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Free Falling…Humpty Style

While working on a much larger post focused around the symbol of the Cracked Egg I ended up going off on a tangent which didn’t quite gel with all the movie synchronicities I wanted to explore. So rather than omit this stuff from the Blog I thought it might serve as an introduction for my next big ‘Egg’ post.


As you might have guessed from the title it’s going to revolve around Humpty Dumpty in a round about way. Humpty was one of the very first nursery rhymes I can recall memorizing as a kid, and even today it still seems to be going strong. I believe it’s survived the test of time because it speaks to us on many different levels. It’s so ambiguous that we can apply whatever meaning we want to the rhyme so I want to crack him open and look at his Fall through the lens of synchronicity.

As a child the nursery rhyme appealed to my fertile imagination: an Egg-man whose clumsy mistake leaves him shattered in pieces…poor Humpty! Back then it was simply an interesting story, but as I grew up I started to look at it as a metaphor for Life and Death. We all start off on the top of the Wall and inevitably find our way down to the ground, and ultimately Death. It’s the Humpty free-fall which doesn’t appear to have a happy ending.

Because the Cracked Egg synchronicities managed to find their way quite unintentionally onto this Blog I’d like to approach Humpty from a different perspective. I’d like to look at him as a metaphor for our future and see what the Egg-man can teach us about what’s on the horizon. Maybe the Humpty free-fall does have a happy ending and represents the Death of the Ego, or Eggo, and maybe there’s more to the Egg-man than meets the eye:


To begin with I’d like to look at how certain elements of the Humpty nursery rhyme have managed to sneak their way into the recent movie Wall-E:


The lovable robot Wall-E has obvious connections to The Wall (via his name), and he happens to have the ability to turn garbage into Bricks. We could therefore say that Wall-E resonates with The Wall.

In the movie we find that the Brick Wall-E falls in love with Eva the Egg:


So we have the Wall and the Egg. It’s not exactly Humpty Dumpty, but it’s a starting point. If we dig a little deeper we find further Egg resonance in the form of actress Sigourney Weaver who played the role of the Red Eyed ‘Ships Computer’:


If we follow the Red Eye and we find that Weaver starred in the Alien movies, and knows a thing or two about the Egg:


If we look then look at the very first person to have his face hugged by an Alien, actor John Hurt, we find the next piece of the puzzle. Humor me while I suggest that the tail dangling from his Egg-shaped helmet in this image looks something like the Trunk of an Elephant (ridiculous I know!):


If we back up a moment to the scene just before John Hurt becomes orally impregnated, we find another Elephant connection via an Egg-shaped Elephant Man whose sat in front of a giant cannon. This Elephant Man (known simply as the 'Space Jockey') is the one who supposedly engineered the Aliens:


Wikipedia gives one interpretation of the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme as originating from a large Cannon:

‘Humpty Dumpty was a powerful Cannon used in the Siege of Colchester during the English Civil War. It was mounted on top of the Wall Church in Colchester, defending the city against siege in the summer of 1648. The church tower was hit by enemy cannon fire and the top of the tower was blown off, sending "Humpty" tumbling to the ground. Naturally all the king's horses and all the king's men (royalist cavalry and infantry, respectively) tried to mend "him" but in vain.’

So we have an Elephant Man connected to the Egg (via his round shape) whose sat in front of giant Cannon. Throw in Weavers connection to The Wall-E and Eva the Egg and we have a foundation which we can now build upon. The Alien movie isn’t the likeliest of places to find the clumsy Humpty, but there you go.

If we follow actor John Hurt then we find that he played the role of ‘The Elephant Man’ alongside Anthony Hopkins:


In a few simple steps we’ve gone from the Wall (Wall-E) to the Egg (Eva/Alien), and now we can include 'All The Kings Men':


So if we take another look at Wall-E the Brick Laying Egg Lover, we find him climbing up the Evolutionary Ladder which we’ve encountered many times before on this Blog:


The Ladder can symbolize the evolutionary Jacobs Ladder which Life here on Earth is continuing to Ascend. We could also say that it’s the Spinal Ladder which the Kundalini Serpent rises up in order to flick the ON switch inside the centre of our Brain – the Pineal Gland. Funnily enough Wall-E is rated as a ‘PG’, or P(ineal) G(land) resonating movie, and we'll take a closer look at the PG later on in the post.

In the Wall-E movie we learn that he isn’t the most advanced Robot in the scheme of things. In fact the small plant which he holds in his hand (pictured above) seems to sum him up perfectly. He’s still a young sapling. He might be a master Brick Layer, but he’s never explored the Universe like the other Robots. He’s still got a long way to climb before he reaches the top of Jacobs Ladder, and I like to think of Wall-E as a representation where humanity currently stands in the scheme of things. We're only just beginning our Ascent.


