Saturday, 26 June 2010

Surfing the Net

According to various media reports the official World Cup 2010 soccer ball, the Jabulani, has disrupted the flow of the tournament. The balls flight has been described as unpredictable and it's being blamed for producing some of the lowest scoring early matches in World Cup history.

So far the main villain of the World Cup has been the ball itself.

8 bonded 3d moulded Polyurethane panels make the Jabulani a near-waterproof 'roundest ever' ball but despite it being the most spherical thing known to mankind it just hasn't improved the game in the way Adidas first anticipated.

Because of the Jabulani's erratic behaviour its been nicknamed the 'Jumanji Ball' after the Robin Williams movie.

In the Jumanji poster we see the numbers 2 and 3 highlighted on the pair of dice.

23 is a sacred number associated with Chaos and Discord which syncs nicely with the Jabulani/Jumanji which has been dubbed 'highly unpredictable'.

Robin dribbles the Jumanji in Mrs. Doubtfire:

The Game is opening a new doorway within the Mother Man.

I like how Robin has his belly highlighted in the above poster.

This year a new portal has been opened in Africa, the Mother Land, birthplace of humanity and CAPstone of civilization.

Jakes graphic (from the World PUC) shows that the Doorway (or lid of the Coffin) opens with the sound of the Angels Trumpet.

This brings us to the other villain of this years World Cup, a traditional South African horn called the Vuvuzela.

The Vuvuzela has received some harsh criticism because it's hampered communication between players on the pitch, it's drowned out the crowd chants, and the sound has been likened to an angry swarm of killer bees.

I personally like the unique buzzing noise the Vuvezula brings to the game but people generally seem to think that the insect drone should be stamped a bug.

In Red Sun Ja Jake pointed out that a movie called The Sorcerors Apprentice shares it's initials with SA/South Africa. He also noted that the word SORCEROR is pretty darn close to SOCCER.

The Sorceror's Apprentice posters, which were released in the run-up to the World Cup, show that The Villian of the movie has the ability to manipulate swarms of droning Vuvezula-resonating insects. It also kinda looks like his belly is beginning to open.

While the Vuvezula drone is smothering the World Cup in SA another swarm of insects has been making a big impact in the Land of OZ.

The bugs seem to be getting a lot of BAD press these days.

In the image above I noticed that The Villain has a Net/Grid pattern synk-kissing the side of his body.

We find the same thing on the Soccer Apprentice's chequered Grid shirt. (again notice the highlighted belly!)

While following this tangent I realized that the NET seems to be an integral part of the ApprENTice.

A close-up of the Jabulani shows that the 'aero grooves' create a Grid/Net pattern across the balls surface.

The Karate Kid (released as the World Cup kicked off) is seen practicing his soccer techniques on the Grid:

He also makes Contact with the Beijing International Stadium which once again entrains with the Grid/Net pattern.

In the War of the World Cup I looked at how Aliens seem to have a few things in common with this years soccer tournament. The dread-locked Predator (whose hair reminds me of Karate Kid Jaden Smiths^) also wears the Net.

The Alien Grid:

ET in the nET:

While thinking about the relevance of the Grid/nET pattern this Crop Circle appeared in England on the day of the Summer Solstice.

This new Crop Circle seems to be symbolic of the Golden Heart.

In this ValenTINe's Day poster we see that the Heart encompasses the Grid.

Julia Roberts, star of ValenTINe's Day, seems to have a couple of things in common with Tin - an element which shares its symbol with the planet Jupiter.

In the movie Hook Julia Roberts plays the role of Tinkerbell alongside Robin Williams, an actor who entrains with the Jabulani aka Jumanji World Cup soccer ball.

In Love Actually we find the Heart once again marked by the Grid/Net.

'From the makers of NotTINg Hill'

plaNET = eartH = Heart

While looking at the Golden Heart-Net in this months Summer Solstice Crop Circle I was reminded of the pattern found within the Spider Web.

In Spiderman 3 Peter Parker makes Contact with an Alien/ET which crash lands on our plaNET. The entity merges with his Grid patterned costume and turns the Bugman into a Villain.

I recently noticed that this Inception poster is saturated with the Web/Grid pattern. Like Spidey the people in the poster seem to be capable of walking on walls.

Another poster places emphasis on the City Grid...

...reminding me of this scene where NEO makes Contact with The Architect for the very first time.

In yet another Inception poster we see that the City Grid is beginning to curl up into a giant Tidal Wave:

This suggests to me that the Matrix is bending and warping as more and more people get in touch with the LEO/NEO/ONE/NOW.

We find another reference to the Tidal Wave (and LEO the Lion) in the new Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader trailer. Notice that the kids have their backs turned, just like the figures in the Inception poster above.

In the Dawn Treader trailer there's a lot of emphasis placed on Water. The Wave seems to represents a WaterG8 through which the Children pass into the realm of Narnia.

The kids must sync before they can fully embrace the dream world.

