Friday, 6 February 2009

Black Dog :: White Wolf

"Assuming that we are in a binary star system, and that Newton’s laws work just as well outside the solar system as inside it, then the Sun’s dual would most likely need to be a dark companion, or a 'Dark Star'." - Walter Cruttenden

First off I want say a big thank you to everyone who took the time to comment on my last two posts. I’ve responded to each one of you in the comments section of Paw Prints & Pentagrams Pt2 and I’m very grateful for the warm reception. The feedback helped spark some new ideas which I hope to explore in the future so once again…cheers!

In this next part of the investigation I’m going to stick with the movie synchronicities for a while longer before moving onto some of the more grounded research of archaeo-astronomer Walter Cruttenden. The work of Cruttenden was pivotal when it came to narrowing down the identity of the Dark Star, or ‘Black Sun’ as I’d come to know it, but I needed to find confirmation for his theories within the movie synchronicities themselves. If I couldn’t verify the research of Walter Cruttenden via the symbols of the Paw Prints, the Pair of Pentagrams, and the letters ‘PP’, then I would continue my search until I found something that did ‘click’.

I accepted that I might never find the answers that I was looking for but I knew one thing for sure: I wasn’t going to force a jigsaw piece which didn’t fit the puzzle. If I had to twist things to make them work within the context of the investigation then I knew I was going down a dead end, and believe me I’ve gone down many of those while trying to figure some of this stuff out. I knew the answers I was looking for would come effortlessly, just like the movie synchronicities looked at in my previous posts.

Sometimes I did actively hunt for further clues by reading a book I was drawn to, or searching the internet for relevant movie trivia or video interviews, but the biggest moments of inspiration seemed to come when I was in a passive, receptive frame of mind, usually in the early hours of the morning when my family were fast asleep. It was during these peaceful moments that the penny would drop and I’d frantically search my computer desk for a pen to scribble down my latest insights.

Now if you’ve already watched the free video interview with Walter Cruttenden then you’ll already know which star he thinks is the likeliest candidate for the ‘Black Sun’, and at this moment in time I’d have to agree with him. If you haven’t watched it, then not to worry, as I’m going to arrive at the same conclusions as he did by using a slightly less scientific method – Synchronicity.

I was beginning to form a web of interrelated coincidences which I could then use to navigate my way around the various concepts and themes which had started to appear in my research. By joining the dots between the different synchronicities the picture was gradually beginning to emerge. There were still many gaps in it, but the basic shapes were there. So to find the next 'dot' in this tangled web where better to look than Spiderman himself. I still wondered what role the Spider had to play in the scheme of things, so I watched the movie again to see if anything new would reveal itself.


When Peter Parker starts out on his new quest to master his 'inner-spider' we find him locked in a cage like a wild animal...


...and the two contestants are surrounded by bones:


A connection to the Paw Prints, a cage, and bones naturally brought the Dog to mind. I wasn't surprised when I found this crystal clear reference between Spiderman and the Dog:


Actor Tobey Maguire, who played the role of Peter Parker, had other canine connections through his role as the lead Dog in the movie 'Cats & Dogs'. The links between the Spider, the Dog, and the Paw Prints were beginning to strengthen. Notice anything familiar in the title?


Below I've highlighted three letters behind Peter Parkers back:


I'd been so interested with the Paw Prints and the Pair of Pentagrams in front of Spidey, that I'd overlooked the letters 'GOD' or 'DOG' to the left of him. Tobey Maguire starred in the movie Cats & Dogs and above we see him running beside the word 'CATS' and 'DOG'.


I wondered if any other actors had been a Spider in a movie (like Tobey Maguire in Spiderman) with connections to the Dog or the Paw Print. Not many actors sprung to mind, until I pondered the significance of the letters 'GO':


I knew that the initials PP of 'Peter Parker' were somehow important, so I wondered if the 'GO' in this scene might stand for something. The answer I was looking for came in the form of an actor with the initials G.O. - Gary Oldman.

Oldman played the role of the character 'Spider Smith' in the movie 'Lost in Space'. Like Peter Parker he’s bitten by a Spider, but instead of gaining superhuman powers he evolves into a giant black arachnid:


'Spider Smith' was the one responsible for the Robinson family becoming 'Lost in Space'. Due to his meddling, the family spaceship finds itself hurtling towards the centre of the Sun:



Luckily for the Robinsons they manage to teleport to safety. They pass through the centre of the Sun unscathed, and when they exit the ‘Stargate’ I noticed a symbol which I was beginning to become very familiar with: the Black Sun:


It only appears on the screen for a fraction of a second but it lingered long enough for me notice the synchronicity. It happens to share an uncanny resemblance with the Black Sun found in the Heroes TV show logo:


Later on in the movie the Robinsons and Spider Smith enter a derelict spaceship and encounter a nest of Spiders:


While the Robinsons escape the deadly swarm, we see the arachnids pierce a hole in a metal doorway. The symbol they create on the bulk head looks very similar to the Black Sun we just looked at above, suggesting that the Spider and the 'Dark Star' were closely connected with one another:




So Gary Oldman had played the role of a Spider-man who had travelled through the centre of our own Sun (the White Sun) and emerged unscathed through the portal of the Black Sun. A quick visit to revealed that Gary Oldman also had connections to another 'Sun of God' (or ‘Sun of Dog’) and the letters 'PP'. He played the role of (PP) 'Pontius Pilate' in the TV show called 'Jesus':


All I needed now were the Paw Prints and the Pair of Pentagrams to complete the synchronicity checklist with actor Gary Oldman. The next discovery was a pivotal one. I recalled that Oldman had played a character in a movie who was actually named after a Star/Sun, and it wasn’t just any old star. It was a Dog-Star. It was a name I'd heard Walter Cruttenden mention many times in his video interview and book 'The Lost Star of Myth and Time'.

The name of the star (as many of you may have already guessed) was Sirius:


Gary Oldman played the role of 'Sirius Black' in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and the sequels. Walter Cruttenden believed that the star Sirius was the likeliest candidate for our Suns binary partner - a companion which he believed was responsible for the ‘Precession of the Equinox’ - and I felt like I'd just been given a big break in the story. Here we see Sirius/Oldman in front of two Stars/Suns which I’ve highlighted with arrows:


Instead of a 'Pair of Pentagrams' I found Sirius Black/Spider Smith connected with two 'Star of Davids'. I interpreted this as simply another way of symbolizing a Pair of Stars/Suns. Considering the ‘Twin Suns’ were on the same image as a character called 'Sirius', Walter Cruttendens prime suspect for the 'Dark Star', I took it as verification that I was being lead down the right path. Afterall, it was the Paw Prints of the Dog/Wolf which had lead me to this point in the investigation so Sirius the Dog-Star seemed like a perfect match. Also Sirius BLACK seemed like a perfect name for a BLACK star, and in the role of Spider Smith I’d already seen Oldman transform into a giant BLACK arachnid.

So I wondered what else G. Oldman could teach me. If you’re a follower of The Blob then you’ll know why the ‘Goldman’ is syncnificant. IIf your not sure what I’m on about then I recommend reading some of Jake Kotze’s earlier posts on the subject. I also want to thank ViølatoR for pointing out something so obvious that I’d completely overlooked it – the letters ‘GOLD’ behind (PP) Peter Parker’:


There may have been a connection with the color GOLD, but the color BLACK, in the form of the Dog and Spider, also seemed to be of equal importance:



In 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' we first glimpse the Paw Prints of Sirius Black in this scene near the end of the movie:


The Paw Prints lead us straight to 'GO' Gary Oldman, who we've now seen connected to Jesus, the letters 'PP', the Twin Stars, the Spider-man, and the Black Sun. He also happens to be the ‘Godfather’, or ‘Dogfather’, of young Harry Potter:


In the very same sequence that we’re introduced to the Black Goldman, we're also introduced to the shape shifting Rat-man (PP) 'Peter Pettigrew':


I took the appearance of the letters PP as further confirmation that I was on the right track. Sirius was quickly becoming my number one contender for the Black Sun, or Dark Star, so I looked a little closer at the Harry Potter movies and noticed a few more 'PP' connections, more than I'd found anywhere else. Some of Harry's class mates are: Padma Patil, Parvati Patil, and Pansy Parkinson. Harry, Ron, and Hermione had also consumed 'Polyjuice Potion'. Was it all just one big coincidence?

