Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Subliminal Scooby SnaKK

The last post ‘The SlumDog-Star’ snowballed out of control, so I’m going to make this one as short and sweet as possible (something I find very hard to do!).  For the next post I’m going to look at a few unusual Synchronicities which have been appearing in my life since creating this Blog, but for now I’m just curious what you make of this.

Here’s the set-up:  Back when I started discovering the Paw Prints and Pentagrams in various different movies, I took another look at the Sirius resonating Scooby-Doo 2 to see if I could spot anything else that might be syncnificant.

I found something I wasn’t really expecting in a scene that you might consider boring, or at the very least uneventful.  About half way through the movie the Scooby Gang have just suffered a defeat at the hands of the main villain.  I can’t recall all the details but basically the film is on a ‘downer’.  We’re feeling sorry for Scooby & Co, and Daphne (Geller) and Fred (Prince Jnr.) are in their Mystery Machine licking their wounds.  There’s absolutely nothing going on in this scene, there’s sad melancholy music, we’re focusing on their misery, and we’re wishing the movie would hurry up and get to a good bit, but for some reason I leaned in close to the screen.  It’s like I sensed that something was going to happen…like a gut feeling telling me to pay attention.

So I lean in close, I’m waiting for ‘something’, and then BAM, I nearly jump three feet off my chair.  Luckily I wasn’t holding a cup of coffee or it would have hit the ceiling.  I quickly paused, went back 10 seconds and watched it over again.  And BAM there it was again.  I wasn’t mistaken…..I’d just spotted something in the movie that I don’t think I/we were ever supposed to see.

I’m sharing this because I’d like to see how you interpret it.  I still have no idea what it means, and accept that I probably never will, but here it is anyway.  Don’t take my word for any of this.  If you feel inclined, go get your grubby mits on the movie and check it out for yourself.


So here goes.  Daphne and Fred are sat in their van, sad music tugging at our heart strings, while the reporter in the background is giving a news broadcast.  Nothing exciting, right?


The camera focuses on the reporter and then BAM, King Kong appears on screen.  We see the Gorilla at the top left of the reporter, right in front of Fred’s face:


Blink and you miss it:


Having made his entrance, KK Kong decides to make a quick exit:


Here he is highlighted, showing that he’s now turned away as he quickly walks off screen:


He’s gone.  He was only in the shot for a split second, in and out so fast that he’s not much more than a blur:


So the question is:  Why go to the trouble of putting a subliminal of King Kong in a kids movie?  An inside joke?  A bored special effects guy with too much time on his hands?

The King Kong movie didn’t come out until over a year and a half after Scooby Doo 2 was released, so I don’t really know what to make of it.  I never spotted this subliminal the first time I watched the film (and I never found any mention of it on the internet), so it made me wonder what else we might be missing in these Hollywood movies.

Our conscious mind might be too slow to pick up these superfast subliminals, but our subconscious mind certainly doesn’t.  It sees the subliminal loud and clear, and logs it somewhere in the nether regions of our mind. 

The reason I’m adding this in here is because I want to introduce a new actor to the story, in the form of the comedian Jack Black.  We’ve seen Sirius BLACK resonate with the BLACK Star, so let’s take a quick look at Jack.

We’ll start with the relevance of the Monkey/Gorilla which we just looked at in Scooby Doo 2.  The symbol of the ‘Two Towers’ has appeared several times now and each time we’ve found them related to the two key letters which helped kick-start this whole investigation – PP.

In the last post we’ve also looked at the letters ‘KK’ and how they relate to the numbers 11:11.  When we looked at the movie ‘Private Parts’ and the ‘Sirius Star’ Howard Stern in the previous post, we saw that The Two Towers and the letters PP were interchangeable with one another. 

P = 16th Letter of the Alphabet = ‘The Tower’ card in the Tarot

PP = Two Towers

If we look at the poster below we find that the Two Towers are connected to (KK) King Kong in a movie that was produced by (PP) Paramount Pictures:


We could therefore say that the letters KK and the letters PP are both connected to one another via the poster above.  PP and KK are both associated with The Two Towers, and both sets of letters have connections with the Black Star Sirius (read previous post for some examples).  More on this PP/KK/Sirius connection in a moment.

