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Lost Star of Myth & Time

We’ve already looked at various different Synchronicities which resonate with the the Black Dog Star, so in this section I’m going to focus on the science of Binary Stars.  In my previous posts I’ve looked at a number of different ‘Pair of Pentagram’ references which lead me to investigate the possibility that the Sun at the centre of our Solar System has a ‘Twin’, or ‘Dark Companion’, which somehow influences life here on Earth.  So first I want to quickly recap on the ‘Pair of Pentagram’ synchronicities we’ve looked at so far which have been found in TV shows, Hollywood movies, a Dog chewed bouncy ball, an album cover, and even a former Beatle:


The previous sections have looked at my own research into these hypothetical ‘Twin Suns’, and I’ve already made it pretty clear which two stars seem to be the likeliest candidates, but I want to go back to a time when there were still some huge gaps in this intricate jigsaw puzzle and back to a time when the major breakthrough came in the form archaeo-astronomer Walter Cruttendens research.

Now I’m not an agent of Walter’s, I’ve never met the guy, but I am going to openly promote his work in this section.  The reason for this is that his work ‘rings true’ to me on a variety of different levels.  His scientific research helped me assemble many of the different pieces of the puzzle and gave me a solid foundation which I could then build on.  Synchronicity helped fill in many of the gaps, but Cruttendens work helped solidify the ideas and themes which I’d encountered.  I realized that the Synchronicities I’d discovered seemed to overlap with Cruttendens research and it spurred me on to dig a little deeper into the Black Dog Star.

Before continuing, if you’d like to check out Walter Cruttendens credentials then you can find his website at:, and the Binary Research Institute (which Cruttenden set up to investigate our Suns relationship with it’s theoretical partner) can be found here: Binary Research Institute.

In this section I’m going to focus on some of the work found within Walter Cruttendens book ‘The Lost Star of Myth and Time’.  About 90% of the research I’m going to present here can be found in Walters free video interview which I’ll provide links for later on in this post.  If this information interests you then I highly recommend purchasing the book as it goes into great detail about the 26,000 year cycle called ‘The Precession of the Equinox’ (aka ‘The Great Year), mythology, ancient architecture, the Vedic Indians and the Yugic cycles, the Golden/Dark Ages, Consciousness, the Greeks, Mayans, Egyptians, Hopis, and a hell of a lot more!

It’s a lengthy read at well over 300 pages, so for obvious reasons I’m only going to skim the surface of a fraction of the research. The previous posts on this Blog could be considered the Introduction, and now I want to take us into the main ‘guts’ of the story, and the best way I can think of kick-starting this new ‘chapter’ is by taking a look at the:


Here’s what Walter Cruttenden has to say about the Pair of Pentagrams/Twin Suns, which are commonly known as ‘Binary Stars’:

What is a Binary Orbit?

A binary system is two stars gravitationally bound, orbiting a common center of mass.  Companion stars follow elliptical orbital paths.  Along their journeys, binary stars are always opposite each other and remain in sync, both reaching apoapsis (the farthest point of the orbit) and periapsis (the closest point in the orbit) at the same time respectively:


The stars can be of the same or differing sizes, and orbits can be as short as a few days or as long as thousands of years.  The short ones are easy to detect, the long ones difficult, some probably impossible to detect because of the very long observation period required.

(*If you’d like to see an animation of the way Binary Stars move in relation to one another, then you can find a good one here.*)


Binaries everywhere…..

It is important to note that there was little or no knowledge of the extent of binary systems until recently.  Even when I was a boy they were thought to be the exception rather than the rule.  However, it is now estimated that more than 80% of all stars may be part of a binary or multiple star relationship.  Apparently, stars like companions as much as people do. 

So, if more than 80% of the stars out there have companions, our lone Sun and its solar system are looking more and more like an anomaly.  That is, if indeed it is a single star system, and not a partner in a multiple star system.

Assuming that we are in a binary system, and that Newton’s laws work just as well outside the solar system as inside it, then the Sun’s dual would most likely need to be a dark companion such as a Brown Dwarf, or theoretical old Neutron Star, or even some large planet-like mass that also has a very long orbital period (making any of its effects difficult to notice).

The binary theory of precession is the explanation that the motion of the equinox through the zodiac is not due to any local wobbling of the Earth, but is a result of the Sun moving around another star, a companion star to which it is gravitationally bound.

In other words, as the Sun curves through space and around its companion, the Earth only appears to wobble.  This phenomenon is actually a result of the whole solar system changing the orientation of the observer on Earth.

Scientists now recognize that our solar system (carrying the Earth) moves around the centre of the galaxy in several hundred million years.  However, they do not consider the possibility that our Sun might be in a binary system; they therefore attribute any change in Earth orientation (Precession of the Equinox being the largest) to something else: a locally wobbled Earth.