I wondered why Sirius Black (Pontius Pilate) and the Rat (Peter Pettigrew) were appearing in close proximity to one another, and wondered if this new connection might shed some light on the Rat, whose Paw Print I’d noticed in the movie 'Flushed Away'. Considering the connection I’d recently encountered with Jesus, I couldn’t help but look at the posture of this Rat and wonder if there was some kind of connection with the crucified savior:


I’d found that the links between the Dog and Spider had lead me to some interesting conclusions, so I was eager to see what the Rat could teach me. It began to make more sense when I hit upon the idea that the 'Rat' could also be referred to as a 'Reservoir Dog':


The actor Michael Madsen played the role of 'Mr. Blonde' who we see in the poster above. He may have played the role of a Rat/Reservoir Dog, but in 'The Chronicles of Narnia' he also played the role of the Wolf 'Maugrim'. Michael Madsen/Maugrim happens to be killed by the eldest of the children called (PP) 'Peter Pevensie'. We saw Maugrims Paw Print earlier on in this snapshot:


It confirmed my suspicions that the Dog/Wolf and the Rat were really one and the same. These animals (along with the Spider) became interchangeable from this new perspective. I'm not saying that a Wolf/Dog is a Rat....that's obviously not true. But for the sake of the investigation the lines separating the Rat from the Dog/Wolf were beginning to blur together. As a symbol, the Dog/Wolf/Rat/Spider were merging into one entity.

I als noted that when reversed the ‘Dog Star’ becomes the ‘Rats God’.

We've seen the Paw Print of the Wolf 'Maugrim' (the Reservoir Dog/Rat) above, so it was interesting to note that in 'The Prisoner of Azkaban' the character Sirius Black is often referred to simply as 'The Grim'. Both 'Grim' references had connections with the Dog, the Rat, and the letters 'PP':


To take the Rat/Dog relationship one step further I looked at the star of 'Flushed Away', Roddy the Rat, who was voiced by actor Hugh Jackman:


The Rat was connected to the initials PP through the character ‘Peter Pettigrew’ in Harry Potter, so it made sense that Roddy the Rat/Jackman was also connected to the letters PP through the actress ‘Piper Perabo’ (who plays the wife of Christian Bale) in the movie ‘The Prestige’:


Rat actor Hugh Jackman also knew what it was like to be a BLACK Dog/Wolf:


It seemed fitting that all of these synchronicities lead me back to the Solar Cross. Here we see Wolferine in the centre of the Sun:


Which I believe is a reference to the Black Sun:


I’ve already mentioned the connection between Gary Oldman and the ‘Goldman’, so it seemed fitting that Wolverine (whose bones are made from metal) should also resonate with a ‘Metalman’ or ‘Tinman’. If this makes no sense whatsoever then please check out some of the blog links at the top of this page, as Tinman synchronicities have been getting quite a lot of attention recently and there’s been some great posts on the subject (The Blob, Centre Portal, A Few Shots to Shaman, The Stygian Port spring to mind, but I’m sure there’s a lot more).

Anyhow, the new Dog/Rat connection seemed to be working well. It was beginning to work so well that I was beginning to think that an alternative name for Sirius could just as easily be calledthe SPider-Star, or Rat-Star for that matter, which when reversed is:

Rat Star = ratS taR (or ‘Rat Star’)

There's a symmetry to the name Rat-Star which I’d only ever encountered before in the name ‘Thoth’. I might have had several animal associations at this point in the investigation but I always returned to my original concept for this Twin Sun: the Black Star.

We've looked at the Dog, the Rat and the Spider, so to finish up on this chapter of the story I’m going to add the 'Wolf' to the mix, by mentioning the work of Jim Sanders over at Centre Portal and his fascinating post entitled ‘God Flow like a Wolf Dog’. Jake Kotze from The Blob, will be meeting up with Jim in Thompson next weekend to do some work together on their next video collaboration, and in ‘God Flow like a Wolf Dog’ we can see this logo for the Thompson Zoo which Jim and Jake may (or may not) be visiting:


What grabbed my attention, other than the Paw Prints, was the fact that Jim mentions that the latest addition to Thompson Zoo is a White Arctic Wolf called Neige. The ‘White Wolf’ is another key symbol, which integrated itself into my research in the later stages, so I thought I’d include one or two of the synchronicities here as they seem to fit in quite nicely.

If I jump back for a moment to my previous post Paw Prints & Pentagrams :: Part 2, I mentioned that DNA and Blood somehow figured into the synchronicities at an early stage. One of my theories is that the Black Sun somehow affects us from across the yawning chasm of deep space and somehow influences each of us at the genetic level, which in turn influences our consciousness, our bodies, etc etc. We saw some examples of the ‘Red Hand Print/Blood’ and looked at Dexter the serial killing blood specialist.

If we look once again at actor Gary Oldman (Sirius Black/Spider Smith/Pontius Pilate) we find that he starred in the role of the blood-sucking Dracula, in the movie 'Bram Stokers Dracula'. As Sirius Black, G.Oldman could transform into a BLACK Dog, and as Dracula he has the ability to transform into a BLACK Wolf:


Coincidentally, the ‘Dog-Star’ resonating Dracula can also transform into a ‘Rats':


The reason that this ties in nicely with the latest addition to Thompson Zoo, the White Wolf called Neige, is because the Sirius resonating, blood-sucking, Wolf/Dog/Spider/Rat-man Gary Oldman also had a familiar in ‘Bram Stokers Dracula’ which happens to be a White Wolf:



I like to think that the Black Dog (Yin) is simply the polar opposite of the White Wolf (Yang), in much the same way as the Black Sun (Sirius) and the White Sun (our own local star residing at the heart of our Solar System) are simply two sides of the same coin. Maybe one Sun cannot exist without the other. Maybe our (White) Sun needs a ‘partner’ in order to perform the celestial dance across the heavens, which governs the 26,000 cycle known as the ‘Precession of the Equinox’.

In Dracula we see that Gary Oldman (the Black Dog/Sirius) shares a strong bond with his familiar, the White Wolf (or White Sun). There’s a connection between the two which is never explained in the movie, and yet the audience immediately understands their intimate relationship. It brings to mind the reoccurring theme of ‘Twins’. It was never just one Pentagram in my early synchronicities – it was always a pair. There wasn’t just one letter ‘P’ – there was always two of them. There was always a Yin to the Yang.

So getting back to the point (and wrapping this up) I just want to mention the letters ZO/OZ, which Jim pointed out in his latest post over at Centre Portal. In this logo for Thompson Zoo (the home of the White Wolf called Neige), we see the letters ZO/OZ symbolizing a Dog or a Fox:


The OZ connection is relevant because I stumbled across this book cover on Google over a year ago and noticed something in the illustration:


It got me wondering why the Black Sun and OZ were linked:


Recently I’ve wondered why the only two characters who interact with the title ‘OZ’ are the Dog and the Tinman (think Wolf-erine):


For anyone familiar with the work of Jim and Jake, you’ll know that OZ (according to Aleister Crowley’s Liber Oz) equates to the numerical value of 77. The letter's O and Z, although different from one another, are connected to the 'Twin' theme through the 'Twin 7's'.

The number 77 came to my attention while pondering the meaning behind the letters ‘PP’, because P is the 16th letter of the alphabet and (16) 1 + 6 = 7.

PP could therefore be represented by the numbers 16, 16 or 7,7

PP = 77

I wasn’t originally going to mention these numbers at this point in the story but ViølatoR mentioned them in the comments section of this post so I took it as a sign that I should touch on them briefly.

