams if we take the time to study them, and allow synchronicity to become our teacher.  I would never have associated the 3rd Eye with an Island in a million years, and yet now I have a new framework to build upon to help further my understanding of how it functions, and how I can gain access to it’s secrets.  Nothings ever truly Lost…..just misplaced.

For some reason it feels like the band Keane has some important role to play in my own personal ‘Awakening’.  A few weeks ago I didn’t give the band a second thought, and yet now they seem to be an integral part of the story and I’ve started listening to their music again.  It’s a weird and wonderful way of learning that still doesn’t make any rational logical sense, but it seems to work for me regardless.

This singles cover for the Keane song ‘This is the last time’ became very significant when it came to ‘decoding’ my dream.  I knew that Sirius was heavily involved with the approaching ‘Flood’, but this image suggests that the ‘Tidal Wave’ is also going to gush from the shoulder of the Bull - i.e. the ‘Flood’ (of Blood/Kosmic Energy) may very well originate from the Seven Sisters – The Pleiades:


I believe the Dog-Star Sirius and The Pleiades are going to be pivotal when it comes to this ‘Flooding’.  The energies from Sirius (the Egyptian Isis, who was symbolized as a Cow) is going to ‘mate’ with the energies of Taurus the Bull (The Pleiades), and the Cow and Bull are going to ‘Come Together’ and help conceive a new Earth. 

Their ‘seed’   is possibly going to spill down on us, bathing our planet, and this mixing of energies, Sirius (Yin) and the Pleiades (Yang) might trigger some kind of reaction in our 3rd Eye/Blood/DNA.  Ludicrous?  Preposterous?  As a logical rational human being I’d have to agree….but there’s more to this story than meets the Eye (please excuse the pun).

I found the artwork below inside the album ‘Under the Iron Sea’ by the band Keane.  Notice that the Horses (or Sea Horses) are gigantic, almost like a ‘Tidal Wave’.  Pay attention to what you find at the bottom of this artwork, the very ‘Source’ of the ocean itself:


We find that beneath the ‘Iron Sea’ there is a Pair of red Peacocks -two of them (just like my bloody dream!).  We see a Black Fountain gushing out of them (think of the Blood spilling from the Bulls shoulder), and beneath their feet there appears to be a Rainbow.  We see them standing on the Rainbow (above) but in this artwork (below) from another Keane album, notice that the (Blue) Rainbow at the top left is in fact the plume of the Blue Peacocks tail:


Rainbows & Peacocks.  Why not include Elephants & Rainbows while we’re here.  Notice that below the Elephant/Rainbow we find a dangling Peacock:



So why the significance of the Rainbow?  Well if we look back at my post Things Are Coming Together, then you might recall that I mentioned that for the month of February I drew the Tarot card named ‘Temperance’ from the deck:


I looked at how the Temperance Tarot card shows the Rainbow Goddess Iris ‘walking on Water’, and above we see her linked to the Flood and the Age of Aquarius as she is pouring Water out of a Cup/Jug. 

There is a local surf shop/diner beside the harbour where I live, and my partner mentioned that she was going to having lunch there.  The name for this Surf Shop (think ‘Surfing the Kosmic Wave’) is called Tempest.

As soon as she said the name Tempest it triggered a series of synchronicities in my mind.  Tempest/Temperance seemed too close to be a coincidence, so I Googled the name Tempest noticed this image:


I only arrived at the name Iris through an accident between two Satellites which came to my attention a few weeks back during a time in my life when a bizarre number of ‘Coming Together’ synchronicities entered my life.  The Satellite article can be  found here.

I interpreted the Satellite Kosmos-2251 to represent Kosmic Energy which came from somewhere out in space.  I interpreted the Satellite Iridium (Iris) 33 to represent the 33 vertebrae in our Spinal Column.  These two forces uniting together would be the catalyst for an en-masse ‘Coming Together’:


During the exact same Channel 4 news feature the reporter mentioned that two Submarines had also collided, which also linked the element of Water with this ‘Coming Together’.  The Submarine article can be found here.

Iridium (the name of the Satellite which collided with the Kosmos/Kosmic Energy) is derived from the Rainbow Goddess Iris.  We’ve seen Iris connected to the Temperance/Tempest Tarot card, so if we take a closer look at the Tempest we find a Tidal Wave, an Island, and a Pyramid/Mountain:


I also found Iris the Tempest connected to the Ark:


The Iris is the colorful part of the Eye which surrounds the pupil so I found it an interesting coincidence that I should also find the Tempest connect to the (3rd) Eye:


So we’ve seen the Tidal Wave/Flood connected to Iris the Tempest/Rainbow Goddess in a variety of different ways, so let’s now connect the Peacock to the Rainbow.