Actor Jack Black played the role of Carl Denham in the movie (KK/11:11) King Kong, who we see here at the top of The Tower:


Jack Black has starred in Peter Jacksons remake (above), but in the movie ‘Be Kind Rewind’ we see him in the role of (KK) King Kong himself:


If we want to link the letters KK and PP together once more, all we need to do is look at the movie ‘Kung Fu Panda’, where we see the (PP) Paw Print, and we find Jack Black in the role of (PP) Po the Panda:


So Jack Black may have been (KK) King Kong, but he’s also been (PP) Po the Panda.  Once again we see that KK and the PP seem to be related to one another through Synchronicity.  Here’s another example.  In ‘Be Kind Rewind’ we saw Jack Black dressed up like (KK) King Kong, and in the same movie he stars alongside actor/musician Mos Def.

Mos Def can be linked to the Black Star Sirius and the (PP) Pair of Pentagrams through this album cover:


If we continue playing around with the PP/KK connection then we find that if we replace the letter K in ‘King Kong’ with the letter P, we arrive at the word ‘Ping Pong’.  A quick Google search reveals that actor Jack Black can be found dressed in Ping Pong balls, and found ‘excreting’ them (I kid you not!), in this Video Game Awards commercial:

So the Black ‘King Kong’ and the Black ‘Ping Pong’ suggest that the letters PP and KK (for the sake of this investigation) are interchangeable.  Both point towards the Two Towers, and both seem to point to the Dog/Wolf-Star Sirius:

Sirius Satellite Radio Headquarters

Notice above that the KK/PP Sirius (Radio) resonating Jack Black has a Pizza on his chest.  I’ve just been reading about the Pizza over at The Blob, so thought I’d include the link to Jake’s post here.

I’ll finish up with a few final syncs.    Here we find Jack Black connected to one of the most familiar themes in this Blog – the DNA/Blood resonating ‘Red Hand’:


Here we find that the Gorilla/Monkey is connected to the ‘All Seeing Eye at the top of the Pyramid/Tower’:


The Eye = Monkey/Gorilla.

This ‘Eye’ connection makes more sense when we consider that we can find (KK/PP) Kong at the top of the Pyramid/Tower in this poster:


If we look once more at this subliminal from the movie Scooby Doo 2 we find that (KK) King Kong makes his appearance next to actress Alicia Silverstone:


In Scooby Doo 2, Silverstone played the role of a reporter who works for this studio:


These ‘Eye’ connections will make much more sense very soon. 

Hope you enjoyed the Scooby SnaKK!



skywalkarn said...

Wow your "seriously" putting all these themes together! Can't wait for the next one


~*kimrey*~ said...

does it mean anything that on the King Kong poster there are airplanes flying 'out' of the sun?

great stuff, always look forward to more :) :)

dancing with Dragon & Phoenix

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Thankyou sir!

Always you amaze me. I watched Scooby 2 this weekend. You got eyes like a frigin' eagle. Seth Green is in that isn't he. King Kong in my next post as well.... Completely unrelated. How Beautiful this is.

You shall change the world Arrowsmith (Alicia Silverstone).

ViølatoR said...

Well that's just freaky. It doesn't look like an ape to me, just a tall shadow person with glowing eyes. I don't know what the movie is about or why that might be there on purpose... are there any ghosts in the movie, or are they all old men in masks like the cartoon? :D Do they mention anything in the director/actor commentary in the dvd extras when it gets to that scene? It reminds me of Journey to Ixchtlan where the Indian Don Juan says that Death stalks everyone, and your personal death is always over your left shoulder following you. Did the camera catch Fred's death?

Anadæ Effro said...