‘The Tower’ Tarot card is numbered 16 in the Major Arcana which means that the letters PP (16,16) also represents the ‘Two Towers’.

PP = 77 = Two Towers

If we look at the movie ‘The Two Towers’ we find a reference to the ‘White Hand Print’ via the ‘White Hand of Saruman’:


In Freemasonic art we find that between the Two Towers (PP), or Two Pillars (Jachin and Boaz) we find a Stairway, or ‘Jacobs Ladder’, which leads to a certain 7 pointed star in the sky. Notice that we see a pair of illuminated Suns, or ‘Twin Suns’ in this painting, but the Ladder/Stairway only points to one of them. It only leads to the one in the center which I believe is the Dog-Star Sirius. I’ll be exploring why this idea further in future posts:


We’ve looked briefly at the Two Towers and how they’re related to the Hand Print, so let’s quickly look at the number 77 (OZ) which is also linked to the letters ‘PP’.

Early on in the investigation I noticed that the number 77 appeared in my Heroes TV show synchronicity. Considering both of these tickets look identical, the number 7 (at the top right corner) suggests that the number 77 could be associated with the (PP) Pair of Pentagrams:


We could also therefore associate the (PP) Paw Print of the Dog, which appears in the same sequence, with the number 77:


In Hebrew the number 77 equates to the letters ‘PAN’. It makes perfect synchronistic sense that we can therefore find the horned Pan (OZ/77) playing his (PP/77) Pan Pipes beside the ‘Flow’ (‘Wolf’ backwards) of a river, and the name ‘WHITE WOLF’, on this magazine cover:


Is it just me or does the Waterfall remind you of the Jacobs Ladder reference we just saw connected with the ‘White Hand Print’?


If you want a great analogy of what this river (or Watergate) represents, then I recommend checking out Jake’s latest post over at The Blob called ‘Gr8 WaterG8’. The nod that Jake gives to the movie ‘JFK’ adds more Sirius/Dog/Wolf/BlackStar resonance when we consider that Gary Oldman was the actor who played the role of Lee Harvey OZwald.


Jake and Jim – Hope you get a chance to make it to Thompson Zoo to see the White Wolf next weekend! Considering she inspired the latter part of this post, here’s a photo of Neige in all her glory:


In the next chapter of the story I'm going to take a closer look at the White Wolf/Sirius connection, the movie Slumdog Millionaire, the number 23, the Eye, and a cluster of stars known as the Pleiades. Until then......

Thanks for reading!



ViølatoR said...

Thanks for fixing the comment box :D You got some great synchromystic stuff going on here! I liked that Reservoir Dog synch.

The poster on the bus in Spiderman might also say GOLD in addition to GOD and G.O. because the "L" in "Wildcats" is right below the "G." Not sure if that fits in anywhere; there's yellow, white and black gold (oil). GaryOLDman played Zorg (OZ/77/Pan) in The Fifth Element where he was the ally of the dark planet or moon which called it's self Mr. Shadow. When the dark planet gets into the mind of a person, black oil comes out of their third eye region.

Did you notice that P is the 16th letter of the english language, and 1+6=7, making PP=77.

ViølatoR said...

I forgot to mention that I think there's a connection between the 8-legged spider (and any octagonal resonator) and the black sun/star theme. There's some of that in this short post, or you can skim through this lengthy one. The black sun is alternativley the black sun in the center of the sun, saturn, the dark center of the Milky Way (a black hole) and possibly the Mormon Kolob and Battelstar Galactica's Kobol, but these may be pointers or stand-ins for the real dark star - Sirius Black. Thanks to the deliberate confusing of symbols and objects by the priests of the mysteries, we are left with all these clues and no certanties as to what they point to. But with synchromysticism, we can hack the universal mind and start to piece it together.

Jaspal said...

You inspired me to start watching Dexter and I spent last night watching the first 3 Episodes. It was strange that the first scene has the Moon reflected in water, as we then see Dexter driving along to begin his journey.

What stood out for me was the actor who played his dad, James Remar. I had seen that face before, could it be the guy who played Lord Rayden in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation? It was! Here we have the father who lays down the law to Dexter resonating with Jove/Jupiter/Zeus, our Old Testament God that lays down the law to Moses. Also the name Harry has an Indian origin, Hari is one of the names of Vishnu and therefore one of the names of God himself. What we are seeing is the story of a tinman, Dexter himself says during one episode “I’d feel something if I had a heart”. He has eaten the Apple, he has learned the knowledge of good and evil, now he has to understand it.

As you know we've been having a lot of strange weather in the UK, funny how a little snow can bring the country to a standstill! But this morning I was woken by the sound of thunder, at this moment I looked across at my clock and it was 6 am on the dot, the 6 also appeared to turn into a H. I think I went straight back to sleep, but one of the people I live with confirmed that they also heard the thunder at around 6 am! Was Zeus sending me a sign?

Jake Kotze said...

Bravo, really.

Great syncs.

Thanks for sharing all those kind words and ideas.

My journey to Thompson is next weekend.

I arrive on Valentines or Heart Day.

I like to connect the heart symbol to galactic center.

Be Deep Well

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Hey read it this morning.... Was thinking about all the sunglasses.

Word Veri ougrat

ViølatoR said...

In case you ever want to link dogs to the "9-11 mega ritual," you can just bring up how a dog is a "K9" or 11-9.

The article looks good with the updates. Funny, I just watched Ghost Dog and the Brotherhood of the Wolf after reading this, I wonder why I felt in the mood to watch those movies... There's a few elements in each movie that connect to some other synchromystic themes. Some may have been mentioned before like the octogon and chess board in Ghost Dog, I can't really remember all the synchro blog posts I've read!

R Arrowsmith said...

ViolatoR - I've always planned on getting round to the Fifth Element movie to find out what syncs surround ZOrg, so will definitely revisit it.
I like how there's all these different interpretations of what the Black Sun/Star actually is, and how the same themes keep reappearing around them, regardless of which label we put on it.
I also like how you always seem to be two steps ahead of me. I've tried to keep a few cards up my sleeve so that I could produce them later on in the game, but you seem to have peeked at most of them.
One of these cards I'd been saving was the K9/119 connection.
If the DOG (K9) = 119,
then GOD = 911
Considering that 911 is symbolic of the Two Towers, it strengthens the theory, in my mind at least, that it's the Dog-Star that we see between Jachin and Boaz in Freemasonic art. I plan on fleshing this out in future posts.

Jaspal - Glad to hear you're checking out Dexter as I think it's a great show. There was just something about it that instantly hooked me.
It's been a while now since I watched season 1 of the show but now that you mention the Tinman reference it's all coming flooding back to me. I also noticed the references to Dexter being the Tinman - an unemotional cold calculating killer whose on a journey to find his heart. I don't want to spoil anything, but you'll find that the 'Twin' theme also becomes prominent in the show when the Dex-star finds the Yin to his Yang.
I've also noticed that the weather is acting very strangely here in the UK. I live right at the very top, in the Highlands of Scotland (not far from John O'Groats), and it's been highly unusual here. You'd expect we'd have snow up here considering we're so far north, but we've had nothing like England has. In fact over the last 4 -5 years there's been barely enough snow in Winter to build a snowman and that's no exagerration. If I did manage to build one with the kids it lasted for a day and then melted. For the north of Scotland this is completely out of the ordinary and suggests that the weathers totally out of whack. I recall Brasil and Spain both had snow last year...what's up with that! In regards to what happened in England it just shows you that we might have all this technology at our fingertips and yet a little snow can bring everything to a standstill.
As for the thunder, maybe it was sign from Zeus (or ZO/OZ). Maybe he's is the process of (spiritually) awakening you (although 6 in the morning is a little inconsiderate!).

Jake - Thanks for the feedback. Must have got muddled about which weekend you were off to Thompson...I should read these things more carefully, especially if I'm going to write about them!
Sounds like you've chosen a perfect day to be hooking up with Jim. Can't wait to see what you both come up with.