Welcome, you have come far, but your journey lies beyond

The Lion Aslan is voiced by actor Liam Neeson. This (M)other Man seems to bee linked to the Grid/Net in a couple of ways:

In an episode of The Simpsons Liam Neeson/Zeus, in the role of a Wholey Man, speaks to Homer through the Net:

MarTIN Lawrence, the time-travelling Black Knight, points to the A:

In the newly released Shrek: Forever After we see that the time-travelling Green Man has his eye on the ball:

In the trailer I noticed that he grabs a plaque which has a Red Lion insignia...

...and uses it to Surf the Grid/Net patterned roof-tops:

References to the Grid/Net can also be found in Toy Story 3.

Not long into the movie, Woody, with his chequered shirt, climbs up onto a shelf in Andy's bedroom and passes by the dark shadow of a Surfer:

This Dark Man/Surfer is a key symbol in the World Cup 2010 logo and gives us a direct link between Tom Hanks and the Tidal Wave.

As if to emphasise this World Cup connection Woody passes the Dark Man/Surfer, climbs on top of the shelf, and looks at the image of a Soccer Ball.

Also notice in the above image that there's a Sk8board-resonating-Surfboard just beneath the ball.

In the movie Castaway Tom Hanks/Woody befriends a ball (see War of the World Cup for more on this) called Wilson.

Wilson syncs with the Jabulani/Jumanji soccer ball via the W, 23rd letter of the alphabet.

When Tom Hanks/Woody makes his last ditch attempt to escape The Island he takes the Soccer Ball with him for good luck.

The Jabulani is by his side as he takes on the Tidal Wave:

In Castaway this Wave symbolizes a wall/barrier that Tom must overcome before he can finally exit The Island.

Before he can Pierce the Net he must first learn to read between the lines.

The Ghost (Swayze) teaches NEO how to reach Breaking Point. Before he can overcome the Wave he must first learn to become ONE with the floW.

The Tidal Wave seems to symbolize a flux in The Matrix which is forcing us to confront and integrate the darker aspects of our own Being. We need to try and come to terms with our inner-Villain (the part of us that tries to sabotage our own life) before we can become the (M)other Man and connect with the chilDREN.

If we take the Net/Grid and the Tidal Wave and splice these two threads together we can see that this pattern seems to represent some kind of bend, or distortion, in Space/Time.

In War of the World Cup I looked at how the Sink Hole (like the one which appeared recently in Guatemala City) seems to have an important role to play in all this.

The Sink Hole points to the Worm Whole - a Bridge which unites/splices/eclipses the two halves and makes them ONE.

We've sensed the flux in The Matrix. We've seen the signs.'s happening.

In the movie 12 Monkeys time-travelling Bruce Willis aligns with the Web/Grid/Net while wearing a 2010 TiGGer shirt.

I like to think that our 2010 climb up the Tidal Wave is simply preparation for Contact with the Whole plaNET which will reach its climax in 2012.

Once we've overcome this years Wave (I don't think it's going to be plain sailing) and entered the Rabbit Hole (sometime in 2011: Year of the Rabbit) then we'll find that the Water Fall awaits us...

How we choose to face the Fall is going to be paramount. If we go off the edge with a smile, with the intention that we're going to enjoy the ride, then we'll have absolutely nothing to fear.

The dream will carry us through the Whole...and then beyond some.

If we can learn to trust that the Net is there to catch us as we Fall then we can relax, enjoy the Game, and work together to score the ultimate Goal, the one which sends the crowds wild and wins us the World Cup.

The Goal of the Soul is to have fun while we floW.

Happy surfing fellow Dren-lings!

Much love to you all.


Anonymous said...

That was sweet, nice work!

The only thing I might add is this:

awfully close to the ball's name...

RYAN (7 Cauac) said...

Intersting stuff. On the Jahbulon reference, it can be seen as the ball is the all-in-one-god, a unity of all the nations playing. The players can kick it all they want but no one scores unless the ball crosses the gatekeeper's path and hits the net.

I also noticed on the Jumanji poster that the dice also represent 4/2 and 5/3. 42 for Jupiter and 53 for Saturn (53 moons). From my Dark City post:
In Aion, Jung states: "... a junction of Saturn and Jupiter took place in Pisces..." "Saturn is a black star; maleficus..." "Jupiter is a beneficent star, Saturn equals death; Jupiter life..." " The conjunction of the two therefore signifies the union of extreme opposites."

Interesting to see this battle being enacted on the field.

ToastMaster General said...

The main synchs here are the hive-like stadium in Johannesburg

and the official Adidas Jabulani ball

which looks like... a BEE'S FACE!
I just realized it and it kind of blew me away when taken with the stadium and the drone of the vuvuzelas. This World Cup has an unmistakable theme I would say.

Christopher said...

London sea bells to call in the hightide, reminded me of Vuvuzelas

Not a Blogger said...


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