Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Clock and the Cat

"Two things are aesthetically perfect in the world - the clock and the cat."
Émile-Auguste Chartier

I was channel surfing last week and landed on the climatic scene of Back to the Future where Doc Brown is trying to send Marty home.  As the lightning illuminates the Tower I noticed the presence of this large cat.

The following day I'm doing the house work and Hot Tub Time Machine comes on the TV.


I'm only half paying attention as I do my chores, but it get's to point where the group of guys arrive at the hotel which will become their portal to the past.  As they enter the hotel one of the characters says,

"This place stinks of cat piss"

My mind automatically connects Doc Browns cat statue atop the Clock Tower to the cat piss hotel, and I think "Sync!"

But what on earth do cats and time-travel have in common?  My mind is a blank.

The caretaker of the Hot Tub Time Machine is Chevy Chase. 

I look him up on the net and find Chevy Chase connected to the Clock Tower, the Hot Tub...and now the Dog.

I'm thinking Chevy Chase...Time Travel...Dog

What do Dogs Chase?

The Cat.

And now I'm curious.

So last night I find a dodgy copy of Looper and stream if off the net.

While watching Looper, probably my favorite movie this year, my thoughts wander to the series of Time Travel/Cat syncs from last week.

It's not long before the penny drops.

I had time-traveling Joseph Gordon-Levitt connected to the Cat so where did Bruce Willis fit into the pattern?


It turns out I'd already made a video to help answer my own question!

Feeling like I'm on a roll I start thinking about other actors who syncs with these themes.

Bill Murray gets caught in a Loop in Groundhog Day and he's also voiced Garfield.

Mike Myers traveled back in time in Austin Power and he was of course...

There's more I can add to this but I've run out of time.  If I get a chance I'll do an update tomorrow.

Part 2:  Through the Looking Glass

Bill Murray and Mike Myers both have a strong 'Stripey' vibe going on in the images above.  Garfield is a striped cat and the Myers posters speak for themselves.

If we use this as a jumping off point then we can take these syncs into the realm of Aztec mythology.

Tezcatlipoca was the Mayan deity who embodied the energy of the Cat.

According to Wiki he is associated with a wide range of concepts, including the night sky, the night winds, hurricanes, the north, the earth, obsidian, enmity, discord, rulership, divination, temptation, jaguars, sorcery, beauty, war and strife.

TezCAT was often depicted with Stripes running horizontally across his face.

It's one of his defining features.

His name in the Nahuatl language is often translated as "Smoking Mirror".



Here we have Bill Murray emerging from the Smoke, with emphasis on the Stripes.

Tezcatlipoca is a deity associated with the North.

On a clock face North would be represented by the Midnight hour.

In the night sky you can find the North Star by following the Big Dipper, which looks like a Frying Pan.  This is one of the first things my dad taught me about the stars as a kid.  Look for the Pan in the sky and it'll point you towards the North Star.

So if we combine some of these elements, Tezcatlipoca the Smoking Mirror, the Pan which points North, and Midnight, we arrive at a 1970s group called Flash and the Pan.

I checked out the Midnight Man music video and found some strong Tezcatlipoca syncage going on inside.


 According to one source Tezcatlipoca was responsible for the creation of the Big Dipper, or Pan:

The Great Bear Constellation, or Ursa Major, is believed in Aztec tradition to be the single footprint of Tezcatlipoca. The Great Pole, or North Star, was considered a place sacred to the gods, and Tezcatlipoca, not being an entity of goodness, was unable to approach it, but hopped around the Pole Star on his single foot creating the Great Bear Constellation.

Tezcat points to the North Star which in turn points to the Center, or the Whole, so it makes sense that he should be a strong sync-attractor.  You can go as deep into his pattern as you like and you'll never reach the end...but that's beside the point.

For now let's follow the darn cat and see we it takes us.

Back in 2009 I kept seeing synchronicites involving the Cat and the Train so compiled all the syncs and put them intp a post called Keeping Track of the Cat.

Here's one of images I used which shows how the CAT associates with the Pyramid or Mountain.

The journey to the North Pole begins at Midnight.

Now I'm not going to take this post to oblivion, been there, done that, worn the T-shirt, but what I do want to touch on is the Cat's relationship with the North.

I live in the North of Scotland, as far North as you can get without getting your feet wet in the North Sea, and the vikings who landed here a long time ago decided to call the area Caithness, which means 'Land of the Cat's'.

The Cat syncs with the North, and the North syncs with Tezcatlipoca, and here we see the Midnight Man doing his best 'walking on water' impression.

If you're aligned with North you're technically 'walking on the water'.

Sean Bean played a character named Loki in the movie Far North.  Here we see him standing on ice aka walking on water.

Sean Bean (Loki) also starred in NORTH County alongside actress Charlize THERON, whose very name encodes the word NORTH.

Jake pointed out in Lometheus Rising that Charlize THERON/NORTH has the letters LOKI on her kitty cat T-Shirt:

Sean Bean, who syncs with Loki and now the Cat, was King of NORTH in the awesome TV show Game of THRONES.

In Thrones he lost his head, in a BIG way.