In the image above we see that Wall-E resonates with the letters ‘AL’, and we’ve already encountered AL in the form of the Trident wielding Egg-shaped Chicken Man who owns ‘ALs Toy Barn’ in Toy Story 2:


I’ve suggested that the ‘Staff’ of the Trident represents the Spinal Ladder, and the 3 Prongs represent the 3 Eyes located inside our Egg-shaped Cranium. We could therefore say that the Egg-Man (Humpty Dumpty) resonates with many of the symbols and themes that I’ve already explored in the past.

We seem to be on the ‘Eve’ of something very big, something which I’ve assumed was in our future, but Eva the Egg seems to suggest that many of the things that I've assumed where somewhere on the horizon are in fact taking place right NOW:


So before moving on let’s quickly revisit a few more Cracked Eggs. I looked at a variety of these synchronicities in my Things Are Coming Together post, and highlighted the tagline in ‘The Core’ poster which suggests that Earth is on some kind of deadline:


The Cracked Egg seems to symbolize a merging of polarities, and on the Macrocosmic level we could interpret this ‘Coming Together’ as an alignment of Stars and Planets which is helping Life here on Earth align with the Centre, or Core, of the Cosmos.

If we zoom in and look at things at the microcosmic level we could also say that the Chakras located in our Spinal Column are beginning to align as the theoretical Twin Suns move towards one another in their 26,000 year Binary orbit. What’s happening Above us in outer space seems to be having a direct influence on what’s happening Below, and within the cells of our own bodies. As the clock ticks and the countdown commences, Time seems to speeding up as we hurry to towards an event which could change everything. Humpty has taken the plunge, and we're now speeding towards Ground Zero without a parachute!


Like the Chick growing inside of the Egg, or the Caterpillar within the Cocoon, the Kosmic Energies released from our Binary Companion could possibly be responsible for helping break the Shell. From the perspective of Humpty, these Kosmic Energies are responsible for shoving us off the top The Wall, and we don't seem to have been given much of a choice in the matter. The Universal forces which gathering momentum are arriving to help ‘break the seal’ as we move towards our impending Rebirth.

I like to think of man-kind as a baby Chick or Caterpillar whose been sealed inside an Egg/Cocoon so that we can grow safely within the boundaries of a protective Shell. Humanity has been going through a slow metamorphosis over hundreds (or perhaps thousand) of years in preparation for this transition into a completely new way of interacting with the Universe.


We might think that we’re the master race on this planet, but if we look at where we stand on the Evolutionary Ladder, I don’t think we’ve even begun to hatch free of the Egg (yet). We're still in free-fall. We’ve started to glimpse that there’s more to life than meets the eye, but because we’re still inside the warm innards of our Cocoon we still don’t know what it all means. A baby has no real concept of an ‘outside’ world while growing within their mothers womb, and few of us are aware that like the baby, we’re still inside the womb. We’ve literally been kept in the dark about our role in this Universe, but this seems to be changing:


The Egg and the Wall which we've yet to breach seem to be one and the same. The Egg is the Wall, because it keeps us inside. It’s a barrier so that we can grow safely, in much the same way we place children in play pens so that they don’t harm themselves. When we become responsible enough for our actions the Wall is removed and we're released from our quarantine. I see the shattering of the Egg (or Ego) as the end to this imprisonment. So what does the Elephant have to do with any of this?


I think the numbers 2009 are very important when it comes to our ‘Collective Hatching’. We might all be Face Huggers at the moment (no offense!) but many of us are now ready to leave the Egg. Collectively we've outgrown the confined space and 2009 seems to be a key date when it comes to this 'Global Cracking'.

We looked briefly at the Egg/Elephant connection in the Alien movie:


Mercury Well very kindly pointed out that 2009 looks like a visual representation of an Elephant:


The 2 is the rear/tail, the 00 is the body, and the 9 is the Elephants Head and Trunk. I believe that this unofficial ‘Year of the Elephant’ is going to be the year we all begin to Hatch.


The very word ‘Hatch’ reminds me of the Eyeland in the Lost TV show.  Locke is looking for answers to unlock the secrets of the Eyeland/3rd Eye, and finds a Crack in the Egg in the form of The Hatch.  He knows that if he’s able to break through he’ll be a step closer to realizing his destiny.


Once he pierces his way through the Shell and enters The Hatch he comes across the sequence of numbers.  When combined they add up to 108, and they need to be typed in every 108 minutes.  So what’s up with this number?

Wikipedia tells us that it’s linked to our Heart:

‘Heart Chakra: The Chakras are the intersections of energy lines, and there are said to be a total of 108 energy lines converging to and from the Heart Chakra. One of them, sushumna leads to the Crown Chakra, and is said to be the path to Self-realization.’