While researching the Peacock I came across an article about the Blue Peacock King called Tawsi Melek, which can be found here.  Here’s what I learned about the Peacocks relationship with the Rainbow (Iris):

‘Tawsi Melek, the “Peacock Angel” or “Peacock King,” is the most import deity of the Yezidis. But he is not just the possession of the Yezidis, he belongs to the entire world. The Yezidis believe that they possess the oldest religion on Earth, the primeval faith that features Tawsi Melek, and that all other traditions are related to them through the Peacock Angel. They contend that Tawsi Melek is the true creator and ruler of the universe, and therefore a part of all religious traditions. He does not, however, always manifest within these diverse traditions as a peacock. Tawsi Melek has taken on many other forms throughout time.


Tawsi Melek was the first to emerge from the Light of God in the form of a seven-rayed Rainbow, which is a form he still today continues to manifest within (usually as a rainbow around the Sun). But the Yezidis also claim that Tawsi Melek and the six Great Angels are collectively the seven colors of the rainbow. Therefore, the six Great Angels were originally part of Tawsi Melek, the primal rainbow emanation, who bifurcated to become the rainbow’s seven colors, which are collectively the Seven Great Angels. Of the seven colors produced from the primal rainbow, Tawsi Melek became associated with the color blue, because this is the color of the sky and the heavens, which is the source of all colors.’

So I learned that the Rainbow/Iris and the (Blue) Peacock were closely connected with one another via Tawsi Melek, a deity I’d never encountered before. For more Iris/Rainbow insights then I thoroughly recommend checking out Jake Kotze’s post entitled: Kate Winslett :: Princess Arco Iris

To finish off I’d like to return to the day of my 29th birthday, to a time before I had the Peacock/Island dreams, and to a time when I still didn’t have a clue what was going on with the Elephant.  Without the help of A Few Shots to Shaman I don’t think this post would have ever come to light.  He helped me piece this jigsaw together in ways I can’t really explain, so I’d just like to say a big thank you Mr. Murugan for helping me make sense of the Kosmic Wave through these three simple images:


Quick recap on the story of my ‘Elephant Birthday’ (remembering at this point I knew none of the above):

  • 10:15 am – I check my blog.  I reply in the comments section and I mention Ganesh the Elephant.  I also mention that I have an Elephant figurine that sits on my desk.
  • 10:20 - I go over to A Few Shots to Shamans blog.  In the Comments section I find numerous references to Elephants and their connection with the ‘Eye of the Cyclops’.
  • 12:00ish - I get sent the ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ Elephant/Moon joke.
  • 12:35 pm - My mum meets up with me for lunch and I tell her about the unusual Elephant synchronicities that I’d encountered that day.
  • 3:30 pm – A Few Shots to Shaman sends me an email entitled ‘Ganesh Aura’ with the 3 images we just looked at above.

    The story of that day now continues:

    • 4:50 pm - I get home from work after my eventful day in the office.  The phone rings 5 minutes later.  My mum tells me that she just received an email from a friend who lives in India and they had mentioned that they had just been celebrating the  Maha Shivratri (“Night of Shiva” or “Great Night of Shiva”), which is a Hindu festival celebrated every year on the 13th night / 14th day in the Krishna Paksha (waning moon) of the month of Maagha.  Because of our conversation over lunch she looked Shiva up on the internet and learned that his son was Ganesh – the Elephant.  Here we see Shiva, Parvati, and their son Ganesh in the middle:


    The festival had been celebrated on the 23rd February (note the appearance of the number 23), which was 3 days prior to my birthday and all of these Elephant synchronicities, and yet it only came to my mums attention the very day we had our Elephant conversation.  Here’s more info about the festival for anyone interested:  Night of Shiva.

    • 11:55 pm – I’m about to go to my bed, but decide instead to put on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban because there’s one image that I wanted to include in my ‘Way of the Wizard’ post, and I simply couldn’t find it anywhere on my pc.  Here’s the pictures I was looking for: Sirius inside the Crystal Ball/Eye:

    5_Sirius_CrystalBall3 5_Sirius_CrystalBall 5_Sirius_CrystalBall2

    I’m glad I lost it, otherwise I wouldn’t have found this image in the very same movie:


    My jaw nearly hit the floor when I spotted two Elephants (my 6th synchronicity in the space of 24 hours!) in a scene I’m definitely going to discuss in a future post.  Notice the Cracked Stone/Egg at the top right of the image. Between the two Globes/Elephants we find Professor Lupin, the Were-Wolf, whose nickname happens to be ‘Mooney’.lord_ganesha_moondumbodumber2

  • 27th Feb (day after my ‘Elephant Birthday’ and the night I dreamed of the Tidal Wave) - I received another email from Mr. Shaman who told me:

    ‘Murugan..... Yep he was actually in my first vid. Now this is getting into ‘Jesus In The Sky of Diamonds’. The Peacock has dozens of gods.... Mostly the blue ones.’