The current standard theory of precession is often referred to as the “lunisolar” theory because it states that the Earth’s changing orientation to the fixed stars (primarily seen as the Precession of the Equinox) is principally due to the gravitational forces of the Moon (luni) and Sun (solar) tugging on the Earth’s bulge (the fat part around the middle). 

These lunisolar forces are thought to produce enough force and torque to slowly twist the Earth’s spin axis in a clockwise motion, so that after a period of 25,770 years (at the current rate) the Earth would have completed one retrograde motion on its own axis, and one retrograde orbit.  In this theory the Earth is thought to behave like a wobbling top.  (see image above for an example)

However, there is no evidence that this change in the spin axis occurs relative to the Sun, or Moon or Venus or anything “within” the solar system; meaning it may not be caused by “local” lunisolar forces.  But it does appear to wobble relative to stars and other objects “outside” the solar system. 


I’m going to pause there in Cruttendens book to quickly recap on the differences between the two theories surrounding the Precession of the Equinox:

  • Lunisolar theorists believe that the Earths ‘wobble’ is due to the Sun and the Moon tugging on the Earths bulge.
  • Binary theorists believe that the Earths ‘wobble’ is due to a force outside of our Solar System, which could possibly be a ‘dark companion’ like a Brown Dwarf.  This ‘Twin Sun’ would therefore be responsible for the ‘Precession of the Equinox’, and responsible for influencing the cycles of Time here on Earth, and therefore Life itself.

Before we jump back into the book I want to take a quick look at one or two movie Synchronicites which will help set the stage for the next part.  We’ve looked at how things appear to be ‘Coming Together’ in the previous post, and I’d now like to add one more ‘Coming Together’ Synchronicity which I stumbled across about a year ago.

If the arrival of Sirius the Dog-Star is going to usher us into a new ‘Golden Age’ then who better to look at than the G.Oldman himself – Sirius Black.

He was a character who made me sit up and pay attention to the Dog-Star as I found him connected to all of the symbols I originally encountered (the Pair of Pentagrams/Stars, the Paw Prints, the letters ‘PP’ via Peter Pettigrew).  He seemed to fit like a glove, so I’m really going to focus on his character in this post and the next one to see what else we can learn from him:


Sirius Black plays the role of Harry Potter’s ‘Godfather’, a friend, guardian, and mentor for the young Magician.  Above we see actress Helena Bonham Carter inside the Crystal Ball, who plays the role of Sirius Blacks cousin: Bellatrix LeStrange.  Because of the ‘blood’ connection with Sirius Black, we could say that Bonham Carter resonates strongly with the Dog Star.


Helena Bonham Carter also starred in 'Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit' as 'Lady Totty of Tottington Hall'. In the movie she falls in love with the Dog-loving Wallace.  Here’s a quick recap on the Wallace & Gromit synchronicities looked at in previous posts:


Above we see the Dog connected to the Pair of Winged Solar Disks, the Pentagram, and the Solar Cross, all symbols of the Sun.  Considering the Dog connection, we could say that each of these synchronicities points towards the Dog-Star Sirius. 

So if we take a look at this next image we find the Pair of Solar Crosses (Twin Suns) on this bouncy castle.  Notice that ‘Lady Totty’ (the cousin of Sirius Black) points at one of these Solar Crosses in particular.  The Dog-loving Totty highlights the Dog-Star:


To emphasise this connection we find that the bouncy castle has further connections with the Dog (Star):


The Dog falls into the centre of the Bouncy Castle, pulling the 'Twin Suns' (or Solar Crosses) together, suggesting that the hypothetical Suns in their Binary orbit are ‘Coming Together’:


If we now turn back to 'The Lost Star of Myth and Time', let’s see what else Walter has to say about our Suns ‘Dark Companion’:

'If our Sun is gravitationally bound to a nearby star (or stars) in a binary or multiple star system, there are only a handful of viable candidates within about 10 light years – the likely maximum distance even with the new theories. Alpha Centauri is a triple star system and the closest, at about 4.3 light years.  Barnard’s star at six light years appears to display the greatest proper motion (fastest movement across the sky) of all local stars, indicating a significant relative movement between our system and this star.

Sirius (the Dog-Star found in Canis Major), 8.6 light years away, is not only the brightest star in the sky, but it is thought to be moving toward us at an estimated 12 miles per second (by traditional measurements).  Also, it has the greatest mass of any nearby star, which would allow it to be the low point in a local space grid if looked at in terms of one of those classic Einsteinian patterns used to illustrate how heavy stars or planets bend time and space.


