Saturday, 14 February 2009

The SlumDog-Star

If you’re new to this blog and you haven’t read the previous posts then I’d recommend that you check them out first, otherwise you’re not going to know where we’re at in the story, and it’s not going to make a whole lot of sense. To jump in now would be like starting a new book at chapter 5. You don’t know who the characters are, what’s been taking place, and you’re going to miss out on some of the main plot points that have already been established.

For those who are up to date then here’s a post which started off small, and turned into something resembling a monster. It took on a life of it’s own and went of control, so hope you’ve got some spare time on your hands!

In this next chapter of the story I’m going to start off with a movie recommendation, and then tie it in with some of the synchronicities which I’ve discussed previously on this blog. The movie I’m going to recommend is called ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. The chances are you’ve already heard about it, or already watched it, as it’s been receiving quite a lot of press coverage due to the fact that it’s been nominated for 10 Oscars. According to it’s also had 42 wins (the number 42 has been getting quite a lot of interest over at The Blob and Centre Portal) and 36 nominations from various other awards all over the world. So what’s so special about the Slumdog?


I don’t often buy into the hype surrounding Oscar nominated movies, but this one got me curious mainly due to the word ‘Dog’ in the title. So recently I sat down and watched the movie and was completely blown away by it. It had everything in a movie that I hope for when going to the cinema – humor, thrills, twists, action, romance (not the usual cheesy schlok which we find in the average popcorn movie, but a gritty real life love story between two people destined to be together). It ticked every box that I can think of, and did it all with a style and intelligence that few movies manage to achieve. I now understand now why the ‘Slumdog’ resonates so strongly with the G.Oldman:


Everyone loves a tale about the underdog who gets his break in life and accomplishes the impossible. The movie follows the life of Jamal, who finds himself on the TV show ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’, and I’m going to touch on a few synchronicities which I’ve noticed surrounding this particular TV show. I won’t be giving away any spoilers for those who haven’t seen the movie, but I am going to look at one or two screenshots to help explain things.

Jamal, the ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, resonates with the Dog for obvious reasons, but he’s not the only canine resonator in the movie. Here we see Jamal’s brother (Salim) being referred to as a ‘Dog’:


We see Jamal and Salim (the ‘Pair of Dogs’) hitching a ride on a train alongside yet another Dog:


Jamal makes an appearance on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ and the ‘Slumdog’ finds himself sitting in the hot-seat:


If we take a look at the logo for ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ we find that there’s a symmetry to it, which when examined closer, reveals the Solar Cross – a symbol of the Sun:


The fact that the Slumdog can be found sitting in the very centre of the Solar Cross, suggests that there could be some link here with Sirius, the SlumDog-Star:


I’ve tweaked the image to show how the ‘Dog’ and the host are both aligned perfectly with the centre of the Cross/Sun. There’s a Yin Yang thing happening here as well between Contestant & Host (Jamal in White, the host in Black):


We’ve looked at Jacobs Ladder in some of the previous posts and I’ve suggested that the Ladder might somehow be connected with our DNA, which shares an uncanny resemblance with a Spiral Staircase. I believe that as we ascend this Ladder, something is triggered within our genetics to help us achieve an evolved ‘new and improved’ state of being. The catalyst which helps propel us up this Ladder could very well be the Dog-Star Sirius. It’s seems to be the likeliest candidate in my opinion, but then that’s just my opinion. However, there do seem to be others who have come to some of these same conclusions by using other methods.

For example, Walter Cruttenden suggests in his book ‘The Lost Star of Myth and Time’ that as Sirius moves close to our Sun (and the Earth) in a binary orbit, we begin to move up ‘Jacobs Ladder’ and humanity begins climbing towards a new Golden Age. The arrival of Sirius therefore heralds a 'New Age'. However, on the flip side of this coin, as Sirius swings past our Sun and begins to move away from our Solar System (possibly over a period of a few thousand years – it’s not an overnight thing), we begin the descent back down ‘Jacobs Ladder’. Something ‘shuts off’ inside of us, and this descension results in humanity losing it’s connection with the Source. We begin to lose sight of what role we play in the universe, and slip into a new Dark Age where all the knowledge and wisdom previously accumulated is lost or forgotten. But I don’t really like the word ‘lost’ because nothing is ever completely lost. Maybe 'misplaced' is a better word, because it could help explain why we’re all trying to 'find' the answers.

Due to this ‘disconnection’ we leave the Golden Age behind and enter into a Dark Age where we start to believe that the Earth is flat, we return to our barbaric ways, and we become a materialistic warmongering kind of civilization…does some of that sound familiar? The good news is that there are continuous cycles of ascension and descension, and we seem to be forever moving up and down Jacobs Ladder. When we finally reach the top of the Stairway we begin descending, and when our feet touch the ground we start moving up again. It’s like we’re caught between this duality and never get a chance to stay still for too long. I think this is why everything around us changes so rapidly – there’s a constant pushing and pulling behind the scenes (possibly at a genetic or subconscious level) that keeps things moving, relentlessly evolving. It may, or may not, have something to do with the star Sirius, and this is really the purpose of this blog – to explore the evidence I’ve discovered through synchronicity so that we can try and understand what/who is responsible for this Ascension/Descension, and also to find out where we are in the cycle. Is Sirius coming towards us or moving away from us at this point in time? We’ll get to that soon enough.

So what does this have to do with the Slumdog Millionaire? Well we’ve just looked at how the Dog and the Solar Cross come together in the movie, linking the 'Dog' with the 'Star' and culminating in the Dog-Star Sirius. So while thinking about these recent synchronicities, and the TV show, this image came to mind:


It’s a ladder, or ‘Jacobs Ladder’, that all the contestants of the show must climb in order to hit the jackpot and take home the $1,000,000. In Slumdog Millionaire we find our Sirius resonating contestant making his way up this Ladder. Now I could go into this in a lot more detail but I don’t want to give anything away as it’s one movie you really don’t want to know anything about before watching it. All I’ll say is that at the top of the ladder he finds more than he ever expected. You could say he finally connects with the Source, and you can see for yourself what happens. I think there’s a reason this movie is such a success – deep down we’re getting a glimpse of what’s on the horizon for humanity, and it feels good (even if it’s only on a subconscious level). It’s why all the posters boast that it’s ‘The feel good movie of the decade’. Go see it. You won’t be disappointed. You’ll understand why it deserves so many G.Oldmen.