    Mr. Shaman kindly sent me this picture of the deity  Murugan, and told me that he was connected with the cluster of stars that you should be very familiar with by now – The Pleiades:


    I was  fascinated by the fact that I could now link the Elephant/Peacock to the the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades (which had only recently come to my attention since starting this Blog via the Bull/Taurus on the Keane song cover).  So I checked Wikipedia which stated that:

    ‘When Kama (the 'god of love') aimed his arrow, Shiva (father of Ganesh) opened his third eye and burned Kama to ashes instantly. The sparks of the fiery seed of Shiva were unbearable; even the Fire God Agni could not bear them; this fire was then transported by the river Ganga into the Saravana forest into a pond called the Saravana Poigai, where the sparks became six children. They were raised by the six Krittika or Kartika - the stars that make up the Pleiades, earning the name Karthikeya. Parvati (mother of Ganesh) combined these six babies into one with six faces, i.e. Shanmukha or Arumugan. Arumugan/Murugan then became the supreme general of the demi-gods.’

    So I learned that The Pleiades was directly related to the Peacock (and therefore the Elephant/Iris/Tidal Wave/and all the rest) triggering a series of events which resulted in this post.  It helped me realize that Sirius isn’t the only one that’s going to be making Waves on our planet.  The Seven Sisters seem to have as much to do with life here on Earth as the Black Sun, and I’m sure I’m only just scratching the surface of their true relationship.  There’s much more to learn about the Cow (Sirius) and the Bull (Pleiades), and the role we have to play in this Milky Way.


    In the next post I’m going to take a closer look at the SeaHorse/Kosmic Wave connection to see what else we can learn about it, and as usual there’ll be some familiar Sirius resonating faces making an appearance:


    Happy Surfing!


    p.s. for further Water/Pleiades synchronicities which resonate with the Blue Peacock mentioned in this post make it a priority to read SUMIRUNA :: Master of the Water over at Centre Portal.  Nice work Jim!
    For some more ‘Blue’ synchronicities I recommend checking out Quinta Essentias Seeing Blue? post.
    For a great video collaboration between Jon Kidd and Mr. Shaman on the Keanu Reeves/Dog-Star connection go check out The Accidental Alchemist
    For some more synchronicities involving Hands/Eyes and the Blue Bird/Peacock/Rainbow, then become one with The Blob and check out The SpiriT of the Blue Bird.
    Finally, one of my favorite recent posts came via A Few Shots to Shaman whose come across some great Sirius/Cracked Egg links in I Love Lucy
    If you’ve got a post on your own Blog that incorporates any of themes mentioned here then please feel free to leave links to it in the Comments section. Sorry if I missed you out but I only have so much time to read!

    p.p.s. would you believe it but while typing the majority of this post it happened to be a UK charity event called ‘Big Yellow Friday’ (held on the 6th March).  My daughter came home from school having taken part in the fund raising for ‘Big Yellow Friday’ and she slapped a sticker on me which she’d been given for the event.  Guess who made an appearance on the sticker…..



    Michael said...

    I'm enjoying your synchro revelations very much, Richard. I associate the elephant with The Lord of the Rings and also Star Wars "Walkers". My favorite is course Dumbo, the one who can fly - holding a feather.

    Thanks for sharing your Eye land dreams, also reminding me of the primordial mound of Atum? I had a dream last year that involved alien invasion - and my skin turning blue! That lead me down the path of blue skinned characters, most notably the Smerfs and to Shiva, who's trident has been resonating so strongly for me lately. I think your interpretation of the Fall is most excellent, and I am always fascinated by how the Fall resulted in something called "shame" - most specifically associated with the genitals, and the sudden need to cover them up. Makes me wonder about the "trunk" of Ganesh...

    Cheers, Michael

    Jon Kidd said...

    Eyes and stars. Saw the fingers coming out of the eye pic. Hands have five digits. Five points. Stars hands.

    Also TEARS come from the eyes.

    Tears meaning more than one.


    kevin lewis said...

    been meaning to check out your blog for a while, very good stuff going on here! i took a break from reading this post, telling myself i'd read it later tonight, and picked up a book i intended on finishing today. the VERY first line i read was " 'listen...here come the elephants'". this is the end of the book and the first time elephants were mentioned.
    be very well, sir.

    Anonymous said...