Indeed, its own immediate companion star, Sirius B, is an incredibly dense White Dwarf star hundreds of times harder than diamond. This relatively small object is so heavy that one teaspoonful would weigh many tons!  Spinning rapidly on its axis, it is likely generating a tremendous force and magnetic field:


Cruttenden continues: 'Given the vast amount of myth and folklore surrounding the star system Sirius, especially in the Egyptian and Sumerian cultures, it should be considered a likely candidate for our Sun’s primary companion star (probably as part of a fairly complex multiple star system).’

Cruttenden then goes on to look at scientific evidence which suggests that there is an observable gravitational relationship between Sirius and our own Sun – a connection which would only occur if there was some kind of ‘bond’ between the two:

'With a telescope mounted in a fixed position (fastened to never move) pointed at Sirius, the Sirius Research Group near Edmonton, Canada, take the regular transit readings, recording the exact time this star passes the crosshairs of the telescope each day.  Of course Sirius is not actually circling the Earth every day, so what they are really measuring is the Earth’s exact period of rotation relative to Sirius.  To do this they have a sync-generated quartz clock and a radio, tuned to the Universal Time Coordinate signal (UTC audible atomic time) broadcast from Fort Collins, Colorado.

By compiling and averaging multiple readings over various time periods they can get extremely accurate measurements of the Earth’s daily spin rate in relation to the star Sirius.  They have found some interesting results.

When Sirius B went in front of Sirius A in 1989 (relative to the Earth, as it does every 50 years), the Earth’s spin rate slowed down, losing a full second per day for a period of several weeks before the event – and then speeded up, gaining a second per day for several weeks after the event.

The implications of this research are enormous!  It not only implies that we might be in a binary or multiple star orbit with Sirius as our primary companion, but it shows that there is an observable gravitational relationship between our system and the Sirius system.

The orbit of the incredibly dense Sirius B, moving around Sirius A in almost 50 years, seems to have a resonant relationship with certain bodies within our own system – and produces slight lag or gain in the Earth’s rotation period when Sirius B comes into alignment between Earth and Sirius A.  Just like the tides here on Earth that are exaggerated when the Moon aligns with the Earth and the Sun (full moon and new moon), this lag/gain in the Earth’s motion is something you would expect to find if there is a gravitational bond between the two systems.

Sirius was an object of wonder, if not veneration, to most ancient peoples throughout human history, not just the Sumerians and Egyptians.  In the Vedas this star was known as the Chieftain’s Star; in the Arabic world it is Al Shi-ra, which resembles the Greek, Roman and Egyptian names, suggesting a common origin.  In Sanskrit the name is Surya, which interestingly is also the name of the Sun god, and means “shining one”.

The association with the Sun and a celestial dog has been rather consistent throughout the ancient world.  In Chaldea (present-day Iraq) the star was known as the “Dog Star that leads” and the “Star of the Dog.”  In Assyria, it was the “Dog of the Sun.”  In still older Akkadia, it was named Mul-lik-ud, the “Dog Star of the Sun.”  And in remote China the star was identified as a heavenly wolf.  There is even a depiction of the Egyptian goddess Isis accompanied by a dog.  As we know, dogs follow things.  To “dog” someone is to follow his or her every step.  Could it be that Sirius is named that because it always seems to follow our Sun, as only a binary companion would?

One of the most interesting ancient facts about Sirius is the number of times the Sumerian and Egyptians texts describe it as red in color.  All these references were made before AD 500.  After that date historical references to Sirius describe it as blue.  Today, anyone can look up into the night sky and see that Sirius is the bluest and brightest star in the sky.  This observation of two different colors, dating from both sides of the low point of the Dark Ages, might lend very strong support to Sirius as our companion star, as I will show in a moment.

Now, any visible companion star should register a fair amount of proper motion (relative to other stars, not to Earth coordinates), because both the Sun and the companion star would be traveling around the same centre of mass (common point of gravity between two binary stars), and this would produce several interesting phenomena.

For half the cycle the two stars would be moving roughly toward one another (in an arc), and for the other half they would be moving away from one another.  If they are moving at a fast enough speed it is possible that we might see a red or blue shift in the star’s apparent color, depending on the direction of their course.

This is the “Doppler effect”, which tells us whether a source of light or sound is moving closer to us or father away.  Astronomers use this technique in studying the motion of galaxies.  It was the basis for the original formation of the theory of the expanding universe (because most galaxies are “red-shifted” they are deemed to be moving away, implying that the universe is spreading out). Could this explain why the Sumerians and Egyptians and others describe Sirius as red? Was it moving away from us until apoapsis (its furthest point in AD 500) and then its color “shifted” to blue as it began moving toward us at a rapid speed?