A Few Shots to Shaman - Now that you mention it I see what you mean about the glasses. I recall reading about them on your blog a while back but never never linked it to my own work - Scooby Doo's Pentagram Glasses, Draculas glasses....I'll keep an eye out for them (no pun intended) in the future. Thanks.

ViølatoR said...

I'll try to refrain from giving out too many spoilers :D But I am anxious to see your interpretation of this stuff, and more of the scientific theories of Sirius which I never read about. As far as the 5th Element goes, Bruce Willis plays Corban Dallas (as in Dallas, TX) and his boss at the cab company calls him "dog-brained." He also has a white cat as a pet. Ruby Rhod calls Dallas D-Man (Demon). I can't recall anything else which might fit into this whole theme.

Costas said...

Thank you for sharing these inner synchronicities!

The connection of wolves with blood, as G. Oldman said in the Dracula movie, Blood is Life, has to do among other things with the higher degrees of Illuminati, to become a werewolf, a degree after the vampire.
These are movements of the assemblage point to the world of the Beast, a downward movement of the point of perception, a path of conscious biological transformations towards the attempt to connect the animal frequencies with the human ones, for reasons of power and control. Animalistic deities are always connected with that kind of perception, that is the spiritual war that Christ warned us.

Here is a link with an interview from an ex-vampire.
Due to copyright issues I posted only 50 minutes from an 9 hours long interview. In the last part, the discussion revolves around werewolves.

Jim said...

Great stuff Richard. Your work is critical stuff. It has opened much for me as well. Every day the dog star and wolf tie in becomes more telling. We will for sure go to the Zoo. The sync's are too strong not to.

The Go/Gold/dog/god behind PP on the bus - that is pure Gold stuff. I love how it works. an image can truly become a window into the infinity.

in my last interview with juan flores he shared with me some interesting information about what are known as "the children of the sun." beings that come from behind our sun. they have blue blood.
perhaps lycans they are...

the plot thickens...

R Arrowsmith said...

ViolatoR - I'll eventually get to the scientific stuff, I've been harking on about it long enough, but all these new avenues keep popping up and I can't help but follow. I'm going to have to knuckle down and stop bein distracted. It's now final....I'm getting my hands on the 5th Element. Considering there's a Dog reference in the movie (and G.oldman stars) I'm now determined to find a Hand Print/Paw Print in it somewhere, even if it kills me :)

Costas - Cheers for the link. I've heard about something along the lines of what you're describing but never got a chance to check it out. Thanks for the heads up.

Jim - I've found that the saying 'a picture tells a thousand words' is bloody accurate. Everytime I revisit those original clues I seem to find something encoded inside of them. It's like peeling back another layer each time. That one particular Spiderman snapshot seems to be particularly loaded with symbolism, but I will be revisiting some of the other ones to point out one or two other tidbits.
I'll have to check out the interview with Juan Flores as werewolves seem to be a popular reoccuring theme lately. Maybe it's all tied into this evolutionary process that seems to be taking place. Are we currently going through a transition/transformation (similar to a lycan) and being prepared for this new Wolf/Dog/Sirius-like state of being?

The plot thickens indeed.....

mercury well said...

This is a very interesting sync, thank you very much for uncovering it.

Just a couple thoughts about the paw-print and pentagrams, I feel the paw-print represents a "down to earth" type of symbolism, tangible and physical. And of course the stars the opposite of this, but seeing the stars covering scooby's eyes in one of the very first pics makes me think they could represent gates or portals... to higher faculties of thought, ascension. A ticket to transformation, transfiguration similar to the heroes of today... and yesterday.

Many American Indian tribes held very high regard for wolves, believing The wolves know everything and read the minds of human creatures. Many times they are depicted by watching over people while they sleep or as they journey to the spirit world. The Sioux, Cherokee, Lakota, and others all have stories about how the wolves helped in the development of man. The creation story of the Cherokee has a wolf in it as well as the story of the woman who was left behind in the Lakota tribe and the wolf saved her. Just as Romulus and Remus were supposedly saved by a she wolf and they then founded Rome.

I think you've found something very interesting, keep up the good work it has stimulated some deep thoughts.

R Arrowsmith said...

Thanks for the feedback Mercury Well. I'd hadn't linked the Paw Prints (Earth) with the Pentagrams (Air) before but now that you mention it I now see the 'As Above so Below' connection.
I've always been fascinated with the American Indian myths regarding the Wolf. It seems to be an animal that's always been held in high regard throughout the world. Glad you've found these syncs of interest...there's plenty more to come.

Nicolynn said...

Wow, this is really great stuff. I can tell how excited you are about all the synchronicity, which I have found makes it flow faster into ones life.

I have my own bit of schronicity that I would like to share with you considering it has to do with coming to your blog.

I have been having a ton of synchronicity occur in my life over the last year. And I decided that it is nigh time to figure out what it is all about. What is it trying to point me towards is the question I am trying to answer.

I asked a friend what his take was on synchronicity, and after a quick chat, he sent me links to Jake Kotze's blog The Brave New World Order. I began tooling around on there, watching some vids and then began to read his blog the Blob, where he had a link to your blog.

So before I go any further, I need to say that I have also been lead to the theory of the binary star to our sun, and it being a "dark" star, symbolizing the duality in our existance. I however did not come up with a theory as to which star out there it could be. I am interested in finding cernals of truth in antient texts, mythology of ancient civilations, and by a spiritual means of astral travel and what I can only describe as visions.

So far I in my research, I have come across the beliefs of the Dogons, Sumerians, and the star "wormwood" in the Book of Revelation chapter 8, all that point to another star out there and all include alien beings (biblical Nephilim in Genesis).

So in some of my research, I read that the Dogon knew that there was a companion star to the star Sirius well before astronomers discovered this in the 1920's, and they have been saying that there is actually a third star as well. One of the Dogon's beliefs is that Sirius B occupied the place where our Sun is now. And that the Nommo will return on the blue star (Sirius is blue in color). Which was interesting that they believe that the star will come to Earth.

(Unrelated to the Dogon)I was just recently listening to a radio interview of the last Malachi Martin who was a Jesuit Priest, professor, and writer. He acknowledged that the Vaticans constructed a observatory in Arizona in the late 1990's. Listen to this clip if you are interested
Of course, he does not specifically mention what it is that is "approching us" or why the Vatican is keeping an eye on it. One can only speculate, but I am sure that an alien race as mentioned by the bible, Dogon, and the Sumerians (which much of the creation story and flood story of the bible was originated from) would be bad business for the Church.

Also, I find it important to note that there are those that correlate Jesus to be a myth about our Sun, and many that also believe that Thomas (which means twin) was Jesus' brother. The apostle Thomas is often referred to as doubting Thomas, opposed to Jesus was strong in faith, sounds like a bit of ying and yang to me.

In my own personal experiences, I have had a bit of interesting occurance. I tell you this knowing full well that you and others may call me a nut job, but I feel it is important to share our experiences with others. I have had moments in my life where I have been given messages through astral travel. I was actually seeing in my regular wakened consciousness a pair of bright blue eyes, and got the feeling (only way I can discribe it) that she was "mother". I didn't know what her intentions were, and questioned that of her one day. Once I did this, I got the feeling to close my eyes. All of a sudden I was in a wormhole of light, traveling through space at a fast rate of speed and for a long distance. Then I came to a planet that only once close enough did I recognize that it looked exactly like Earth. I came out of the wormhole and hovered above it and noticed that I was not in my body, but was jsut consciousness. This Earth was orbiting a sun, but I must admit that I was too fascinated with this Earth like planet to notice it. I questioned if this was another Earth out there somewhere, or Earth in another dimension. I also noticed that the blue of the oceans was the same color of the eyes I had seen. Then all of a sudden BAM, I was back in my body. I was dumbfounded. I had never astral traveled before, but I knew that was exactly what I had just done. I then got this urge to draw. I am no artist, and do not draw for a hobby, but I rolled with it. I had no idea what I was drawing but just kept going. Once completed it was a picture of a human like beings head, that was slightly larger in the cranium. It was looking down with its eyes closed, and had the Earth in its head or in its mind you could say. This was in 2005. I still do not have a definite as to what that all exactly means, but I have my impressions as to its meaning.