    Great stuff once again my friend!
    Just a note as I'm nearly 'bursting' since I came across a lecture by an Ian Xel Lungold 'The Mayan Calendar Comes North', I feel like a nut for telling everybody about this, and I'm not sure who has seen it or not, but this guy's explanation of the Mayan Calendar is unbelievable. I first saw it about a year and a half ago, and shelved it in the back of my head, then the other day, I was thinking of it again, and re-watched it...I think everybody really needs to check this out (it's a bit lengthy) but so well worth it, I really want to hear some other thoughts on it, as it's not like 'your average Joe' is going to want to talk about it. I posted the vids on my blog (http://transcendthemodusoperandi.blogspot.com/2009/03/ian-xel-lungold-mayan-calendar-comes.html)
    The lecture is from 2004, but I had never seen or heard of the calendar broken down this way...it truly is amazing, really gives another view into what we are all going through right now...
    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    skywalkarn said...

    Awesome writing man! A couple of weeks ago this video found me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4OD8dxIry8
    some more real life coming together as you say


    toure said...

    "listen...here come the elephants"


    Well done. One of the most intriguing aspects of synchromystic connections is how dreams and daily-life synchs began to take on meanings that -once meshed with the visions of the community mind- begin to come together in ways we could've never imagined.

    I like your interpretation of the 2012 event; I believe something similar that combines the starlight-alignment energy with the one-mind unification awareness of the internet. I still feel a global weather event coming though, as typical as it sounds... maybe not a flood, but I feel the earth energy building towards something...

    I was playing around with the idea of Ganesh as my next tattoo, and this post helped seal it for me. Keep it up!

    ...and btw, gtoure from the synch forum is me

    ViølatoR said...

    Wow you and your personal synchs! I started writing most of my dreams down recently which helps me wake up after each dream so i can record them. Basically I've come to the conclusions that dreams are really strange, really really strange. I've noticed that water plays a big part (it does symbolize the subconscious so I guess that's normal). An alchemy book I read recently talked about noting which planet rules the day (and hour) of when you have your dream, to help you interpret it. Anyways, very cool Sirius stuff, I don't think I'm going to be keeping one step ahead much longer :D

    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    Damn it, man, you just blew my whole wad.....

    I love you truly I do. You have opened many doors for me already and I am very happy at the little internet friendship I have acquired from you... I would recommend from personal experience not to make plans ahead of time on what your blog will showcase. This thing we are dealing with will always teach you that thinking ahead is not thinking NOw.

    Tawsi Melek is massively important! I'm still sitting on him until everything comes together. Almost there....

    Much Love and Thankyou for the Kind words.

    On a more humbling note I'm embarrassed because I just went through and fixed alot of my typos in I Love Lucy and found that I called you Arrowhead the whole gig.... How long have I been doing that anyway. Perhaps it's because you are pointing the way.

    Love and Thanks

    Jaspal said...

    The Elephant (for some reason the word Elephant makes me think of Hierophant, the Tarot card: 'The Hierophant sees all - he is Big Brother.') is quite prominent in my life:

    Dumbo is one of my nicknames, because I have 'big ears'.

    I had this lady come up to me while on holiday in Thailand, she was selling Elephant statues and uttered these words to me that I have never forgotten, 'hello Elephant'.

    When I was little I had a teddy, but not your normal teddy, it was an Elephant teddy!

    One of my favourite cartoons was Babar the Elephant http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babar_the_Elephant

    My Grandma told me the story of Ganesh when I was little. Her version was that Paravati made a boy from the dirt of her body. When Shiva came back and he blocked his path he beheaded him. She got upset and her anger was going to end the world, so he replaced his head with the head of the first animal they could find that wasn't facing his mother while they slept.

    I only read your post today, but I had this strange dream on Friday night. In my dream I was shot in my right shoulder, and it felt so real, I could feel the burning sensation with so much clarity that it woke me up.

    I told my gf about it and she mentioned something about a Feng Shui master who states that a bullet/arrow in the right shoulder is a sign that something good is about to happen!

    I sincerely hope so!

    R Arrowsmith said...

    Michael - Thanks for the positive feedback. I checked out your 'Blue Dream' and found the link to the Mushroom/UFO perfectly fitting.

    Blue definitely seems to be an important colour at this moment in time. I personally link it to the Throat Chakra (Vishuddha) and believe that many of us are now finding our Voice, and harnessing this particular energy. We're starting to speak out about what we believe, and in the process we're releasing any blockages in the throat area.

    With the Throat Chakra spinning in Balance, it leaves the Kundalini with an easy passage up to our 3rd Eye - then we start seeing things in a new light, and we have the courage to then speak about them. That's my two cents anyway!