Maybe this means that when we Hatch free of the Egg our Heart Chakra begins to open.  Or maybe we only begin Hatch when our Heart Chakra is open.  I’m really not sure…

Because the Face Hugger seems relevant in all of this, it suggests that this ‘Hatching’ is going to take place around the area of our Heart and Chest (think ‘Chest Burster’) and the Face/Head/Skull.  To be more precise I’d say that the Seal, or Shell, which needs to be broken is the one which has been keeping our 3rd Eye and our Heart tightly closed. I believe that 2009 is going to be the year that we open the lid on Pandoras Box, open our Hearts and our Minds, and we're going to begin seeing Life in a whole new way. We transition out of the darkness of the Womb, and finally get to play in the Light:



At the end of the day it's all about evolution, and it's as natural as a Caterpillar finding it's wings and learning to fly. For us it's about about finding the Wings inside our Mind:


It's also about Coming Together as a species and uniting in ways which haven't been possible in the past. I'm not saying we're all going to become telepathic, but who knows how the 3rd eye is going to help us to connect to one another. Anything’s possible:



Everyone ‘hatches’ when the time is right for them and them alone, and we each seem to be going through different stages of this metamorphosis. It's happening to us individually, but when I zoom out I also see a larger Egg which encompasses our entire Planet in much the same way as the OZone layer. It’s the ‘Collective Egg’, and as each one of us Awakens, we each help crack away another piece off of the macrocosmic Shell. As we chip away at our own Ego, the Collective Ego weakens, and the closer we become to being free of it.

More and more people seem to be noticing the Cracks in our Collective Egg, especially in the Sync community. For example, I’ve noticed the Cracked Egg making an appearance in other peoples Blogs even if they haven’t intentionally put them there. It seems to have slipped into their work through the back door so I’d like to point one or two of these out. The Cracked Egg symbol originated over at A Few Shots to Shaman and if Mr. Shaman hadn't pointed it out, I probably would never have noticed it:


Recently Jon Kidd over at The Accidental Alchemist has been checking out the letters RR and I’ve noticed this image from the Watchmen graphic novel repeated over and over on his Blog (again kudos for bringing this image to light goes to A Few Shots to Shaman):


It’s only when I considered the relationship between the Egg and our Head/Skull that I noticed the Cracked Egg in the picture above. The Cracked Skull/RR always seem to appear in close proximity to the Gunga Diner, and always in close proximity to the Egg resonating Elephant.  Is it just me or is there a Chickens head peering over the top of the Pink Elephant?:


In the Watchmen the character called RoRschach is found hovering around the Gunga Diner, which connects him to the Cracked Egg and the Elephant. When Rorschach enters an apartment which features the Cracked Egg/Skull directly outside the window, we see him doing this:


If we look at actor Jackie Earle Haley who played the role of RoRschach in the Watchmen movie, we find that he also starred in the movie ‘All the Kings Men’, making him resonate with The Egg Man himself:



When I see this Watchmen poster below I can’t help but think of Humpty Dumpty falling off of The Wall, with the Glass representing the shards of Egg Shell. I can’t help but think that when we do finally land (like Humpty inevitably does) we’re all going to have a big wide grin on our faces:


When we’ve finished our Humpty Dumpty Free-fall there won’t be a Wall(E) limiting our movement. We’ve already seen that the RR point us towards RoRschach, the Elephant and the Cracked Egg/Skull, and here we see the (RR) Rogue Robots celebrating their new-found freedom. Wall-E escaping the confines of The Wall/Egg:


Thanks to James Ratte for pointing out the relevance of Ev3 of (RR) Ruff Ryders:


I couldn’t help but notice that the (PP) Paw Prints of the Dog(Star)are somehow connected to all of this:


While reading Toure’s brilliant post about (Bee)yoncé (Know)les over at The Patternist I read about a fascinating synchronicity involving Beyoncé and the Trident (please go check it out if you haven’t done so already!):


At the foot of this poster I noticed that just above the word ‘GLADIATORS’ there is a reference to the letters PP, and a reference to the Cracked Egg in the form of the Pepsi logo:


The (PP) Pop Princess Beyoncé has starred in the (PP) Pink Panther which features a (PP) Paw Print on it's poster:


Thanks to Beyoncé we can now link the letters PP and the Paw Print with the Trident, the Cracked Egg, and the Chicken Man:


I couldn’t help but notice the syncnificance of Toure’s banner over at The Patternist, and it got me thinking about the connection between the Queen Bee and Alice in Wonderland:


In the book we learn that Alice comes face to face with the Master of Free-Fall himself, and it helped shed some light on the previous Beyoncé/Trident/Cracked Egg syncs we've looked at above:


In his post Toure points out the single entitled ‘Me Myself and I’. This brought to mind the movie ‘Me, Myself & Irene’ which features the Cracked Egg/Skull:


Also notice the ‘RR’ in the surname caRRey:


In The Truman Show movie we see that JC resonates with the Chicken and Free Range Eggs:


The Egg which which encompasses Trumans whole life is a construct designed to keep him submissive and happy, but he soon realizes that there’s more to Life than he’s been lead to believe and that’s when he starts to look for a way outside:


He realizes that the Egg might have sheltered him, but it made him complacent and smothered his growth.  When he realizes that the Egg has served it’s purpose he searches for a Crack in The Wall.  If Jim Carrey was an Egg, he’d definitely be ‘Free Range’:


It’s not easy escaping a prison when you don’t know you’re inside one, but I think you’d agree that finding the Doorway (once it’s been pointed out) is well worth the effort:


The Doorway which helped him break free of the Egg was of course in his own Mind:


Over at Centre Portal I read a fascinating post called GeyeA in which Jim Sanders points out that the logo for AIG (or EGG) can be reversed to reveal GIA, or GAIA: our Mother Earth:


At the time of writing the post Jim hadn't linked the AIG with the EGG, and yet in his post he says:

‘What I now realize is how much the AIG fits right in with the rise of ISIS...... and the crash of the Egonomy.’