Anyhow, not sure if you cared to hear about any of that, but I thought I would add a bit of my own experience into this possible companion sun to our Sol.

So, I was then brought to your blog, which I must admit I had no idea what it was about, but I was curious about your synchronicity and how you were going to tie the paw print and the pair of pentacles. And I began to realize as I read that you may in fact be leading up to what I was also in the middle of researching (the companion sun/star) and I found myself drawn in and hoping it was going to lead in that direction. Once you relvealed it, I was not suprised, but excited. I couldn't get enough to see where you were going with it because like I said, I am trying to figure out what all this actually leads to.

I watched the vids of Walter Cruttenden, and had another stricking synchronistic point. He mentions the Plaidies/central sun as the point in the middle of the binary orbit. Just the other day I was discussing with a friend the possiblity that we were created by aliens, similar to the Sumerian beliefs. Considering we have 250 genes in our DNA that are NOT found in any other living organism on Earth, and are NOT found in the apes that we have supposedly evolved from. He mentioned that there is a belief that there are multiple alien races that have created humans, hense different physical charactoristics. Possible, sure, but I wanted to know the different species of probable aliens that I could perhaps be. He only mentioned reptilian beings, and Plaidians. He then asked if there was ever one constellation or star that I have always been drawn to. I told him that as a young child, my Dad and I would always at night, race to see who could find the Big Dipper in the sky first. I also mentioned that as an adult I have revered the Goddess, Isis being one of them, so the star Sirius was one I was also drawn to. I went online to see what constellation the Big Dipper was in. I found that the Big Dipper is part of the constellation Ursa Major. The 7 stars of the big dipper, the Plaidies. I was like "whoa"! How weird that I had never heard of Plaidies before and there I heard it twice in a span of just a couple minutes. On the Wiki page I was on, it mentioned that Plaidies was mentioned in 3 bible verses, so I looked them up and in all 3 verses, the Plaidies and Sirius were mentioned together. So there was both the constellation and star that I have only ever been drawn to. And funny enough, in the vid linked to your page, Walter Cruttenden brings up one of the bible passages. WOW! I love it!!

Lastly, I wanted to tell you that in the beginning of your blog you suggested for the reader to pick two sumbols for themselves and see if it pops up anywhere. I chose the circle and the x. Of course after visualizing this for a moment, i looked around to see if I could see anything, and nope, nothing. But interestingly enough, by this 3rd page of your blog, there was the X men movie poster. Is that X by chance in a circle? HA HA HA. That is awesome.

Well that is all I have. I very much enjoyed your blog, and look forward for later posts to it!

Nicole Lynn

Jaspal said...

Thank you for the reply, I just got to the end of Season one and I see what you mean.

Dex-star could also be death-star, more Moon references. I don't know if you have heard of Michael Tsarion, but I'd recommend his work. I mention him because he has some interesting theories on the Moon, and how no human has ever got beyond that point because we can't.

Another name that Dexter relates to is Ishtar, one of the many versions of Isis. In the second series, our Dexter on his fool’s journey down the yellow brick road will meet his Hecate, his guide through the dark. I've been reading some posts on, leading me to believe that Dexters switch from blond to brunette is linked to a change to his spiritual guide.

And there are so many biblical references I've picked up on, the first season has Genesis, and the two brothers are Cain and Able, the older brother getting jealous that father Zeus picked the younger one, his envy leading him to ask Dexter to kill his step sister. Then in season two we have Noah's ark at the drug meetings, and many more that I am sure I have missed. The other thing which stood out was the Miami Police logo, check out Season 2, Episode 3, at around the 33:33 minute mark (very syncro). You will see a 12 pointed star representing the Zodiac, right in the middle of which is a rising sun with a wave/bolt pattern underneath, with what I think is a gun over it.

R Arrowsmith said...

Thank you so much for sharing that Nicolynn. Yours has got to be one of the best comments so far. It actually made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up for reasons I'll get to in a moment.
Your story about the astral travel was amazing. I've read about people having these experiences (and met one or two who have claimed to have 'surfed the universe') but I've not had one myself (yet), and know it's something you'll never forget.

I've had strange things happening over the last few years, especially during the time when these synchronicities were at their most intense, and I've questioned my sanity on more than one occasion. We're both far from nuts. I think we're just very fortunate to have come in direct contact with something that defies logic. Many people seem to be trapped inside the box and never get to take a peek out of it. When you do there's no going back, but it does leave you asking a hell of a lot questions. Number 1 is usually: Have I completely lost the plot. When you realize that you haven't then you begin to wonder: What on Earth did that mean? Why me? What are you trying to tell me!!!!

I'm no expert on this, not by a long shot, but I've had enough of these moments in my own life to have a good idea what your going through.

You mentioned the Pleiades, and that's when I had my 'hair raising' moment. The reason for this is multi-faceted so I'm going to skim the surface and explain this in the best way I can. Like yourself I've also been drawn to several stars in particular. As a kid the very first constellation my dad taught me about was The Plough, Ursa Major. It was the easiest and most recognizable one to spot. I'm still fascinated by this constellation today. I've always called it 'The Pan', due to it's shape (this is what my dad always called it so at the time I didn't know any different) so it was interesting when the name 'Pan' started entering into the investigation. PAN/OZ/77 and all the rest of it. It always makes me think of Ursa Major - the first constellation I ever learned about.

I've only started paying attention to Sirius in the last two years, since all these Dog synchronicities started occuring in my life. Before then I didn't know what a Dog-Star was, let alone where it could be found in the sky. It just never appeared on my radar before.

But if I go back three years in my life I arrive at a point in time which I can only describe as my 'initiation'. I'm still trying to figure out what I've been initiated into, but it was a time when 'weird' things started happening in my life. This is just the tip of the iceburg but it'll give you an idea why the Pleiades became the second constellation I fell in love with.

My mum bought a book second hand off Amazon, by an author I'd never heard of before, and it immediately grabbed my attention. All I can say is that I knew I had to read it. I didn't know why. I just knew.
So when my mum had finished with it, I took the book home and when my two children were fast asleep, I lay back in bed and started to read. I wasn't far into the story when my hands started to vibrate, so much so that I had remove them from the book because I couldn't read the words. It was like my hands were shaking due to a freezing temperature, and yet my body, hands, and room were all warm. I'd never experienced this while reading any book before, spiritual or otherwise, and instantly knew that this one was somehow different. I finished a few chapters and went to sleep, feeling a buzz of excitement that something strange had just taken place.

To backtrack a little, that very day I'd bought my partner a Moonstone pendant, because she was pregnant with my third child at the time and I'd read that it would help her body attune to the Moons cycles (which would supposedly help the baby), plus it looked beautiful. Before going to sleep she asked me if she should sleep with it around her neck. I suggested she took it off and place it under her pillow so that the chain wouldn't get tied up in her hair. So she slipped it under the pillow, went to sleep while I read the book, and that was that. I had my 'hand vibrating' moments and fell asleep.

I was awoken the next morning by my partner giving me sharp nudges in my side. So I wake up, turn to her with half open eyes, and she asks me if I'm playing a joke on her. I had no idea what she was talking about but knew from the tone of her voice that she serious. I asked what the problem was. She points to her neck and there is the Moonstone pendant, hanging there as if it had never been removed. I felt an instant rush of adrenalin because I'd had great difficulty unclasping it the previous night. The clip was small and fiddley, and yet there is was tied around her neck. To this day I have no idea how that pendant managed to tie itself around my partners sleeping neck. I've never heard of chains which crawl out from under pillows and tie themselves around a persons throat. To say I was perplexed would be an understatement. Neither of us have a habit of sleep walking, or doing weird things in our sleep (like putting on pendants) so I accept that it's one of those mysteries which may never be explained.

She was genuinley surprised when I told her I hadn't tied it round her neck but she still looked at me suspiciously. I knew for a fact that she wasn't playing a trick on me because it 'weirded her out' for the rest of the day.