We’ll come back to ‘Slumdog’ later on in this post to help tie up some loose ends, but first I want to look at something else which recently came to my attention. So let's take a quick look at an article from the New York Times website:


Many of you will be familiar with the controversial radio host Howard Stern. What caught my eye in this article was the small print just below the picture of Howard. I've highlighted the words which are relevant:


Howard Stern is referred to as a 'Sirius Star', and this makes perfect sense when we consider that he’s a radio DJ for 'Sirius Satellite Radio':


Howard Stern (the 'Sirius Star') played himself in a movie based on his life story, and his rise to fame. The movie is called (PP) 'Private Parts'. Before finding this article on the New York times website in December of last year, I already knew about all the other ‘PP’ connections, but I’m always looking for further syncs to validate my theories. To find a ‘Sirius Star’ directly linked to the initials 'PP' suggested that I take a closer look (notice the Glasses? - more on their relevance in a moment):


Above we see that the title ‘Private Parts’ stands vertical, in the shape of a Tower. It stands beside the Empire State Building so effectively we have ‘Two Towers’ associated with the letters ‘PP’ and a connection to the ‘Sirius Star’ Howard Stern. I mentioned in the last post that the letter ‘P’ is 16th in the alphabet, and number 16 in the Tarot Major Arcana is ‘The Tower’.

PP = Two Towers

In the last post we looked at the Stairway/Jacobs Ladder, which can be found between the two pillars (or ‘Two Towers’) known as Jachin and Boaz in Freemasonry. The Stairway/Ladder is associated with the Middle Pillar/Tower. Therefore ‘The Tower’ and the ‘Stairway/Ladder’ are interchangeable:


In the previous post I suggested that this Stairway/Ladder/Tower leads to the seven pointed star Sirius (seen above). Considering I had found the Sirius Star linked to the Two Towers and Jacobs Ladder, it made sense that the Star at the top of the Ladder could indeed be a reference to Sirius. Above we see the 7 pointed star (Sirius) and the 7 stars of the Pleiades which surround the Moon.

7 + 7 = 77 = OZ = PAN

In the same image of the Freemasonic Tracing Board also notice that there are Two Suns, which harks back to the ‘Pair of Pentagrams’ which instigated this whole blog in the first place.

Guess who produced the movie (PP) ‘Private Parts’? It was (PP) 'Paramount Pictures':


If you’re a reader of Jake’s Blob, then this ‘Pyramountain’ will be very familiar. If you don’t have a clue what I’m on about then you’ve got a lot of catching up to do! Jake has gone into great detail linking movie syncs with the Mountain, especially K2. All we really need to be reminded of at this point is that the Mountain in the (PP) Paramount Pictures logo is linked to ‘The Tower’ (via the Private Parts movie). So let’s add one more thing just to complicate things further. Let’s briefly look at the numbers 11,11.

We arrive at 11,11 by looking at the mountain K2.

K = 11th in the alphabet

K2 = KK = 11,11

The Mountain/Pyramid resonates with 11,11

What does 11,11 represent? Check out this short video: 11:11 Wake Up and it might make a little more sense.

Over at The Stygian Port ViolatoR has done a good job of explaining why the ‘Private Parts’ of the human body are relevant in this sync-web in a post called ‘Heart Shaped Coffin’, and I recommend checking it out. It was one of ViolatoR’s comments which encouraged me to elaborate on the Two Tower/PP synchronicities in the last post, and I’m going to elaborate on them a little more in this one.

In the movie ‘The Two Towers’ we find an army full of Uruk-Hai who have been branded with the ‘White Hand’. Think of all the times in the LOTR movies when someone climbs a ladder, or a staircase, or a Tower:



Remember the battering ram in ‘Return of the King’ which is shaped like a giant black Wolf? It’s the Wolf which breaks open the Doorway, letting the army of the White Hand floW inside:


I believe it represents the Star Sirius who comes knocking at the Door when we least expect it. Because it heralds the arrival of Change, many of us fear it. Many aren't ready for the gifts that the Black Dog brings, and would rather keep the Door firmly shut:


We’ve seen how the ‘White Hand’ fits into the scheme of things, and we’ve already looked at the ‘Red Hand Print’ and its relationship with the DNA/Blood, so let’s add one more ‘Hand’ to the growing list in the form of the ‘PP’ resonating ‘Black Hand’ (cue the scary music):


We have the White, the Red, and now the Black Hand Print, which happens to be the ‘Sirius Stars’ personal logo. Here we see Howard’s Hand Print on the Moon, suggesting that Sirius and our Moon might also have some kind of special ‘bond’ with one another:


Let’s recall that we saw the Moon surrounded by the ‘Seven Sisters’ of the Pleiades in the Freemasonic Tracing Board. In this one image we have our Sun (top left), Sirius (at the top of the Ladder), the Moon, and the Pleiades:


If we look once again at the article I found in the New York Times, we find the ‘Sirius Star’ alongside singer Bob Dylan whose been given his own channel on Sirius Satellite Radio:


In the movie ‘Flushed Away’ we found this Rat with the ‘Red Paw Print’ on his plaster cast, but we also find the name 'Dylan'. In the image above we therefore have the Black Hand Print (Stern) connected to the Red Paw Print (Dylan):


The Rat’s body posture might be in the the shape of the Cross, but we also see the Cross directly behind his head, making him resonate with the ‘Two Crosses’, or ‘Twin Suns’:


I’m going to have to thank VileVeil for this next clue. In the last post I mentioned a trip I made to Ireland and VileVeil pointed out that the Belfast Flag looks like this:


Compare this flag with the image above it. The synchronicity connects the Red Hand Print with the Red Paw Print, strengthening the link between the Human (Hand) and the Dog(Star):


In the previous post I looked at actor Hugh Jackman who we found connected to the Rat, the Solar Cross (X-Men logo), the Wolf(erine), and the letters PP (through actress Piper Perabo). We’ve seen the White Hand, the Red Hand, and the Black Hand, so we’d might as well throw in the Yellow Hand for good measure:


All of these Hand Prints are connected in some way with our Blood/DNA and the Ladder, regardless of what color they happen to be. They’re just different flavors of the same thing. You might have a strawberry icecream, a chocolate icecream, and a vanillia icecream, but at the end of the day they’re all icecream. They’re all made from milk. My point is that all of these Hand Prints point towards Sirius in one way or another, regardless of what color they happen to be.

If we take Hugh Jackman, who we see hanging from the ‘Yellow Hand’ above, and continue joining the dots, we keep coming back to the same conclusions:




We inevitably come back to the White Wolf/PAN/77/OZ/Jacobs Ladder/PP, and all the rest of it. The Wolf leads us to the floW:


It’s a good time to revisit one of my original clues which came in the form of the Pair of Pentagrams and actor Jean Reno:


In my very first post I mentioned that Jean Reno (seen above in the role of ‘Le Frog’) was connected to the letters PP, because he also starred in the movie ‘Pink Panther 2’. Now that we’ve added the actor Gary Oldman (Sirius Black) to the investigation, it’s worth mentioning that both actors (Reno and G.Oldman) starred opposite each other in the movie ‘Leon’. Notice the ‘Black Solar Cross’ in the title which suggests a connection with the ‘Black Sun’:



A Few Shots to Shaman pointed out that he’d noticed the reoccurring theme of ‘Glasses’ in some of my work, which I hadn’t really paid much attention to before. So later on that very same day I was on Google trying to find the poster image above (which I’d misplaced on my pc) and guess what I stumbled across?