I found this statement perfectly fitting as the Egonomy refers to the crash of two things. One is the Ego (or Eggo) which is beginning to shatter as the Collective Egg begins to break. Simultaneously our Economy (or Egonomy) is also crumbling apart.

Here in the UK thousands of jobs are being lost each week and businesses are dropping like flies. On the surface things look like they’re breaking apart, and yet I can’t help but feel that behind this ‘shattering’ there’s a monumental ‘Coming Together’ taking place.

The Collective AIG around GAIA is beginning to come tumbling down, just like Humpty, and Mother Earth is straining to help us with our Collective Rebirth. The Queen Bee is helping her children connect once again to the Hive Mind, or the Alien Queen is nudging her little crabby Face Huggers to go forth and find a new host. GIA is encouraging us to release our attachment to the AIG.

I also noted that on Jims ‘Tweets from a Hummingbird’ he says:

‘AIG downfall signals the rise of GIA, or a GAIA influenced economy. Makes sense.’

I couldn’t help but think of the Downfall of Humpty Dumpty, resulting in the Cracked Egg. The Wall which has been quarantining us, housing us as we go through our metamorphosis, is about to be become redundant (just like the thousands of workers finding themselves without a job). Even the Kings Horses and Kings Men won't be able to stop the Crash of Egonomy. It looks like they’re just going to have to accept it!

Next I noticed the Cracked Egg making an apearance in the great work of Jake Kotze. In the post called C-ing Red over at The Blob, Jake focuses on the Red Eye and the letter C:


Jake Kotze reveals that:

‘The C is the opened O, the mandala that has been penetrated and parted. The C is an inviting portal or even bridge to the Divine.’

When I read these words only one image came to mind: The Cracked Egg. The O is the Egg while still intact and whole, and the C is revealed when the Crack begins to open. As Jake suggests: ‘The C (or Cracked Egg) is an inviting portal or even a bridge to the Divine’.


In Bruce Almighty we find that JC can be found opening the Doorway to the Divine via his bowl of Red-C:


When we crack open our Minds and open to the influx of Kosmic Energies available to us at this moment in time, we let the Divine filter in, stimulating our Pineal Gland and Chakras, and we begin the transition into our next evolutionary stage. When we’re ready to emerge from our Cocoon because it's become prohibiting, realizing that it's served it's purpose, we begin to split apart the O and we begin to C things in a whole new light.

If we consider that this year is 2009, Year of the Elephant, and if we consider that the character Rorschach resonates with the Elephant via the Gunga Diner, and Jim Carrey resonates with the Elephant via his role as Horton in ‘Horton Hears a Who’, then the Cracked Egg/Skull synchronicities already mentioned would suggest that the Elephant is helping rebuild the bridge to the Divine by activating the Trident in the centre of our Minds:


In the same C-ing Red post Jake also makes several references to the Red Eye. We’ve already looked at a Red Eye at the start of this post in relation to The Wall(e), the Egg (Eva/Alien), and of course the Elephant:


To learn all more about the Egg/C relationship let's look at a movie directed by Ron HOWARD:


The Egg and the Cocoon are two ways of saying the same thing, so if we look at Ron Howards movie ‘Cocoon’ we find that the C (or Cracked Egg) in the title is highlighted:


In the poster below we find that the Cocoon is located under the Sea, or C. This seems to suggest once again that the C and the Cracked Cocoon/Egg are one and the same. Also notice the Vesica Pisces in the title which suggests that a Coming Together is taking place, bringing to mind the shape created by the orbit of two Binary Stars:


When the Cocoon opens it may very well be everything we've been dreaming of, but nothing like what we're expecting, just like the tag line above suggests. Therefore I think we need to keep an open mind about how this is all going to play out. The Humpty nursery rhyme doesn't actually tell us what happens after the Egg is smashed. When you've been in Free-fall for your entire life it's hard to imagine what it's going to like when we hit the dead line and come to a stand still. It could be disorienting at first but at least we'll all be 'grounded'.

In Jakes post he mentions Atlantis, and considering I’d just been researching the Cocoon movie I knew this reference wasn’t just coincidence. Above we see that the Cocoon/Egg is found underwater, just like the mythical lost city of Atlantis:


Jake states that:

‘Plato's account of the layout of Atlantis claims it was constructed by Poseidon in concentric circles of water and land with a large canal extending from the central land element through the circular zones. This “bull's eye” design, which is sometimes identified with a C (because of the canal cutting the circle), can be seen as a symbol for Atlantis.’