As a fellow dog-lover, one of mine being a Harrier hound/Alaskan husky bitch with ice blue eyes, the other an Alpha male piebald McNab, a breed created in the nineteenth century by mating a Scottish Border collie with a Basque shepherd, thus producing a flat-coated dog with a deep herding instinct AAAND a love of swimming, there's something you may (k)not(work) 'Gno', and that is that St Christopher, patron of travelers, was originally depicted as dog-headed, belonging to a race of dog people.

" w s healf hundisces mancynnes", in Olde English means, "...he was of the race of mankind who are half hound."

I found this morsel of folklore out after having come into a door-knocker from an old church that my grandfather, an antique dealer, had in his many odd & assorted collections of curios depicting St Christopher in exactly that aspect. Go here for more:

Of course, Richard, you're already well apprised of the significance of the black dog in folklore, too. It's great to see that you've got one.

All of the very be(a)st wishes,
Anad' Effro ( :-)}

R Arrowsmith said...

Skywalkarn - Thanks for the encouragement. Glad you've come along for the ride.

Kimrey - There's so many ways to interpret these images. You could certainly say that the airplanes emerging from the Sun are linked, but that would suggest that the KK resonating Sun, and Death (the planes kill the big guy afterall) are linked. Funnily enough this is the direction I'll be taking some of this in the future. It'll make more sense when I get there, but thanks Kimrey for your observations. :)

Mr. Shaman - LOL!! The Eagle Eyes miss nothing!!!
Seth Green does star in the movie - reminds me of his role as the WereWolf 'OZ' in Buffy (which also stars Daphne/Geller). He also starred in a recent Heroes episode in which one of the characters returns home to Kansas. Seth seems to have a lot of OZ connections now that I think of it.
Looking forward to your next post.

ViolatoR - the shot of KKong is a little blurry for my liking, but I took the snapshot about 2 years ago and never thought I'd ever need to use it. It's definitely a big Gorilla, which has no role to play in the movie whatsoever.
As for KKongs appearance being a natural phenomenon, I'd have to say it's special effects. Why they chose to implant that particular Chimp into a few frames of the movie, I have no idea. Just one of those mysteries....

R Arrowsmith said...

Anad' Effro - My black lab might like chewing big holes through my plasterboard wall, he might be able to shit for Britain, he might constantly shed hair all over my floors....but I love the wee guy. Sounds like you've got your hands full as well!
Many thanks for the St Christopher link...had never heard of this connection before so will check it out asap. Nice one.

Bing said...


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Throw some love into the wind

R Arrowsmith said...

Hi Bing. Thanks for all the links and vids! I've read some of the material by Eckhart Tolle and Abraham but there's a lot of stuff here that has never come to my attention. I'll certainly check this stuff out and hope that anyone else whose trying to figure out the meaning behind these number synchronicities will take a browse through some of these links as well.
A few years ago 11:11 started coming to my attention in some very unusual ways but then seemed to progress/evolve into variations of the numbers 1, 2, and 3. I was seeing (and still am) the numbers 1:23, or 12:33 almost on a daily basis, sometimes several times a day. Still not sure why these numbers are bombarding me but I see them as an extension of the other synchronicities in my life. Simply another way for the Universe to remind me that not everythings as it seems. If you have your own personal set of numbers which seem to grabbing your attention, then I'd love to hear about your stories.

mercury well said...

Great find! I wonder if you've discovered something not even the special effects people knew about... now that would be cool. I would hope they know what's in every frame, very curious as to why it's there... to be purely analytical it may be a crew persons skewed reflection in the car window, odd that the eyes glow though. Who would of ever caught that shot?, nobody pays attention to the gorilla in the room i thought.


SunKing said...

Some interesting points in your blog. But it leaves me to wonder...

Are you like Jake? He often takes key ideas from the Etemenanki website and then pretends he's coming up with those ideas on his own blog. (A lot of people not new to the field are aware of this.) Monkey/Bigfoot has been a major theme discussed extensively by Goro Adachi (long, long before you started your blog). I'm hoping you're better than Jake/Blob. It will be interesting to see if Jake, who closely follows Etemenanki and must be itching to use the monkey/Bigfoot/shoe thing on his own blog, will use YOUR blog as his "source" for the idea...that way he can continue to hide the fact that he is a copycat... or would that be a...mimicking monkey?