Not only did I find a Leon look-a-like through Ringo Starr, but I also found the Black Star in the ‘O’ of ‘RINGO’, and a ‘Pair of Pentagrams’ on the glasses themselves! If A Few Shots to Shaman hadn’t mentioned the ‘Glasses’ that very day (bringing them to my attention), would I still have discovered the sync? I don’t know how it works, but it’s certainly got me scratching my head. It never ceases to amaze!

(**Update: Thanks Santiago for pointing out the ‘Twin Towers’ visible in Leons Glasses above**) Reminds me of this image which features the Two Towers, (PP) Peter Parker, and the Red Hand:


If we reverse the letters ‘LEON’, we get ‘NOEL’. Above we saw Leon/Noel connected to Ringo Starr, drummer for ‘The Beatles’. So what band has a connection with the name ‘Noel’ and ‘The Beatles’? I don’t know how famous the band ‘Oasis’ was in the States, but in the UK they were number one when I was growing up as a teenager. Everyone was into them at the time and I recall that their main influence was ‘The Beatles’. Look at which animal we see ‘NOEL Gallagher’ (second from the left) associated with on this album cover. The Dog:


Also notice the arrow at the bottom right of the image pointing to the centre of the bulls eye - the centre of Pans Labyrinth. The Source. What else do we find the Dog resonating Noel(Leon) Gallagher associated with? The ‘White Hand’ of course:


I’ve not listened to Oasis for many years now but considering this recent synchronicity, I thought I’d include one of my favorite songs from a time in my life when I couldn’t even spell synchronicity, let alone talk about it. Here’s the ‘White Handed’ Leon/Noel for anyone whose interested:

(**Update – Thanks Jaspal for pointing out that Ringo Starrs son plays drums for the band Oasis – article here for anyone interested)

We’ve seen ‘Noel’ in action so let’s continue on to see what else we can learn from ‘Leon’:


We’ve connected actor Jean Reno to the (PP) Pair of Pentagrams via the movies ‘Flushed Away’ and ‘Leon’. Combine these two movies alone and we have links to the White Wolf, the Red/Yellow/White Hand/Paw Print, Sirius Black (G.Oldman), a Black Solar Cross and a Black Star. Round and round and round we GO, where we stop nobody knows! The Pair of Pentagram Glasses also reminds me of the very first synchronicity which lead me on this journey in the first place:


It also reminds me of this image:


What does the Dog-Star have to with the Eyes? There’s something about the Eye that’s special, but we’ll get to that in a future post. For those who know a little about the human brain and it’s relationship with something called an ‘Ajna Chakra’, here’s a PP resonating clue in the form of the ‘Pineal and Pituitary’ glands:


Go check out A Few Shots to Shaman, especially his post Natalie Portalman Pt 1: Plant Konsciousness, to see some more ‘eye opening’ syncs involving ‘Glasses’ and the movie ‘Leon’. I highly recommend watching the ‘Plant Konsciousness’ video (if you haven’t done so already…if you have, go watch it again) to see how actress Natalie Portman fits into the scheme of things. A Few Shots to Shaman has done a great job linking Portman with the Mother Goddess Isis, who was also known in ancient Egypt as Sothis, the very name which the Egyptians assigned to the star Sirius:


It shouldn’t come as a surprise then to find Sirius Black (G.Oldman) and Isis/Sothis/Sirius (Portman) coming together in the Black Star resonating ‘Leon’. Here we see Sirius coming face to face with Sirius:


If we replace Jean Reno’s character ‘Leon’ with his character ‘Le Frog’ we can see how the symbol of the Red Star also seems to be relevant:


If we take a closer look at the creators of the movie ‘Flushed Away’, a company called ‘Aardman Animations’, we find that the ‘Red Star’ is a key symbol in their logo. We also see that the Red Star is connected with the Hand, and the Tinman/Robot:


If we combine the Robot and the Hand Print (seen above) we get a Tin Hand, or Metal Hand… this one in ‘Flushed Away’. First we see the Solar Cross, symbol of the Sun, on Wolf-erines boat:


Then we see the ‘Metal Hand’ waving farewell:


Now we have a White Hand, Red Hand, Black Hand, Yellow Hand, Metal Hand, and of course the Dog Paw Print. Think ‘ice-cream’.

If we combine the Metal Hand with the Black Hand we can find further references to Sirius through actress Natalie Portman. As the lover of Anakin Skywalker I’m sure her ‘Private Parts’ would have encountered the Metal/Black hand on more than one occasion :D

1_Anakin 1_LukeIf we take a look at Natalie Portmans Son/Sun, we find that Luke, like his father Anakin, also has the Metal/Black Hand. Luke connects all of this to the ‘Twin Sun’ theme through his 'twin' sister Leia.

Anakin and Luke both have obvious connections with the color Black, and the Death Star. What color would you associate with a Death Star…..Black of course. A Black Death Star, which brings to mind the Black Dex-Star, a serial killing blood specialist who will become much more involved in this story as we progress.

Natalie Portman (star of Leon, and major figure in the lives of the Black Handed Anakin and Luke) brings us back once again to the Sirius connection. We saw her come face to face with actor Gary Oldman/Sirius Black, and the ‘Black Hand’ of Luke and Anakin reminds us of the Doorway that we can choose to open, or choose to keep firmly closed:


So what does the Doorway represent? Earlier I showed two glands that are inside each of our skulls, called the Pineal and Pituitary. Now that Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) has made an appearance I can now mention that Hamill voiced a character in the TV series ‘Avatar’. If you’re wondering which Doorway needs opened, then notice the ‘Black Sun’ reference (top left), and then follow the Arrow:


Some call it the Ajna Chakra, but I usually refer to it as simply the ‘Third Eye’. I believe it helps us see ‘beyond the veil’. It helps us read between the lines, peek behind the curtain of reality, and notice things that many people miss. I also believe it’s in the process of ‘awakening’ for many of us at this point in time. The arrival of our Twin Sun Sirius might very be the catalyst which opens the Doorway of our Minds, helping us see things more clearly. The Dog-Star could be responsible for activating out Third Eye which has been dormant in his absence. I’d like to explore this further in future posts (and we’ll look at it again a little later), but for now let’s take another look at the ‘White Wolf’ to see how it relates to all of this.

Mark Hamill has played the role of ‘The Joker’ in the animated Batman TV show, giving him a connection to the color White, and the actor Jack Nicholson:


Follow the Paw Prints and they lead us from the color ‘White’ to the ‘Wolf’:


It also leads us back to the Moon, Sirius, and the ‘Black Hand’:


On the poster below for ‘The Dark Knight’ we see the ‘Black Hand’ of the Joker. Also notice the reference to the Red Blood? Could Sirius have some kind of connection with our genetics? Am I taking all these coincidences too seriously?