I'm going to quote one more chunk from ‘The Lost Star of Myth and Time’ but before reading on I'd recommend watching the free video interview with Walter Cruttenden if you haven't done so already. This next part will make more sense if you've heard it from the author himself. If you haven't already watched them, then click here to watch Part 1 and here for Part 2.  Registration only takes a moment, but the treasure contained within the interviews could last you a lifetime.  If you’d rather keep reading then by all means do so, but remember to come back to the interviews if you get a chance.

Let’s look at the next excerpt:

Ancient myth and folklore around the world speak of a long ago Golden Age and a vast, inevitable cycle of growth and decay.  The archaeological record shows us broad evidence of a slow collapse of civilizations throughout the ancient world, culminating in the near anarchic period of the Dark Ages, around AD500. 

Then, almost a thousand years later – as if on cue – the Dwapara Yuga dawns, ushering in an explosion of knowledge and discovery:  the Renaissance period.  Now on an upward arc in the cycle, man begins reawakening to an awareness of finer forces that had been almost completely forgotten for nearly two millennia.  His interest in both the inner and outer cosmos is expanding at an insatiable rate.

Ancient stories and legends from all over the world tell us this grand cycle is locked in sync with the ‘Precession of the Equinox’.  Some attribute the cause of precession (and hence the rise and fall of civilization itself) to our Sun’s motion around a binary companion star.  This notion conflicts with the standard contemporary explanation of precession, yet upon closer examination we have seen that the standard theory has a number of problems, problems that could potentially be solved by a binary model.  And finally, we have looked at some possibilities of what and where the binary companion might be.

That leaves us with one big, obvious question: How exactly would the binary motion result in the rise and fall of civilization?  Or perhaps more precisely, what is the mechanism that affects man’s consciousness and life on Earth during certain phases of the binary orbit period, resulting in recurring dark and golden ages?

The explanation, alluded to in myth and ancient scripture, is that as the Sun curves through space in a gigantic elliptical orbit, it carries the Earth with it through some region of space that gradually induces a change in the subtle field of the mind and body.  In the Old Testament we read, “Canst thou bind the sweet influence of the Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion”?

This powerful rhetorical question implies that there is something beneficial (“sweet influence”) that emanates from a certain region or direction in space. It also conveys the idea that man cannot stop (“Canst thou bind”) the celestial motion (orbit) that takes us away from this source – probably in the descending age.

This leads to the proposition of a simple hypothesis:  As our Sun moves in a vast orbit around its companion star, it carries the Earth in and out of a magnetic or electromagnetic field that impacts the planet and life on a grand scale.

Eventually the effect shows outwardly as a positive or negative change in civilization, depending on whether we are getting closer to or farther from the source of influence.  As the Earth moves into the field, a beneficial change occurs, and as the Earth moves out of the field, a disruptive or deteriorating effect occurs. This of course implies that we as human beings are not independent of the invisible forces in the cosmos that constantly surround us.

We already know that things as subtle as weak magnetic fields and ionic charges in the air affect the way we think, interact with, and perceive the world around us.  And as we will discuss, there is much evidence to show that known EM fields here on Earth can dramatically affect life.  But can a distant star produce electromagnetic waves, or a field or forces that are strong enough to affect life on Earth?  Cutting-edge science says “yes”.

According to First Science and NASA:

On August 24th, 1998, there was an explosion on the Sun as powerful as a million hundred-ton hydrogen bombs.  Earth-orbiting satellites registered a surge of x-rays.  Minutes later they were pelted with fast-moving solar protons.  Our planet’s magnetic field recoiled from the onslaught, and ham radio operators experienced a strong shortwave blackout. None of these things made the headlines.  The explosion was an “X-Class”, and such flares are commonplace.  They happen every few days or weeks.  The August 24th event was powerful, yet typical.

A few days later, no surprise, another blast wave swept Earth. Satellites registered a surge of x-rays and gamma-rays.  Hams experienced another blackout.  It seemed like another X-class solar flare, except for one thing:  This flare didn’t come from the Sun.  It came from outer space!

“The source of the blast was SGR 1900+14 – a neutron star about 45,000 light years away,” says NASA astronomer Pete Woods. “It was the strongest burst of cosmic x-rays and gamma rays ever recorded.”  When the blast wave of radiation from SGR 1900+14 arrived on August 27th, 1998, it hit the night side of our planet, something flares from the Sun never do, and scorched Earth’s upper atmosphere. The radiation broke apart atoms and molecules into charged ions.  Ions interact with radio signals, either absorbing or reflecting them, so radio listeners knew something had happened.

For instance, a nurse in Seattle was driving home from work at 2.00 a.m. listening to a local program on her car radio.  The station faded -   a blackout – and was moments later replaced by country music from Omaha, Nebraska.  On the US east coast, where dawn was breaking at the time, hams chatting locally suddenly picked up voice transmissions from distant parts of Canada.  Strange.