    I've also wondered why there's a sexual undercurrent in the Syncs I'm exploring and currently link it to the moment of No-Mind which is the result of two people 'Coming Together' (pun intended!).
    I also link it to the Kundalini Rising which happens when we achieve that state of bliss. It probably gives the Universe the chance to slip a download in through our Crown, which is usually blocked/sealed due to the Mind Chatter many of us experience throughout the majority of our lives.
    There's plenty of techniques to stop the Chatter like meditation, intense physical exercise etc, but Sex seems to be the most enjoyable for the majority of us.
    I don't think it's a coincidence that the movie Private Parts, the Vesica Pisces, and Hand/Ball syncs, are involved in all of this. Thanks again for your insights Michael.

    Jon the Intentional Alchemist - funny you mention the link to Tears considering the post was all about a Flood and Water.
    The Eyes literally Flood when we're overjoyed, or sad. I see this as a way for us to release pent up energy. Some of us laugh, some of us cry. I see the approaching TEARS being released from the STAR(e) as a way of STEARing us in a new positive direction. When they've been shed we're going to feel much lighter as a result. The heavy lead many of us carry inside will be transmuted into Gold. I'm quite sure the G.Oldman Sirius is going to help with this process.

    Kevin - Absolutely loved your sync! So the question is: Why did you stop at that exact point in your book, and why choose that exact moment in time to come check out this Blog? Try and bend your head around that one!!!

    Transcend the MO - Thanks for your kind words. I want to also recommend the Mayan video to everyone who has the slightest hint of interest in the year 2012.
    I watched it about 2 years ago and it was one of the most fascinating and enlightening 3 hours I've ever spent. It really got me excited about 2012, and I'm beginning to see that Lungold was spot on when he said that things were drastically going to accelerate in the future.

    Skywalkarn - Absolutely beautiful video! The Elephant, the Dog, the CBS Eye. They even mention that the Elephant helped rehabilitate the Dog who had spinal column problems. Inspiring stuff!

    Also couldn't help but note that your name Skywalkarn resonates with Luke, who knows a thing or two about Elephants (AT-ATs) and the planet Hoth, which reminds me of Thoth.

    Thoth (like Ganesh) is closely associated with the Moon. Both were scribes in their respective cultures. I even drew a picture of Thoth and Ganesh sitting together on tp of the world which I plan on including in a future post when I focus on the Moon.

    Toure - I completely agree with you. I know many people who dismiss their dreams, and I also met one person who has never ever remembered one of her dreams. I think they're like Treasure Chests. If you find the key to unlocking them then who knows what you might find inside.

    I also have to agree with you about the weather changes. Snow in Brazil/Spain. Tornadoes/Eathquakes in England, which I never seem to recall having happened in the past. The Bee crisis. We even had a pretty serious flood here in my home town and this has never happened since I've been alive. Things are certainly culminating into something big. Change is coming whether (weather) we want it or not. Only time will tell I suppose.

    As for the Ganesh tattoo. Who better to have on your body than the Remover of All Obstacles. I also believe he oversees inspiration and creative writing and will certainly help your great work over on your Blog.

    I did read your post over on the Forum, just never got round to adding anything extra due to being absoobed in all these Elephant syncs. I want to look at the Beetle in the future and when Raybeam pointed out that the Transformer BumbleBeee was a VW Beetle, something 'clicked' into place. I hope to elaborate on this Beetle/Bee sync in a future post. Keep up the good work!

    ViolatoR - I used to read books about interpreting Dreams but got to a point where they just confused me.

    For example, if you dream of a Fish then the Dream book will tell you what it means. But let's say you're someone who hates the Water, hates sealife, and hates eating Fish. Then on the other hand let's say that a Fisherman who lives life on the sea most of his life dreams of Fish.
    Both people dreamed of Fish but the Fish means something completely different for both of them - one negative, the other positive. A Book just doesn't give you the flexibility of personal interpretation.

    I think we need to ask ourselves: What did that dream mean to me personally. Then we can start cracking the nut to find out what's inside. Don't get me wrong, books are great to get started, but sooner or later we need to take off the training wheels, and learn to ride the bike ourselves. It's much more fun that way!
    Anyhoo, glad you're enjoying the story so far, and really appreciate your feedback.

    Mr. Murugan - I think your spot on with your comment. When I started this Blog I had the next 10 posts already scripted, planned, organized. I now realize that it's going to be a much better experience for me and the reader if I follow my intuition and let it steer the story. I can always come back to my old 'script' for reference but I'm going to try this more fluid, in the moment approach, in the future.

    As for the Arrowhead references, I just found them extremely funny. It made me think of the Avatar cartoon and reminded me of where the Arrow truly points to.
    Hope you cleaned up the mess after blowing your wad! LOL!

