Sunday, 27 September 2009

Cheryl Cole the Catwoman

Since writing about all this Cat business the most common synchronicity which has consistently grabbed my attention has arrived in the form of the Leopard Spots. I've found them scattered all over my home: in the insoles of my daughters trainers, a silk scarf I found lying about, and even a Leopard Spotted powder puff which I found sitting beside a make-up kit.

Two days ago I was looking over my partners shoulder as she browsed the web for a brides maids dress when all of a sudden Internet Explorer decided to crash. Thanks to this unexpected glitch, the photo of a model wearing a Leopard Skin jacket was frozen on the monitor!

This Sunday afternoon I was inspired to write this off-the-cuff post after an interesting sync involving the UK Pop Princess known as Cheryl Cole:

For anyone outside of the UK who hasn't heard of Cheryl Cole then here's a little background info. Cheryl is one of judges for the TV show X-Factor, shes been singing for the Pop band 'Girls Aloud' since 2002, and as a member of the girl group she recently signed a deal to front a promotional campaign for a new low-calorie KitKat bar:

Cheryl Cole seems to resonate with the Katwoman, so if we look at her relationship with hubby Ashley Cole we'll find that he seems to be a perfect match for her:

Ashley Cole is a professional footballer who plays for the England International team, seen here sporting the 3 Lions of the England insignia on his chest:

Ashley Cole has further connections with the Lion when we consider that he also plays club football for the English team 'Chelsea'. The Chelsea insignia features a Blue Lion:

We therefore have Cheryl (a Catwoman) married to Ashley Cole (a Lionman).

He wears football boots while she prefers these:

The plot thickened as I sat down to watch an exclusive Channel 4 interview with Cheryl Cole earlier on this Sunday afternoon.

The interview focused on the realse of Cheryl's debut solo album called 'Three Words', and in particular it explored her new single called 'Fight For This Love':

The first thing that grabbed my attention in the music video were her
Leopard Spotted legs:

Another Cat connection came via this Tiger Hoody:

This next one was purr-fect. Having already seen Cheryl Cole entraining with the Leopard Spots/Tiger Stripes, these next images showed the Train Tracks merging with her body:

In one of my older posts Keeping Track of the Cat I looked at a variety of synchronicities which linked the Train Tracks with the Cat.

One example involved this painting of the 'Leopard Man' standing above the Train Tracks:

Another example connected the letters 'CAT' with the symbolic 'Train Track' which is found within the DNA helix:

In this FHM photoshoot we find Cheryl Cole posing beside a sign (to her right) displaying the letters 'DNA':

Also note that below the DNA we find a reference to ELVIS, a 'Tigerman' who once wore his famous 'Wild Tiger' jumpsuit:

In this alternate version of the FHM photo shoot we find Cheryl Cole, the Tiger/Leopard/Cat-woman, sitting in front of a Mirror (or 'Magic Mirror'):

For more on the Magic Mirror/Cat connection check out the Cat's-Eye of the Hubble Bubble.

Thanks for reading!



"C" said...

Wow she is hot, never heard of her.

Caleb said...

Are you sure you haven't been reading Aeolus Kephas' blog cause if you haven't that's pretty incredible.

Arrowsmith said...

C, I'd have to agree with you. If every post was like this I'd probably write more!

Caleb, thanks for the link. I haven't checked out Aeolus Kephas' blog in quite a while so it's interesting to see us both entraining with the Elvis/Cat connection.

Come to think of it I did recently have a random thought about the syncificance of the flea.

The Flea = Tick
Tick reversed is Kcit (or Kit)
Makes me think of the Kit Kat.

Everything is connected. :)

Jon Kidd said...

Niffty little post...shes got nice....eyes ;^)

Shaaaa wing.

Saw a leopard print welding hat on a welders head yesterday. I wanted it.

Jake Kotze said...

Hi sir

Just noticed that Tommy lee Jones' Two Face on the dark half has Tiger, Leopard and Cheetah print.


Jake Kotze said...

The cat syncs are powerful, thanks for following and documenting.

These creatures like the sphinx and lion are very solar and worship the big yellow flower/Sun


had to respond to this with a post about Osiris/Nimrod/Christ and leopard

Get rid of that ego

C oneness..

Nexus said...

Cheryl Cole and Kit-Kat (KK)... 11:11 called again these days, thought Sync would never come back :-)

Gonna be fun riding the wave of Syncs...