(*This is a picture of SGR 1900+14 I found on the NASA website*)


Imagine, if you can, a measurable change in the Earth’s ion atmosphere (ionosphere) caused by a star over 45,000 light years away.  Then connect this ion disturbance and modifications of the atmosphere with man’s extreme sensitivity to negative ions (supported by numerous studies and research papers, as we will discuss) – and you have a compelling model for a change in consciousness.

I want to pause there in the book to point out that Sirius is only 8.6 light years away from Earth, much much closer than the 45,000 light years of SGR 1900+14. 

Assuming that radio signals can continue travelling out into space at the same speed as they travel here on Earth, a planet one light year away would receive the radio signal from Earth one year after it was broadcast.  It would therefore take 8.6 years for a radio signal to reach Sirius, a long length of time, but in the infinite vastness of our Universe this really isn’t long at all.  Sirius is the closest Star to our Sun, which suggests that it’s influence could much greater than stars like SGR 1900+14.  After all Sirius is about 5000 times closer to Earth than SGR 1900+14….and that’s quite a significant difference.

A broadcast from the star Sirius (Radio) could very well be travelling here to Earth even as I type this info, and I believe that this ‘broadcast’ could very well be carrying the ‘Kosmic Energy’ that I discussed in Things Are Coming Together – an energy that could be bathing our planet  right now.

As more ‘waves’ or ‘pulses’ arrive, more people start picking up the Sirius frequency, and more people start ‘Awakening’.  You could say that this frequency is like a radio alarm clock.  It ‘wakes us up’ when the time is right, and helps usher us into the new approaching ‘Golden Age’.  When we’re ready to step up another rung of Jacobs Ladder, then we hear the alarm ringing, and the Universe guides us to the next level in whatever way is best for us.

So how do we pick up the signal from Sirius?  If you think of our DNA as microscopic antenna – like the coils found inside Radios - then we’re really one big walking talking antenna, designed by nature to receive these new energies/frequencies.

We ‘plug in’ to the Universe via our DNA, which in turn activates our 3rd Eye.  It might not look pretty at first but this is because we’re still in our infancy when it comes to understanding what we’re capable of:


With time and experience we ‘fine tune’ the process.   We discover our real identity (like JC shedding his old personality and becoming The Riddler), and we tap into a power which we never had access to before.  Here we see JC receiving the ‘Kosmic Energy’:


People who are ready to ‘Awaken’ will tune in to this frequency, their 3rd Eye becomes stimulated, and they connect with the Dog (Star) which we see in the centre of this image:


Like the ‘Hundredth Monkey’ syndrome, when we reach Critical Mass others will naturally pick up and attune to this new frequency, resulting in a wide-spread ‘Awakening’:


We become ‘Illuminated’ because we’ve learned how to reconnect with ‘The Source’:


And we realize that the answers to the Riddles of Life where (literally) staring us in the face all the time:


However, I don’t think we’re just receivers. I believe that we’re also walking talking satellites with the ability to transmit the ‘signal’ to other people.  The more people who tune in to ‘Sirius Radio’, the stronger the reception gets, and the easier it is for others to reconnect with the ‘Lost Star of Myth and Time’.

Above we see the Riddlers Staff (symbolic of the  Spinal Column) with the Skull at the top.  In the movie ‘The Cable Guy’ we see the Sirius resonating Jim Carrey/Riddler climbing the Ladder/Tower/Staff which brings to mind the Kundalini rising up the Spine:


Once he reaches the top (symbolic of the Skull) he finds his Centre, is released from his previous limitations, and falls on top of the Satellite/Pyramid/Solar Cross/All Seeing Eye:


The Receiver now becomes the Transmitter:


While reading Jims latest post over at Centre Portal (a fitting name considering we’ve just seen JC finding his ‘Centre Portal’ above) I noticed that the Satellite that JC becomes ‘One’ with shares an uncanny resemblance with the 3rd Eye found in the movie ‘The Watchmen’:


Getting back to the book, Walter Cruttenden tells us that:

'The driving mechanism to slowly increase the influential properties from another star over thousands of years, and then slowly decrease the amount of these properties interacting with the Earth over more thousands of years, is likely the huge binary motion.

If the Sun is in a binary orbit (which appears to be the case), and if this orbit causes the Sun to travel in and out of a more heavily saturated region of the cosmos (which it appears to do), we are still left to ponder the question of what in space could cause such a powerful saturation.  Stars of the general order don’t have a continuous and regular effect over such great distances.  Even the occasional bursts from SGR 1900+14 that have a huge effect on the atmosphere do not seem to be regular enough to reliably change the course of civilization.  Those sorts of things tend to be quite unpredictable, and we often can’t even locate a point of origin.

