Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Devils in the details

 'Hell is empty and all the devils are here'

William Shakespeare


Cat on the Track part 3 takes a closer look at The Devil/PAN/dNA.

Hell is in the Helix.


 This is an image of an RNA strand, close companion to DNA.

 Ethan Hawke stars in The Black Phone released June 2022.

In The Black Phone Ethan Hawke is a kidnapper who imprisons kids inside a Box, or Cell.

The phone points to what's going on at a cellular (Cell Phone) level.

KIDNAP contains the letters DNA

For some reason our DNA attracts Cats in Boxes. Go figure.

If you think about it Bill and Ted is a family friendly kidnap movie. They hop around time capturing important historical figures and then imprisoning them inside a Phone Box.

That's why their adventures are exCELLent.

 The Cell (Phone) is how our Devil/PAN/dNA communicates.

 The DNA chain binds all living things.

In Constantine Keanu Reeves uses a Cat (his GATTACAT) to dial into Hell (or Helix).

He journeys into the quantum realm, at the cellular level, in order to retrieve a ticket.

 The Devil's minions grasp at Constantine and we see similar imagery in this Elvis poster.

 The ticket that Constantine finds in Hell could be considered his Golden Ticket.

 In The Polar Express you can't get onboard the Train (DNA track) without it.

You'll find that Arnie (RNA) has one.

And it's like a Doorway... the Devil.

End of Days is another 'kidnap' movie.

Come to think of it nearly all Devil movies have some form of kidnap in them.

Legend is another.

In the poster we see the Devil eJackulating Jack into existence. 


Panspermia (from Ancient Greek πᾶν (pan)  'all ', and σπέρμα (sperma)  'seed') is the hypothesis, first proposed in the 5th century BC by the Greek philosopher Anaxagoras, that life exists throughout the Universe, distributed by space dust, meteoroids, asteroids, comets, and planetoids, as well as by spacecraft carrying unintended contamination by microorganisms.

In Top Gun: Maverick Tom Cruise syncs with the Horned One.

The Devil is part of his uniform because it's part of him.

Tom Cruise pilots a Tomcat in the original movie and sequel.

In the Cat on the Track series of videos I've shown how the Cat is simply a pointer to the GCAT.

 If we take a closer at the Box we see that the bands represent chromosones.

It's what we're all made of.

The other day I was channel hopping and landed on The Rainman. I haven't seen this movie in a long time so decided to watch it for old times sake. I'm going to end this post with a scene which highlights a few of the things I touch upon in the PANdora and the Devil video....pancakes, the box, and also the phone which I mentioned earlier.

DNA in real life. If you listen hard enough you just might hear something...

Thursday, 2 June 2022

Jack out the Box


I uploaded this video on June 2nd. 

The timing proved to be syncy so I'm going to retrace my steps.


May 30th: 

Elon Musk tweets:

June 1st:

Johnny Depp wins the defamation case against Amber Heard

 June 2nd:

Before I upload a new sync video I usually wait for some kind of sign. A 'sync wink' is probably the best way of describing it. Something random but very relevant. It has to be a good one though. I'm a procrastinator so I need these extra little nudges to keep me moving forward, otherwise I'd never complete anything. So I checked my tweets that morning and found the nudge I was looking for.

Jake Kotze @CardanoMonad retweets Juke the Box.

Like Jack in the Box. He finally got out.

So I upload Cat on the Track Part 2: The Box

At this point in time I'm unaware that the Queen's Platinum Jubilee weekend celebration is already underway and festivities have started without me.

During the intro of my new video GET JACKED flashes briefly during Jude Law's monologue.

The video ends with Jude Law holding a Cup of Tea/T.

I like this synchronicity as it combines the Cup of Union with Blood/DNA and the 'Union of Christ'.

In hindsight it also points to the Union Jack.

 Celebrating Queen Elizabeth II's 70 years on the throne.


   The Cup of Tea/T was highlighted during the ceremony.

If you unpack the Box it reveals the T/Tea, or Cross.

 The inspiration for this came from Jake Kotze's aptly named Royal T.


I recently watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge and noticed Captain Jack in a Box.

 And like I said, if you unpack the Box it reveals the T/Tea.




I like how the negative space behind Jesus ^ syncs with this guillotine scene from Salazar's Revenge.


The 'head in a box' pattern has been on my mind since making A Russia Blood to the Head.

 Brad Pitt looking into the box... a bit like Alice looking down the rabbit hole.

 Alice finds the doorway to Wonderland at the foot of a Tree.


On a Macro level this can be symbolised by the T-shaped Mayan World Tree, Ceiba, the most sacred tree for the ancient Maya as it represented the universe. The tree signified a root of communication between the three levels - heaven, earth and the underworld.

On a Micro level the T/Tree binds all living things.


If we were to physically look into the Micro quantum realm, where the rules of physics become topsy-turvy, we'd turn Mad as a Hatter.

We'd lose our mind.

That's why I think Synchromysticism is such an important tool when trying to comprehend the nature of things. We can't physically look at the Micro or Macro but we can allude to them.

Outside Buckingham Palace in London a towering "Tree of Trees" was erected as part of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations. The sculpture, made of 350 smaller trees and plants, was designed by British "starchitect" Thomas Heatherwick and served as the centerpiece for one of the celebration's key events -- the lighting of beacons across the UK to honor the British monarch's 70 years of service.

The 69-foot tall "Tree of Trees" comprises hundreds of indigenous British species ranging from hazel to field maple trees -- each planted in aluminum pots decorated with the Queen's cypher. According to Buckingham Palace, the installation aims to "put the importance of trees and nature at the heart".

Royal T lighting the Royal Tree.

I like how the illuminated path looks like's a DNA strand, an extension of the Tree itself.

A nod to the track which all cats follow.

ALICE (A Large Ion Collider Experiment) is a detector on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.


On July 5, 2022, ALICE will go live and there will be collisions at unprecedented energy levels at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). She's been shutdown for the last 3 years while CERN completed work so this is a big moment for her.

The Alice Collaboration website will be showing the event live.

Some people are naturally conCERNed.

But they'll get through it.

See you on the other side.