Saturday, 14 March 2009

Do you sea Horses?

In the last post I looked at two dreams and a variety of synchronicities which encouraged me to look closely into the relationship between the Elephant and the Peacock.  But while investigating these two unlikely partners,  a new creature started to surface in the form of the Sea Horse:


As I tried to decipher my dream symbols of the Tidal Wave and the Pyramid Eyeland, I discovered that the Dog-Star Sirius, the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades, the Rainbow (Iris), the year 2012, and the Elephant/Peacock all shared one thing in common.  They all seemed to be linked in one way or another to the Sea Horse, a somewhat unlikely candidate in the scheme of things.

I started off with large symbols: Tidal Waves, a giant Pyramid Island, and the largest land mammal on Earth – the Elephant, but as the synchronicities started to evolve the smaller Peacock came to my attention, and this was followed by the even smaller Sea Horse.  Despite things becoming progressively smaller I came to realize that the smallest of the bunch, the Sea Horse, actually represented the colossal Tidal Wave from my dream.  In the realm of synchronicity size really doesn’t seem to matter!

So even though I welcomed the Sea Horse into this evolving story, the Universe decided to send me further confirmation regardless.  If you’ve read my Things Are Coming Together post then you’ll know that I accepted that ‘Things Were Coming Together’, and yet I was still bombarded with ‘Coming Together’  synchronicities. I think the Universe likes hammering home the point to make sure we get the message loud and clear, and the Sea Horse was no exception.

So just to quickly recap, the Sea Horse only became part of this story due to its appearance on the artwork found inside Keanes album ‘Under the Iron Sea’:


I only paid attention to the artwork above due to the two Red Peacocks found at the bottom of the image.  It was only later on while writing about the Tidal Wave dream that I realized that the Sea Horse found at the top of the artwork was also significant.

So as I was nearly finished writing my last post, feeling that things were moving into new unexplored territory, when I took my dog Jake for a walk and popped in to visit my mum.  We had a long chat about the recent Elephant synchronicities and she told me that since we discussed them on the day of my birthday, two people had emailed her Elephant pictures.  She explained that she hadn’t mentioned Elephants to these two people, never ever received Elephant emails, and yet here they were. One of them happened to be a picture of Ganesh which I found particularly amusing.

So I decided to put the Sea Horse to the test to see if my mum could attract it into her life.  This one (or so I thought at the time) would be a little trickier to manifest than an Elephant.  I explained that the Sea Horse was somehow relevant to my Blog and suggested she keep a look out for any kind of Water/Sea Horse connections.

So the following day it happened to be Big Yellow Friday here in the UK, and due to my various encounters with the Elephant the previous week I had a feeling that something interesting might happen:


So I get ready for work on Friday morning, I’m looking forward to the weekend, and while eating breakfast I open up the local newspaper.  I scanned the headlines on the front page, turned the page over, and there was the word ‘Seahorses’ staring me in the face.  I nearly choked on my cereal!  Knowing that my mum would also be reading the newspaper that morning I quickly devoured the article to find out why the Sea Horse had been mentioned:


The Seahorses were a band who made it quite big here in the UK when I was a teenager, so when I read that the former lead singer Chris Helme was coming to visit Wick, a town only 20 miles away from where I live, it was quite unexpected.  I’d told my mum the previous night to look for any kind of Seahorse synchronicity, and here it was on page 3 of the paper the very next morning.  Talk about express delivery  :)

In the article above it mentioned that many of The Seahorses songs where co-written by Liam Gallagher, lead singer for Oasis.  If you’ve been following this Blog then you’ll be aware that Noel Gallagher (Liams older brother) has already made an appearance.  So has the band The Beatles who were a major influence in the lives of the Gallagher brothers.

In the last post I mentioned the importance of the UK band Keane, and mentioned that the name of their record company happens to be ‘Eyeland Records’.  Here we see the Eyeland and the Black Sun in their logo:


While writing the SlumDog-Star post I found that the UK bands, Oasis and Keane, both resonated with the Eyeland and the Dog-Star Sirius via these logos:


Thanks to new developments over at The Blob, Jake has mentioned that the ‘Palm Tree’ (pictured above) resonates with the ‘Palm of the Hand’.  In the logo for ‘Eyeland Records’ above, we therefore see the Hand (Palm), the Eye(land), and the Black Sun all uniting together in one simple image.

In the previous post I’ve discussed the Eyeland which came to my attention through my dream about a Tidal Wave.  My interpretation of the Eyeland is that it’s symbolic of our Brow Chakra, or 3rd Eye, located in the centre of our forehead.  It could also refer to the human body, our Blood/DNA, or something completely different.  The juries still out on this one!

In my dream the Tidal Wave (which could be interpreted as Kosmic Energy from the Pleiades or Sirius) crashed over the top of the  Eyeland (which was shaped like a Pyramid) and I ended up  surfing the Wave down a slope.  The cover of Keanes album and their record label (when combined) seem to depict the symbols within this dream quite perfectly:


I believe that this ‘Coming Together’ of the Sea Horse (Kosmic Energy) and the Eyeland (3rd Eye/DNA/Body) is somehow connected to the Dog-Star Sirius and The Pleiades which could be the source for these Enlightening emanations.  These are just theories which I’ve been chewing over lately while trying to decipher the dream, and this post is going to focus on fleshing out some of these ideas.