Yet historically we see a stream of writings suggesting that there is something out there, some sort of “sweet influence”, as Job described.  Sri Yukteswar states in The Holy Science that beyond the binary motion, ‘The Sun also has another motion by which it revolves round a grand center called Vishnunabhi’.

Sri Yukteswar continues: ‘When the Sun in its revolution round its dual comes to the place nearest to the grand centre…(an event that takes place when the Autumnal Equinox comes to the first point of Aries)…mental virtue becomes so much developed that man can easily comprehend all, even the mysteries of Spirit.’ This is consistent with many of the Great Year myths but it remains elusive in suggesting exact object or location in the sky.  Unfortunately for us, as with the binary, there is no clear answer based on our current level of knowledge.  But we can make some educated guesses.

The first is that Vishnunabhi, the “universal magnetism,” might be the centre of the galaxy.  On the surface this is an obvious choice for our binary, given that everything is slowly moving around it.  At the same time, though, the distance to it is significant (estimated at 24,000 to 27,000 light years), making it a somewhat unlikely possibility.

Looking at mythology and theological texts, as we often have in this book, may provide us with another answer.  As you will recall, the Pleiades is mentioned in the Book of Job.  Similarly, this young group of stars played a key role in the beliefs of the Mayans, Greeks, Hopi, and many others.

Laurie Pratt, in a series of articles written in the early 1930s, implied that Alcyone, the brightest star in the Pleiades, was the “Grand Central Sun.”  She wrote, “To Babylonians, it was Temennu, ‘The Foundation Stone.’  The Arabs had two names for it – Kimah, ‘the Immortal Seal or Type,’ and Al Wasat, ‘The Central One.’  It was Amba, ‘The Mother’ of the Hindus, and its present name Alcyon was derived from the Greek word signifying Peace.  These are all highly reverential titles, in multiple cultures, for this one star.

Another possibility could be the much closer, super dense, EM wave-radiating Sirius B that we referred to earlier.  The more one looks at the evidence the more it appears that Sirius, one of our closest stars, and the absolute brightest star in the sky, could be our partner sun.

Or perhaps several of these stars work together and somehow that produces the forces that affect consciousness and turn the world ages.  At the moment we just don’t have enough information to pin this down.
But something is happening.  The currently held theory of precession doesn’t work. The archaeological record seems to point to a cyclical pattern of history, and the myth and folklore of our ancestors is too insistent to ignore.  Everything is connected.’

I’d planned on taking a look at the movie ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’ to see what else we could learn from Sirius Black, but due to some new insights which came to me while revisiting the movie it really deserves a post all to itself.  So to finish up I’d like to quickly recap on some of the key points mentioned above:

  • Not only is Life here on Earth affected by the motion of the Binary Star (the likeliest candidate being Sirius), but there could be several other influencing forces as we could in fact be part of a Multiple Star System.
  • One of these other main influences could be the hub of the Milky Way, the Galactic Centre (and if you’re familiar with The Blob then you’ll know all about the relevance of the GC), but another key player in this Cosmic Game might also be the ‘Grand Center’, named ‘Vishnunabhi’ by Sri Yukteswar, which is possibly the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades found in the constellation of Taurus.

There seems to be a Hierarchy of influence, so if we follow the ‘Rungs of the Ladder’ (starting at the bottom and working up) then we have our own Sun, then Sirius, the Grand Center/Pleiades, and then the hub of the whole wheel – The Galactic Centre – which everything else revolves around. 

I’m sure there’s many other Rungs on the Ladder between each of these key players (Orion, Draco, Ursa Major, Polaris etc etc), but the ones mentioned above seem to have appeared on my ‘radar’ the most.  The focus of this Blog is to investigate the star Sirius, our closest ‘Rung’ on Jacobs Ladder, and if you’re a Mr. Kotze Blobber then you’ve already looked at one of the highest ‘Rungs’ (and possibly the most powerful influencing force in the form of the Galactic Centre), but as you’ll be fully aware, there’s still an awful lot to explore in between. 

For example Jim over at Centre Portal has recently been focusing on the influence of the planet Jupiter, while A Few Shots to Shaman will be delving deeper into the Pleiades, and then there are all the other ‘Syncromystics’ (too many to name individually) who have looked at  various different planets, constellations, themes, and concepts, which all fit perfectly into this elaborate story.  Their Blog links can be found at the top of this page and every one of them is well worth checking out.

We’re all adding another piece to this giant jigsaw puzzle, and together we’re all helping make sense of what the picture looks like.  It’s a picture/vision of the future, and from my perspective it’s everything we’ve been hoping for, and more.  Things really are ‘Coming Together’ in the most unexpected ways.

In Part 2 of this post I’m going to look at how we can embrace the transition into this new Golden era by taking a look at Harry Potter and the ‘Way of the Wizard’.

Thanks for reading!