Now you may have noticed that the tagline on my blog banner is ‘Serious About Synchronicity’. The reason I chose that particular phrase is because while reading up about Sirius on Wikipedia I came across this piece of information:

‘The most commonly used proper name of this star comes from the Latin Sīrius, from the Ancient Greek Σείριος (Seirios, meaning"glowing" or "scorcher").’

Sirius = Seirios = Serious

Seirios and Serious are pronounced identically, making them both interchangeable with one another. Now the phrase ‘Why So Serious?’ takes on a whole new level of meaning, and makes the Red/Black Hand resonate even stronger with the Dog-Star. Seeing the word 'Serious' written in Human Blood also helps strengthen the DNA theory.

I also noted on Wikipedia that:

‘The Pawnee of Nebraska had several associations for Sirius; the Wolf (Skidi) tribe knew it as the 'Wolf Star', while other branches knew it as the 'Coyote Star.' Further north, the Alaskan Inuit of the Bering Strait called it 'Moon Dog’.’

With these Wikipedian insights I had a direct reference between the Moon, the Wolf, and the Dog-Star. It didn’t surprise me that the Moon was somehow involved in all of this, because what happens when there’s a solar eclipse?


The ‘Black Sun’ is formed, which is a perfect visual representation of the Black Star Sirius, which seems to have serious resonance with our DNA. Mark Hamill, the Black Handed White Wolf, also played a role in this video game:


This now connects Hamill to the DNA Helix, the ‘Twin’ theme, the ‘Two Towers’ (in the form of the number 11 above), the Metal/Black/Red Hand, the Dog/Wolf, and Serious Sirius. Phew!

There’s much more to be gleaned from ‘The Dark Knight’ Batman, but that’s for another day. For now all I’m going to add to mention is the character called ‘The Scarecrow’. I can recall that when ‘Batman Begins’ was first being talked about on the internet, there were a few names being mentioned for the role of The Scarecrow. One of them was this guy:


The Sirius Star was mentioned for the role, but the actor who was finally chosen to play ‘The Scarecrow’, (JC) Jonathan Crane, was Cillian Murphy. We’ve looked at the ‘Tinman’, and the ‘Leon/Lion’, so why not complete the Trinity with ‘The Scarecrow’.

The Scarecrow was played by Irish actor Cillian Murphy who worked with director Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) in the movie ‘Sunshine’:


On this poster we find the ‘Black Sun’ connected with the ‘Eye’ of Cillian Murphy/The Scarecrow:


I’ve mentioned actor Hugh Jackman many times now, so it was interesting to note that these two posters below are nearly identical. If we were to merge the images together we’d find Hugh Jackman inside the ‘Black Sun’:


If we were to merge these images we would also see the ‘Tree of Life’ inside the Black Star Sirius. This makes more sense when we consider this image (more on the relevance of TIME in a moment):


Remember when we looked at Slumdog Millionaire and we saw the Slumdogs brother ‘Salim’ being referred to as a ‘Dog’?


Well as the ‘Dog’ Salim is being held up high in the air, he calls the man Punnoose a ‘Big Tree’, bringing the Tree and the Dog together in a movie which resonates with Sirius:


The ‘Tree of Life’ plays a major role in 'The Fountain’, but so does the Black Star. In the movie we find it associated with the constellation of Orion. We’ll be looking at Orion in much more detail sometime in the future, but for now here’s actress Rachel Weisz staring into the Black Sun:


Rachel Weisz and Hugh Jackman refer to the ‘Black Sun’ in The Fountain as ‘Xilbalba’. The ‘Black Sun’ Xilbalba can be connected with the character ‘Sebulba’ from the Star Wars movies, because like Sirius/Serious, they both sound nearly identical.

Xilbalba = Sebulba

Who is Sebulba? He’s the character in Star Wars: Phantom Menace who puts Anakin through his paces at Pod Racing. Sebulba is a key player in the early years of the Black Handed Sirius resonating Anakin:


Notice the emphasis on his Glasses? Xilbalba/Sebulba is the one who pushes young Anakin beyond his previous limits. He challenges him, and makes him ‘more’ as a result. I think the same could be said for the Black Star. It pushes us beyond our boundaries to see how we react, and to see if we’re ready to step up a gear. To se if we're ready to leave the old step behind and move up to the next rung on the Ladder.

Let’s take this in a completely new (yet familiar) direction by returning to this image:


What do we find in the centre of the Red Cross? A Football (above) and a Red Hand (below):


So what does the Football have to do with anything? The answer comes to us in the form of a Tom Hanks movie. We’ve looked at ‘Flushed Away’, so let’s now look at ‘Cast Away’:



Tom Hanks gets stranded on a lost island and befriends the Volleyball/Football, which has his Red Hand Print on it.

Tom Hanks is a man obsessed with Time (remember the 'Time' magazine DNA/Tree pic above?). Time is a constant theme which pops up over and over again in the movie. Notice the Ladder behind his shoulder in the image below. We see him climbing up and down this (Jacobs) Ladder during the intro of the move:


So why is Time such an important factor? Why is there a countdown? We’ll get to that soon enough but for now I want to point out the relevance of the number 33:


We have 33 vertebrae in our Spinal Column, and at the top of this boney ‘Ladder’, we have our skull. Our spinal column is the ‘trunk’ of our Tree, while the nerve endings act like it’s ‘branches’. If we follow the ‘Ladder/Trunk’ we arrive at the brain and in it’s centre, the Pineal gland. It’s connected to our 3rd Eye, which I believe is being ‘awoken’ out of a very long deep sleep by the arrival of the Dog Star. It's 'Time' to 'Wake Up'.

Here we see the Black Handed Anakin (Hayden Christensen) in the movie ‘Awake’:


He stars alongside actress Jessica Alba, who stars in a movie which connects the ‘Hand’ with the (3rd) ‘Eye’:


If we move quickly onto the movie ‘Jumper’ we see Hayden Christensen’s character holding a Snow Globe. Inside this Globe (The Eye) we find ‘The Tower’.

1_Eye_Tower5 1_Eye

Therefore ‘The Eye’ = ‘The Tower’ (think Sauron and LOTR).