Here we see Sean Beans decapitated head mounted on a North pointing spike.  This is the Midnight Hour, or the Witching Hour, when everything aligns perfectly and our sacrifice grants us a much higher vantage point.  This is the moment we arrive at the Pole.  Or North Pole.

I'm not even going to get into the whole Bigfoot thing, it just get's too weird.  All we need to know is that it has something to do with the journey that our Sole/Soul makes up the K2 mountain, and we'll leave it at that.

Now usually a break is considered a BAD thing, especially if you're trying to reach the Summit and your leg suddenly gives way.

Which brings me back to the Aztec deity Tezcatlipoca, who only had one leg.  Apparently a giant fish swam away with his other one.

Not many people want their head on a spike, or their leg to break, but in this sync-context it's actually a good thing.  It's like breaking the old habits, or old cycles, or the chains that keep us from moving forward.

Sometimes the shackles need to come off and 2012 seems to be the perfect year for it.

Now what does any of this have to with Time-Travel I hear you ask.  That's how I got caught up in this loop in the first place so I'll try and round this off with one last sync.

Catman Bruce Willis and Elijah Me and my Cat Wood both starred in the movie North.

Bruce Willis time-travelled in Looper and 12 Monkeys while Elijah Wood started his career in this movie.  He's the young kid who watches Marty showing off his skills as a 'CRACK shot'.

Better go now.  Got a train to catch.  Funny how time McFlies when you're having fun.

Thanks for reading.



Michael said...

That's a pretty great post for Oct. 8: 88. I've personally been syncing with Polaris and the North for over two weeks so this is a very cool post. Thule, where you find the Cosmic Cube. Merry Christmas, indeed.

ABeverage said...

Been wondering if you would return or not...

I finished reading your entire blog just before the release of The Amazing Spider-Man. Now normally I would have waited for this one to come out on DVD but someone payed my way so I went.

Then in was Synchronicity city!

got to the point I actually wrote them down after the movie.

paw prints - Check
Red Hand Print - Check
Lightning bolt -Check
108 - Check
23 - Check
Lizard - big check

And more I probably forgot. Not sure what this meant but it really followed your blog and sync insights. Let me know if you see it and what you think!

Unknown said...

Please excuse me for writing on this particular post but you have done something weird to me this weekend. I'll explain.

I read your post about Matt Damon on Saturday night (found your blog by accident – I usually read UK political, news, libertarian type blogs). I thought it was really neat, a very enjoyable read and so at a loose end of Sunday afternoon, continued with a few of your earlier posts. The last one I read was 'Keeping Track of the Cat' and one of the last images featured was the poster for the 'Purple People Eater'. This piqued my attention as I'd never heard the term before and I thought it was a weird name for a film. A short while later my husband was compiling a list of songs for a friend’s Halloween party and he asked me for my opinion on a particular track. When I asked what it was called, he said ‘Purple People Eater' by Sheb Woolley. Now, as much as I’d enjoyed reading your stuff I really didn’t expect to experience a syncro-wotsit myself. But, less than an hour after first encountering that image, I was being presented with a song of the same name.

I told my husband about the coincidence and we thought no more on it until Monday tea time when one of the questions on BBC2’s ‘Eggheads’ (we’re not a regular viewers of the show) was “who had a hit with ‘Purple People Eater’?” The answer wasn’t Sheb Woolley though, it was Barry Cryer. We just looked at each other flabbergasted. Within the space of one day, ‘Purple People Eater’ had been presented to me in three different contexts – 2 songs and one film. I’d NEVER encountered this term before EVER.

Well, I thought, perhaps I’d better look into this, so later that night I read up on Barry Cryer on Wikipedia. I chose him because I’ve always liked Barry Cryer. It didn’t occur to me at first that his initials are BC (=23) and you’d highlighted this sych as having meaning, but I discovered that Barry Cryer was born on 23rd March 1935. As I was scrolling down the page, I accidently opened up another entry (it’s too easy to do this on an ipad). This one was for Danny La Rue. Hmm, I thought, dan = pan but the thing that really freaked me out was the image shown of him posing in regular men’s clothing, backstage at the Prince of Wales Theatre in 1975. He has a medallion on a gold chain, which is doubled over because it is so long. I thought I spied a pyramid on the coin and as I made the image bigger for a closer look, the word GOD leapt out at me. It wasn’t part of the medallion or inscription but made purely by the light falling on links of the doubled part of the chain (just above the medallion). It’s so visible. Even now, going back today to have another look – it says clearly says GOD.

I don’t know yet what to make of all this but I am going to investigate ‘Purple People Eater’ further. My mind was made up for me today when my boss asked me to find some quotes on rainmakers that he can use in some training he’s given to staff on increasing sales. When I googled the term ‘rainmaker quotations’ the first thing to appear were quotes from the movie ‘The Rainmaker’ starring … Matt Damon. I was right back to where I started on Saturday night.

I want to thank you (I think). You might have changed my life. Not sure yet if it is significantly, but will let you know if anything extraordinary turns up.

endpointithaca.com/blog said...

Cats like Felix
Like Felix

Unknown said...

My God Man....

My head won't stop hurting due to the consciousness of my pineal glands fluoridation..

but i am fucking synching balls right now