Jim said...

Great stuff. I am glad you brought the Pleiades into it. They have been on my mind lately. The indigenous people here in Manitoba consider that the first being descended from a sky rope and that they came from the Seven Sisters.

I like how the binary star system makes a Vesica Piscis. Perhaps the Christ Portal is during that phase when the two suns are the closest.

and i agree, as synchromystics we are a growing antenna. our work integrates the energy making more of it capable to effect more people.

R Arrowsmith said...

Hey Jim. I knew the Pleiades somehow figured into all of this but it's only recently that more syncs have been coming to my attention. I used to be a Reiki practitioner but when all this new stuff entered into my life I was 'nudged' to become a Reconnective Healing Practitioner. Not sure if you've heard of it but the Seven Sisters seem to play a big role in it, and it's through this healing method that I started to become interested in the Seven Sisters. Interest in them died off last year but now I seem to have come full circle and I'm curious once again.

Glad you mentioned the Vesica. I think that when the two Suns reach their closest point (represented by the Fish/Eye/Yoni of the Vesica) that this signifies the time when we reach the summit of the Golden Age and our connection with Source is strongest. We're still not there yet, not by a long shot, but as Sirius moves closer to us at about 12 miles per second, it wont be long before we start seeing the wide-scale effects of this 'Coming Together'.
Cheers Jim!

Jon Kidd said...

WOW! Reread

toure said...

I hear that Jon...

Also -and forgive me if this has been covered- but on May 17, 2000, Jupiter and Venus appeared in the sky as a single star, passing each other's orbits 42 arcseconds apart.

This also happened in 2BC - the christmas star - in the constellation Leo.

The article linked here also mentions The Pleiades...

word verification: epreatio...
anagram:"I Operate"

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Toure just saw Mr Magorium..... You have got to do a Hoffman post... for real, dog. DNA up the ying yang in that one. And that picture in your link.... About the Pleiades I stared at for a while. It made me think of light and it's effect on our DNA. Of course it would stand to reason that light from anywhere including the Pleiades would effect us. Light is electro magnetism. Think of all the people with light on the Pineal in Batman like ARRowhead showed us.

Also he mentioned the lion Leon connection. And there is a Lion on Hoffman's door and in his office. Constellation Leo, your a Leo.... I'm a Leo. Weird. Oh I'll save it for the post... Love and Thanks Everyone.

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

PS I know for a fact that The Pineal is regulated by UV rays. It releases serotonin which would produce a dream like consciousness. That it right there!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is WOW...
I truly am speechless.
Brilliant once again and COMPLETELY FASCINATING...
Keep up the GREAT work brother!

toure said...

Shaman; I was just admiring Hoffman's performance in Finding Neverland... a few days back I caught him STARring with Brad Pitt in Sleepers...

Our synchromystic antennae -as Jim put it- grow stronger as our community AWAKENS; we reach out to starlight as it reaches out to us... meeting in the middle... coming together

R. T. said...

The dual star theme resonates in my mind, and thanks for bringing this matter to light. I werent familiar with Cruttenden.

When I first got "awakened" some 2-years ago towards mythology and esoterism I was immediately hooked on the egyptian worhip of Sirius. One of my collective notes on my old private note-board-blog was about Dogs in mythology.

"Dog worship extended into Central and South America also. One of the important concepts here is that of the nahuali or animal twin. Not only humans but gods had nahauli. The twin of Quetzalcoatl, the Toltec god of goodness and light, was the dog god Xolotl. The latter was a guide of the dead and of the Sun, and also the personification of the planet Venus, the most important Mesoamerican planet/star"

which gives me more food for my theory of how the dead will rise again, i guess

awesome post keep up the good work

R Arrowsmith said...

Thanks for all the feedback!

R.T. - I'm fascinated that Quetzalcoatl had a Twin who was a Dog. I thought I'd read up on him in the past but must have missed the Dog connection. I have a tattoo of the Plumed Serpent for crying out loud!!!
Xolotl reminds me of the Egyptian Anubis, the Greek Cerberus, and the Norse Garm - all linked to the Underworld, and all linked in many ways to the Dog-Star.
Quetzalcoatls pyramid at Chichen Itza also has strong resonance with the Pleiades, we have his Sirius resonating twin, and we have the date 2012 when he's due to return ala the 'Second Coming'. Is it the return of his Dog Twin? What happens when Dog (Black Sun) and Dragon (White Sun) meet?

Chris said...

Hey RA. I really liked the radio tower- kundalini sync. If you haven't come across the Dogon tribe/"Nommo" connection perhaps it will contain some useful leads for you.