If we look at ‘Cast Away’ again we find that Tom Hank’s cave is covered in Red, White and Black Hand Prints:


We’ve seen the Black Hand (of Sirius Star Howard Stern) on the Moon, and here we see that the Moon/Sirius is where the Ladder (Spinal Column/3rd Eye) takes us:


Time is a major factor in Cast Away, and here we see Hanks again associated with TIME in the movie Toy Story 2:


We’ve seen the horned Pan, and here we see a horned Vader/Anakin look-a-like in the form of Zurg (notice the OZ on his chest):


Woody/Hanks has an affinity with the Dog:


Hanks also finds himself associated with the ‘Dog Island’:

0_Dog_Island_castaway 0_Dog_Island_castaway2


On the ‘Dog Island’ Tom Hanks connects with the the Star Sirius, and his 3rd Eye opens. He looks pretty happy about it :)


Maybe it’s because he finds the Source inside of himself:


He also finds his ‘Bullseye’ on floor number 23:

6_level23 6_Dog_23

We find that the ‘Slumdog’ Jamal also interacts with the Number 23:


If we look at the movie entitled ‘Number 23’ we find Jim Carrey (Man on the Moon/Sirius) as a Dog catcher:


The Dog(Star) and the Eye seem to be intimately connected with one another:


We begin to notice that everything is related to everything else. A few years ago I started seeing the numbers 11:11 on the clock constantly for a period of several months. I would be watching the TV or on the computer and for some reason I’d look round at the clock and there it was - 11:11. So when I watched the Number 23 I wasn’t surprised that I should find JC doing exactly the same thing:


If you flicked past the 11:11 Wake Up earlier, then now might be a good time to pause and check it out first before continuing, as it helps to set the stage for the next couple of JC syncs which are coming up.

We’ve recently seen Tom Hanks connected with the number 23 and the Hand Print, and here we Jim Carrey with Blood on his hands in the ‘Number 23’:


In this movie Jim Carrey points out that the 23rd letter in the alphabet is ‘W’:


In Cast Away we see that the ‘W’ stands for ‘Wilson’ - the Red Hand Print:


In ‘Number 23’ we learn that Jim Carrey used to see a psychiatrist called Dr. Sirius. Notice how the Hands seem to be drawn to the name:


However this isn’t JC’s only connection with the Dog-Star:



In ‘The Truman Show’ Jim Carrey comes into contact with both the name Sirius, and the number 23 (via his car radio station):

7_Radio_23 76_Sirius_Radio

It’s not an easy journey up Jacobs Ladder, but once he makes it to the top……

15_Ark_ladder 15_Ark_ladder_door2

He’s free in ways he couldn’t possibly imagine. We’ll only ever find out what’s beyond the Doorway if we have the courage to open it:


You get my point. I think this Star is important for various reasons. It may very well be our Twin Sun, and therefore responsible for the Precession of the Equinox (and Time itself), but its also important to each one of us on a personal level, especially in regards to our DNA and our 3rd Eye (if what I’m suggesting here is true). I believe that when the Doorway of the 3rd Eye is opened it helps us make sense of Synchronicity, helps us develop our intuition, and helps us connect with life in a whole new way.

So why the Number 23? Don’t ask me how, but the astronomers have learned that Sirius spins on it’s axis 23 times per minute. Go figure.

Jim Carrey appears to be a key actor in all of this. We could go deeper into his career but I’m going to move on to some other things which should be of interest. Before I do here’s a sync which connects JC with the ‘Why so Sirius?’ Joker Mark Hamill:




We’ve seen that 23 = W, so it’s fitting that the Dark Knight, and therefore the Serious Joker, should resonate with both ‘The Tower’ and the ‘W’:


Got Milk? In Toy Story 2 we’ve seen the COWboy Woody (whose name alone resonates with the ‘Tree of Life’ – just like Forrest Gump) resonating with the Cow, and we also see that Batman has suckled from the teet of Isis/Sothis/Sopdet/Sirius, who was often depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphs as a Cow:


In ‘Me, Myself, and Irene’ we find JC suckling from Isis/Sirius, along with a few other Cow references:

0_Jesus_Suckling2 2_Cow4



In this movie he even befriends an albino whose nickname is ‘Milky’:


I’ll finish up on the Batman syncs with this direct link between the Black/Dark Knight and the Number 23:


And a few references to the Third Eye via the movie ‘Batman Forever’:



9_Bruce_3rdEye 10_3redEye_Riddler2




Let’s now take a look at how the themes of the Hand and the Eye both combine. We see that Buzz Lightyear is the ‘Man on the Moon’ just like the Sirius resonating JC:


On Floor 23 we see Buzz Lightyear holding the Eye in his White Hand:

6_Hand_Eye 6_Hand_Eye2

We saw the same thing earlier in this poster:


We also saw the Hand, Eye and Tower coming together:


In the movie ‘Pans Labyrinth’ we see young Offelia holding the Eye in her Hand, and we’ve already seen Pan related to OZ, Jacobs Ladder, and the White Wolf:




We see the same Hand/Eye/Ball theme in the above Heroes poster, linking these symbols to the character (PP) Peter Petrelli and the logo of the Black Sun.

In the movie ‘Fun with Dick and Jane’ (produced by Jim Carreys production company ‘JC23’) we find the same symbolism:


Outside this very office we see JC running past the DNA Helix, in the form of a Red Stairway:


In the same movie we see JC going for an interview for a company called ‘Pyramid’:


Above we see JC speaking to his best friend at the foot of the DNA Stairway. His friends name happens to be ‘OZ’. OZ kicks JC in the ‘Private Parts’ and ascends the Ladder, racing to the top:


The Sirius resonating JC pursues OZ:



If we turn our attention back to Heroes for a moment we see that the very same Red DNA Stairway (that we saw outside JC’s office building above) makes an appearance in the season finale:


The villain Sylar and (PP) Peter Petrelli face off in front of the Helix. We already know what the Red represents:


We’ve now seen various examples of the Hand/Eye relationship, and how they relate to the Black Sun, so let’s see how the Black Sun relates to the Tower:


As Petrelli stands at the top of The Tower we see the Black Sun superimposed over it as he forms the sign of the Cross:


Here we see PP and his allie Hiro standing in front of the DNA Helix. Notice the Blood on Peter Petrellis Hands:


Somehow the Black Sun seems to play a major role when it comes to ‘Time’ here on Earth. If it was indeed our Binary Star this would make perfect sense as it would be responsible for the Precession of the Equinox and the cyclical Golden and Dark Ages:

Sothis_hands_watch hiro_clock



We see Hiro above inside the Black Sun and here we see Hiro interacting with the Red Hand/Eye via the Tin Man/Iron Man:


In the movie Iron Man we see Tony Star(k), a ‘Millionaire’, interacting with the Ladder while speaking to his assistant (PP) Pepper Potts:


Let’s not forget about his Red Hand:


Again we see the Hand and the Eye, this time represented in a slightly different way, and reminds us that when the Third Eye opens, so does our Heart:


So let’s finish this up with some Crystal Balls:


Here we see the Eye, the White Hand (of Sauron), and the Two Towers:


And finally we have Harry Potter - the Godson of Sirius Black:


The Hand, Eye, Tower and Crystal Ball, are all symbols which point towards the Dog-Star in various different ways. They all symbolize a ‘Black Sun’ and all become interchangeable when looked at through the lense of synchronicity.