So to get this post moving I want to return briefly to the actor Tom Hanks. Here we see the Sirius resonating Cow-boy beside a Pentagram Star in association with the Dog Eyeland:


In the movie Cast Away we saw how Tom Hanks became lost on the Eyeland, where he befriends his Red Palm/Hand.  This connects the Eyeland with the Blood/DNA.  Hanks actually draws a pair of Eyes on his Red Hand Print bringing us back to the Hand/Eye theme as well:


Inside his cave we saw that the White/Red/Black Hand all seem to be interchangeable with one another:


Even the Seahorse resonating Oasis seem to be connected to the Eyeland (via the logos looked at above) and the Hand Print:


While going through my Elephant phase, I was searching Google for the keyword ‘Dumbo’ and found a series of Elephant pictures featuring the Skull/Bones (left), the White Hand (centre), and the CBS Peacock (right):


In the previous post I showed how the Elephant lead me to the Peacock which in turn lead me to the Sea Horse.  If we bring this back to the (Sea) Horse then we find that Tom Hanks/Woody rides the ‘Bullseye’:



If we follow Tom Hanks (who managed to find his Eyeland/3rd Eye in Cast Away) then we find that he also loves the Fish Tailed Mermaid in the movie Splash.  Here we see him with his arms around the waist of Lady Liberty (Isis/Sothis/Sirius):


If we follow the Mermaid then we can find her sitting on the Eyeland in the middle of the ocean:


Tom Hanks has several connections to the Eyeland, so I want to take a look at a new symbol which seems to resonate strongly with the Eye.  Here we see the Mermaids father, King Triton, alongside his Trident


King Triton, or the Greek Poseidon (brother of Zeus/Jupiter) can be found riding the waves on the back of the Sea Horse:


The Trident of Poseidon and the Trident of Shiva (both Gods which are associated with the color Blue) takes us back to the two key animals looked at in the previous post – the Peacock and the Elephant.  We also find emphasis placed on the 3rd Eye:


So if we look for synchronicities involving the 3rd Eye and the Trident we find one in the movie Daredevil.  Here we see Elektra holding the Sai, or the Poseidon/Shiva Trident:


In the movie Daredevil we learn that Electra is a member of the Assassins group known as ‘The Hand’.  In the movie we see Bullseye throwing the Trident into Elektras Hand, bringing the (Bulls)Eye and Hand together once again:


Electra may have a Bleeding Palm, but so does Bullseye.  Here we see him doing his JC impression:


For further syncs involving the Christ/Hand connection the please check out  SpiriT of the Blue Bird over at The Blob.

Here we see that the Daredevil logo forms the the symbol of the Vesica Pisces:

elektra_DD  elektra_VesicaEyes

I believe that the 3rd begins to awaken gradually as our Twin Sun (possibly Sirius) moves to it’s closest point in the Binary Cycle (known as periapsis) and bathes our planet in new waves of energy.  As they move away from each other (apoapsis) and the Twin Sun leaves once again, I believe that the 3rd Eye begins to close, our connection to the Source shuts down, and I imagine this process similar to a flower opening and closing it’s petals during the cycles of day and night.  These cycles could be responsible for the evolutionary cycles of mankind, resulting in ascending (Golden) ages and descending (Dark) ages.  In my post Lost Star of Myth & Time I looked at how we appear to be in an ascending age, and are once again climbing up the evolutionary ladder.

We’ve seen that the Daredevil logo represents the Vesica Pisces, and the Vesica symbolizes the relationship between binary stars:


Let’s not forget that the Daredevil, or simply Devil, is known for his Pitch Fork/Trident.  I believe it’s simply another way of representing the Vesica Pisces - the left fork (Yin), the right fork (Yang), and the centre fork unites the two together forming a Trinity:


If we take a look at the Eyeland/Bullseye/3rd Eye resonating Tom Hanks then we find him captured by a Chicken Man named Al in the movie Toy Story 2:


Al the Chicken Man happens to own a Toy Store and outside the entrance we find the Pitch Fork/Trident:


It’s only when Tom Hanks is captured by the Poseidon/Shiva/Devil resonating Chicken Man that he finds his Bullseye. I’ve looked at how the 3rd Eye can be symbolized by the Cracked Stone/Egg and here we see that the Trident wielding kidnapper also resonates with this symbol:


… more ways than one:


I believe that when Two becomes One and the polarities unite, the 3rd Eye awakens.  It all seems to be related to this process of ‘Coming Together’ which might be taking place at this moment in time.

In a previous post we saw the Cracked Stone/Egg symbol appearing in the movie Bolt.  The name ‘Bolt’ resonates with the name of the Trident wielding ‘Elektra’, and both seem to be connected to the Dog-Star and the Bullseye/3rd Eye/Cracked Egg located on our forehead:


The ‘Coming Together’ synchronicities came to my attention when I found a Cracked Stone sitting on my refuse bin.  A day or two later I told a joke at the dinner table involving two cars colliding together, and within seconds the TV news reporter stated that two Satellites had collided, and so had two Submarines.  There was a Trinity of ‘Coming Together’ syncs in the space of about 20 seconds which made me sit up and pay attention.