    Much Love and Respect to everyone whose joining me on this journey. I've just realized this reply has almost turned into an entire post in and of itself, so I'm going to stop rambling now.

    The Arrowhead

    R Arrowsmith said...

    Jaspal - Why doesn't it surprise me that you resonate with the Elephant. You seem to be caught up in this syncweb as much as I am!
    Loved your version of the Ganesh story.
    As for your dream, look at the context surrounding being shot. Who was close by, where was the location. Was there any hint of who it was that shot you, or did it come out of the 'Blue'?

    Recall in my post that the Pleaides is located in the shoulder of the Bull Taurus, and it might give you an idea where the Arrow is going to come from. It's certainly one possibility, and considering your connection with the Elephant/Peacock, it sounds quite fitting. Let me know what happens when this 'Bolt from the Blue (Bird/Peacock)' hits you!

    Jaspal said...

    It literally was 'out of the blue', it's difficult to try and remember a dream after the event. I think I see a forest of some kind, but I can't be 100% sure.

    I've been meaning to write them down since I started experimenting with non-fluoride toothpaste. I found that I started having more dreams when I switched, it was prompted by one of David Icke's lectures. I decided to test it on a few other people and they agreed that when they switched to non-fluoride toothpaste, they started having more dreams. I don't know if it's just a placebo affect, but it might be something you want to try.

    I am trying to work out how Ganesh removes those obstacles and I was playing with the idea that he doesn't actually move anything out the way, he just shows you how to look at the problem in a different way. I think of Hannibal and his Elephants crossing the Alps, Ganesh got him to the gates of Rome but he never took the city.

    I don't know if your a big fan of the Simpsons (I suspect you are) but there is this great episode where Homer tries to help Apu out of an arranged wedding. The version they show on Channel 4 is heavily edited, but in the original episode, Homer dresses up as Ganesh and tries to interrupt the wedding. Apu goes ahead with the wedding, so what obstacle did Ganesh move out the way? Apu’s fear?

    "And any time you feel the pain
    Hey Jude, refrain
    Don't carry the world upon your shoulder
    For well you know that it's a fool
    Who plays it cool
    By making his world a little colder"

    R. T. said...

    if you didnt watch it yet I here recommend "Sweet November" (2001) with Keanu and Theron. Dog-stuff all over. about 45:10 check the dialogue including 3rd eye and getting serious. There are 12 gifts, rainbow wigs, returning dogs and the dream coming true, singing his eternal love. Read the wiki on titans.

    Be grand, O brother of wordly arms

    mercury well said...

    Really exciting read. I don't know if you have seen the movie Lords of Dogtown but it features Heath Ledger as a surf shop owner, the weather changes lead to no more waves to surf so he begins to get more into the skateboarding. Not the best movie but i know heath has been synced a bit in your blogs, might be something there if you have the patience to sit through it :) i didn't.

    I was thinking about the number 9 as half of yin and yan but also it looks like an elephant head and trunk, 2009 all together is the head and body... the elephants are coming, looks around expectantly lol.

    Great stuff, very profound and uplifting dream i felt.

    Jake Kotze said...

    Yesterday after reading the majority of this Elephant flavored post I sat down to watch a film version of "The Secret Garden".

    It centers around an English girl raised in India who returns to England to chance upon The Secret Garden.
    She interacts with ivory elephant carvings while a Robin leads her to The Secret Garden.

    Be very well Mr Smith

    The Pleiades is the position of Galactic Anticenter.

    The entire night sky, the Stars and heavenly spheres are aligning and entraining with our realization of consciousness.

    To think the one is the cause of the other is to be dual, which is not so. Both, becoming consciously conscious and heavenly alignment are inseparable process of Being.

    WE are realizing the I-I and becomming the cosmos.
    The cosmos is realizing the I-I and becoming the WE.

    The pivots of the heavens (Moon, Jupiter, Polaris, Draco, Galactic Center and Anticenter, Sirius etc) are worming there way into our awareness as WE are mirrors of each other.

    They exist through US and WE through them.

    R Arrowsmith said...

    Jaspal - Wasn't aware of the fluoride thing but I suppose it's a reminder each time you go to sleep that you're going to recall your dreams that night. Might give a go to see what happens.
    As for the Simpsons the Homer/Ganesh connection doesn't surprise me. That show seems riddled with syncs and never ceases to amaze.

    R.T. - Sweet November sounds intriguing. Haven't seen it but will certainly check it out. I noticed in Neos latest movie 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' that the Flood/Ark made an appearance, and of course the All Seeing Eye resonating Cyclops.
    Thanks for the recommendation.