So yesterday while putting this post together I happened to be in a newsagent and a song came on the radio which I hadn’t heard in a long time. I instantly recognized it, acknowledged the synchronicity, and knew that it should appear in this post. This is the song which caught my attention:

In the video for ‘Crystal Ball’ by the band Keane we see actor Giovanni Ribisi going through a tough time in his life. The last movie I watched which starred Ribisi happened to be this one:


In 10th and Wolf Ribisi stars alongside Michael Marsden who played the role of the ‘Cyclops’ in the X-Men movies alongside the Wolf Hugh Jackman, bringing the ‘Eye’ and the ‘Wolf’ together:


Ribisi’s follow up movie to ‘10th and Wolf’ was ‘The Dog Problem’:


So when we look at the Keane video for the song ‘Crystal Ball’ we can see why actor Ribisi resonated with this particular symbol. If we look at the record label which the band Keane are signed with, we find the ‘Tree of Life’ in the form of ‘Island Records’:


Considering we’ve already looked at the band Oasis (and I didn’t originally intend on having any music references in this post!) a quick Google search revealed these images:


We find the ‘Tree of Life’ associated with the name ‘Oasis’ and the ‘Island’. We also se that there’s an uncanny resemblance between the Oasis logos and the ‘Island Record’s logo giving Oasis and Keane (two UK bands) particular resonance with one another. We’ve seen how the Tree is syncnificant in the movies ‘The Fountain’ and ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, but where have we already seen an ‘Island/Oasis’ with connections to the Dog(Star)?



Find other references to ‘The Island’ and I’m sure you’ll find plenty more syncs (like Danny Boyles ‘The Beach’, Ewan Macregors/Obi-Wan Kenobis ‘The Island’, the Lost TV show etc etc etc).

Island Records may have signed Keane, but they also signed up this band:


I’m going to finish this post on the Pleiades, as it seems to be involved in all of this somehow. The Pleiades is located in the constellation of Taurus and can be found in the area of the Bulls shoulder. Considering I’ve already mentioned the ‘Bullseye’ in this post, maybe Taurus can help teach us a thing or two:


The deity Mithras can be seen stabbing the Bull in the shoulder, effectively impaling the Seven Sisters, and focusing all of the attention on this particular cluster of stars:


David Ulansey, one of the foremost expert on Mithraism writes:

‘We see here, of course, a striking parallel with the Mithraic evidence in which we also find two suns, one being Helios the sun-god (who is always distinguished from Mithras in the iconology) and the other being Mithras in his role as the ‘unconquered Sun’.  If my theory about Mithras is correct (namely, that he was the personification of the force responsible for the Precession of the Equinox) it follows that Mithras – as an entity capable of moving the entire cosmic sphere and therefore of necessity being outside that sphere – must have been understood as a being whose proper location was in precisely that same ‘hypercosmic realm’ where the Platonists imagined their ‘hypercosmic Sun’ to exist.  Therefore, the puzzling presence in Mithraic ideology of two Suns (one being Helios the sun-god and the other Mithras the ‘unconquered Sun’) becomes immediately understandable on the basis of my theory about the nature of Mithras.’

This passage may be a little confusing but I’ve included it here because we learn from it that Mithras was not our local Sun, what I’ve labeled the ‘White Sun’, but was distinct from the others stars, and was responsible for ‘driving’ precession (which is why we can find him in the centre of the Zodiac).  The ‘Twin Sun’ theme seems to be connected to the ‘unconquered Sun’ Mithras, and we can also find that he has strong resonance with the the Black Star Sirius.

Here we see the Dog Sirius in the centre of the Zodiac wheel alongside Mithras, Taurus, and the Pleiades. Notice once again that we see Mithras stabbing the shoulder of the Bull:


I’ll leave you with this image:


Thanks for reading!


p.s. Here’s a brilliant short video about 2012 – spot the Red Hand Print. (much appreciated William!):


Santiago said...

Absolutely brilliant! I am dizzy within the whirlwind. Are those the Twin Towers in Leon's eyeglasses? (!!!)

It's been probably mentioned before but I am reminded that the Joker/Hamill/Skywalker also resonates dogs in The Dark Knight by the 3 guard dogs in the tower, mirroring Cerberus, guardian of the underworld.

"Underworld" resonates dogs in the latest "Rise of the Lycans" aka Werewolves. Great stuff - keep it up!

ViølatoR said...

Thanks for the shoutout, I'm actually putting together a more "in-depth" piece on private parts as well as other related symbols.

Usually my posts double in size when I start working on them, something about your mind being in the right place brings out more synchs than you planned for.

It looks like you stumbled upon the Black & White (& Red) synch here. Black and white are obvious, but the red seems to pop up in connection with B&W a lot. In Alchemy the three phases of the process are Black, White and Red. (Yellow is sometimes used to represent an intermediary stage) Wow, didn't expect to see the number 23 pop up, though that movie has plenty of black, white and red, as well as dogs, and a Dr. Sirius, so it's actually not that suprising in retrospect. The door for Dr. Sirius is number 318. 31-8=23 and 31/8=3.875 which combine to =23.

It's interesting that the apex/cornerstone of the arch for the elevator in Toy Story is the missing floor #13. 13 connects to the Templars whose flag may have been black, white and red, and whose emblem is the red cross. Anyways, good stuff, I loved the Pineal and Pituitary synch.

Nitpicking: Technically "Wilson" is a vollyball. And I believe that's Jessica Alba not Biel in Awake. Jessica Alba was in Idle Hands where a boys hand is posessed and takes on a life of it's own. (the boy has a pet dog and cat, if you're interested :D Also he finds paint on his hands...) And Iron Man is Tony Stark.

Nicolynn said...

Wow, I am overwhelmed by the synchro involved in all of this. Not just everything that you are sharing, but my own that is intertwined. I have been obsessively researching over the last month both the 2nd sun, and the pineal gland. I suppose I never correlated the two, though I correlated them both to 2012, being that both would reach its nexus at that time. In the screen shot of the 2 boys sitting on the train with the dog beside them, I was reminded of the Dogon tribe and their claim that Sirius is a triple star system. This would tie in the pagan origin of the Trinity that is carried out in numerious religions throughout the world. Though not sure it ties in the with mason imagary however.

I cannot help but to question if these are tidbits of clues put into movies/shows as reminders for us by the Universe to awaken, indicators for the elite to pay attention to, or "roosters" out there trying to send us a message. I became full of emotion at one point. I clicked on the link to watch the 11:11 vid, then listened to another one along the left hand side that was part one of a radio interview on Coast to Coast. There was a picture of the planet Earth on the screen, and I just gazed at it as I listened. Soon I was feeling emotional, and tears welt up in my eyes. All I can say is that I immediately began thinking of "Mother". Being lost and forgot throughout the ages. And I know this all is signifying her triumphant return, the Unification of the duality of this world. Considering Sirius is linked to Isis, the Goddess of 10,000 names and MOther of All, this jives with this all.
I had a moment where I felt like I was on the verge of something big, what, I cannot say. But it was overwhelming and wonderous all at once. It became too much almost though. Something is happening, and I cannot explain it, but it is all too familiar. Thats all I have for now. Much love and peace to you all.


