Sunday, 20 September 2009

Cat's-Eye of the Hubble Bubble

In the last post I took a look inside the Black Heart of Tezcatlipoca, an ancient Aztec Creator God who entrains with the Galactic Centre (GC), the Black Star, or Black Hole, located at the centre of our galaxy. As a 'smoking' shape-shifting sorceror he favored the form of the Jaguar above all others:

There's a number of layers to Tezcatlipoca that I find fascinating, and hope to explore in future posts, but the one I want to focus on in this post is his magical "Smoking Mirror".

Here we see Tezcatlipoca wearing the Smoking Mirror on the crown of his head, in the centre of his chest and on the foot of his Peg Leg:

Notice ^ that a Red-C (or Magnet looking thing) hangs from his wrist. For more on this check out the UNISOURCE over at Centre Portal for Jims recent musings on this very subject.

Here's a great piece of fan art which shows Tezcatlipoca and his obsidian Mirror, the very Source, or Heart, of the Jaguars powerful Magic:

One of most famous enchanted Mirrors can be found in the story of Snow White. The Mirror which belonged to the wicked Witch gave her access to the deepest darkest secrets of the Universe. All-Seeing and All-Knowing, the Smoking Mirror can help reveal All.

So do Magic Mirrors actually exist?

The logical answer would be a resounding 'no'. Magic doesn't exist. Everyone's knows that. However, while mulling over a recent bout of synchronicities involving Tezcatlipoca and his Magical Smoking Mirror, I figured that these enchanted items aren't just found within ancient Aztec mythology or Walt Disney fantasies. It all depends on your outlook.

If you think about it, we've reached a point in our evolution where we're now capable of conjuring up amazing technological wonders. Consciousness has evolved to the point where we've become capable of exploring new levels of existence, from infinitesimal quantum Strings and Strands, right out to the furthest regions of deep space.

Technology is constantly being refined, getting smaller, faster, smarter, more efficient. If our technology is a reflection of our current level of Consciousness, which I believe to be the case, then behind the scenes Consciousness must be moving along at break neck speeds. Over the last couple of decades our relationship with inner and outer-space has become much more intimate and I believe that it's our modern day Magic Mirrors which are helping to peel back some of the hidden layers of reality. Technology is helping to reveal some of the secrets of our Universe and in the process we're all becoming more Conscious of Consciousness itself.

So how does Tezcatlipoca's Smoking Mirror figure into all this? Well I propose that one form of the magical 'Smoking Mirror' does exist in our prsent day and age, thanks to the Hubble Telescope. I'll try to explain as best I can...

The Hubble Telescope has used two of these giant hyperbolic Mirrors ^ to help radically alter our perception of the cosmos. Until recently most astronomers considered the universe to be about 3600 light years in extent, less than a billion years old, with our solar system located near its centre. Thanks to the Hubble Telescope astronomers have now seen objects 13 billion light years away in a universe 13.7 billion years old, containing hundreds of billions of galaxies.

The scientists original estimates were quite a long way off the mark. Until we evolved to our current level of Consciousness we were blind to the full extent of the Universe, underestimating the sheer size of MoM and PoP. Before we could appreciate them in all their splendour we had to progress to the point where we could finally build, or manifest, a new age version of Tezcatlipoca's Smoking Mirror, a source of modern-day Magic.

In this image we see the Mirror floating in space as a dark plume of cosmic Smoke rises out of the name HUBBLE.

Edwin Powell Hubble (1889-1953), the American astronomer whose Telescope helped decipher the vast and complex nature of the universe, resonates on some level with Tezcatlipoca because he seems to have been a big fan of Mirrors, Cats, and Smoking:

Combine these three elements and we have a subtle connection to Tezcatlipoca, the Black Jaguar/Cat whose obsidian Mirror was known as Itlachiayauque - "Place from which He Watches". Sounds like an appropriate title for Edwin Hubble's Telescope.

Let's look at another example of how the Hubble Telescope is a 'Smoking Mirror'.

Hubble has helped fill in a few of the blanks surrounding the Big Bang, and I found it particularly amusing to find that the Hubble Bubbly, a device used to inhale Smoke, was also connected to the Big Bang, or Big Bong:

I came across yet another subtle connection between the Hubble Telescope and Tezcatlipoca's Smoking Mirror thanks to William Shakespeare's Macbeth.