Considering Poseidon and his Trident/Seahorses have featured quite heavily in my recent work, and considering he’s supposedly responsible for constructing Atlantis, I knew there was something waiting to discovered here, and I wasn’t disappointed:


Manly P. Hall depicts the ‘Qabbalistic Egg’ in the same way as the layout for Atlantis: concentric circles with a path from the Centre to the Outer Layer. Considering the Cracked Skull/Head syncs, this could be interpreted as the pathway/bridge which we navigate in order to find our Centre:


If we look once again at this Cracked Egg/Skull image we see that it also resonates with the concentric circles of Atlantis:


As Jake points out in his post, the layout of Atlantis looks exactly like a Bullseye:bullseye

Actor Val Kilmer starred as Moses in the movie ‘Prince of Egypt’ and he’s also starred in the musical entitled ‘The 10 Commandments’ once again in the role of Moses. Kilmer knows all but cracking open the Egg-O, or parting the Red-C:


Moses/Kilmer also starred in the movie ‘The Eyeland of Dr. Moreau’. In Japan this movie was renamed to the simple title of ‘D.N.A’, suggesting that the Red-C which being opened up may very well be the one running within our veins:


ON the left we see Kilmers 3rd Eye highlighted in ‘Batman Forever’, and on the right we see it highlighted by a Red Cross in ‘The Eyeland of Dr. Moreau/DNA’:


Both Kilmer and Carrey have parted the Red-C in different movies, and when they appear together in the same film we find a character called Two-Face (who resonates with the Cracked Egg/Skull) with a JC device attached to his 3rd Eye, and a statue in the background depicting the Splitting of the Egg/Head:


In the comments section of my last post I mentioned an experience I once had where I saw a Grid zoom towards me after wakening up in the middle of the night. I believe we start to glimpse this Universal Grid when our 3rd Eye begins to open, and we start to see the subtle forces which binds everything together:



While investigating the Pineal Gland I learned here that:

‘Pathcurve forms are mathematical constructs inherent in all living things and are the forms or shapes which all living things must follow as they grow. Pathcurves are most obvious and apparent in the development of buds, pine cones or eggs but their influence can be demonstrated in the formation of such diverse structures as the human embryo, the aorta and even the pineal gland’:


The shape of the Pineal Gland resonates with the Egg and we’ve already looked at how the layout of Atlantis resonates with the Bulls Eye. This suggests that when the Egg/3rd Eye begins to open, a channel/bridge is created which grants us access to the centre of the Bulls Eye. Then we begin to C things more clearly:


I believe that there are multiple layers to this Egg, and once we breach one layer we find ourselves in an even larger one. As we grow and evolve we become too large to be contained in this layer, and we are Reborn again into the next. I’m sure this process is as infinite as the Universe, and right now we seem to have reached the Wall, which is beginning to crack, and we’re about to emerge into the next one.

If we look inside the Chicken Egg we find the same Atlantis layout of concentric circles and the bridge, which is represented on the right by the embryonic disk:


In the image above I noticed the word Allantois. At first glance I thought it actually said ‘Atlantois’ (or Atlantis) due a little smudge in the image, but after checking Google I realized it was indeed Allantois. However, the fact that the Allantois/Atlantois/Atlantis is found within the Egg, and the Concentric Circle/Bridge is also within the Egg…well it just seemed too coincidental to dismiss.

While looking for an image of Atlantis I wasn’t surprised to find that it could be connected to the Chicken via this PC game:


I also wondered why the Bubble around the Chickens head looked familiar, and made the connection with this image from the movie Alien. Here we see actor John Hurt (The Elephant Man) coming face to face with The Hugger:


It all revolves around the different layers of the Atlantean Egg, and we never truly find ourselves out of the Waters of our Mothers Womb. We just continue to move through different ‘chambers’ of the Egg, and continue climbing the Pyramid, until we eventually arrive at the Summit:


We can also find the Pyramid of Atlantis connected to Alexander and the tagline ‘The Greatest Legend of All was Real’:


We find the Atlantean Alexander connected to the Red Eye which we saw at the beginning of this post in relation to the Humpty Dumpty via the Wall(e) and the Egg (Eva):


The adventures of Sigourney Weaver (star of the Alien movies) begin when The Elephant Man (John Hurt) brings home a Face Hugger. Coincidentally Alexander/Bullseye has also come face to face with The Elephant (Man) in his ‘Red Eye’ resonating movie:


You might have noticed that actor Anthony Hopkins has kept popping up in relation to all of these Egg synchronicities. He’s starred in ‘The Elephant Man’, ‘All the Kings Men’, ‘Alexander’, and considering his resonance with Humpty Dumpty and the Alexander tagline (‘The Greatest Legend of All was Real’) it makes sense that he should also resonate with The Fall:


Hopkins may have Fallen from the Wall, but he’s also fractured just like Humpty.  Here we see him getting his first glimpse at Life outside the Egg:


Hopkins stars opposite Ryan Gosling, and a Gosling comes from a you know what:


Hopkins was also the narrator in The Grinch (starring Jim CaRRey), a movie which was directed by Ron Howard who we’ve already seen in relation to the ‘Cocoon’.  When JC breaks free of the Egg, he reconnects with Life, and his Heart Chakra opens and begins to grows three times in size:


Instead of hating his fellow Who’s, he now does everything in his power to save them.  An Elephant has a BIG heart:


Hopkins (star of ‘The Elephant Man’) has also been in the ‘Hearts in Atlantis’ movie connecting everything already mentioned to the Hand Print:


If the Egg also represents the Heart (which these synchronicities seem to suggest), then we could say that as the Wall/Egg begins to crumble and fragment, our Hearts will begin opening on a global scale, and we’ll reconnect with the force which binds this Universe together: Love


Another way of looking at the Egg breaking open, is to compare it to a Flower which unfolds it’s petals under the suns rays. I believe this unfolding of the Heart Chakra is possibly going to take place under the Enlightening rays of our Twin Sun, the Dog-Star:


On the left we see Neo reflected in the Glasses of Morpheus. In this image we see the Eye, the Hand, and the Red Pill/Egg come together:


When Neo is ready to embrace his own evolution, he swallows the Red Pill and breaks free of the Egg:


Remember at the end of The Matrix when he sees through the illusion having broken free of the Shell which once limited him? He flies into the centre of Agent Smith and cracks him wide open…think ‘Humpty Dumpty’:


As we each begin to disconnect from The Matrix, and each break free of the Egg, we’ll soon begin to see a change in the world as more and more people start to snap out of their deep sleep. It’s cozy inside the Womb, but when the contractions begin (which I already think they have), in the words of Agent Smith you could say that our Rebirth is ‘Inevitable’.

Neo is of course ‘The One’, and each One of us is responsible for cracking open our own Egg/Ego/Heart:


I’m going to finish things up with the Humpty Dumpty resonating Wall-E, and I want to look at this one image in particular. Notice the way Wall-E and Eva are staring lovingly into each others eyes, as he sprays his ‘Seed’ into outer space:


In this intimate moment we have Wall-E’s Seed/Sperm and Evas Egg ‘Coming Together’. If we crack open the Skull and look at the Pineal Gland we see that it shares a resemblance with the Sperm:


The Pineal Gland resonates with the Male Sperm, so we could say that it’s the Pineal Gland/Sperm which is going to help us breach the Wall of the Egg:


The activation of the Pineal Gland could very well open the Doorway and allow us to move freely into the next stage of our evolution. The Pineal Gland is possibly the key which will help unlock the Egg, shatter the Ego, open the Heart, create a bridge to the Divine, and it’s all going to take place in the centre of our Mind and the Red-C which flows within our veins.

I want to finish off by introducing a new band to this Blog, and looking at one of their songs. I don’t know how popular the Scottish band Travis where in the rest of the world, but here in the UK they made it quite big. Considering everything we’ve looked at in this post I couldn’t think of a better way to end it than with this Egg-man video for the song ‘Coming Around’:

The Travis front-man (Fran Healy) plays the role of Humpty and at the end of the video we see him break free of his Shell. Now he can truly love his partner as the Wall which once separated them comes crashing down:


For more Travis/Egg-Man resonance check out their song called The Humpty Dumpty Love Song.

On the cover of the Han Frealy’s album entitled ‘12 Memories’ we see him peering over The Wall, giving him resonance once again with the Egg-Man. Also notice the letters ‘HAL’ superimposed over his face:


HAL is of course the Red Eyed Robot (think Wall-E/Sigourney Weaver) who stars in the movie 2001. Once again we see The Wall which is due to break in the near future, resulting in our inevitable Rebirth:


The Humpty Free-Fall has begun, and it’s only a matter of time before he shatters and we all transition into the New Age. It feels like we’re simply going through the motions now, the contractions have begun, and as we all plummet head first towards the ground we’d might as well enjoy the exhilarating ride. Look forward to seeing you on the Outside :)

Much love, and thanks for reading!





Sony HDNA advert:

**Update: I couldn’t resist adding this final video.  What’s the chances of finding Jim Carrey singing a classic Beatles (Rebirth) song with the lyrics: ‘I AM THE EGGMAN’:


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Everything but the kitchen SYNCH in that one!

Funny you should mention Gunga Diner...
Was just reading about the pink albino Elephant

Read it at
Strange Daze

Pink Ganesh (Janesh/Jains/Janis/Jenes/Janus)

Had Eggs and Eggo waffles for breakfast 2 this AM !

And I like the Ego = Egg...
Leggo my Eggo !

It is afterall "THE KING'S" men that try to put him back together.

Once that consciousness has escaped its prison shell (incubation shell) it simply can't be put back in it.