    Mercury Well - Funny you mention Lords of Dogtown because I was going to mention it in this post! I had to cut a lot of SeaHorse syncs out due to the length, but Lords of Dog will make it into my next post.
    As for 2009 Elephant connection, I don't know how you came to that conclusion but there's a beautiful synchronicity that boggles the mind. The year of the Elephants? The year of knocking down boundaires? I'm sure the plot wil thicken as the year progresses...can't wait to see what happens.

    As for the 9 connections to the Elephant head/trunk, it reminds me of the 9th Major Arcana card - The Hermit.
    When I think of the Hermit (whose found on the Summit of a Mountain in th Rider-Waite deck) I'm reminded of Jim Carrey as The Grinch - alone on top of his Mountain...a literal Hermit.
    It also brings to mind his role as Horton the Elephant who much take the miniscule 'Land of the Whos' to the top of the Mountain top so that they're safe.
    9 - Hermit/Grinch - Horton - Elephant
    Again, the synchronicity is quite wonderful. Your insights are very much appreciated!

    Jake - Many thanks for your comment. Mercury Well has just pointed out that 2009 is a visual representation of the Elephant, so it's fitting that your current avatar is a Blue Cyclops swallowing the Elephant (2009).

    Also thanks for pointing out the Robin/Elephant synchronicity. The connection brings to mind Dumbo, or 'Dumbo and Dumber', and of course Horton/JC. Afterall the Horton/Riddler in the same movie (batman Forever) which introduced the Robin into the series.

    Jay Stansfield of SAY said...

    When I was around 1 years old (my earliest memory) I opened up the cupboard in my mum and dads bedroom. Inside I remember seeing and emotionally communicating with around 5 or 6 glowing white orbs of light. Something was given to me, inside, as a gift on that day. My mum recalls waking up one night and the room being filled with glowing orbs of white light...

    Of course being an adult this distressed her a great deal and she ran downstairs only to leave me in my cot at the foot of her bed.

    Since that day for MANY many years I have felt an almost unexplainable connection to Sirius- the reason I believe is I was visited or delivered from there.

    Sounds weird I know. But since the age of seven i have been compelled to write songs and have now reached a stage (i'm 29 now!!) where the songs i write are so melodic and full of life and propelled towards healing the heart of man.

    Sorry for rambling but your blog really inspired me.

    Infinite Love and Gratitude to you

    Anadæ Effro said...

    Hey Richard, hey. I'd like to add my elephant morsel to this thread, viewable here. Now here's another son & mother tale. I had just turned fourteen. I was deeply immersed in the material I'd found on the Hollow Earth. Prayed to my concept of deity as hard as I could to please, please, PLEASE be made in contact with an Inner Earther.

    A moment passed, Richard, and an orb, a foot off the floor & right in front of my chest of drawers across from my bed, swelled, three times, from a dime size, to the size of a quarter, and then to that of a tennis ball.

    I ran from my room, understandably shaken, rattling off what I'd just experienced as I raced down the stairs.

    Since it was late, most of my family were already in bed if not asleep. But my mother, still closing up the house downstairs for the night, realised the sincerity of my distraction.

    We returned to my room and, in rapt awe, watched as the dim but self-contained light orb returned out of thin air anew, this time bounding sleepily around my room 'til it disappeared.

    As for Tawûsê Melek, or Melek Ta'us, the Peacock Angel of the Yezidis as well as those of us adherents to the Feri Tradition, my friend Paul B Rucker did an outstanding four-armed rendition here. I'm sure he'd be happy to okay your using it in the future.

    It's great to watch you become a true pillar of light in the new accelerated generation, Richard. Thank you for sharing in your journey.

    Profound kudos, always,
    Anadæ Effro ( :-)}

    R Arrowsmith said...

    Jay & Anadae - Wow. Thank you both so much for sharng your orb stories! I see absolutely nothing strange with these encounters. To have shared these experiences with your own mother (even at 1 years old Jay!) must have been something special....something you'll always remember.

    I checked out your videos Jay, and all I can say is use your gift to its full potential and continue spreading the love!

    I was blown away by the Elephant painting Anadae. My soft spot for the gentle giant seems to be growing daily.
    As for the artwork of your friend Paul, all I can say is WOW. I'm kind of lost for words as his art is quite literally breathtaking in every sense of the word. I now have a very powerful sense of who Melek Ta'us really is thanks to Pauls painting...simply outstanding and inspiring.

    I'd planned on working on my next post but by the time I'd gazed at Pauls paintings and listened to Jays tunes the night was pretty much gone...but it was worth every minute!