I’ve focused on the Satellites  in the past but somewhat neglected the Submarines. Considering we’re looking at Sea Horses and Tridents I thought it would be worth mentioning that the British HMS Vanguard, which ‘came together’ with the French Le Triomphant, was carrying Trident nuclear missiles.  The full article can be found here:


So the Trident seems to be worth exploring at it resonates with the 3rd Eye on a variety of different levels. 

While writing the information above I recalled that the Sirius resonating Wolverine also has a Trident.  If you think of his arm as the Staff/Pole of the Trident, then the 3 Claws begin to take on a new meaning:


Above we see that the ‘Middle Claw’ (or ‘Middle Pillar’) interacts with the area of the 3rd Eye, confirming in my mind at least, that the centre ‘Fork’ of the Trident represents the 3rd Eye.  It represents the centre of the Vesica Pisces which forms the shape of the Eye.

Considering I’ve looked at the Elephant in some detail in the last post it’s worthwhile looking at this image of Ganesh, where we see that the Staff/Pole of the Trident is represented by his Trunk, and the ‘Head of the Trident’ symbolizes his 3rd Eye:


All of these symbols (the 3rd Eye, the Elephant, the Peacock, the SeaHorse, the Rainbow Tidal Wave, the Eyeland, the Hand, the Trident etc etc etc) all seem to take me in circles, much like the Elephant trunk pictured above.  The Synchronicities often make my head spin but each time I complete a circuit on the round-a-bout I seem to have a new way of interpreting the picture.  The faster I seem to spin, the quicker everything seems to be coming into focus, and Synchronicity seems to be a great tool in helping me blur all these symbols/themes together.  It merges all these different facets of life into one big unified blur.  I’m not saying any of this is fact, but I’m enjoying the process of spinning on this merry-go-round nonetheless.

So let’s get back to the Sea Horse to see what else we can learn about the ‘Rainbow Tidal Wave of Kosmic Energy’ which may/may not be arriving in the year 2012:


My first ‘nudge’ to explore the Sea Horse came via  the Tidal Wave/Horse in this image from a Keane album:


The next one wasn’t as subtle and came via my local newspaper:


At the time of writing the majority of the information above (Sunday 8th March 2009), the singer Chris Helme (the former Seahorses frontman) has been singing only 20 miles away from where I live in a town called Wick.

In the article above we see that Chris Helme is playing an intimate gig in the Blackstairs Lounge, a bar that I used to socialize in when I lived in the town of Wick several years ago.  The reason I’m mentioning the Blackstairs Lounge is because this bar seems to be a perfect location for the former Sea Horse front-man for several reasons.

Below we find an old painting of the Blackstairs in Wick.  It looks exactly the same today as it did back then, and I’ve circled the place where the Blackstairs Lounge is located:


While thinking about why the former Seahorse would have chosen to play his gig at this particular location (and there’s plenty of pubs/bars in my part of the world – we Scots like our drink!), I noticed something in the image above.

There’s a Trident in this old painting.  Here we see the ‘Pole/Staff of the Trident’ representing the steps of the Spinal Column. The ‘Head of the Trident’ represents the area of the 3rd Eye, and finally the ‘Head of the Lamp Post’ (symbolizing the Crown Chakra) is found at the very top:


Using this Stairway analogy we see that as the Kundalini Serpent rises from the base of the spine up the various different Steps/Chakras, it reaches the 3rd Eye and in turn the ‘Lamp Post’ (or ‘Light’) switches on.  When the Blackstairs are climbed, we become Illuminated. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the former Seahorse is found playing his gig at the top of those Stairs.

While looking on Google for an image of the Blackstairs Lounge (pictured above) I happened to stumble across the Blackstairs Opera Festival in Ireland, and found this familiar bird in their logo:


I turned to the Peacock logo for the  ‘Blackstairs Opera Festival’ for some inspiration and found it through the Irish actor Cillian Murphy who knows all about the Black Sun and the Eye via the movie ‘Sunshine’.  He also appeared as The Scarecrow (JC) Jonathan Crane in the ‘Why So Sirius?’ Batman sequel:


Cillian Murphy starred alongside Ellen Page in the 2009 movie entitled ‘Peacock’:

Ellen Page
2007 National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Awards Gala - Arrivals
Cipriani's, NYC 15/01/08

In Ellen Pages younger years she starred in the TV show (PP) Pit Pony.  In this image we see Ellen Page standing with her Horse beside Water, bringing to mind the Water Horse, or Sea Horse:


In the movie Juno (which I haven’t actually watched yet) we find Ellen Page connected to the Stairway (Blackstairs/Spine/Ladder) at the top left of this image:


But if we look closer at her T-shirt we also find something that resembles a Peacock:


Not only has Ellen Page starred in a movie called ‘Peacock’, but she’s worn the Peacock in the film ‘Juno’.  Jim over at Centre Portal and Jake over at The Blob have both done some great work in linking Juno with the planet Jupiter.

Jupiter/Juno is represented in the Greek legends by Bolt/Elektra resonating Zeus, whose brother happens to be the Trident wielding Poseidon.  It suggests that the Peacock also has resonance with the Trident, just like the Sea Horse and the Elephant.  This Trinity of creatures seems to be connected in various ways with the Tri-dent.