The point of this story is that this happened the very night I picked up the book which made my hands vibrate. The fact that something weird happened overnight, while I was asleep, suggested that I pay special attention to the content of this book. So I did.

In that book I came across the Pleides, the Seven Sisters, for the very first time. It was an integral part of the books story. I'm not going to tell you anything else about the book because you might want to check it out yourself, and if you're happy for weird things to begin happening in your life (as if astral-travel isn't one of them!), then be my've been warned!

The book is called 'The Reconnection: Heal Yourself, Heal Others' by Dr. Eric Pearl. It's not your typical read. It's a little 'out there', but it started the ball rolling and has inevitably lead me to write this blog. Dr. Eric Pearl is a healing practitioner who travels the world teaching people the ability to heal....the thing is he doesn't lay his hands on them. It's similar to spiritual healing, but it's's hard to explain really.
I felt such a strong connection with Eric Pearls book that I travel to Dublin, Ireland (in the UK) to become a Reconnective Healing practitoner. I wanted to see if Eric Pearl was the real deal, or simply another con artist making a quick buck. The weird experiences I had while reading the book suggested that he wasn't lying, but I've always been a bit of a sceptic. I need to see things with my own eyes before I believe them. So I travelled to Ireland, met Eric, and to cut a long story short I was blown away by the experience.

When you mentioned the Pleaides all of this came flooding back to me, because in some way the Pleiades (and possibly the star Sirius) is somehow involved with Reconnective Healing. I don't know the hows or whys of it...this is just my gut instinct. If you want to check Eric out for yourself, and hear him talk briefly about the events which lead him to write his own story, then you can find a free video interview here:

Now that I've revisited the website to find you the link (I've not looked at this interview in well over a year) I've noticed that right beside Eric in the list of different interviews there's a man called 'Vernon Woolf'. Above him is the interview with Walter Cruttenden. Woolf/Sirius/Cruttenden.....yet another synchronictity to add to the list! I take this new insight as validation that Sirius is an integral part of Reconnective Healing...what's the chances of Eric being beside someone with the surname 'Woolf'....the mind boggles!

Anyway, this interview will give you a good impression of what Eric's like asa person. It'll either resonate with you, or it won't. It did for me, but I can only ever speak for myself. I think you might find some of the answers you're looking for with Eric. You might find some of them through my research. You might also find out the answers to your questions without me or Eric. You might never find the answers your looking might find them all. There's an awful lot of if's, and buts, and maybes. I simply don't know where this will lead you, but I think there's something i all of this info which will take you 'somewhere'. I'm quite sure of it.

If you like that Eric vid then here's a live demonstration of reconnective healing which he did on an American Morning TV show. It's well worth a look:

It might look a little crazy but having given people these treatments myself, I can vouch for him. That might not mean much in the scheme of things, but it the best I can do tell you that he's no hoax. He's far from it.

You gave me a story, and I gave you one in return. Quid pro quo. Hope you enjoyed mine as much as I enjoyed yours!

On a final note here's a passage that I think you'd be interested in from Walter Cruttendens book 'Lost Star of Myth and Time':

'Alice Bailey, writing in mental collaboration with the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul, produced a large body of work based on teachings of the ancient texts. In their 1925 treatise 'Cosmic Fire', Djwhal Khul, states:

Scientists have not yet admitted into their calculations the fact that our solar system is revolving around a cosmic centre along with six others of even greater magnitude than ours, only one being of approximately the same magnitude as our solar system.

Like the planetary atom, the solar atom not only rotates on its axis but likewise spirals in a cyclic fashion through the Heavens. This is a different activity to the drift or progressive dynamic motion through the Heavens. It deals with the revolution of our Sun around a central point, and its relation to the three constellations so oft referred to in this Treatise, the Pleiades, and the Sun Sirius.'

In regards to the possibilty of the Pleiades being our Suns binary partner (which gives off it's 'sweet influence') Cruttenden says:

'Scientists have also noted some strange activity and exotic stars in the area of the Pleiades. Accordng to Raymond Shubinki, director of the East Kentucky Science Centre:
“Conditions in the Pleiades are fantastic. The giant blue stars produce strong stellar winds, which have interesting effects on the surrounding gases. Alcyone is the brightest star at magnitude 2.9. Celaeno and Sterope are variable stars and all of these are hot blue stars spinning at high speeds. They rotate so fast they’ve been flattened into oblate sphereoids.” This is just the type of action you need to generate massive magnetic or electromagnetic forces.'

I want to finally finish off this reply with one of the most intriguing comments (from my perspective at least) in the entire book. Cruttenden says:

'Myths about the Pleiades abound, all of them similar - from the Greek Legend of 'Zeus and the Seven Sisters', to the Kiowa Indian story of the 'Seven Maidens'. Historians have still not addressed why myth and folklore from entirely seperate ancient cultures relate the same story about a constellation with seven stars when everyone can see that only six stars are visible.

This might be a related mystery, about a runaway star, but too big a subject to get into at this point of the book.'

Now he leaves us on that cliff hanger and never elaborates further. What is the runaway star? Who is the 7th Sister? Why didn't he tell us more!!!!

My guess is that the star Sirius (the Black Sun) could be this 'runaway' star, which somehow found itself gravitationally bound to our own Sun (the White Sun). I believe that stories about Pleaides and Sirius keep apprearing in close proximity to one another because they share a very special relationship......they're related to one another. Isis/Sirius could very well be the 'runaway' sister which left the Pleiades. It's just a theory, but something about it feels right. I'd like to explore this further in the future (maybe synchronicities will help shed some light on the matter) but for now I'll just say a big thank you Nicolynn for taking the time to tell me about your own experiences, and I hope that this blog can provide you with some of the answers your looking for. Maybe you'll be returning the favour sooner than you think.

Accidental Alchemist said...

Sitting watching tv I was thinking about eyes and pentagrams. I come check the sight and notice your banner.

Did you just change it?

R Arrowsmith said...

Yes Accidental Alchemist....I decided to evolve the banner last night because I'm going to be taking a quick look in the next post at the Sunglasses theme that A Few Shots to Shaman brought to my attention. I'll always try and keep one step ahead of you AA!
This Eye/Star theme is going to make much more sense when I take all this to Africa. All in due time my friend :]

R Arrowsmith said...

Jaspal, have you got a Blog? I'd love to see you flesh out some of these Dexter themes in more detail. There's so many synchronicities in the show that you could do a longterm blog on season 1 alone. Wait until you see the next keeps getting better. This is just an idea because I like the way you're interpreting the Dex-star. Hope you consider taking your observations to the next level.

VileVeil said...

another area you could look at is Northern Ireland. The red hand is associated with Ulster and the coat of arms of Belfast has a wolf. Belfast is also home to the Harland & Wolff ship builders.

VileVeil said...

hmmmm! I just read the posts about the Pleades/Ursa Major/The Plough and also realized I have just read about the Starry Plough flag which is used by the Irish Citizen Army since the time of the Easter Uprising.

I'm not really an expert on Irish history or anything but I came across an article on Red Ice that prompted me to go digging in that area.

All the best.

R Arrowsmith said...

Brilliant VileVeil! The Belfast flag is now going to make it into my next post. I've always had an affinity with the Irish so I'm glad I can incorporate them into the story. My time in Dublin was one of the most enlightening experiences I've ever had...will never forget my time there.
Thanks again!

Accidental Alchemist said...

Morphing banner...brilliant because it shows consistency and keeps readers on track.

Nicolynn said...

Alright, I have to tell you that there is some crazy great synchro going on here. Ok, I got the chills will reading your posted response to my comment. Two things that JUST happened today relate to what you shared.

First off I have to tell a bit of a story...