R Arrowsmith said...

Mercury Well - I still don't know how/why I noticed the Gorilla popping up in that dull moment of the movie....I can only put it down to intuition. I've no other way of explaining it!

SunKing - I used to skim through some of the work on Goro Adachis site a long time ago (before I started noticing the Paw Prints and Pentagrams) but gradually lost interest.

When Goro started pointing the finger at Jake I revisited his site to read his article to see what point he was trying to make, but it just looked like sour grapes to me. My interpretation is that he's got some personal issues he needs to work out. That was my last time on his site and due to all the negativity I won't be going back.

The reason I'm putting this work on the web is because I want to share this info. That's the whole point! If I wanted to keep all this research to myself, I could have, but isn't it better to get feedback from other like-minded individuals? I'm more than happy for anyone to take these ideas/concepts/themes and do what they want with them. I'd actually love to see how others interpret some of these Synchronicites, to see what tangents they might have explored had they been the one in my shoes.

I don't see someone using my work as 'stealing'. I see it as the natural evolution of what I've started. Jake and all the other people interested in Sycnhronicity can use my work in any way they see fit...period.

As for copying ideas from Goro, if I happen to mention something on my blog that he's covered in the past, and he was the inspiration for the idea, then I'd give him credit where it's due. Up until now I haven't used any work/ideas from his site (because I have no idea what he's been exploring in the last two years on Etemenanki), which is why he's never been mentioned on this blog. Having seen the way he reacted to Jake I don't think I'd touch any of his work with a barge pole! I just don't see the point in causing unnecessary friction with anyone.

If Goro happens to have mentioned King Kong in the past, good for him. Just because he's mentioned it doesn't mean that he 'owns' King Kong. If I come across Syncs that fit my investigation, I'll use them regardless of what other people may or may not have said in the past. I have no intention of stepping on other peoples toes, but I'm also not going to shy away from ideas just because someone else might have discussed them.

If anyone out there, including Goro, wants to use some of these syncs in their own work, then they can be my guest. They can knock themselves out. All I ask is that they send me a link so I can read about it.

Thanks for your comment SunKing. I'm glad you're finding some of this work interesting and glad you're coming along for the ride.


SunKing said...

Thank your for your response. I felt it was quite positive. Not much I could disagree with.

I think many folks make the same assumptions about Goro that you the 'negativity' you mentioned. I think the cause for this might be the fact that, unless you've been 'with Goro' as long as I have, you would not be aware of the history of people who blatantly and most certainly unrepentantly outright stole his work.

For instance, there was a radio personality, I can't recall his name or that of the show, who was using Goro's material practically verbatim...without giving due credit...Even after Goro requested he cease and desist! To make matters worse, this guy was making money by stealing Goro's stuff.

That was only one case, but there were others...and THAT was what made Goro create keep others from openly and freely stealing his material.

When I first saw Jake's material I was honestly impressed...and informed AND entertained. But then I started seeing 'themes' that I KNEW had to come from Goro's work.

And so it was. After an email or two, there were a few mentions of Goro's work, but underplayed. And the use of material continued.

Nobody's 'whining', as some of the ill-informed claimed. IF you're an author (like Goro) or create any intellectual property, one can rightly be expected to be unhappy when it's ripped off or 'borrowed'...'s why there are copyright laws.

Well, anyway thanks for letting me sound off and I look forward to your next installment.


R Arrowsmith said...

I see you're point SunKing, and I understand why Goro would be unhappy about people profiting from his work, but that's just the way of the web. As soon as you release the info on the internet it's pretty much out of your control. I accepted that before starting this blog. I'm sure Goro would have contributed a lot to this community of like-minded folks, but he chose to go it alone. Shame it had to turn out the way it did.