Thanks to an old post that Jake Kotze did on the movie Juno I recalled that Ellen Page could also be linked to Shiva:


Above we see Ellen Page sitting on the rug of a Tiger, and here we see the Trident/3rd Eye resonating Shiva doing the exact same thing:


In the image below we find Shiva alongside Parvati, Ganesh the Elephant, and Murugan (bottom right).  All have their 3rd Eye highlighted and we see that Shiva holds the Spinal Column/Trident as the Kundalini Serpent spirals in close proximity:


In the previous post we looked at how Murugan represents the Seven Sister of the Pleiades.  The animal associated with Murugan is the Peacock, which we see below standing on the Kundalini Serpent.  Murugans staff is symbolized by……I’m sure you can guess:


Above we see the Rainbow colored Peacock feathers radiating from behind Murugan (representing his connection to the Universe as a result of his Crown Chakra being opened), and here we see the same radiating pattern beneath the Peacock/Shiva/Trident resonating Ellen Page:


As Kitty Pride in the movie X-Men 3, we see Ellen Page resonating with the Trident once again via the Claws of her team-mate Wolverine:


X seems to mark the spot:


For some more Ellen Page/Juno/Peacock synchronicities (with a little Jennifer Garner/Electra thrown in for good measure) then make sure you check out this brilliant video by A Few Shots to Shaman entitled Isis Incognito:

In X-Men 3 we see Ellen Page (Juno/Kitty Pride/Isis) on the Eyeland alongside her fellow X-Men:


If we follow the ‘Bridge’ we find that it’s the Stairway (or Blackstairs) that Jim Carrey uses in the movie ‘Yes Man’.  Notice the Steps/Rungs of the Spinal Ladder beneath the Bridge:




We’ve seen Jim Carrey connected to Jacobs Ladder, and in the last post we looked at his relationship with the Elephant and Peacock, so to complete the Trinity of creatures with JC let’s look at the Sea Horse:


If we zoom out we see the Blackstairs/Rungs of the Ladder on Jim Carreys uniform in the same image as the Seahorse banner:


The Rungs of Jacobs Ladder lie parallel with his Spine emphasizing the Seahorse/Kundalini connection.  The Tidal Wave may come from an ‘outside’ source, but it’s going to activate the Kundalini Wave which is found ‘within’.  As Above, So Below.

We also see Truman/JC interact with the Seahorses via a newspaper which seems uncannily similar to the newspaper article I mentioned at the very start of this post involving the former Seahorses singer:


We then see the Sea Horse interacting with JCs spine:



Finally we have JC connected to the Seahorse and the number 10910:


Considering the series of events which unfolded to get me to this point in the story, the numbers 10910 feel somewhat important.  One way of interpreting the numbers would be to say that the ‘Tidal Wave/SeaHorse of Kosmic Energy’ is going to hit us in 10,910 days.  On the other hand you could say that the date 10.9.10 is also significant when it comes to the arrival of the Tidal Wave, if there’s even such a thing.

You could add the numbers 10 + 9 + 10 and get 29.  Considering we’re in the year 2009 maybe this wave is already hurtling towards us on the horizon.  Maybe the ‘Kundalini Wave’ is already rising within each of us right NOW.  Who kNOWs?

When I think back to how this series of recent Synchronicities started happening in my life it’s funny that the Elephant only made itself known to me on my 29th birthday (10 + 9 + 10), and I’m not really sure what to make of that one!

Mercury Well has pointed out that our current year, 2009, looks like a visual representation of an Elephant, and I’d have to agree with him:


2 represents the tail and rear leg.  The ‘00’ in the centre is the body, and the 9 is the Elephant head and trunk.  Considering Jim Carreys role as Horton the Elephant, this 2009 Elephant synchronicity also seems to have some kind of significance.

Is this the year of the Elephant?  Is this the year that we find our Trident (3rd Eye) and awaken to our power like Poseidon the Seahorse Rider (Wave Surfer), the blue-skinned Shiva, or the Remover of Obstacles Ganesh?  Is the Wolf/Dog-Star going to give us our Claws, or do we simply need to find them inside of ourselves?

While we’re on the subject of the Dog-Star let’s take a brief look at a movie called ‘Lords of Dogtown’:


Above we see Heath Ledger (Why so Sirius?) on the left wearing the Black Shades, and we see in the movie logo that the Dog interacts with the Black Cross, or Black Sun.