I have become increasingly interesting in synchronicity over the last month. Just last week I decided I would buy myself a book about the topic, and went onto to find one. The one I chose was do to a synchronicity within it's title.
It is "I can see clearly now" by Mary Soliel. I have been going through a very trying time that has had me re-evaulate my entire being. I was previously an addict and alcoholic and was in a tragic drunk driving accident early last year. A part of me died that day, and along with that I have shed many of the already loosly hanging preconceived notions about the world, life, others, and myself. And I surrendered to a force, which I will call God, to transform my life. Mind you I have been consciously creating and have been actively involved, though I no longer live trying to control what happens (or run away from) since you cannot control in a world full of chaos. I realized that I was a control freak simply because I was so OUT of control.

I am not sure why I share that with you and with the world in a blog, but in some way it is part of my healing to dicuss it with others and not hide beind the shame, guilt and fear I have towards my past or my future due to the consequences. Those feelings are not heart based, hence an illusion. They also do nothing towards growning and changing, and that is ultimately what we all need to begin doing, because what we are doing now is leaving us stressed out, addicted, withdrawn, and you can add your own experiences to the list.

SO, I was bummed the week before last that my project playlist with all the music I love to listen to was banned from myspace. Then I realized that you could start a playlist right there through myspace. So I was dinking with it, and somehow the song "I can see clearly now" by paula cole (remake which is actually really well done) came up in one of my searches for a completely different song. I clicked on it and loved it immediately. The older version that came out in the 90's kinda got on my nerves due to the music, but I always thought that the lyrics were great. This song resonates in me due to my current situation, and its lyrics ring true considering my new found surrender to the Will of God, (whomever that may be) to transform my life and I truly can see clearly now. Once I did this surrendering, the synchronicities began FLYING in, multiple times a day, and increasing now that I have found you!! :)

I just received the book yesterday and I began reading it today.
It is really a story about how synchronicity has played out in her life in HUGE ways, and I am only on page 70. What struck me was your story about your lady and the necklace you bought her. First off, I LOVE moonstone, it is a powerful stone of protection and strength. I am big into the Goddess, and of course the moon is depicted as the Goddess/Mother.
Anyhow, she discribes that one day her necklace that she wore everday for the last 12 years (I think give or take) came off and she thought it had broken and fell somewhere in her house. She searched first in her bed, under the pillows, through all the blankets and nothing. Then she makes her bed, and searches the house. And nothing. She decided to move on, not to get hung up on it and continue with her day. She had some crazy synchro happen to her through out the day, and came to read a book about the Goddess Kuan Yin at a book store she visited, and began to feel a resonance and a tingling throughout her body while reading(CRAZY TOO MUCH LIKE YOUR STORY) and she says she knew something miraclious was goign to happen that day. So later, she returns home, and goes into her bedroom and she sees her necklace laying neatly on top of the freshly made bed in clear vision once she walked in the room. ONe top of it all, it was clasped, and unbroken. So, how could it have gotten off of her neck?!?! Too similar to your story. Down to it occuring in the bed even in both of your stories!! WOWZERS I love this stuff.

The other thing is I went to Dr Erice Pearls website, and watched the healings (too fricking cool by the way) and as I am watching I am shocked to hear how he says this is an ability that everyone could have. I just today after reading hopped online and onto youtube, and began listening to a radio interview on Coast 2 Coast with Art Bell of a man named Gregg Braden. It is an interview his book "Divine Matrix", which is a "field" that has been proven by scienctists as existing. This is a creative and conscious field that we are all in all the time and have been from the day we were born. I wont try to explain it, I will just post a link for you, you have got to see it!

you can follow the proceding parts by finding them on the right (sorry if you already know this)

Also, I want to add that I made a mistake in my first post when I said that the bible verses had pleidies and sirius together. It was actually pleidies and orion in each of the 3 verses. The funny thing is in Egyptian belief, Isis went to live in the stars as the star Sirius, but her consort Osirus after death become Orion. So, I think it increasingly important to mention that to you because it may lead you to know more about the whole thing if you add Orion. The Egytians knew that there was something special to Sirius, and even made the air shaft from the queens chamber point directly to Sirius (and still does to this day!) so it brings us to question, why?

I am so excited for you, and am so extactic that we have crossed paths. Oh, and because of the synchronicity between your story of the necklace and the story I just read today, and the connection to the reaction you both had to books, I decided to instantly purchase the book of Dr Eric Pearls right after I saw you recommended it. I don't believe in things being mentioned by chance anymore, so I didn't hesitate. Even paid $10 extra for shipping to get it in 2 days. I cannot wait. Thank you ever so kindly for sharing your experiences. This is the stuff that is going to help each of us crack this code, and awaken to what our birthright is. I urge all of us to start sharing our experieces even at the risk of being called crazy. And be open to things that may sound crazy, because there is a reason why these outlandish things are being mentioned in your life. Seek and ye shall find. Step outside of the box/ingrained preseption of reality, and you will for the first time really live!!


ViølatoR said...

Hey Richard, I was going through some pictures on my computer the past couple of days and kept coming across these images from the The Hidden Records website which has a lot of focus on the Pleiades, Sirius, and Orion.

Also, I looked at a few different tracing board designs which had either an eye, a seven pointed star, or 7 stars in the top-center. On another tracing board design, more alchemically influenced, it has the constellations Aries, Taurus and Pisces along the top in an arch, with Pleiades bearing Taurus at the center. And in Secret Teachings of All Ages, there's a picture of many religious icons and a partial zodiac band showing only the constellations Aries, Taurus and Pisces because they: "represent the stellar influences which - according to the ancients - descended upon the earth, are responsible for the establishment of the religious and philosophical institutions herein set forth." There are, in the same picture, 5 other Bull icons including Mithras who slays the bull which I learned about in a Rosecrucian planetarium display which also featured the pleiades.

P.S. I enjoyed the above comments of personal experiences.

Costas said...

Today the videos with the interview with an ex-vampire and the relationship with the werewolves got removed due to copyright violation claimed by Michael Kevin Relfe (a google search showed a person with the same name, author of many "how to make money" books). A view in my subscribers showed a new subscriber (2 days ago) with the same kind of profile.
I make the assumption that your blog is watched closely and my channel too, for the latter I am sure after removing me from 13th position of reporters to 97th in one minute !
I strongly suggest to watch the whole interview with Bill Schnoebelen, you'll find out why "They" don't want you to find out who is who in America today.
Some hints: 2008-2009 have already many movies and TV shows with werewolves and vampires, too many for the certain subject.
Look the differences between Obama's hand gesture and Bush's one; Obama's fingers shape a projection: Mantseh from Nefelim, the statue in London ...
Watch the trailer of the new movie of the trilogy of the "Underworld" and pay attention to the message for January 2009, the month of the presidential inauguration ...

ViølatoR said...

In Secret Teachings, Manly P. Hall explicitly states that the star/stars at the top of the ladder represents the pleiades: "In the constellation of the Bull are also to be found the 'Seven Sisters' - the sacred Pleiades - famous to Freemasonry as the Seven Stars at the upper end of the Sacred Ladder." (Not sure if this is a spoiler or if you hadn't seen this yet :D)

R Arrowsmith said...

Costas - You've got me paranoid now. I'm looking over my shoulder all the time wondering when I'm going to be grabbed by men wearing black shades who want to stuff me into the back of a mercedes. Whose watching me? Have I cracked the Paw Print code and they're worried I'll release it like a virus to the world? :D
If there are any MIB out there reading my work, then hope you like it. I'd love some feedback.
Seriously though, I see the Werewolves and Vampires as metaphors for you and me. Yin and Yang coming together. Life and Death (Vamp). Man and Beast (Wolf). Two sides of the same coin forever spinning round.
If I ever find the interview I'll check it out, thanks for pointing it in my direction, but I wouldn't read too much into some of this conspiracy stuff. There's grains of truth in it, but there's a whole lot of BS as well. Just my two cents.

ViolatoR - I've read that very chapter in Manlys book. I assumed the 7 stars were the Pleiades and then found him mentioning it in that passage. I don't recall him saying the 7 pointed star at the very tip of the ladder was Pleides though. That would mean there's two Pleiades on the Masonic Apron and I don't see the point of that. I thinks it's Sirius for reasons which should be become clearer as we go along.
I get a sense that your deliberately trying to keep a step ahead of me. A sense of glee perhaps? The thrill of the chase? Keep it up because I love your insights...let's see who can get their first.