In the literal...
You see the world for what it is and who runs it.

In the figurative/philosophical
the "emissaries" of the Lord of Illusions can't stop you or hold you back anymore.

Wall-E = Vall-E = VALIS = Fall-E

and Droidy's "Co-COON"

Enough strange Al-Khemy 4 me 4 now...

Time for some R&R today !

OK, 1 more...

he swallows the Red Pill...

'The Greatest Legend of All was Real’

REVELATION time at last...

Love it.



WV: libre

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

I get on the computer to try and finish my post and decide to see what your going on about just to see that we again will use some of the same concepts and pictures.... Totally normal for this day and age wouldn't you say. Don't forget Wall-e that the people turn red while he and eve are getting it on.... Also they make double helix in the sky....

WV=alisig... Island/Aligning/AliSing

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Damn it you always add shit!

I wanted to come back and say that this was one of your most fluid post lately.


Arrowsmith said...

Hey StrangEye - I never thought of the connection between:
Wall-E = Vall-E = VALIS = Fall-E
so thanks for pointing it out. Fits very nicely into the jigsaw, especially when you consider that the Valis book makes it's appearance in the Eggtown episode of Lost.
Thanks for the feedback!

Mr. Shaman - LOL! I just can't help myself. As soon as the post goes onto the Blog new shit always seems to pop into my head. I'm a tweaker at heart and just don't know when to leave things alone.

Thanks for reminding me about the Wall-E syncs and I look forward to seeing what you come up with in your next post.

Come back again soon as I'm sure the post will look completely different...a new experience each time! :D

Jon Kidd said...

What came first the chicken or the broken egg?

Humpty dumpty had a great fall? Then Chicken little came out and said...

"The sky is falling!"

Why did the chicken cross the road?
To get to to the other side?
Whats the road?
Well I'm sure you know what the road is...

Fuck sakes man! When has anybody dropped the name 'Sigourney Weaver' in a post? Seriously? Yesterday I sent an email to Jake suggesting he take a boo at Ghostbusters 2. I mentioned Sigourney Weaver's multiple interactions with the twin pillars.

If we have the seed(PG) then I can't help but think that this egg in physical form is the Earth. Through mental metaphor and telekinetic correlations in our blogs I believe this cracking egg is the mysteries within our own earth. Once we find own wings we can fly out into the next stage of reality. So our enlightenment via PG we see our reality and learn we can fly. Sperm(us) - egg(Earth) - bird(hybrid) - fly

Brilliant post man!

O becomes c...Ohh now I 'C' ;)

David Stewart said...

well there Jack - seems you climbed the beanstalk and came back with the goose that laid the golden egg!
I mention golden because some of your illustrations were making me think of Wise Woman's post here
golden egg - golden sun???
In my memory, railroad crossing signs had the RR in the north quadrant above the X like the image you show - but an internet search show me that they are at least now made with the r;s in the east and west quadrants making them into a very scowling smiley? - like a stern warning from your granny to watch for the train I suppose
the C rotated 90 degrees becomes Nut the sky goddess- rotated a further 90 to 180 and it is the arc/ark/ Boat of Millions of Years.

Eunus Noe said...

Wow. that looks like a lot of work. nice.

So I had a Humpty thought last night. Luke pulls off his dad's mass and finds a man who looks like Humpty Dumpty, literally. He looks like an egg w/ a face-like Humpty Dumpty. And all the king's horses and all the kings men couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again. They tried though, and made the man into a machine. Such a powerful scene. To forgive the tyrant. The father accepts death.

I had some similar thoughts about Locke and "the hatch" last Jan, check it out:

I also had some similar egg thoughts recently here:

I'm impressed w/ your stamina. You can really play w/ a thought.

take care.

Anonymous said...

Ev3 of Ruff Ryders Jon Kidd had the same Ey3 thing going on with his Third Ey3 blog but he changed the banner recently.

I like doubles, specially the ones that are consecutive or bookends of a word, like HitcH which Kotze talked about. I like 88 too, I was reading an article on Yahoo News about how I'm actually an Ophicius, it's the thirteenth Zodiac, the Serpent Bearer. They said there are 88 Major Zodiacs, so there's that number again.

Fun times, I'm glad you posted this. I've been thinking about Humpty Dump lately. Makes me want to do The Humpty Dance

mercury well said...

Very insightful and substantive post, you really have a gift. This snyc theme made me think of the Beatles tune - I am the Eggman... They are the Eggmen, I am the 'Wal'rus... later covered by Oasis as well. The first line goes, I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. More of the coming together aspect.

Excellent work.

mercury well said...

I just caught the update :)

Great find!

Quintessence said...

Amazing Arrows -awesome stuff!!!

toure said...

Holy Cosmic-Pineal Eggshells Batman!! Incredible. I really cannot over-emphasize the power of collaborative thinking in this field. Just before I came over here to read the new stuff, I added a link to this post in my new post on the assumption that there would be connections.