In the intro of the movie we  find the Lords of Dogtown at the beach as they prepare to ‘Surf the Waves’:


Hanging on the (PP) Park Pier we find the Sea Horse, emphasizing it’s connection with the Tidal Wave:


If we look at one of the main stars of the movie in the form of actor Emile Hirsch, we find him with the Black Cross on his chest (second from right):


Emile Hirsch also starred in Alpha Dog (first on the left):


One of his most roles came in the movie Speed Racer:


Speed Racer was inspired by the 1967 cartoon called ‘Mach Go Go Go’. The company who originally created Speed Racer/Mach Go Go Go was called Tatsunoko, and this is their company logo - the Sea Horse:


At the very start of this post I looked at the former singer of The Seahorses who appeared in the article of my local newspaper.  His name is ‘Chris Helme’, and when I think of the ‘Helme’ it reminds me of the helmet:


On the ‘Helme’ of Emile Hirsch we find the letter ‘M’ in close proximity to his 3rd Eye.  It shouldn’t come a surprise then to find that this letter happens to resonate with the Trident – a symbol which resonates strongly with the 3rd Eye:


The ‘M’ of the Trident seems to be closely connected to the Eye:


Speed Racer/Hirsch’s brother is none other than Jack Shephard from the Lost TV show, bringing to mind the Eyeland.  On the ‘Helme’ of Jack Shephard we find once again that ‘X’ marks the spot:



The logo for Speed Racer/Mach Go Go Go, are the letters ‘GO’:


We see ‘GO’ associated with the Sea Horse:


We originally saw it in one of my very first posts in relation to the Spider Man (PP) Peter Parker, the Paw Prints, and the Pair of Pentagrams:


We can find the Green GOblin shaking his three-pronged Trident at Spidey:


The initials GO helped lead me to actor Gary Oldman and his role as Sirius Black.  Here we see him in the role of Spider Smith in ‘Lost in Space’:


As Spider Smith we see the ‘GO’ G.Oldman  sneak onto the Robinsons spacecraft as they set off on their ‘Jupiter Mission’ (or ‘Juno Mission’):


Trouble ensues, the Robinsons become Lost, and the crew find themselves on board a new ship named the ‘Proteus’.  We’ll look at the Proteus again in a moment:



Goldman resonates with the Trident in more ways than one:


We can now give the symbol of the Trident some serious Sirius resonance, and connect it once again to the ‘Twin Sun’ theory as we see a pair of identical Stars in the image above:


The Elhaz Rune pictured above was received by the Norse God Odin while he hung on the World Tree Yggdrassil during his initiation into the secret teachings of the Universe.

In this Icelandic manuscript we see Odin the All-Father wielding the double-headed Trident.  We find his steed Sleipnir ‘walking on water’, giving this Norse Cyclops a strong resonance with the Water Horse/Sea Horse, and the Bullseye:


Above we see a variety of Tridents in association with ‘The All-Seeing Eye of Odin’ and his Sea Horse.  In the movie ‘Lost in Space’ we find Gary Oldmans young protégé (Will Robinson) inside the Proteus Spaceship.  Like Odin he wields the pair of Tridents as he becomes One with the Cyclopean Tin Man:


To finish up on this post I want take one more look at the Sea Horse.  We started with the band The Seahorses so let’s finish by looking at a few of their songs.

In this image we see the Cracked Egg once again in relation to the Seahorse.  I think this picture suggests that the Sea Horse/Wave may strike the area of North/South America and Canada first:


The ‘pieces of the puzzles’ are possibly going to ‘Come Together’ in this part of the world before rippling out across the rest of the Globe.  It might look like things are ‘Breaking Apart’ but beneath that surface of that illusion the jigsaw pieces may actually be ‘Coming Together’.  With the puzzle nearing completion we’ll begin  glimpsing the bigger picture.  What will we see?  I’m sure only time will tell.

We see the Cracked Egg on The Seahorses single above, but we can also find the Trident resonating Proteus connected to all of this:


Above wee see the Solar Cross in the ‘O’ of Proteus and here we see that the name Proteus in relation to the Black Sun:


I interpret the above Proteus/Cracked Egg image to represent the Kundalini which is beginning to break free as this ‘Coming Together’ takes place.  As the Seahorse/Tidal Wave hits our planet it could very well ‘unleash’ the Kundalini Serpent which has been lying dormant inside of the Egg – inside each one of us.  The Proteus/Trident/3rd Eye will then begin to open.


Above we see the young boy cradling the Cracked Egg (Eye) which is going to help give birth to this new era, and from it will emerge a giant Tidal Wave in the form of the Sea Horse.  Maybe this Wave of Kosmic Energy isn’t going to come from an outside source at all.  Maybe we will be responsible for it’s creation:


However, I’m sure the Dog (Star) will play some kind of role when it comes to opening our inner ‘Flood Gates’:


If you’re familiar with the work of Aleister Crowley then you may have heard of the title of this next Seahorses song. In the ‘Book of the Law’ Crowley outlines these 3 philosophical ideas:

  • Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law
  • Love Is The Law, Love Under Will
  • Every Man And Every Woman Is A Star


The above image suggests that when the Seahorse interacts with our planet something within the very centre of our ourselves is going to Awaken.  The Heart is going to open globally, and Love really is going to become the Law here on Earth.

If you’re a Jake Kotze Blobber then you’ll be familiar with this next symbol.  It’s the NO/OZ/ON sign, which shares an uncanny resemblance with the Cracked Egg:


For more about this Seahorse resonating symbol go check out Jakes post entitled NO.


Finally here’s one for A Few Shots to Shaman who helped kick-start this series of Seahorse events (as outlined in the previous post).  Mr. Shaman brought the Glasses to my attention in the first place, and the Glasses are obviously connected to the Tr-Eye-dent.  As we’ve seen many times in this post, so is the Seahorse:


Considering all of these synchronicities involving The Seahorse I thought I’d leave you with one of their songs, so I’d like to finish this off with ‘Love is the Law’.  Notice in this video that the number 33 (think ‘vertebrae’) makes an appearance as they play along in front of the ocean waves:

Many thanks for reading!



Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Hi Richard,
Interesting blog! Take a look at our synchronicity blog. We'd be happy to post one of yours - if you've got a short one.
Rob MacGregor
P.S. My ancestors are from the Highlands, but were driven off into slavery in Jamaica.

Jaspal said...

Spiderman Tobey Maguire in Seabiscuit?

After I told you about that toothpaste stuff, I had another dream where my teeth started falling out. I think I prefer getting shot in the shoulder!

R Arrowsmith said...

Hi Rob. I checked out your Blog and some of the sync stories. Love the idea! If I can think of a short one then I'd certainly like to contribute.
Thanks for stopping by.

Hey Jaspal. Seabiscuit seems to fit in nicely. Just checked and found that an actor called James KEANE starred in it as well. Sweet.

As for your dream, maybe it's a sign that you need to start using fluoride again! :D

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Just went to battle today against youtube and got my Juno movie back on.... Ha Ha HA. I'd be very disappointed if you haven't seen it, Highlander.

Ok... Lets see where to start. The Wave Horses in Lord of the Rings seems fitting.Then there's the lamp post axis mundi in Narnia that matches your stair case. I like how the seahorse has POP around in on the Pier Picture. Also foRRest Gump started the smiley face that became Wilson.

Now some more about Speed Racer... I'm working on a RacecaR post and you need to know that speed racer is of the utmost importance.... DNA strands up the wazoo. You entered my thinking because you sent me a picture you did of Wolverine. I was dealing with the skull and cross bones and poped it in that folder and noticed that it matched all the cross bones because of the X. Then I saw speed racer and Rex Racer is Racer X. Again with the cross hairs. Then I stopped at a Railroad crossing and saw another cross with RR..... aRRowsmith, I'll try to explain that latter, but there so much that we gotta do before the year of the Elephant as it were, so I guess it's back to work.

Watch to see once more how much you and I entrain.... Much love brother.

WV unism

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

wv... verci

sorry couldn't help it.

R Arrowsmith said...

Great news about the court case. At least you can work on future vids knowing that your work can't be pulled off the web on the whim of a movie studio. I'm sure many in the sync community will appreciate this peace of mind.

Thanks for bringing more Seahorse syncs to my attention. Particularly like the mention of the Narnia Lamp Post considering the makers of the movie also did Water Horse.

The Aladdins Lampost of Illumination that stores the Blue Man (Djinn) inside. Open Sesame takes on a new meaning when you consider the Eye connotations.

I also found Speedracer full of syncs. Most insightful for me was the the appearance of a Zebra which runs alongside Speedracer in the final race. At the time I'd recently finished reading the Sirius resonating Valis (Zebra) and wondered why there was a connection. Considering Hirschs Alpha Dog/Lords of Dogtown roles, it's beginning to make a little more sense. I look forward to seeing how Hirsch's career unfolds.

I did check out your Juno/Isis movie back in the day, but that was when you first created it. I'm off to revisit all your vids to see what I notice this time round.
Thanks for the feedback bro!

R Arrowsmith said...

Mr. Shaman, you just got me thinking about the relevance of the Lamp Post and the movie 'The Exorcist' came to mind with it's iconic poster depicting the illuminated Lamp.

I'm sure this blog is helping me exorcise some personal demons, but it was interesting to learn that Max von Sydow (Father Merrin) is in a movie due out this year called 'Shutter Eyeland' alongside Leonardo Di Caprio (who found the lost Eyeland in the movie 'The Beach').
Must keep an eye out for Lamp Post syncs. Just a thought.

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Well, I'm not one for shameless self promotion. But, Isis Incognito has all the elements..... Ellen Page, Jennifer Garner, peacocks. Also I've been seeing alot of Monster from the Black Lagoon syncs lately.... Least of which is The Missing Link from Monsters vs Aliens.... He's found in a block of ice by the way and is basically a water man..... Calling a water man the missing link means something I just haven't put it together yet. And Aladdin has peacocks in it.

Jake Kotze said...

Amazing stuff Mr Smith.

Thanks for doing all this work.


More on C's in future Blob posts, flux Will(ow)ing.
Been thinking about it allot.

Jon Kidd said...

Seahorses look like the number 3...

Male seahorses give birth...
I stumbled upon this through Kurt Kobain's fascination with that fact as documented in his published journals.

Whenever I hear the word 'seahorse' I can't help but remember this random video on youtube by Dan Deacon(DD=44=8) & Liam Lynch(77) - Drinking Out of Cups...

At 2:08 you get seahorses...

Seahorses forevah!

toure said...

Daaaaamn Son! Helluva post. I'm gonna have to go back and read this one again before i draw conclusions, but, i mean WoW. I started connecting the trident/sai to my own Mother Godess research (reflecting the triple goddess), but i completely missed the Three wolvie claws.

Also, I discovered that the Sai was originally formed with one prong pointing down, since it was based off the design of the swastika sun symbol.