Jaspal said...

Too much to mention, I've been told I go on too much so I'm just going to leave you with a list:

Robot Hand - iRobot, Will Smith and Sunny, both have metal hands that providence has provided for them in order to destroy the computer.

Metal Hand waving farewell: End of Terminator 2, transcendence of Arnold robot, 'now I know why it is that you cry'.

Star Wars: Skywalker was a name of Horus, Horus = Hours, 12 Horus's walk the sky.

Piper Perabo - Watch The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle, two black stars, prediction of 2008 US Election (Rocky = Barack, Bullwinkle = Palin), mind control etc.

Cillian Murphy - Was in a film called Red Eye.

Millionaire ladder, 6th Step - Did you use that picture on purpose? The 6th day? With so many symbols associated with 7, 7 sins, 7 days, 7 sisters, 7 seals etc. 7 is Saturn, time itself, the number is his symbol, the sickle of death. We are on the 6th day, the day God rested (in Hinduism, the world is created and destroyed in a blink of Brahma's eye, our concept of time is in our image).

Heroes - Remember that the eclipse gives them powers, then in season 3 it takes it away. During this time, the heroes are 'tested' without their powers.

V for Vendetta - Eve is 'tested' by V.

Metal Gear Solid - Don't ask me how I know, but I know you’re a fan of this game. Solid Snake?

Keane - New album, Perfect Symmetry, heard Spiralling? Sounds a lot like God talking about his creation. The Dharma spiral, leading to the centre. Did you see that program on BBC 2 on Friday at 9 pm? The guy going around checking religions around the world? Did you see the one in Brazil that had the spiral in the Pyramid, with an Octagon on the roof? If you didn’t see it, watch it on the iPlayer.

Muse - Have you ever heard Origin of Symmetry? Name sounds a lot like Keane’s new album, and the first track? New Born!

Oasis – I was really into them as well in the 90’s my favourite song is Whatever

Mithras – I had a sudden urge to look up this deity about one week ago! Indian version is Mitra (sounds an awful lot like Mitre, they make balls like Wilson!) Also ‘Varuna and Mitra are the gods of the oath,’. So we have duality, Mitra is the Sun, making Varuna the moon. Evidence is found here: Varuna controls the Oceans, a trident wealding Poseidon! Poseidon Physiology? Together they form an Oath or Covinent, don’t know where this rabbit hole is leading…

As for Slumdog, I have many issues with the film. I am Sikh and I disagree with how it protrays India and Sikh/Hindu people, and the general fanfair around it and the people making that fanfair, therefore I decline to make any comments on it. I don’t want to bring negative energy into this forum.

Jaspal said...

Another link between Ringo Starr and Oasis:

The Sun of the Starr joins Oasis?

And then:

'But he's back behind his drum-kit after unveiling new group Penguins'

If you've read Jakes site as much as I have, you'll know all about Penguins....

Jaspal said...

After reading your post and replying, I went to have some tea and the sync world said hello!

First I saw a pentagram on a Waitrose card, and then I turned on the TV, it was already on Channel L/Five and All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 was on!!

So many hidden messages in this film, the Dog/God Charlie (I don't need to go into all the connections of that name) is a Guardian Angel of a kid called David. Blond haired, blue eyed, this is King David! They have to get Gabriel’s horn out of a Police station, the Police station logo is a 7 pointed serious star! The horn is wanted by the Devil, represented by a red cat, because it can open heavens gate.

The adverts during the break were also very interesting. Girls Allowed in a DS advert, Sheba cat food, an upcoming show on C5 about a man who lives with Wolves who is getting married called Mr and Mrs Wolf! The Girls Allowed thing got me thinking about the 5 pointed Pentagram, how girl groups usually have five members, Spice Girls, Pussycat Dolls etc The whole duality thing of ying/yan, male/female, cats/dogs.

This has happened before when I read one of Jake's posts, am I manifesting all this by myself? Or am I being shown the path to walk?

R Arrowsmith said...

Santiago - You've got a sharp eye on you! Thanks for pointing out the Leon Glasses/Two Towers sync. Funny how you can miss what's right in front of your face.
I'm glad you mentioned Cerberus the 3 headed Hound of Hell because Wikipedia states that Sirius and the 3 headed Cerberus are basically one and the same. Author Robert Temple comes to the same conclusions in 'The Sirius Mystery'. There's quite a few other Dog references in the movie...too many to name here, but thanks for pointing that out.
I'm eager to see how the Cerberus/Sirius resonating Underworld plays out in all of this.

ViolatoR - Look forward to seeing how you develop your Private Parts theme. Are you doing hands on research? :)
In regards to the posts doubling in size, I like to think of it as the 'Snowball Effect'. You start out small, new syncs get caught up in the mix, and before you know it there's a boulder sized post rolling down the hill. Just one of those things I suppose.
Thanks for the Black, White, and Red info. They just seemed to naturally appear in that order. Nice.
Also thanks for the other info and the nitpicks. It makes a better read if you're not distracted by these kinds of slip ups. Although volleyball/football...come on!! I've kicked a volley ball in the past, and punched a football. Think 'icecream'.

Nicole - Thanks again for sharing your insights. Glad to see we're both being drawn to the same subjects, and reaching some of the same bizarre as some of them might sound!
I've also wondered about the Trinity and how it figures into the scheme of things. White Sun/ Black Sun/Earth. Mind/Body/Spirit. There's so many ways to interpret it, but thanks for reminding me about the 3rd star in the Sirius system. It's kind of been neglected during my research because I couldn't quite figure out where the piece fit in the puzzle. It's the tiny Sirius B whose going to become the focus of this blog shortly, so maybe his big sister Sirius C will get get a look in one day when/if I ever find the answers.

I think the universe has many different tricks up it's sleeve to help with this awakening. It makes sense that the universe would use movies/shows to help steer our thoughts in new directions because we're a generation addicted to the Box. If advertising companies can use subliminals to slip thoughts in through the back door of our minds, wouldn't the universe do the same? What better way to help wake up the masses.

I think we're all on the verge of something big, something imminent, but I think it's going to come at us like a curve ball. We won't see it until the last second, and maybe that's exactly the way it needs to be. If we saw it coming then maybe we would try and chicken out. We might try to duck for cover. I don't think we'll truly know until it arrives, and I'm sure whatever it is, it's going to surprise each and every one of us. I personally can't wait...I get a good feeling about our future.

Jaspal - Wow. Thanks for the feedback....all great stuff! Some of these I'd noticed, others I hadn't. Glad to see we're on the same wavelength. I did mean to expand a litle more on the Mithras/Mitra info but just never got round to it. Thanks for the link.

I haven't played Metal Gear in many years but back in the day I did spend more than a couple of hours as the 'Snake'.

Considering the Keane syncs I must check out Perfect Symmetry, and Origin of Symmetry for that matter, as I was also a Muse fan round about the same time I was listening to Keane. I've had 'nudges' to check out movies before, but never music! Will watch the 'Whatever vid' as I don't seem to recall it - I wasn't diehard Oasis but I did like them.

