Saturday, 31 July 2010

Fox G*love

Fox G*love from Richard Arrowsmith on Vimeo.


Christopher Darrin Horn said...

Really good! I really enjoy the syncs that seem to be getting more frequent. Had a "fox" post today as well and ran across yours just now. Wasn't entirely about foxes, but did involve them in a big way.

Really enjoyed the video, looking forward to more.

Thank you

Duella said...

i've only just stumbled upon these syncs and am fascinated. and this weekend in particular has been a real eye opener in terms of seeing things that i hadn't seen before and notciing how it is all linked back agin to something i had read here or on one of the sights you link to.

too much running through my brain to get down in just one comment. but last night there was a poster for a community production of robin hood at the bus stop i was waiting for, my mum was watching teenwolf on the telly and on my cycle to work this morning an urban city fox stopped and stared straight at me.

Smelly-Display said...

Richard I have a question do you have an e-mail adres or something u can give me? I have a sync story that I want to share with you but U know Im me haha im not a syncstar although i really tried my best here and i think youll find it very interesting.And maybe u could finish it.

Let me know pls u wont be dissapointed