You're on to somethin, here, bub.

toure said...

also: I came across the Bullseye motif a lot in my goddess research as well, but I could find no explanation as to why it was called The Bull's Eye. Didn't you mention bulls in your last post?

mercury well said...

My jaw dropped when I got to the DareDevil binary orbits reflected in the glasses, that is amazing. The glasses belonged to the investigative journalist (seeker), fitting these orbits would be reflected/revealed in his eyes this way... the eye socket is called the orbital bone also.

Excellent work connecting it all, it's a thrilling ride... one other thing that really widened my eyes was the trident and third eye syncs, shortly after reading your post I got a picture from a friend she was making the peace sign but had the thumb sticking up as well, the middle of the trident she signed pointed directly at her third eyes... made me smile.

loving it man.

R Arrowsmith said...

Shaman - I'm going to add your Isis Incognito vid to the post tonight so that you don't have to shamelessly promote your vid LOL!

As for your Black Lagoon syncs, check out this 'Black Water' image on the synchromysticism forum. You might see some familiar symbols linked to it:

Jake - I didn't even make the connection to the letter C! I love how other people instantly spot things that I miss. Look forward to hearing what you have to say on the subject.

C = 3rd letter = 3rd Eye?
It helps you C things more clearly.
BC = Before Christ
C = therefore Christ, or Krist Konsciousness
The C Horse would be the steed which carries us towards K Konsciousness....just some random thoughts.

Jon - I found it fascinating that it's the father Seahorse who becomes pregnant and carries the babies. The more I've looked into this tiny creature, the more it's beginning to grow on me. As a father of 3 kids I feel a strong affinity with this responsible sea-dwelling parent. I wondered if this is why the letters POP appeared above the Seahorse in 'Lords of Dogtown'.

Thanks for the vid. I'm sure the initials DD & LL (77) have some kind of significance. The letter C when rotated is shaped like a Cup - Drinking out of Cups?!?

Toure - I wondered why these syncs were coming in threes. Elephant/Peacock/Seahorse. Keane/Oasis/Seahorses. Three Eyes. It started to make sense when the Trident/Sai started appearing in relation to the Trinity. The Wolverine sync came quite unexpectedly while writing the post. That's one of the things I love about writing about insights always creep in and help evolve the story.

It doesn't surprise me that the Sai/Trident can be linked to the Swastika/Sun Symbol, and the Bullseye keeps reminding of the Pleiades where this Seahorse/Wave might be coming from. The 7 Sisters have close connections with the Waves/Ocean so it seems to fit in nicely. Found this on Wiki:

"And if longing seizes you for sailing the stormy seas,
when the Pleiades flee mighty Orion
and plunge into the misty deep"

The Pleiades would literally "flee mighty Orion and plunge into the misty deep" as they set in the West.

Thanks for the feedback Toure...much appreciated.

Mercury Well - Orbital appropriate! Also great sync story about the Trident/3rd Eye.

My better half had been looking over my shoulder while writing the post and asked me what the Trident symbol represented. Shortly afterwards she went to watch the movie 'The Departed' which had just started on TV (starring the 'Eyeland' resonating Di Caprio).
When I came down she looked a little perplexed as she explained that the Trident had just made an appearance in the intro sequence!

Thanks everyone for the feedback.
Peace to y'all.

Chris said...

I really like the stigmata/hand chakra sync. Trident as caduceus is also very telling. I'm still pondering the resonance between our blogs....

Keep it up,

VileVeil said...

cool stuff Richard, I really enjoyed this post especially the links to Lord Shiva and his trishul (I have a tattoo of Shiva's trishul )

Digging the year of the elephant too, and had a dream a week ago about how man and elephants had started to live together and reestablished all the old elephant roads. I hope it comes true!


R Arrowsmith said...

Thanks Chris. The Trident, the Caduceus, and the Staff have all been on my mind lately and each one seems to be taking me in a new direction.

I've also wondered about the resonance between many of the sync-blogs in this community and think it's great that we're all looking at similar symbols/themes but adding our own personal slant to them. Long may it last!

Hi Rich. A trishul very appropriate! Glad you enjoyed the story as I can honestly look back to the day of my 29th birthday and say that you instigated my very first Elephant sync that day. You seemed to get the ball rolling and I don't think there's any stopping it. Many many thanks Rich!!!
Also thanks for sharing your Elephant dream. I hope it does come true and look forward to seeing what this Year of the Elephant has in store for us all.

Thanks again guys.

toure said...

Trishul was also the name of a short range surface-to-air missile developed by India. Coincidentally, the U.S. uses a long range surface-to-air missile called Trident.

The trident first entered my pattern research last year when a Trident missile was used to shoot down a spy satellite.

wise woman said...

Hi there
I had a thought a little while ago that synchs with your article so thought I'd drop it in here.
I have played about with countries & what they look like - one of the strongest 'feels' I got was that Japan looks like a sea horse.


Anonymous said...

In full metal alchemist the character Scar has an x tattoo on his forehead.

I just watched Dragonball Evolution. I saw orbs like seeing stones with pentagons, a solar eclipse, a kundalini resonating dragon and a thoth resonating primate.

You said "meRRie go round" and that's a title to an email I exchanged with Jon Kidd. Also Michael over at Gosporn recently noted that spinning can induce an ecstatic religious experience. Watch this as MeRRie Melodies appears in a stargate within the first ten seconds.