R. T. said...

One of the facets from my superficial research back then that made an impression was that the connection between dogs and underworld phenomena came from dogs/wolves feasting on the bodies of dead men. Hence in stead of the tibetan vultures, dogs were seen in the old world as carrying the spirit and flesh onwards. In the same way perhaps the companion star would be the destination for "lost" souls. In Dante's Divine comedy, Dante is making the journey into the rings of Hell, decending, (unlike "ascending" into the sun) led by Cerberus in a boat and a foot taking them from "ring to ring".

just tried your but it seems not to be linking properly?

R Arrowsmith said...

Hi Chris. You're two steps ahead of me. I planned on getting to the Dogon about 3 posts ago but I keep going off on wild tangents. The 'Coming Together' syncs seemed to be too juicy to ignore and this post has been my attempt to steer things back on the right track. I deviated off the original script but I think these new syncs have helped open me up to a few new ideas that I hope to explore sometime soon. The Dogon tribe will have their day!!!

R.T. - You're about 3 steps ahead of me! I don't want to give away any spoilers but Death and the Dog-Star seem to go hand in hand, or paw in paw, depending on which way you want to look at it. There's a reason the Black Handed Skywalker/Vader made an appearance earlier on in the story, and there's a reason that they're both linked to the Death Star. As ominous as it might sound, not everything is as it appears. There's a lot to go into on this subject so I'm not even going to go there (yet) but when the times right (very soon me thinks) I'm going to reveal all. It'll be food for thought at the very least.

Just checked my art site...seems to be working ok for me. Maybe try again or use a different browser if you've got one. If there's still a prob just give me another shout.

Thanks Chris and R.T.

Anonymous said...

I watched "The Secret Lives of Bees" and "Australia" recently. In both movies they tied strings around insects (TSLB a beetle and Oz a fly). I've been stung and felt like I needed to share. Reminded me of how the binary stars are tethered.

R Arrowsmith said...

Funny you say that James because the Beetle has somehow figured its way into my next post, and the Bee also has something to do with it as well. Now I'm intrigued by these movies! Interesting that the Wolf-erine Hugh Jackman seems to be involved via OZ.
Also loving your avatar James! :D

Chris said...

I guess sometimes you just have to go with the floW...

R Arrowsmith said...

Eggzactly Chris.

Word Veri - dismsess

Don't dismsess the new synchronicities otherwise you could msess out on a golden opportunity to further your understanding.

Jaspal said...

I had another paw and pentagrams sync today, but the strange thing is I saw the pentagram first and then two wolves heads.

I was then doing a little reminiscing on this website I used to visit when I was younger, it has funny flash movies that I'd watch with my brother. I clicked on one at random:

Notice anything? Strange what comes out of the human imagination.

Anonymous said...

thanks Richard, I live in Brooklyn New York and started wearing it this winter. You wouldn't believe the bewilderment on pedestrian's faces when they see me in the ski mask.

Stick Em' Up

I also didn't mention that the word tethered came into my frame of reference when I was looking at Anadae Effro's picture gallery from his trip to the Parthenon in Tennessee. He had a pic with his two dogs on leashes and used the word tethered to describe the relationship between the opposite directions they were pulling him.

Did you ever see that character that Jim Carrey played on "In Living Color" were he was still connected to his mother's umbilical cord?

Anonymous said...

Oh, that reminds me of this post from The Blob and Live from the Logosphere

R Arrowsmith said...

Hey Jaspal. Nice sync. 2 star 1 Wolf...1 star 2 Wolves....reminds me of the 'Spinner' syncs which like flipping and rotating things. Also reminds me of Odins 2 wolves I was just reading about over at A Few Shots to Shaman.
Checked out the link but couldn't figure out what flash movie I was supposed to be looking at. I'm curious but need more info!!!

James - Wouldn't want to meet you down a dark alley with that ski mask. Loving the look though....very you!

You also seem to be in tune with my next couple of posts where I'll be mentioning this 'tethered' theme in regards to JC. The umbilical theme over at the Logosphere and Blob have inspired some of these thoughts but I want to look at it from a slightly different angle. The satellite mentioned in this post will take on a new level of meaning very soon. Never saw 'In Living Color' it seems to fit in nicely with my recent insights. Will check it out if I get the chance. Great feedback as always James....cheers!

Jaspal said...

If the link doesn't appear fully, search for 'Messed-Up Bible Stories 5'

Jon Kidd said...

R Arrowsmith said...

Jaspal - checked out the vid. Seems to fit in nicely with the theory that Sirius (the troublemaking star) leaves and humanity loses touch with its Oneness as a result. The three stars in the video reminded me of Orions Belt, which points towards the Dog-Star. Thanks for sending it my way.

Jon - :D Nice clip. Not sure about the music, not really my thing, but loved the Twin Star sync. Considering the drummer of the Beatles is linked with his Twin Star shades, it felt very appropriate. Thanks.