Thanks for Ringo Starr link (just added it to the blog post). Funny you mention Penguins because when Woody goes on the top shelf with the 'Dog Island' book in ToyStory he finds 'Wheezy the Penguin', and in the Number 23 Jim Carrey calls himself 'Fingerling', named after a childs book which has a big Penguin on the front. The mind boggles.

I love your sync story. Pentagrams and Dogs. What's the chances!
In regards to your comment:
'Am I manifesting all this by myself? Or am I being shown the path to walk?'
I still wonder this myself. Is my fascination with Sirius attracting these Sirius synchronicities, or is Sirius the one placing them in my path. Regardless of which one of them is right (and it's possibly neither) we're learning how to interact with the finer forces of this universe. We're seeing first hand that there's more to this world than we've been lead to believe. I find it absolutely fascinating and I'm delighted you're experiencing it as well. The more we observe it the more we think about it, and the more we think about it the more we observe it. It's a beautiful cycle to be caught up in. Hope it takes you somewhere interesting. Peace.

~*kimrey*~ said...

wow. great, again!!
somehow i lost touch with your blog... weird.

that red dna double staircase? it's called Double Ascension and was created by my grandfather...


VileVeil said...

wow so many synchs! excellent work.

here's one more for ya

The Wacky Races!

with Penelope Pitstop, Peter Perfect and Prof. Pat Pending.

Number of contestants in the Races was 11!

and the star of the show - Dick Dastardly's dog, Muttley!

Jake Kotze said...

Black Star (and personal hero) 2Pac makes the W (for West Coast) with his hand on the 'all eyes on me' cover.
A great rapper is a G and a 'dog'..
This is probably the most iconic 2Pac image on probably the most iconic Black Star before Obama...

11 is also 23 (or W as you mentioned) depending on whether your using a digital or face clock, thus interchangeable.

You just 'channeled' large parts of the sync flavor in the post I am working on.


Ridiculous amount of 'sync bleed through' here..

Great work, really.

R Arrowsmith said...

Hi Kimrey. Glad to see you back. You're grandfather built the DNA staricase! Wow. I always wondered what the name of it was so that I could find more pics. Just looked up Google and noticed that it's referred to as the 'Double Ascension Fountain'. Considering the movie 'The Fountain' appeared in the post, this makes perfect synchronistic sense!
Looking at the sculpture from a new angle I see that there's a 'Doorway' between the two sets of stairways. Again, fits in perfectly with the post. Many thanks for the insight!

Vileveil - Thanks to your last contribution about the Belfast flag I went off on the Cast Away/Football/Jim Carrey tangent and deviated away from original plan. I'm glad that you brought it to my attention because I like where it finally ended up.
I have wondered about the Wacky Races, a cartoon I grew up with. I linked it to Penelope Pitstop but didn't know there were so many other PP connections. I can almost hear Mutley sniggering at the ridiculousness of it all!

Word verification: Gattic
Reminds me of the movie Gattaca - Spiral Staircase and appropriate.

R Arrowsmith said...

Hi Jake. Hope you had a good trip over the weekend. Never thought of the 23/11 link before. There's layers upon layers upon layers when you start digging deep enough. Thanks for the insight.

Funny that you mention 2Pac because I just watched a movie review of the movie 'Notorious' earlier on today. Who flashed up on screen for a few seconds....2Pac of course!

As for the sync bleed through, there's been numerous occasions where I've either been writing info for this blog, or just thinking about syncs, and I've gone onto The Blob and you're discussing the exact same thing. It's crazy weird, but I love it. Just shows you that distance means nothing. We're all tuned into the same frequency and I think the overlap in the syncs are great, because we're each exploring the same themes through our own 'reality lense'. Can't wait to see your next post.
Much love and respect.

Nicolynn said...
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Nicolynn said...
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mercury well said...

Excellent post, The stairway/ladder aspect is really interesting and the film Slum Dog Millionaire was really good, very satisfying.

The connection you made about Jamal ascending the ladder was cool, I can see now the gameshow host as a type of judge... asking questions, and all the questions had a great story that related to Jamal's past. And at specific points Jamal could have been satisfied with his ascension thus far and quietly walk away a richer man... but he hung in there, because it was about destiny.

nice work man.

R Arrowsmith said...

Thanks for the comments Mercury Well. That's exactly the way I see it - Destiny. Some of us may have made ourselves at home on the current rung of the Ladder we happen to be occupying at this moment in time, but I think there's a force behind us helping put the 'wind in our sails'. It's time to take the next step, and I personally can't wait to see what's up there.

Anonymous said...

very joyous

The building in the Private Parts poster is the Chrysler Building, it was the tallest building in the world for 11 months initially then again from 9-11-01 to December 2007, it has 77 floors, 111,000 square meters of floor space, it's surrounded by water in the movies Deep Impact and A.I. The building is destroyed in the movies Armageddon and Godzilla. Also Spider Man sits atop it's gargoyles and the Silver Surfer opens a quasi stargate to travel from one side of it to the other side in the movie Fantastic Four. It sits adjacent to Grand Central Station (Galatic Center) where the largest peice of Tiffany glass in the World is adorned on the outside as a Clock and the Zodiac is displayed upon the interior ceiling. In the poster the metallic Chrysler portrayed rather phallic. The building is located at the intersection of 42nd Street and Lexington in the Turtle Bay area. I seem to recall the universe is on the back of a giant sea turtle according to someone.

much love

R Arrowsmith said...

Thanks for all the info James. My knowledge on architecture leaves a lot to be desired, so thanks for pointing out that it's the Chrysler Building in the Private Parts poster, and not the Empire State Building.
Now that you've brought my attention to all the syncs related to the Chrysler, like the numbers 42, 11, 111, and all those movies, I'm even more intrigued! Great insights there James....nice one!

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Yo homie.... Jake is right, you bleed through like a motherfucker. I dig. Go look at Me Myself and Irene after the credits role..... Much love, your dead ON. Lets make a Jim Carrey movie and change the world.

The Dog star zips through the sky quickly like a Dog/Fox/Wolf. Thats whats up with the tracks. It's quick around and it's gone.... Look at video's of Galactic Center. That's why Jim Carrey has so many Movies about not knowing who he is. Over all idenity crisis.One pentegram is a sign of the ego. Two is a split.Multi is the Peliedas.... Kate Winslet on the ice in Eternal as well a the dog picture when he walks to the STAIR case in one scene. You are saving my life here..... I am no longer having enough time to type all of this......... To get it out. LOVE and THANKS.

ALLERTON said...

Also Piper Perabo which you show in 10th and wolf is in the movie called Beverly Hills Chihuahua which deal with dogs as you pointed out... i also have a lot of resources and information relating to your topic... so i would like to email you the information and we might kind of team..... i would love it.