You would probably find good synchs in the movie Point Break. Patrick Swayze dies/lives in a massive wave.

word veri - hamen (RA)

Anonymous said...

The Elhaz Rune looks like a Peace symbol.

Also Point is a circle, so Point Break is kinda in an egg in peices.

Anonymous said...

one more that relates to an earlier post you did about orbs, well the good witch in Wizard of Oz comes into the scence via a floating orb

Arrowsmith said...

Toure - Thanks for the Trident link. Speye satellites...nice!

Wise Woman - Great insight! Just checked out Japan on the map and I'd have to agree with you. This really syncs up well for me when I consider that in Toy Story 2 the Trident wielding Chicken Man wanted to take Woody and his Bullseye to Japan!!!

James - Cheers for the links. Loved the Hand/Eye sync in the DragonBall Evolution poster. The Gosporn post was also very appropriate, and I liked the MM RRoad Runner sync.

I must check out Point Break again due to your recommendation. Patrick Swayze was star of the movie 'Black Dog', and Reeves is bass guitarist for 'Dog Star'. Surfing the Tidal Wave/Seahorse via the Black Dog Star...perfect.

Anonymous said...

three translations of the word chol (חול) — as phoenix, palm tree, or sand from here

Christopher Knowles sends us to this hyperlink when all the Palms appeared in the Golden Globe, Dubai and the WTC seen here.

Anonymous said...

There's been more coming together between US Navy vessels this morning, as seen here.

Michael said...

Hi Arrowsmith - the submarine is a potent symbol of the surfacing "sub" conscious. We have a Trident sub base here near Seattle, on Hood Canal. The Thunderbird is associated with the submarine in Thunderbirds are GO, which is a synch fest I examined in F.A.B., lots of correlations in your work.

Cheers, Michael

Word veri: suben

ViølatoR said...

Nice, right when I started reading this I noticed that Cast Away was playing on TV!

Pineal Gland. Pineal = 3rd Eye = 3rd Eye Gland, Eye = I, 3rd I Gland = 3rd I-land, 3rd Island, Land of the Third Eye?

Somewhere I read that the caudaceus was originally two serpents wound around a third serpent, which became the pole/pillar. There are many 3-seprent themed tripod artefacts from history, and in Secret Teachings of All Ages, a picture of a triple serpent tripod forms the seat of the Oracle at Delphi who sat on it over the gas leak which gave her oracular powers.

I notice that the shape of a snakes head is quite arrow-like, making a easy transition from three snakes to three points of the "devil's pitchfork" such as the one Ned Flanders holds. Ned is also left handed which makes him "Sinister"! There are also horned snakes in South America which are copied in stone in Incan artwork. And in my last post I mention how Peru (home of the Inca) is designated as a safe zone for a future catacylsm, which I was reminded about when seeing that puzzle-piece globe Seahorses album artwork.

A Few Shots To Shaman said: "The Missing Link from Monsters vs Aliens.... He's found in a block of ice by the way and is basically a water man..... Calling a water man the missing link means something I just haven't put it together yet. And Aladdin has peacocks in it."

A theory of why there's such a lack of fossils from the "missing link" era of Man's history is that the earth was extra toasty for a while and pre-Mankind became "waders," spending most of their time wading in waist deep water like some sort of semi-aquatic ape.

To toure, the Bull's Eye is the red star Aldebaran in Taurus, which has the Pleiades in it's shoulder. Bull's are linked to Bee's (mythology has them giving birth to bees) and both are linked to the Goddess.

Check out old posts at the Hidden Origins of Western Music (HOWM) blog for more on the "C" and third-eye synchs.

Moses parted the Red C/Sea with his staff, which he can make turn into a serpent as when demonstrating God's power to the Pharaoh.

Anyways, I certainly feel a "coming together" spirit when conversing with other snych-heads, we are always covering similar topics, usually at around the same time, like some sort shared experience of "it takes a village to raise a kundalini." :D

Arrowsmith said...

James - Great links! I particularly loved the the Phoenix/Palm connection as it's a firey bird I hope to look at in a future post.

Michael - SUBmarine...SUBconscious. Can't believe I missed that one. It must have slipped below my radar!

ViolatoR - Brilliant.

In regards to:

'Pineal Gland. Pineal = 3rd Eye = 3rd Eye Gland, Eye = I, 3rd I Gland = 3rd I-land, 3rd Island, Land of the Third Eye?'

Yes, yes, and yes. It fits like a glove!

I dig the Serpent/Trident connection, and I know the picture of Delphi in Manlys P Halls book. The Tri-pod and Tri-dent seem to be connected, so cheers for bringing it to my attention. Many many thanks for all the insights!

Druv said...

The connections are correct, but it is a matter of understanding the time line that would truly connect the dots to the original source.

It is the source of the symbol that counts to make the whole puzzle fit.


JSteveKane said...

The red hand came back into my conciousness yesterday it hand a second synch with my capieirs group (capoeira sngola palmares), we have all blogged about the spirit palm before but i had never noticed your posts about the palm tree ( palmares ) and the island symbol which also both relate to my capoeira group