    Thanks again for sharing your experiences and I feel honored to have such open-hearted companions on this journey.
    Much love

    Jim said...


    that painting of the blue man is awesome and perfect.
    thank you for it and especially thanks to your friend.

    much love all


    toure said...

    The Blob swallows the elephant? hm. the remover of obstacles is absorbed into the all... all are removers of obstacles, because all are the obstacles.

    Mentioned the film The Eye in my most recent post concerning hypnosis, channeling and blindess; love to hear your thoughts...

    David Stewart said...

    Thank you thank you Richard
    I very much enjoyed this piece - but darn me anyways, and perhaps I am tired - in spite of the hopeful tone of your post and the cheery positive comments of all our friends here - my mind wandered into some dark corners.
    It traveled to the Dog-Days of 77 , when New York was gripped with the panic engendered by the Son of Sam, David Berkowitz.
    In a taunting letter he referred to himself as "the chubby Behemoth" and had signed a note using a sigil first drawn by magician Eliphas Levi - additionally one of his murders took place outside the Elphas disco.
    . . .and I suppose you know that in the end he claimed to receive his instructions from a talking black dog named Sam . . .
    so now that i have poisoned the well i think i ought properly to be run out of town. Don't know why all that occurred to me so I do apologize.
    On a literally brighter note my own mother and i have also shared experience with floating orbs of light that seemed intelligent or were guided by some intelligence . . .. my mother was happy to perceive them as emissaries of my deceased father - I have never decided what I think they were...
    You have a great day and again my apologies for the darkness.

    raybeam said...

    Hey there, like your blog, will return for more. I just want to tell you that I too have a small statue of Ganesha next to my computer. :)

    R Arrowsmith said...

    Toure - checked out your post and found that it fits in very nicely with my latest thoughts on the Seahorse. I left some feedback on your Blog.

    David - thanks for being honest and sharing your insights. I think dark corners are great places to let the Mind wander (as long as it doesn't get lost). I didn't find myself exploring a Black Sun without entering some dark territory on my travels.

    I recall vaguely the movie 'Summer of Sam' and some of the events surrounding the murders, but didn't know that the killer was said to have been in direct communication with a black dog!!!

    In my 'Things are coming together' post I mentioned a painting I did in 2003, and linked it to the name Sam-Sun. My fiance is named Samantha, and I simply call her Sam. I own a black dog and I talk to him all the time! I've also discussed the number 77 on several occasions on this blog.

    I see where you're going with this David. Although I'm quite at ease with the dark side of life, I'm also quite at home in the light. Do I believe I'm channeling a black dog? Not at all. By following the black dog I was lead to explore Egypt, Norse myth, the Mayans and the Sumerians. I found that the black dog has appeared in one form or another in each one of these different cultures, and the dog seemed to always be related to the Underworld, usually as the one who guards the entrance. Anubis, Cerberus, Garm etc etc.

    I learned that the ancient Egyptians and the Dogon tribe in Mali, Africa, both believed that our soul travels to Sirius when we die. I'm not saying this is the truth, but it's interesting that Sirius is intimately connected with Death and the darker side of life in a multitude of different ways.

    The fact that you've associated it with Death via David Berkowitz doesn't surprise me in the slightest. I find the series of synchronicities involved in the Summer of Sam quite fitting with the portrait that I'm trying to paint here. I just haven't got to a lot of this stuff yet as I'm getting sidetracked by Rainbow Waves!

    I hope that didn't make me sound like a psycopath killer. :D

    p.s. thanks for sharing your orb story. I've never witnessed one first hand but I can imagine that it would be quite an experience. Please feel free to continue sharing your thoughts in the future - light or dark. It's all very much appreciated David.

    Raybeam - I think every computer desk should come with a Ganesh as standard. Thanks for stopping by!

    Adina Ispas: adiisp.design@gmail.com said...

    About the Island - think Atlantis/Lost Earthly Paradise. Lost through abuse of power, by a tidal wave.

    Thank you for the Horton connection! I loved that film and saw it as part of the "coming together". That love song on the end credits is so cool!

    I look at LotR, and Queen music - their most recent album is called The Cosmos Rocks and the last full song is "Surf's Up... School's Out" :D

    Sun said...

    you mention every computer desk should come with a Ganesha...guess what? Ganesha's vehicle is Mooshik (the Mouse!), so every computer definitely comes with Ganesha, scribe of the heavens!

    Arrowsmith said...

    Adina, I loved Horton as well. Thanks for pointing out the Queen album.

    Sun, that Ganesha/Mouse/Mooshik sync is brill!

    ABeverage said...

    Sorry I am late to all of this, and I hope you continue to write.

    You are Picses correct?

    The song 7 Chinese brothers gets stuck in my head and now I know the meaning. You should give it a listen.