You might have heard of the saying: 'Hubble, Bubble, Toil & Trouble'

This famous line is spoken during a scene involving Macbeth, Three Witches and a Smoking Cauldron. The Cauldron resonates in a number of ways with Tezcatlipoca's Mirror because both are enchanted objects used for divination and Magic, both have strong resonance with the Black Cat, and both of them emit Smoke:

'Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble' is actually a misquote from Shakespeare's Macbeth. The original words were 'Double, double toil and trouble' and this is how the scene plays out:

Act 4 scene 1: Thunder. Enter the three Witches.

Thrice the brinded cat hath mewed.

Thrice, and once the hedge-pig whined.

Harpier cries! 'Tis time, 'tis time!

Round about the cauldron go;
In the poisoned entrails throw:
Toad, that under cold stone
Days and nights has thirty-one.
Sweltered venom, sleeping got,
Boil thou first i'the charmèd pot.

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

Having looked at the resonance between the Smoking Mirror and the Smoking Cauldron , let's look at another example of a modern-day magical device. Hubble has taken us way out to the Macrocosm and in our very near future it'll be time to get up close and personal with the deepest regions of the Microcosm. To achieve this task our Collective Consciousness has manifested the Large Hadron Collidor:

Try this out for size:

Take the word Hadron and Collidor, and then reverse them (giving you Collidor Hadron), and then combine the two words, you arrive at the word Colldron, or Cauldron. Yes?

The Large Hadron Collidor could, from a slightly distorted synchromystic perspective, be considered to be a Large Cauldron.

We find that the Large 'Hadron' Cauldron is connected to the Cat/Jaguar thanks to a statue of Shiva, a gift from the Indian government, which stands outside the very same CERN building which houses the Large Hadron Collidor.

Shiva, the Destroyer of Illusion, seems to be overseeing the bubbling Cauldron of subatomic particles, dancing inside the CERN compound as we transition into higher, yet deeper, levels of Consciousness.

Shiva is often found sitting upon the skin of a Tiger while wearing the spots of the Jaguar/Cheetah. Shiva, like Tezcatlipoca, could be considered to be an ancient Creator God with a strong affinity with the Cat.

While looking into the Large Hadron Cauldron this image reminded me of a Yellow Cats-Eye:

This movie poster shows that the Yellow Eye helps to tear open Doorways into alternate dimensions. It helps to reveal things which were once hidden.

The Three Black Cats ^ bring to mind the Trinity of Witches (from Macbeth) who enjoy a good 'Hubble, Bubble' around their 'Large Cauldron'.

On the front of this comic we see that the Cat is a guardian of the Doorway (symbolized in the poster above by the rip/tear):

So what lies beyond the 'Doorway of the Cat'?

K is for Kat
K is for Knowledge

The Cat's Eye, like the Smoking Mirror of Tezcatlipoca, or the witches Magic Cauldron, grant us with the gift of Knowledge. We ask the questions, and then wait to receive the answer.

I found another stunning example of the blue 'Cats-Eye' (seen above) in the the form of the 'Cat's-Eye Nebula which was captured by the Smoking lense of the Hubble Telescope:

The Cat's Eye is found at the Heart, or Source, of Spirit/Consciousness which can only be accessed via the infinite, ever-evolving moment of the NOW.

For more on the Cat's-Eye check out the SpiriT.

I'm off to reflect on things.



Jon Kidd said...

"If you take the word Hadron and Collidor, and then reverse them (giving you Collidor Hadron), and then combine the two words, you arrive at the word Colldron, or Cauldron. Yes?"

Yes, that's why I called my one video "Star Cauldron" Here

OH man thats f@#king brilliant RA!

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Black Cauldron is a movie by Disney 1985(23)...

The Cats Eye is a Movie written by Stephen King 1985(23)....

WV currions.... Curiosity killed the cat...

StrangEye said...

RA, while reading this, I've realized that
Collidor = Kali Door


Arrowsmith said...

Woops! Totally forgot about your Star Cauldron video Jon. Thanks for the reminder and the link. I'm off to check it out.