After a wierd dream i had, i've begun to associate the penetration of zion by the sentinels in The Matrix 3 with the penetration of the egg by the sperm.

The Alexander sync was just too good to be true. What a synch-tastic cast of stars. Alexander's first wife was played by Rosario Dawson, who gets name-dropped in my latest offering, along with Two Face Tommy Lee (in MiB2), a connection I just put together.

Eye Am The Egg, Man...WoW MoM. you gotta bee kidding me.

Thank you for this.

Arrowsmith said...

Jon - Thanks for the link to Opening the StarG8 via JC. Can't seem to recall reading it before and really liked the Dark Road connection.

Why is the Chicken always linked to the Road in that lame joke? Why it always trying to get to the other side? Does it represent a transition from one Layer of the Egg to another, a 'crossing over' or 'hatching', or is it simply just a lame joke?
I suppose we can find deep meaning in anything if we squint our mind hard enough. If Humpty can become a metaphor for the future then anythings possible!

As for the Seed/PG/Earth connection, I see everything through my macro/microcosmic specs. What's in the centre of an atom is a reflection of whats in the centre of our Brain. Zoom out far enough and you find that these things are mirror images of the Earth. Keep going further and you see that our Galaxy is simply a gigantic macro-version.

Before this Blog was a twinkle in my eye I wrote a post over at The Syncromystic Serpent looking at this As Above, So Below concept, before abandoning the Blog completely. It explains this a hell of a lot better than I've just tried to do. I'm glad you see the links as well Jon, and cheers for the feedback.

David - My mum always warned me about buying magic beans from strangers! :D

I like how you linked the C or U to the Ark as I feel the resonance to the Deluge (think Tidal Wave) feels quite appropriate. The Flood can be interpreted in many different ways and I hope to touch on this theme a little more in the next post.

Eunus - I like your Vader analogy. The Egg who tried to mend the fragments of the Shell but forgot to include in the most important ingredient: the compassionate Soul.

I checked out your posts. They certainly resonated on many levels with my Humpty syncs. I also noted how you focused your 'T' post on The Fountain.

The iconic image in that movie is the Egg/Ball with the Tree in the centre. When Jackman exits the Egg at the end of the movie he's pulled up into the heart of the Sun, the centre of the Bullseye. He finds his centre and becomes Buddha-like. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!

As for the stamina. I started this post as a simple introduction for my next post. It was like a rough lump of clay that I was toying with. If I hadn't linked the Wall(E) with the Egg (Eva) this post would never have existed. That lead me to thinking about Humpty and before I knew it I started seeing a picture in that clump of clay. As I started refining the image it just seems to snowball out of control and I couldn;t stop until it was finished.

I know I should keep things shorter but I like releasing all this stuff in one big download so that I can move onto the next sculpture. I think that synchronicities and ideas are as malleable as clay and it's our intent that molds it. I wanted to see how far I could push Humpty and The Egg Man seemed to be very pliable indeed. A kid with a lump of Playdoe - I think this sums up my sync-philosophy quite nicely.

James - That Ev3 link was sweet. Had to include it in the post as I noticed a Paw Print connection on the image.

Loved the Humpty Dance so thought I'd include one of my favorite bands when I was growing up. Here's the Beastie Boys video: The Eggman.

As for the double letters I think they're definitely sign posts which suggest we take a closer look. PP, RR, KK, HH, LL, GG...when they appear I always take note. Cheers James.

Mercury Well - I actually added that 'I am the Walrus' video to the post before reading your comment! I stumbled across it quite by accident on Youtube, but it looks like you where here to remind me about it regardless.
As for the Oasis link - I was thinking about their song Supersonic and it's connection to Sonic the Hedgehog whose nemesis happens to be called Dr. Eggman.

Quintessence - Glad you enjoyed it! I thought you might like the connection between Alice & Humpty :)

Many thanks for all your thoughts and feedback.

mercury well said...

Yeah after my first post I went back to skim over your words again and as I got to the bottom I was like "Oh Blast! he already connected it!"... sat here with egg on my

I see eggs everywhere now. Maybe the egg represents our sun... what will it hatch? a chick(goddess), I'm gonna hangout behind this wall for now... cheers.

toure said...

wv: artingst

Anonymous said...

wow after you pointed out the paw prints, I don't know how I didn't remember those

I read this today,

"Jesus said, 'Come unto me, for My yoke is easy and My lordship is mild, and you will find repose for yourselves."

skywalkarn said...

you might like this article. Nasa just snaped this pic of what looks like a gas cloud in the shape of a hand stretching towards a galaxy.

ABeverage said...

Maybe this is how Synchronicity works for me, in a time delay…as again I seem to be a little late to the party.

At least then, I could have added the theme song for this post which should have been Einstein on the Beach

My image of Cracked Eggs...check

And to the previous post with some background. I have always loved my comics but never got into Silver Surfer, however the only image I have ever done in 3D of a comic way way back...
Silver Surfer...check