Nicolynn - Wowzers indeed! I have never heard of Mary Soleil but it just goes to show that all our lives are interlinked and related in some weird crazy ways. Maybe the pendant thing is common...who knows...but I'm curious to learn more about Mrs Soleil. Thanks for recommending the book.
I've watched some of Braden's stuff in the past and really get a good vibe about him. I've read about this 'field' and it ties in nicely with the work of Mr. Pearl. Glad you got the book. I think you'll enjoy it. Anyone can do this healing work....he even teaches you the basics in the book (you don't even need to see him in person to learn it, as strange as that may sound!). Give it a might be surprised.
Thanks for brining Orion to my attention. It will find it's way onto this blog when I take things to Egypt, but for now I'm going to focus on his partner Isis.
I'm glad that life is taking an upswing and I hope the momentum keeps up. Like you I don't see random acts of chance anymore, I see fate/destiny, or whatever you want to call it. I'm glad our paths have crossed.
I also believe you have a lot of stuff to share with others. This 'sync community' seems to be male dominated, and I think we're missing out on one half of the equation - the feminine. Us 'blokes' are missing out on the gift of the female intuition and I'd like to 'nudge' you into sharing more on your blog. We all need to Journey Within, and I think a female guide (whose in tune with the Goddess) can access places the male has great difficulty reaching. Hope that makes sense. It's just a thought.
I'm glad I'm walking this path with such great people.
A big 'Cheers!' to all of you.

Nicolynn said...

Thank you for the nudge! I have been meaning to do more with that blog of mine. I have had i bit of blockage occur with my writing. And to be honest with you, I have no idea where to start with everything I have come up against. Most of my synchro come from interaction with others. And through words and actions. Though indeed I should begin to get at it. Thank you for the interaction, and your blog. It has brought much to light for me to realize that I am heading in the "right" direction so to say.


Jaspal said...

I got more interesting Dexter thoughts to share.

We know he is our tin man and in Season 2 we find out that his creator Harry is disgusted with his creation and kills himself, though an endued heart attack. Now I've said Harry is a name of God and represents Zeus, the Thunder God (playing Lord Rayden (Ray/Sun/Ra) in a Mortal Kombat film, and the thunder in Season 1 when Dexter calls out to Harry outside his house). Frankenstein’s monster has been created, by the electric bolt of Zeus himself! But just like Frankenstein’s creator, Zeus does not like his creation, because it lacks a heart.

But now I've got more syncro evidence to support my claims. Before Dexter finds out about his dad, he gets stabbed in the leg, he develops a limp. He later finds out that his father thought he was an abomination and he fell from his grace. Who did Zeus kick out of Mount Olympus for being an abomination? Vulcan! And what did Vulcan have? A limp! Vulcan is famous for being an architect, a creator of the material word, vastly intelligent. Then when you tie that in with Spock, the Vulcan from Star Trek, we get back to our Tin Man. Spock has green blood (reptile), he only thinks logically and without emotions. He is a Tin Man looking for a heart. All roads lead to Rome…..Vatican/Vulcan/Mars and Venus.

Costas said...

Lol, Richard, I agree with you, there is a lot of disinfo about these things.
I just noticed the strange coincidence, the removals of these videos, just when I proposed them as a piece for this puzzle, a synchronicity.

If you want technical details about the movement of perception into different positions, feel free to PM me in my channel, to give you not religious material about it.
There is also a biochemical approach to this story of intent, a reference to some extent was in the removed videos.

As for yin-yang and metaphors, there is a history of misinterpretation.
At the beginning, over four thousand years ago, the Unique Principle was a physical dialectics. Later, metaphysical commentators and interpreters, such as Confucius, twisted or complicated the explanation of it. Then the physicians did the same. Here lies the reason for the confusion and uncertainty beclouding the philosophy and medicine of the Far East.
The Far Eastern peoples, always referred to as spiritual, metaphysical, or primitive, use a quite peculiar language; they inhabitan infinite, eternal, and absolute world, and in consequence their tongues are indefinite, uncertain, and extremely simple, but deep and often lacking in clarity. The Chinese and Japanese languages (the Eastern most ones) lack the notions of time, number, and sex.
This factor has also unquestionably contributed to the misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the philosophy of the Far East.
In the beginning, over four thousand years ago, the sky, or infinite space, was considered the supreme yin symbol, and the earth, the supreme yang symbol. The sky, being infinite space, the boundless expansion, was considered the representative of yin, the centrifugal force. The earth, on the contrary, was considered yang, the centripetal force.
Later, metaphysicians described the sky as the generator of all the phenomena and beings in the world, including all celestial bodies (the major force, or supreme divinity), and they classified it as yang. The earth was considered yin.
Metaphysically speaking, the sky, infinite space, may be called yang, the greatest producer. In the physical sense, however, the sky — infinite space, the boundless expansion — may be called yin, the greatest entropical passiveness. From this point of view, the earth is compact and yang.
When this framework is applied to periodic elements as a logarithmical spiral, then all forms of life can be seen and the so-called mythical beings of the "past", appear to have a certain biochemical synthesis, harmonic to their nature. That applies to vampires and werewolves under the influence of the moon to bipolar colloids in their blood, a difference to zeta potential.

Of course, the metaphors about life and death, as you mentioned, are fundamental truths and absolutely correct.

Sirius, Earth and our Sun are in alignment on February and September in sacred dates, where purity of emotion is needed for collecting the resulting energy. This astronomical phenomenon, in ancient Hellas, was called Epitoli of Sirius, with stronger emphasis on the second appearance on 14th of September. Three days before, (two and a half, a moon cycle precisely) a sacred ceremony of cleaning the body and the soul was taking place for the coming remembrance of Eleusis on earth. So, 11th of September is really an important date.

Wolf, in Hellenic lycos is related with the light of Sirius (Lux in Latin).

skywalkarn said...

hey man did u know that feb 11 (11:11/2k/kk) is 42 day of the year and 323(23 enigma) days left in the year and 324( 42 backwards)days left in a leapyear. check it out for yourself


R Arrowsmith said...

Jaspal - loving your Dexter syncs. I've had Vulcan/Hephaestus rear his head in the past so your analysis of the Dex-Star seems to fit nicely. Keep them coming!

Costas - Never knew the star Sirius could be directly linked to the date 9/11. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, and also for all the other research. Nice one.

Skywalkern - Thanks for the 11th Feb info. I'm off to check it out right now. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I was weirded out by this guys name yesterday when following Christopher Knowles link to Phi Beta Kappa, note this guy is in the movie Blade.

Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden, singer Chris Cornell and features post-production work by 525 Post Production. Some Double Magik and a Palindrome.

Nice story about the moon necklace, I've had jewelry remove itself. Twice violent waters have removed my silver ring with inset turquoise wave patterning, in an obvious exchange for my life.

Much love

Anonymous said...

Chris Cornell was also in Temple of a Dog with Eddie Veder

R Arrowsmith said...

Nice work James. 'Black Hole Sun' and 'Temple of a Dog'....doesn't get much sweeter than that!
KK Kristoffersen came to my attention a while back when I noticed that he starred in the movie 'The Jacket' alongside KK Keira Knightely, and actor Adrian Brody - star of KK King Kong. The KK syncs just seemed a little weird.
Considering KK Kristoffersen becomes a Vampire in the Blade II, and actor Gary Oldman (Sirius Black-Sun) played the role of Dracula, this synchronicity seems perfectly fitting.
To this day I can't explain the necklace removal, but it set me off on a path to meet Dr. Eric Pearl. Funny how the Pearl, the Moonstone (Moon - regulator of the ocean tides etc) and your turqoise wave patterned ring all seem to be connected with Water.
Great syncs as always James and glad to have you onboard!
Much love.

Anonymous said...

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