AFSTS, I did come across the title for the Black Cauldron (BC/23/Black Cat) but haven't had a chance to investigate further. I noticed that John Hurt stars which is purrfect considering he was the mentor of Hellboy, a Cat-Loving StarG8or.

As for the Cats Eye movie, it stars (DB/42) Drew Barrymore and the poster again resonates with the theme of a Door being cracked/peeled open.

StrangEye, the Collidor, or 'Kali Door', connection is just plain genius!!! My next post focuses on Dark MoM, who is of course Kali, so you've just helped confirm that I'm still on the right track. Cheers bud!

WV - expras
- express train

Michael said...

Dog, you spin me right round. Excellent post, synching the black cat with the cauldron and Shiva. My personal synchs have Shiva presented as the fierce German Shepherd, but I do have one apple, mac, leopard synch from the way back machine that I think you will especially enjoy: The Chronoliths

Anadæ Effro said...

Hey Juan Darién, hey. LOL! That suspense thriller that you cited herein, "The Eye of The Cat", was one of the few that I'd seen at a local theatre when just a 'tween of 11 that had gripped me in its spell. Whenever the hundreds of pet cats kept by the slightly ailurophile aunt, Aunt Danny, are seen coming to feed on their mixing bowls full of fresh horsemeat, it's shot in high speed, thus showing in slow mo', a dreamlike effect utilised in many a motion picture with stunning affect. See it if you can. Mrow? Mrow!

ALSO, speaking of jaguar god Tezcatlipoca's magical obsidian mirror, in RA Salvatore's elven fiction of the defected formerly bad but now good guy self-exiled Drow (subterranean evil elves) Drizzt Do'Urden, our lead anti-hero protagonist Drizzt possesses a magical obsidian carving of a female black panther, Guenhwyvar, that can magically come to life for certain periods of time, thus, Drizzt's familiar & his guardian.

And don't feel too put-off my witches' brews & their seemingly morbid ingredients. As you well Gno, many botanical's names are those that sound as if they contain animal parts, but don't, e.g. colt's foot, lamb's ear, dragon's blood, et cetera.

You haven't lost a beat,
Anadæ Effro (•8-)}

Anadæ Effro said...

Erm, uh, please excuse the preceding hyper-linked hiccough; obviously, I had meant THIS LINK when men-shunning the weird cat-themed mystery movie gem ~ (•8-)}

Arrowsmith said...

Michael, that post was simply beautiful. I've never thought of looking at the end of an Age in terms of a frozen glass but I love it. Thanks man!

Anadae, that image of Juan Darién definitely has a strong Tezcatlipoca vibe going on there!
You're link to the Eye of the Cat vid was also superb. What a creepy scene (it made my palms go all sweaty) and it takes place in front of a mirror no less! :^o

As for Drizzt Do'Urden, he was one of my fave characters during my early teens. At the time I loved all things Elf/Drow and funnily enough it was an image of his sidekick Guenhwyvar that attracted me to read Salvatore's books in the first place.

Thanks for the feedback guys!

elreciodragon said...

I see the other day a disney tv movie in where a girl talk to the mirror and she can go in an apear in another place in the passt,present or future.Then i decide to see in the internet what is talking about mirrors.Magic exist,magict is true,but that only can happen to you if you are prepare for,on the contrary you can have a very bad experience.Probably most of you never been in a secret socity like(massons,rosacrucians,etc)I was,and one of the firts magics they teach you is the mirror magic.Inthat magic,you place your self in from of a mirror with a candle betwen the mirror and you in a dark room.You have concentrate your self in the mirror with the only light of the candle for a period of time.You have to do this exercise many times until(when you are prepare)the ancient masters star to appear in from of you on the mirror.You can learn from then or get advice from then.I quik all this,because the bible teach us that all the magics are no good,and probably most of the spirits we can see on this magics are probably evils.this is similar to the ouja boar.All magic rituals are dangers,one time you open the door you can get trap.There is a hellrise movie in where the girl call the demons and she want they go back to hell,and they tell her:"you call us and we came,now we dont go unless you go with us".There is a price to pay,there is no a free tikec.

ABeverage said...

Back with some more theme music from the future/past

When the lights go out - Oingo Boingo

Hey--Let's turn the night into day
Let's start a fire in an alley way
Let's all go crazy by & by
And let's all pray to the cat's eye